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Promolta Review – Tool To Promote Your Video

Promolta Review

Have you ever wondered what you did before videos were famous on the internet? No matter – now nothing will overpower images. Video streaming is one of the most common sources of entertainment accessed on the internet according to the latest figures. Throughout the overall sale of video content, there is a splurge of 63 percent, increasing to 81 percent throughout 2018.


Promolta provides video views over Twitch. This is what they are doing. It is as simple as that. This company is positioning itself as a forum for self-service positioning. You will log by launching a homepage drive, or by signing up with Facebook.

After you have registered you will launch your campaign by choosing your budget and target audience. The company would spread the video via forums, sports, directories, applications, and platforms on social media in an attempt to increase the impressions and probably your visibility.


Promolta is not a fraud in a manner where you pay without access to them: this means where Promolta is very successful when it comes to delivering views.  There are certain features of the site that we would like to bring to light, such as:

  • Promolta offers real-time monitoring. This allows you to check whether their services are working for you.
  • They also claim to focus more on quality than quantity and show your videos only to people who are genuinely interested.
  • From the online Promolta ratings, you’ll find the users claim they’ve charged $50 for 3.5k views and shipped it. They never announced it had been postponed.
  • With this, we may claim that Promolta is swift to offer your views as promised officially.


Promolta is more or less affordable and states at 10 dollars in the minimum money required for a campaign.  Promolta lets users find your video on YouTube and thereby increases your brand exposure. You only have to sign up on Promolta, search for your video and choose a budget for your campaign along with your target audience – Promolta will take care of the rest.

The best part about Promolta is that it helps the right kind of audience to notice you-those you want to associate with and interact with. It promotes your videos across channels, blogs, websites, and mobile apps of social media, giving you optimum exposure.


Promolta Safety

All of that sounds so sweet, so what is the problem? Promolta can’t promise you will be getting new subscribers according to this forum. What they will do is present your videos to your desired community as you can do yourself.

The way you gain popularity on this platform is by posting regular videos on YouTube and optimizing them. If you don’t post new videos at least three times a week, views aren’t likely to help you much.

While you’re not going to be disqualified from purchasing views from YouTube, it’s not a particularly successful way to advertise your images.

You ‘re best off ensuring you regularly update three days a week with professional posts and images. Using appropriate keywords/phrases and hashtags, build a tale, and learn your audience.


  • Safe https domain, which will encrypt your domain details
  • Website FAQs tab
  • Blog for suggestions on getting the content shared
  • A prototype that you can use to attach a link to your video to show how it plays on Twitter, a smart app or a forum or website.
  • E-mail address is accessible on the help page


  • You’ll get views so there’s no assurance that you’ll have subscribers
  • We have no clear prices which I believe are important for transparency
  • I was unable to check whether they checked gateways for payment
  • They say that they are ‘in the papers,’ but only to a small degree

The website is secure enough for you to read and visit. I am suspicious of a company that does not offer pricing for its services before you sign up for an account to enter the website.

What Do I Think?

Promolta isn’t a fraud, they ‘re delivering views to your posts, but the only issue they ‘re getting here is that such views don’t actually convert as their Bot views but because of Blackhat examination. See this Writeup section.

Now when I used tube buddy to search this for the related websites. Many of the views come from a web portal named baymack.com, skylom.com so snuckls.com, so I tested what baymack is: Baymack is a worldwide platform that helps you to win lotto tickets and stream and categorize YouTube images.

Do you see these users who watch your videos are individual and not bots? But how can they convert when they’re not really involved in your film, then they’re just seeing it because of the incentive they ‘re going to get (funny, funny).

If you want your YouTube videos to display stats like 50views with Zero subscribers, you can use Promolta instead.


Honestly, I wouldn’t purchase video views for my YouTube page, since I can’t be sure to receive viewers with this sort of company. I will get views easily by consistently posting by using the correct methods of optimization.

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