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10 Best Sites to Buy Real & Active Twitter Followers in 2020

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Almost all popular celebrities, VIPs and influencers are on Twitter and have gained millions of followers. This is also a very useful site to create awareness about your services or brands. Since millions of people use Twitter daily it is a potential market for most companies or brands. So, if you have a good reach on twitter then it becomes easier to market your product or service.

But as with various other social media platforms Twitter too has become really competitive and saturated. It can be tough for newcomers to get ahead. So, there are multiple social media service providers who provide various services for individuals and brands to promote themselves on this platform.

The primary service that you can generally find being provided by these service providers is to buy real and active Twitter followers which helps your brand to look important and gives some credibility.

So, if you are looking for best Twitter followers providers then you have come to the right place.

Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers in 2020:

Recommended SitesRatingsCustomer Reviews Price for 1000 Twitter followers
#1. Social Packages4.8Read Reviews$37.00
#2. Famups4.5Read Reviews$34.00
#3. Venium4.3Read Reviews$39.99
#4. InstaMama4.2Read Reviews$37.50
#5. Get Real Boost4.2Read Reviews$29.00

Check out the following list of the best Places to buy Twitter Followers:

#1. Social Packages

Social Packages
Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Read Social Packages Customer Reviews

This service provider specializes in boosting the following exclusively for Twitter handles. They claim to be the top-rated vendor in helping with Twitter growth and provide high-quality active followers. Legit and targeted followers are delivered organically and they also claim to always give you more than you asked for. Your information is kept secure and the marketing is done anonymously.

Customer support is available round the clock – 365 days a year. Orders are processed within 48 hours and the growth happens gradually. In case of a dropout, they also provide free replacement within a year of your purchase.

#2. Famups

Famups logoRating: 4.5 out of 5
Read Famups Customer Reviews

Famups claims to be the most reliable place to buy Twitter Followers and has packages starting at $20 for 500 followers. They also provide live chat, email, and toll-free phone support.

However, the delivery time stands at a minimum of 5-6 days during which they advise you not to get started with your campaign to avoid getting flagged which seems like a bit of a concern on legitimacy. It also seems like some of the followers the get you are “egg” profiles with low-quality posts.

Although they offer a 100% money back guarantee, they do not state that their methods are risk free. Also, it’s just too many discounts and freebies which don’t quite seem to fit the bill.

Inspite of all these option, you might still have some unanswered questions. Look for solutions to some of the questions you might still have.

#3. Venium


Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Read  Venium Customer Reviews

Packages with Venium start with $0.99 for 250 followers which seems to be a little on the expensive side. The minimum delivery time is around 24 hours and more as you go up the ladder, although the delivery can be expedited if needed.

However, they do promise to get you only real and targeted followers and keep away all fake ones, so there is no risk of getting flagged or banned. Their techniques try to mimic natural growth so that it doesn’t look like you are buying your following. They have a simple and user-friendly interface but their support team is lacking.

#4. Social Viral

Social Viral Twitter

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Read Social Viral Review

This site is yet another one that specializes in helping you buy twitter followers and that too a surprisingly affordable package of $21.9 for 1000 followers. The minimum delivery time is also low beginning from 1-3 days.

Although, they claim to get you real active twitter followers, the low prices and the quick turn-around time makes you question their credibility. Never the less, they do offer a 100% money back guarantee along with 24/7 customer support. Also, they use CPA marketing techniques and promote your account with demographic specific targeting with the use of keywords.

#5. InstamamaInstamama

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

This service provider specializes in boosting the following exclusively for Twitter handles. They claim to be the top-rated vendor in helping with Twitter growth and provide high-quality active followers. Legit and targeted followers are delivered organically and they also claim to always give you more than you asked for. Your information is kept secure and the marketing is done anonymously.

Customer support is available round the clock – 365 days a year. Orders are processed within 48 hours and the growth happens gradually. In case of a dropout, they also provide free replacement within a year of your purchase.

#6. GetRealBoost 


Packages at GetRealBoost starts at $5. They do not use any bots and the promotion is done manually by a team of experts. What you get, is real active followers with profile pictures, complete bios, tweets and their own followers.

So ahead and buy!

#7. Buy Real Follower

Claiming to be the most reliable supplier, Buy Real Follower offers quite affordable packages starting from $10 for 1000 followers. Apart from twitter followers, they also offer other Twitter services like Twitter retweets.

They do offer flexible deals with email support and assurance of real and active followers with the bold claim of an extraordinary reach.

However, the delivery is automated which makes you think if you are actually getting decent quality followers.

#8 Follower Packages

Follower Packages

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Read Follower Packages Customer reviews

Thousands of businesses, singers and rappers have used Follower Packages to buy cheap Twitter Followers. They offer competitive pricing and promise unmatched quality by getting you legit followers from premium accounts.

Thus you can make sure that the integrity of your Twitter handle is not compromised and at the same time, you gain more trust with the increased number of followers. They have a team of award-winning social media experts who will help you throughout the process paving a way for your Twitter success.

Packages begin at $15 for 1000 followers and come with 24/7 support and fast delivery.

#9 Famoid


Packages with the Famoid start at $8.95 for 500 followers which is quite a competitive price. Plus, they also claim to be the easiest and most reliable way to increase active and targeted following of your twitter handle. Another bold promise they make is that they can increase your following faster than any other service provider with a delivery guarantee of 60 minutes.

With Famoid there’s no need to worry about your security and privacy. They also provide 24/7 support and promise a good experience that will exceed your expectations. How so much can be done at such low prices and within such a short time is a question to which you can find answers only when you make a purchase- a risk I didn’t want to take.

#10 TW-Lab


Yet another old, rated and still huge vendor offering real and active Twitter followers as well as other different Twitter-related boosts. This company is mostly known for operating the orders manually in a drip-feed natural-looking way – you can be sure your order will not get lost and it will reach you step by step. Their website looks simple and old, but it’s more of an advantage – it’s fast, handy and easy to get a boost from.

Tw-lab promises 24/7 user support, but in fact, customers report the response time occasionally may be extended to 3-4 hours but they also solve most of the issues.

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#11 Global Like

globallikeRead Global Like Customer reviews

With the lowest package starting at $40 for 5000 followers, Global Like certainly isn’t a service provider for all budgets. They do offer good features like auto loss protection and a money-back guarantee. However, the replacement guarantee is only for a 30 day period which seems quite stingy. Even though the price doesn’t fit all budgets, it is still reasonable for its range.

Additionally, they offer high quality and dedicated support and satisfaction guarantee. They also seem to bet on the fact that after you subscribe to their services there will certainly be a spike in your sales. They also claim to be the most unique, best-selling, and most appropriate marketing strategy there is.

#12 Audience Gain

audience gain - buy twitter followers

To consumers trying to bring value to their accounts, this is a perfect program. The platform was created in 2015, and continues to sell strong social profiles. They are not counterfeit accounts but real and normal. Apart from the above, it exhibits a high level of safety concern. It features various forms of payment which are all safe. They are safe and secure to make effective use of as well.

It’s helping users get an online audience. This also operates by the tag and provides a consumer support. The service assists in providing quick replies. The website offers consumers and clients strong and knowledgeable answers. This is possible mainly thanks to the Live Chat functionality that comes with it. The company often arrives with a mechanism of repayment and withholding. Occasionally consumers find issues and wish their orders to stop. Those consumers can receive compensation (the money-back policy within 30 days).

#13 Crowdfire

crowdfire - buy twitter followers

This retailer prides itself on its ability to offer genuine, high-quality followers to all its customers. We say that pace is also one of their strengths. According to their estimates, one can already begin to see the results of his purchase in only 2 to 8 hours after the payment goes through. Crowdfire (formerly JustUnfollow) is my childhood passion. Okay, it’s high on the chart, after Diet Coke. It was the only app I had used to grow my Twitter and Instagram followers before I started the research for this blog post. And to me, it worked pretty well. I already have 40.5k Facebook subscribers, and more than 9k Instagram fans.

This does have all the apps that I like. The only thing I’ll mention that could be perceived as negative is that there are in-app purchase opportunities. The regular account requires you to unfollow just 200 users a day on Twitter (a lot fewer on Instagram, about 60). Yet I paid the modest $5 / year upgrade to unfollow as many users as I like every day.

#14 InstaMama


Initially built for Instagram, this platform received such a positive reaction that they wanted to extend their service to Twitter. They give off honest individuals to actual supporters. Yet this is one of their inconveniences, too. Their selection of resources is very small because this is the only one they sell. Nevertheless, they are really good at what they do, since they have one of the best efficiency and retention rates within markets.

Another thing that separates this company is its Twitter Ads Method+ method, which aims to support companies by paying ads for those involved in doing so. This may be one of the explanations that InstaMama is costlier than most of the market. Yet their safety and all-round packages make up for that.

#15 Twesocial

twesocial - buy twitter followers

Twesocial is the King of growing services on Twitter. These guys really know what it takes to build a loyal, long-lasting Twitter follower. They want to refine your content and account and make it expand as fast as possible. Twesocial will help improve your online visibility, as well as introduce innovative targeting tools that can draw the attention of others who are interested.

What’s more, if you need to place your focus elsewhere with your brand, you can set their features and forget them completely, which is a great feature to have. That is because Twesocial has case managers on hand to quickly translate the approach into action. Their rates are low, and they provide good quality services. Only how much Twesocial will do for you on Twitt would shock you.

#16 Tweeteev 


In the Twitter growth sector, these guys are extremely undervalued as they only seem like the normal Twitter growth business from the outside. They are anything but, however. Their apps and price points are very close to Twesocial, and they’re again a strong competitor who can also help you expand your Facebook.

The followers they send you are tailored and you realize they’ll be involved in your page and its posts. What’s more, when you’re interacting with them, these guys are 100 percent secure and you don’t have to think about something happening to your Account.

#17 FollowersUp

followers up - buy twitter followers

It’s pretty crucial while you’re on Twitter that you can develop your followers to where it needs to be. If you’re searching for a high-quality third-party business that provides healthy followers to its clients who will be around in a year’s time, then you need to search out FollowersUp. For a while now these guys have been in the game so they know what their clients need. They do realize you don’t have an infinite amount to spend on your Twitter fans and you can pick how much you’re investing.

You decide how many followers you want, and per follower you pay. We think this is an outstanding value for money, and a perfect way to offer you choices on how quickly or gradually you want your account to expand. SocialViral is a go-to for tons of out there Twitter users.

#18 Mr. Insta

mr. insta - buy twitter followers

In Mr. Insta, you will use the ‘daily followers’ and ‘automatic likes’ tools to improve your Twitter profile. If you login and register with the app, you will select between the free or premium options of both services.

This selection of excellent choices to choose from allows consumers the flexibility to concentrate on the strategies they really want their account to expand, rather than being pressured to pick from a set of services or bundles.

#19 Media Mister

Media Mister is well known, and not only for the many programs it offers, but also for the numerous networks it serves, such as Twitter. This arrives with a strong team of professionals who appears to have helped hundreds of thousands of companies push their media networks to the next stage, and how they function.

Apart from both of this, it offers Twitter clients fantastic follower numbers, even if they’re not happy at all, they’ll get a refund back. This forum, in many words, is considered by many to deliver a fantastic opportunity to obtain an advantage on competitors in the social sector. In reality, buyers are given the lowest rates, earning the platform a special prestige together with the best, inexpensive facilities.

#20 ViralRace

Influencer marketing began with the promotion and support of celebrities. While celebrity ads can operate great with a few major companies, the mass market doesn’t scale great. Just too many celebrities are eligible and typical advertisers demand large amounts of money.

ViralRace has been made especially for people who want to reach out to more people virtually. It solves the problem of expensive social marketing and promotes your content to a diverse audience. It is one of the most efficient tools available to expand your followers at a time.

#21 Krootez

Krootez supports your Instagram page with an online marketplace where you can purchase views, fans and feedback. They’ve been there since the first introduction of Instagram, rendering it one of the market ‘s oldest companies.

They concentrate exclusively on getting Instagram a well-respected authority to us. Buzzoid deals for all types of clients. They give support to everyone that wants it, from the small performers and artists to larger businesses. It doesn’t matter the post style (photo or video), they ‘re trying to make sure all of the content is going well. We give real or dedicated supporters.

#22 CheapIgFollowers

Cheap IG Followers dedicates only to Instagram profiles and has six years of experience. Services are open to the interests and opinions of Instagram followers only. Cheap IG Followers play out exponential development for real Instagram pages.

They have numerous programs and bundles so you can quickly find yourself something that meets your needs. If you are not aware of the quality and how much you will get right now, their help is able to assist you and direct you through the process.

#23 FriendlyLikes

FriendlyLikes is a company developed by an experienced team of social networking experts. They ‘re just dedicated to social media, rendering them a nice choice if you’re only using Instagram and the likes.

They function for quality-likes and reviews with credible Instagrammers. Their development program in Instagram operates to get you fast distribution and the best possible facilities. They have competitive rates and fast answers. They can also improve your fans, shares, feedback and video views.

#24 Stormlikes

For other Instagram profiles, Stormlikes is a trustworthy web company. Customers appreciate their service customisation and fast turnover. These are priced competitively so you can tailor the target audience.

It is the cheapest spot to purchase followers from instagram. To meet the right people at the right time you may pick the class, age and region. Stormlikes even compares video views according to your preferences. If you have 20 views on your post, you will also get 20 likes.

#25 Blastup

Blastup is one of the only open places about whether they are receiving real fans. They promote your channel before you hit the amount of followers they have bought. They are legitimate fans and the organization promises that they do not break any laws on Instagram. We also search for two weeks on the page to ensure followers stay.

Gramblast prides itself on maintaining consistency and proper growth. Pricing is in the medical category, so they rely strongly on customer care. We are a company which is slower than their rivals.

#26 Buzzoid

Buzzoid provides only content linked to Instagram, including standard and personalized products for followers, comments and videos. But we no longer endorse the service owing to recent feedback from Account Bannings and Dropped Followers.

Check our latest Top 5 Replacements instead here. Once Instagram launched they first opened their doors and established their business alongside Instagram. They are perfect for those on a budget because their followers are cheaper, but once released, they are often of poorer consistency.

#27 InstaHero

InstaHero is a program that allows you to purchase from actual Instagram customers 100 per cent authentic impressions and good quality videos. You may opt to produce immediately, or wait to your taste. They do possess a monthly schedule. You pay a flat rate and within 30 seconds, YoViral can see your latest uploads to Instagram.

YoViral would then immediately give you real likes. Some of the best aspects about InstaHero is they don’t place a regular cap on updates. You can publish as many as you like and get the sum of likes and views you have requested on each article.

#28 Media Mister

Radio Mister is another company popular for its inexpensive rates. We also give a money-back policy of 60 days, 100 per cent satisfaction. That is particularly surprising is their strategy of replenishment.

We advertise interacting with genuine Instagrammers but they do replenish those fans you’ve lost over a time of 60 days. You that lose certain fans or Instagram has deleted their profiles because of their disinterest. One way they will reduce future damages is by over-supplying the wallet.


Twitter is one of the original social media giants, used by rappers, actors, tv personalities and the common internet user. This success has trickled down to upcoming artists and risings brands looking to grow their presence fast.

This especially holds true if the customer base that you are targeting uses Twitter to talk to one another, connect and share information.

Is it really worth it? 65.8% of the companies and brands in the US are now using Twitter for their marketing needs. The reason behind this being – 47% of the consumers who follow a brand on Twitter are highly likely to visit the website of the company. From Small Businesses to the giants like Dell, and Microsoft- they are all using Twitter.

The truth is, the 280-character (previously 140) social network offers a great deal of exposure to your brand and is one of the fastest ways of getting your message out. Whether you want to let your followers know about an upcoming event or a new product Twitter is a great way to make that announcement. You can even run your ads on Twitter making it all the more easier to reach your fans. Twitter is not just a way to reach out to potential customers. Using Twitter you can stay ahead of your competition and learn what people are saying about your company or a particular topic. It is a great networking tool that helps you refine your brand. Most importantly – on Twitter, you can engage with your fanbase on a direct level.

Some Statistics on TwitterIf you still need more convincing that you need to be on Twitter, here are some more details about what you can do with Twitter along with some statistical data. With its 1 billion active users, Twitter can prove to be quite a valuable asset for your business. In the US alone, the number of active monthly users in the last quarter was 69 million. As per a report from Pew Research, 25% of the adults in America get their news from Twitter. There are 500 million tweets on this platform every day.

If you are planning any special offers or promotions that you want to go viral, Twitter is the place to start. A good example is Virgin America’s Twitter announcement of their selective flights which had Netflix.

One tweet and they shot up to top of the trending news and got 96% positive reactions from their followers. Additionally, Twitter is also a great tool for customer support and for building relationships with influencers. If you are still thinking, here’s a fun fact for you – 80% of the Twitter users are “affluent millennials.”

A report from Twitter says that 93% of the people who follow businesses on Twitter intend to make a purchase with them, and 69% of them have already made the purchase.

Other data from Twitter also shows that 41% of people who saw an ad on Twitter ended up making a purchase within 30 days.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter Now that it has been established that the little blue bird is actually important for your brand, let’s see how you can ride it. First off, for your information to reach a large number of people, your Twitter account must have a large fan base. A decent Twitter following is what you need to improve your branding. When you have more followers, your posts are more likely to get shared which is especially essential when you are running a promotional campaign. Here’s a little guide to gaining more followers organically.

  • Follow more people and cross-promote your social media accounts. Maintain a good bio with relevant keywords and links to your original website
  • Post good content and post it regularly. Also take care to time your posts so that it reaches the target groups right when they are online, otherwise your post can get lost in the lot. Tools like Sproutsocial can come in handy for scheduling your tweets.
  • Use relevant hashtags in your post to increase your engagement. The good news is that cost per engagement on Twitter is decreasing while the engagement is going up.
  • Including images and other visual content can get you 18% more engagement
  • Tag, Retweet, Reply
  • Find users with similar interests and engage with them
  • Network with influencers, provide answers to questions you can help with and give feedback
  • Use tools to find new people to connect with

If you are a beginner on Twitter or think all of this is too much work for you, it’s always a good idea to outsource the job to people who specialize in it. There are several service providers out there who can help you get a head start when you buy twitter followers from them.


Can you really buy Twitter followers?
Yes, you can and people do it all the time! Adding legit and active followers to your Twitter handle will increase your engagement and impressions because actual people will be retweeting you, replying to your posts and interacting with your content. Twitter makes it extremely easy to target users by location. For example, from targeting people in specific countries, you can even target people in specific cities or small localities.
How much does it cost to get followers on twitter?
Buying Twitter followers is cheap and easy. Sites like Follower Packages offer 1000 followers for just $15! Other sites like Fammoid and SMMHut do it for even cheaper prices like $8.95 for 500 followers and $10 for 1000 followers respectively.
Is it illegal to buy twitter followers?
No, its not illegal and can be done very easily, However, it is discouraged by Twitter as most followers you’re purchasing can be bots and fake accounts. It is advised to always buy followers from trusted sites to avoid any potential threat to your security online.
Why should I buy more Twitter followers?
A large Twitter following increases your chances of becoming famous and influential and can easily put you ahead of the competition. You can channel more followers towards your venture by simply buying more followers, thereby, increasing your chances of making more money.
Is it worth it to buy twitter followers?
Buying more followers is always a good idea if you want to use your Twitter handle for commercial purposes more than personal. Buying more followers can increase your credibility overnight and help you out in your ventures that might otherwise remain unaccomplished.
Is it illegal to buy likes on Twitter?
By buying more Twitter likes and retweets, you are not breaking any federal law. Buying more Twitter retweets compliments your likes. Check out the list above for trusted sites to buy cheap likes and retweets on Twitter.
How do I get real twitter followers?
When you have exhausted all the other conventional methods of attracting fan following, you can opt to “buy” followers on Twitter. As long as you’re using trusted sites to purchase extra followers and don’t compromise on your security, you’re good to go!

If you want to increase twitter followers Organically then checkout this video guide:

If you try to go the traditional way to increase your following on Twitter, it might take up a lot of time which doesn’t really help your campaign. Instead, if you outsource the job to specialists from the list, you can buy real active twitter followers and increase your reach in no time at all.

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