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10 Best Tools To Grow Your Twitter Account in 2024

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Twitter is viewed as the essential foundation of authoritative declarations. Twitter has consistently been one stage where all the amazing pioneers of the world have been conversing with one another openly. For an extensive stretch, Twitter has been notable as a stage one could use to speak more loudly over any circumstance.

Being a profoundly controversial stage, Twitter effectively draws in numerous individuals to share and tune in to different discussions on a specific topic. Sharing how they feel just to discover more individuals who can identify with it is probably the best thing about Twitter.

The daily usage of the crowd has been the most noteworthy on Twitter when compared with Instagram, Facebook, or some other web-based social media applications. Initiating one healthy discussion here can prompt a stunning increment in the system and also help spread the word about yourself.

When beginning advertising on Twitter for your business, it is important to comprehend that only purchasing followers, shares, likes, and retweets, won’t do a lot of good. With Twitter, things should be highly interactive and connected with the interest group to draw in new customers.

For the underlying long stretches of your business, promoting is a key factor and should be done in the correct manner so as to build strong networks. Naturally growing a page bring about much more customer support. It additionally brings in an establishment of trust between the consumers and the entrepreneurs.

Twitter has been around us for a long time and also has a significant place in the media world. It is one fast-paced application for both personal and commercial use.

However, there are certain tools available in the market that can help you grow your business profile on Twitter so as to aid you with marketing and gaining potential clients. Here are the top 10 tools to enhance your Twitter marketing.

Here are the Best Tools to Grow Your Twitter Account:


hootsuite social media scheduling tool

A super organizing tool for all your social media business profiles, Hootsuite is one tool that can immensely organize your Twitter profile. It offers two versions – free and paid.

The features of these tools are that it provides an option to shrink links, plan to post, saving the posts for future posting, organizing lists and calendar, profile researching, and also analytics. It covers all the necessities you will need to run a successful marketing page.

Tweet deck

Similar to that of Hootsuite, Tweet deck is also an organizing platform for all your social media handles. It gives a better understanding of the posting calendar and the to-do lists for the marketing pages using columns and block organizing.

The best part about the Tweet deck is that it is owned by Twitter itself and not a third-party application. One unique feature that this tool possesses is that of organizing your followers in certain groups. This will make your task of customized marketing communication much easier. It is also free of cost.



Get the load off your shoulders and simple program Buffer to manage your profile. Feed all the graphics to be posted along with the scheduled time for them and leave the rest to the application.

Make your work much easier by this social media posting app. It is available free of cost but a paid version is also available with many more exciting benefits.

Twitter Counter

Actively posting is necessary. But along with that, keeping a close eye on the statistics is also equally important. With Twitter Counter, make sure to work strategically using the analytics of your followers, likes, and retweets.

It contains an hourly or monthly data sorting feature. It also generates real-time statistical data for your account and tracks all the activities minutely. It is available in both free and paid premium versions.

Social Oomph

With the technology outgrowing itself with every passing day, you might as well leave your social media marketing fully to this tool. This tool provides a long list of automated features.

It generates automated replies for certain messages. It chooses those replies from your own words so it doesn’t look automated! Quite creative, isn’t it? And of course, it has the feature of scheduling your posts for the future and do the job for you. There is a free version available but to avail the best services, they ask for $8 per month.


For any business, you need a good advisor. Let Tweroid be that guiding angel for your marketing schemes. Tweroid is all set to provide the best recommendations and also review your account activities to get the maximum followers at the right time.

It minutely studies your account and sends a full report to your email ID. It is available for free for basic analysis only and the premium cost starts from $2 per month.


A unique tool with some extravagant features, Strawberryj.am is a tool that works in a different way yet highly helpful for the growth of your Twitter account. It keeps an eye on your followers and following lists and their tweets.

Further, it catches the keywords from their tweets and when relevant content is posted on your page, it advertises to them. It also keeps you updated with the latest trends in the market using those keywords. Knowing the trend of the target market can help in efficiently designing messages and tweets for your business profile.

Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder is a highly efficient tool for gaining followers. It is said to add around 150 new followers to your profile almost every day. This can help you gain fame on the media and create a good first impression on potential customers who visit your page. It allows you to build followers and also send automated messages like ‘thank-yous’.

One drawback with this is it does not have a web version and hence, it has to be compulsorily installed on your computer. As a result, a free version of the same is not available. It will cost around $55 to $180 depending upon your requirements.

Buzz Sumo

This application analysis the trends that work best on the media for your industry as well as your competitors. With these reports, it generates what type of content is ideal for you.

With further detailing, it also gives an idea of what kind of post has the highest analytics. This can tell you what content is liked the most by your audience. This information can be diligently used for designing future posts. It clearly understands the basic matrix of Twitter and works upon it to fetch the best results.


Twitter only allows you 280 characters. This means you need to be very precise yet attractive enough to make a scroller stop and read your tweet. A well-framed content is a difference between a highly engaging account and a dry one. Hence, you need your content up to the mark. Along with texts, you can also include a catchy image which makes the task of content a bit easier.

A good graphic can catch the eye sooner than a plain text can. TwitHelper is a tool that can help you design an attractive Twitter card to attach to your text. Tweets with images get more engagements too. This can be of immense help to your business.

Grow your business organically using these tools.

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