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35 Best Offline Android Games (2019) to Play without the Internet

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Android games have been such a rave in the past few years that they have quickly surpassed even gaming consoles concerning popularity.

The continuous development in the smartphone sphere has made it possible for top game developers to hit the Google Play Store with their best lot.

But there is one drawback with the play store that most of the best games out there require an internet connection to function. This often affects the gaming experience and limits players in a country like India where consistently finding an internet connection can be a task on its own.

Hence, we have compiled a list of 35 of the most impressive, best, low mb and free Android games you can play offline for mobiles or tablets.

The games have been presented as the top 5 in seven traditional categories. Check them out –

Top Rated Android Offline Racing Games

Trial Xtreme 4 (Free, In-app products)

Trial Xtreme 4

  • Requires Android – 4.0 and up
  • File Size – 23.9 MB
  • User Rating – 4.2

Hill Climb Racing (Free, In-app products)


  • Requires Android – 2.2.0 and up
  • File Size – 19 Mb
  • User Rating – 4.4

Red Bull Air Race 2 (Free, In-app products)

Red Bull Air Race 2

Not all games in the Racing category are about cars and bikes.

This one features airplanes! Motorsport in the sky, How cool is that?

Red Bull Air Race 2 features 400+ races as well as numerous events that players can compete in.

With fantastic graphics and an aura of uniqueness attached to the game, you are sure to have a blast with this one.

Check out the game trailer

Traffic Rider (Free, In-app Products)

Traffic Rider

Next one on the list is in the biking category. It takes the endless racing genre to a different note with the help of a full career mode.

The notion is to drive through the traffic and achieve the various objectives the game offers.

A first-person driving view and vivid graphics add to the gaming experience. Traffic Rider finds its differentiating variable in the fact that the bike noises have been recorded with the help of real bikes.

Check out the popular game in the video

CSR Racing 2 (Free, In-app Products)

CSR Racing 2

Although a significant entry in the list with a size of 1 GB, the gaming experience is impeccable with insane graphics.

The game focuses on the most basics of on-road rule breaking – drag races! Although it does require the internet to use all the features of the game, it can also be played without one.

Sporting a host of cars with each one of them requiring different timings to master, the game offers an immersive experience to conquer.

Click here to watch Game trailer

Asphalt Nitro (Free, In-app Products)

Asphalt Nitro


If you’re thinking what, more can a game offer after the description above? Think again. What if a little 35 MB package provides a similar gaming experience? Unbelievable, right?

Asphalt Nitro was released with the sole purpose of reaching the masses which have been missing out of the experience due to the huge download sizes. With the inclusion of 8 game modes along with the police chase mode, this surprising entry in the series offers more than you can expect.

Here is a glimpse into its gameplay

Asphalt 8 (Free, In-app Products)

Asphalt 8

One of the most favourite racing games ever on Android, Asphalt 8 looks is a true steal even at the humongous download size of 4 GB. With more than 200 million plus downloads, the game also boasts of the best racing graphics to hit the Android stores yet.

Highlights of the Game include 140+ cars, 40+ racing tracks, 400+ career events, 1500+ challenges and five game modes!

What more can you ask for in one package?

Click here to watch Game trailer

No wifi Action Games to Play

Subway Surfers (Free, In-app Products)

Subway Surfers

  • Requires Android – 4.1
  • File Size – 46.5 MB
  • User Rating – 4.5

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade (Free, In-app Products)

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Let’s start the list with an explosive action-packed game sporting an epic story. There are more than 170 chapters in the storyline that can be spanned by players.

The aim of the game is to protect your kingdom against an endless horde of invaders.

Watch the video below to see what the game has to offer

Alto’s Adventure (Free, In-app Products)

Alto's Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is one of the most popular latest Android games that offer a serene action adventure with the story of Alto and his friends.

The game features snowboarding on various types of terrains to deliver the experience.

The interactive physics-based gameplay has been dubbed as “One of the best Android games” by The Verge.

Click to watch out the intuitive game

Swamp Attack (Free, In-app Products)

Swamp Attack

With about a 100 million downloads, Swamp Attack has quickly climbed the charts.

The objective of the game is simple. There are a bunch of crazy animals heading for your house, and you have to protect it at all costs.

Add some cool effects and more than 30 twisted weapons to the scene, and you have a perfect game to kill time. And all you have to do is tap the screen to shoot or drag the bombs to drop them on the monsters.

The game also boasts of 300+ single player levels.

Shadow Fight 2 (Free, In-app Products)

Shadow Fight 2

From the makers of the hit Android game Vector, Shadow Fighter 2 is a popular entry in the list. It mixes RPG with Classical fighting, and the result is highly addictive. Your character can be equipped with numerous lethal weapons that are used along with martial art techniques.

Also, you can journey through 6 different worlds with a customized fighter, and all this amalgamated through an immersive storyline.

Check out the action in the video

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free, In-app Products)

Plants vs. Zombies 2

One of the most popular games on PC before games with high-end graphics flooded the market. Plants vs. Zombies series recently hit the Android stores too and is easily one of the best android games to play without the Wi-Fi.

It is a perfect blend of casual, action and strategy gaming which is precisely what acts as its USP.

If you are not familiar with the concept, the objective is to use a plethora of mutant plants as weapons against a horde of horrifying (not so much) zombies.

Each plant and zombie has a unique attacking and defensive prowess which it uses against its foe.

The video depicts the absorbing gameplay

Adventure Offline Games

N.O.V.A. Legacy (Free, In-app Products)

N.O.V.A Legacy

  • Requires Android – 4.0 and up
  • File Size – 24.69 MB
  • User Rating – 4.5

Final Fantasy 9 (Paid; ₹ 1,300.00)

Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy has always been on the forefront to hit any new gaming platform that sweeps the market. Although it may involve a huge download, storyline, and graphics of the series are always worth it.

Follow Zidane, Princess Garnet and Vivi Ornitier on an epic adventure that is on a quest to save the world.

The game is a complete port from its predecessor PlayStation versions into a portable mobile one.

To know more about the gameplay, watch this video

Crashlands (Paid; ₹ 340.00)


A recently launched Android game and it is already an Editor’s choice.

Crashlands is an open world RPG game with an interactive environment where you are stranded on an alien planet Woanope. In a bid to gather back your resources, there are hundreds of quests that you can embark upon.

Learn a host of new skills and secrets about the new world. Evolve with your character as it gets immersed into the new world.

This is a unique game on the list since it perfectly blends the best of worlds, RPG and adventure.

Check out the gameplay here

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 Limbo (Paid;₹ 322.96) (Demo version available for Free)


Limbo is a unique and creepy game which depicts the story of a boy who wanders into a dark land known as Limbo in a quest to find his sister.

There are numerous traps and obstacles encountered along the way that one has to take care of. Along with these, there are occasional puzzles that need to be solved to get going.

Along with great graphics, the game offers a spooky experience which also induces a scary aura at times.

Even the trailer is mysterious enough to draw one’s attention

Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Paid; ₹ 479.56)

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft brought the power to build amazing worlds in the palm of the hands of the fans with this entry in the smartphone space.

There are two primary modes in the game – Creative mode and Survival mode.

In creative mode, you have unlimited resources at your disposal and can build the world of your dreams to your heart’s content, giving birth to amazing masterpieces.

In survival mode, the objective would be to craft weapons and armor to fend off mob threats.

Minecraft Pocket Edition – Android Gameplay

Badland (Free, In-app Products)

The Badland series easily tops our list of the best adventure games with their fantastic physics-based gameplay and out of the box levels to complete.

The games are based on the side-scrolling concept where you have to keep into account various variables like liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, and water to survive.

The media has often hailed the entries as masterpieces which are a must experience for every Android, gaming enthusiast.

Check out this Official Trailer Video

Role Playing Games (RPG) Offline Android Games

Shadow Fight 3 (Free, In-app Products)

Shadow Fight 3

  • Requires Android – 4.1 and up
  • File Size –  61.44 MB
  • User Rating – 4.4

Baldur’s Gate 2 (Paid; ₹ 475.99)

Baldur’s Gate 2

It is now time to start with the best of Role Playing games on Android that doesn’t require an internet connection.

First on the list is the second version of Baldur’s Gate. The story commences with a wizard kidnapping you and holding you as a prisoner. It is now up to you to escape him.

There is also a host of paid storylines available which can be purchased to play additional missions.

The game uses an upgraded version of the Infinity Gaming Engine which further enhances the gaming experience.

This is a must play entry for all RPG enthusiasts.

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Android Trailer

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (Paid; ₹ 476.59)

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Icewind Dale is an enchanted journey into the Spine of the World Mountains which is a dangerous territory with some jarring populace.

The experience also involves a host of exotic weapons and armors as well as new age spells.

The game has received many critical acclaims with Gameplanet giving it a rating of 9/10.

Here is a quick look at what it has to offer

Pixel Dungeon (Free, In-app Purchase)

Pixel Dungeon

As the name suggests, Pixel Dungeon has a feel of a traditional game with pixelated graphics. But make no mistake about its entertainment prowess.

The game may seem simple with the objective being to explore the depth of the dungeons, collecting items to fight the monsters and ultimately finding the Amulet of Yendor, things often go out of hand due to one fantastic feature – random level generation.

It is often considered as one of the most challenging RPG games to hit the Android app store.

Watch Pixel Dungeon Trailer

Dark Sword (Free, In-app Products)

Dark Sword

This entry is a stylish and dark game which is based on the concept of “side-scrolling and slash” gameplay.

But rather than a storyline or open world premise, the game has 100 different stages to be played, with the ultimate objective being to defeat the dark dragon.

Dark Sword also sports a hardcore mode for the real gaming enthusiasts who are looking for some extra kick.

Have a look at the fantastic gameplay

SoulCraft (Free, In-app Products)

SoulCraft tops our list of the top offline android games in the RPG category.

The game is set against an incredible storyline where the humans have discovered the secret to eternal life.

This drives the angels and demons to make a pact and claim the apocalypse to maintain the natural flow of things. The game allows you to choose one side and proceeds to the 3-way war to determine who wins it.

A gripping gameplay and graphics only add to the overall gaming experience.

Have a look at the trailer

Multiplayer Offline Games

Ludo King (Free, In-app Products)

Ludo King

  • Requires Android – 4.1 and up
  • File Size –  29 MB
  • User Rating – 4.4

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia (Free, In-app Products)

Mini Militia

  • Requires Android – 3.0 and up
  • File Size – 47.95 MB
  • User Rating – 4.6

Pool Break Pro (Paid;₹ 65.00) (Lite version available for free)

If you are a pool enthusiast, this is the game to play with your friends. Pool Break Pro is a neat game bundle consisting of several variations of Pool, Snooker, Billiards, Crokinole and even Carrom.

The best part of the game is its 3D graphics which makes it stand out from other similar games.

Since the game costs INR 65 to buy, you can try the free lite version first as a demo before purchasing to make an informed decision.

Watch Pool Break Pro 3D Gameplay Android

Bomb Squad (Free, In-app Products)

Roam around playing with bombs and blowing up for friends! Bomb squad surely has an intriguing concept with a bunch of exciting mini-games to play with up to 8 friends.

Mini Games like capturing the flag, racing, flying or playing ice hockey and football with bombs (not kidding) boost the fun quotient to another level.

Here is a glimpse into the features of the maniacal game.

Neon Shadow (Free)

This is an adrenaline pumping FPS game where the objective is to save the humanity from the dark mechanoids.

The game has both single-player campaign and LAN multiplayer Deathmatch modes.

Neon Shadow also supports controller like Moga and Game Stop Red Samurai to provide a complete gaming experience package to players.

Watch the trailer of the game here

Sea Battle 2 (Free, In-app Products)

If you’ve ever played and loved the Battlefield board game, this is the game for you. You have at your disposal a range of ships, submarines, mines, and radars.

The objective is to defend your ships and attack the opponent’s positions with the help of the available weapons.

The best part about the game is the notepad-like graphics that gives it a somewhat vintage feel.

Other features include playing against the AI with a range of difficulty levels.

Watch Sea Battle 2 Gameplay

Brothers in Arms 3 (Free, In-app Products)

Brothers in Arms 3 top our list for the day. It is a massively multiplayer game that can be played against players around the world (with an internet connection, though).

But there is an offline story mode too, where we follow Sergeant Wright in the aftermath of the World War 2 invasion.

Also, there are four maps to master and two gameplay modes to try – Free for all and Team Death match.

Watch the fantastic gameplay here

Arcade Android Offline Games

Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2

  • Requires Android – 4.0 and up
  • File Size
  • User Rating

PEPI Skate 3D

PEPI Skate 3D

  • Requires Android – 2.3  and up
  • File Size – 28 MB
  • User Rating – 3.7

Epic Skater (Free, In-app Products)

Be a skilled skater and skate through the streets of the US in this free skating entry. Increase your skating skills with the help of a more than 25 tricks that combine into breathtaking combos.

The game environment also consists of coins which you can collect and use to power-up your skills. New skills get unlocked as you keep on perfecting the old ones.

Epic Skater Game Trailer

Worms 3 (Paid; ₹ 384.99)

Worms 3

Worms 3 is a strategy arcade game that makes use of strategic cards to govern the outcome of the Game. You have to kill other Worms in a host of setups by using a bunch of different weapons.

Worms can be chosen from 4 categories – Heavy, Scout, Scientist and Classic Soldier. Each type of worm has its unique skill and ability which you have to make the best use of.

Although the game can be played offline, if you do connect to the internet there is an additional feature of challenging other players too.

Here is a glimpse into the gameplay

Hungry Shark Evolution (Free, In-app Products)

Hungry Shark Evolution

This one is simple enough. Be a hungry shark and eat everything in your environment. The objective is to last as long as you can while doing so.

This is analogous to an open world (read ocean) game which is open for exploration.

Other features include 14 types of sharks, 75 + missions, different shark gadgets, 3D graphics as well as tilt gameplay support.

Here is a Hungry Shark Evolution – Trailer

ZigZag (Free, In-app Products)

Zigzag is a favorite arcade game with 50+ million downloads where the objective is simple – keep the ball on the top of the ledges and try not fall.

All you have to do is tap the screen to change the direction of the ball.

Due to its simplicity, the game offers a ton of addictive fun by testing your reflexes.

“How far can you go?”

Watch ZigZag Android Gameplay

Smash Hit (Free, In-app Products)

Be a metal ball in this top entry and smash everything in your way. Based on a surreal and futuristic dimension, the game has been a huge hit in the Android gaming community.

It has been dubbed as the “best destruction physics” on mobile devices. To further enhance the gaming experience, developers have made use of a musically synchronized gameplay with each stage sporting a new tune.

To sum it up, Smash Hit is an interacting Arcade experience with over 50 rooms to master and 11 graphic styles. The best part of the game is the realistic glass-breaking mechanics it uses.

See it for yourself here

Puzzle/Strategy Games

Candy Crush Saga (Free, In-app Products)

  • Requires Android – 2.3 and up
  • File Size –  78.5 MB
  • User Rating – 4.4

Infinity Loop (Free, In-app Purchase)

Infinity Loop is a relaxing and fun puzzle game consisting of 2 modes. In the first mode, you have to change the orientation of the objects on the screen and align them into a single closed loop.

The second mode reverses the concept, and the objective becomes to de-loop the blocks into individual pieces.

The best thing about Infinity Loop is that the first game mode is free to play and consists of infinite levels.

The second game mode is free to play up to level 100.

Let’s look at the gameplay in the video

Mekorama (Free, In-app Products)

Another relaxing game on the list, Mekorama is a game with a huge fan base. With amazing graphics, the objective is to help a cute robot solve a series of mechanical puzzles.

There are 50 intuitive levels to solve with each level posing a different set of challenges to overcome.

In a nutshell, Mekorama is a cute and fun game that will sure to leave a long-lasting impression on you.

Mekorama Trailer

Hitman Go (Paid; ₹ 60.00)

Hitman Go

Hitman Go is a turn-based strategy game where the objective is to covertly navigate the fixed spaces while avoiding the enemies at the same time.

The best thing about the game is that it makes use of all the best tricks of the trade we have seen in the original Hitman series, including disguises, hiding spots, distractions, sniper rifles as well as Silverballers.

There is a unique way to get past each level with the option of both covert and forced gameplays.

Here is a peek into the gameplay

The Room 3 (Paid; ₹ 280.00)

The Room 3

Although its price being on a bit higher side, The Room 3 is a highly acclaimed Android game, both by critics and players alike.

It features numerous physical puzzles in a stunning world where you have to solve mind-boggling trials devised by a mysterious genius.

The game is often hailed for its amazing graphics and attention to detail designs.

Judge it for yourself in the video

Monument Valley (Paid; ₹ 65.00)

Monument Valley

If you are a fan of House of Cards, you might remember President Frank Underwood claiming that he is addicted to this game. And it deserves all the accolades thrown its way.

Monument Valley is an ingenious game featuring a princess who has to be guided through a mesmerizing beautiful world.

The game features a bunch of fantasy architecture, impossible geometry, mysterious monuments as well as hidden paths.

This game is a steal at its price tag.

Check it out

This wind ups our list of the top Android games to play without the Internet.

Did we miss out on any of your favorite offline android games?

Share your views in the comments below!

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  1. Suraj Padmasali

    November 10, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Asphalt 8, All in one game for me!

    This is the special game for car lovers. I’m playing this game for last 1 year now I have changed my phone to Note 8 and first installed this game, and I enjoyed playing this game on big screen. Updates are making this game better and better.

    Truly one of the greatest mobile game.


    • Anonymous

      January 12, 2018 at 6:29 pm

      The only bad thing with Asphalt 8 is the fake speed feeling during gameplay…
      How can you accept 500 kph at your speedometer when your car actually rolls at 300 kph…?
      Despite that, their developpers do nothing to fix this issue…


  2. Mostafa Hossain

    December 20, 2017 at 8:45 am

    Thanks for such a very nice collection, really amazing stuff, thanks for sharing with us.


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    I’m corden james, come from Guadalupe. Thanks for your awesome post share. I a gamer, and specially I love action games, that’s why I found some best offline action games in 2018. can you suggest me which is the best for me?



  4. Rubavanan

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  5. Anthem

    March 3, 2018 at 11:40 am

    LOL most of the games are so lame. Expected something high graphics games.


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