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37 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views, Likes & Subscribers (2024)

All of us have been using YouTube for over a decade now. It started as an innocent video-sharing platform but currently has become one of the largest platforms for entertainment in the world. Hundreds of millions of people have been using YouTube daily. Thus, a lot of people want to become popular on the platform. Due to high saturation and competition, it is difficult to grow on the platform. This is why services to buy YouTube views, subscribers and likes are so popular. Today, we have compiled a list of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, views, and likes. These are some of the best places on the internet to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers. So, if you have wanted to increase the number of views on your videos, you can buy YouTube views.

If you have wanted more likes on your videos for promotion then you can buy YouTube likes and if you want to boost the subscriber count on your channel you can buy YouTube subscribers. Other than the list we have a couple of guides on YouTube and FAQs that can help you understand how to increase views on YouTube. It can even be helpful if you want to know how to increase subscribers on YouTube. We hope you find this post useful. So, let’s get started with the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and views.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views, Likes & Subscribers:

Recommended Sites Ratings Customer Reviews Price for 10,000 YouTube Views Price for 1000 YouTube Subscribers
#1. Follower Packages 4.9 Read Reviews $55.00
#2. Getviral.io 4.7 Read Reviews $47.99 $81.99
#3. SocialPros.io 4.5 Read Reviews $44.00 $74.99
#4. Viralyft 4.3 Read Reviews $44.99 $81.00
#5. Views Expert 4.1 Read Reviews $44.00 $71.99

#1. FollowerPackages

Followerpackages - buy YouTube views

Rating: 4.9 out of 5
Read Follower Packages Customer Reviews

There are many social media service providers these days because a lot of people are buying social media marketing services. FollowerPackages says that buying social media services to boost engagement metrics on your posts or profile can often help create a credible look for that person.

When you have some social proof on social media platforms then people are more attracted to your cause and it will help you receive a lot of exposure and attention which will give you more vanity metrics and thus, boost a lot of credibility on that particular social media platform. FollowerPackages claims that it sells quality services that can help you get the ball rolling. It promises that if you use the services that it offers then you will be able to buy real YouTube subscribers, views, and likes. Currently, FollowerPackages sells services for 4 popular social media platforms.

SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are those platforms for which people are buying likes, views, etc. from this site. You can buy YouTube views or if you want likes you can buy YouTube likes from this site. The package for YouTube views is $19. You will get 2.5k views at that price. If you want to buy cheap YouTube likes then this may not be the cheapest but claims to provide good benefits to the users. You can buy 150 YouTube likes for $20.

#2. GetViral.io

Getviral - buy youtube views

Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Read Getviral.io Customer Reviews

GetViral is a site that has been around for some time and claims that anyone can boost their authority on social media platforms. There are a lot of social media platforms that the company supports services for. There are many social media platforms that people are looking to grow on. They want to establish their presence on these platforms and gain some popularity.

The social networking sites for which you can buy likes, views, followers, subscribers, etc. from getviral.io are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. GetViral claims to have a lot of experience and expertise. It has been around for more than seven years and has kept satisfying clients with quality services that have helped them grow on social media platforms.

The site says that it has already satisfied thousands of clients by fulfilling hundreds of thousands of orders. The company claims that you can trust it as one of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, views, and likes. The cost of 100 subscribers is $11.99. If you want to buy YouTube likes the cost is $6.99 for 100 likes. There are packages to buy YouTube views as well. You can get 1500 views for $9.99.

#3. SocialPros.io

buy youtube views - socialpros

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Read SocialPros.io Customer reviews

Let’s move on to the next platform on our list of the best places to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers. SocialPros claims to be a pro when it comes to social media marketing and promotion. It works with social media experts who know what people need to grow their presence on social media platforms.

It says that if someone wants to grow their credibility on social media platforms they need to do it with the help of the best experts which the company promises that it has. All the services that the site has curated are meant to provide different kinds of boosts on different social media platforms. If you want to buy cheap YouTube views or buy likes for Instagram or views for TikTok etc. you can easily do it. The process has been simplified and within a few clicks, you will have bought the stats that you feel your content or profile, or channel needs.

Currently, you can buy services for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, SoundCloud, Clubhouse, and Twitch. You can buy cheap YouTube views on SocialPros.io. The price of 500 views is just $3.50. You can get YouTube subscribers on this site as well. The price of 50 subscribers is $6. If you want to buy YouTube likes then you can get 100 likes for $6.

#4. Viralyft

viralyft - buy youtube subscribers

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Read Viralyft Customer Reviews

Let’s move on to the next site which you can take a look at if you are looking for the best sites to buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers. Viralyft is one of the sites that you will see appears on a lot of lists about social media services. This site has been around for some time now and a lot of people have tried the services that it provides. The company claims that you will not regret your purchases from the site. Only quality results that are effective to your growth will be gained by the clients when they use the services to buy social media services. Viralyft promises that you won’t have to waste any time when ordering services from it.

Every step is very simplified and you will not have any problems figuring stuff out. Also, once you make the purchase the site will start working on getting everything ready so that the delivery of the likes, views, followers, subscribers, etc. are done as soon as possible so that you can get the quick boost that you are expecting from these services.

You can buy services for YouTube as well. Viralyft promises that you can buy real YouTube subscribers, likes, and views from the site. For $10.99 you can buy 100 subscribers. To buy YouTube likes you need to have $6.99 for 100 likes. If you want to buy cheap YouTube views, the price starts at $6.99 for 1k views.

#5. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert - buy youtube views

Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Read Views Expert Customer Reviews

Many sites have been using a network of social media users to deliver the engagement metrics to the clients. ViewsExpert is one of them. If you are looking for the best sites to buy YouTube likes or are searching for the best places to buy YouTube subscribers viewsexpert.com claims to be one of the choices that clients have. It promises that you will get top-tier services for social media marketing and promotion. With the vast network of users that it has it will be able to deliver satisfactory results to clients.

There are many social media platforms’ social media marketing services on this site. You can buy metrics for Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, Pinterest, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, and SoundCloud. These are quite popular social media platforms and most people are looking for services to grow on these channels. The company has different packages for the different services that one can buy.

Thus, things can easily fit your budget. If you want to buy cheap YouTube subscribers the price starts at $9.50 for 100 subscribers. You can also buy cheap YouTube views from the site. For just $3 you can get 500 views on YouTube. The company promises 24/7 customer support and does not ask for sensitive info.

6. SocialRush.io

socialrush - youtube views, subscribers and likes

Read SocialRush Customer Reviews

SocialRush.io is a company that is quite confident about the quality of the service it provides. It claims that its clients will only get excellent results by using the services that they can buy on its site. With the help of these services, it is not that difficult to grow on social media platforms that much. Social rush claims that it knows what social media users are looking for when they want to buy YouTube views or likes or subscribers.

They want to get YouTube likes and views on their videos to boost the engagement metrics on them. It can help boost their credibility on the platform as well. The company sells services for a lot of different social media platforms that people are looking to grow on and get some popularity. So, if you feel like promoting on two or more platforms and are looking for social media services for those then you can find relevant services on this site.

SocialRush promises that it is one of the best sites to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers. The rates are reasonable and the company will provide excellent support to help its clients during the hour of need. For $9.99 you can buy 1500 views for your YouTube video. If you want to buy YouTube subscribers the price starts at $11.99 for 100 subscribers. To buy YouTube likes the price is $6.99 for 100 likes.

7. SocialPackages.net

socialpackages - buy youtube views

Read SocialPackages Customer reviews

Let’s move on to the next entry on this list of best sites to buy YouTube views. SocialPackages is a site that is mainly known for the growth services that it sells for Instagram. Any Instagram user looking to gain a good footing on the platform can take a look at the various services and packages that this site has to offer.

SocialPackages.net is very confident that its services are of the best quality. You will get premium services that will give you real growth. It says that many sites can give fakes and bots to boost your stats but it deals in genuine likes and followers that are delivered to the clients. But other than Instagram the site sells a lot of different services for multiple channels. Thus, you can buy services for Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook, and Spotify.

The company promises and guarantees that any client who experiences a drop within a certain period will get free refills from the company. Also, 24/7 live support is being provided to make it easier for people to get their doubts cleared up and issues resolved. You can get YouTube views, likes, and subscribers from this site. For $3.5 you can buy 500 views. If you want to buy cheap YouTube subscribers then the starting package is $5 for 50 subscribers. YouTube likes cost $6 for 100 likes.

8. Fastlikes.io

buy youtube views - fastlikes

Read Fastlikes Customer reviews

If you want to go viral then Fastlikes claims that it is the perfect place to visit since it has all the necessary services to boost the engagement metrics on different social media channels. It doesn’t matter where you want to grow, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud, you will get likes, views, followers, and other stats for these platforms on this site.

It claims that you will get the best services here. So, if you want the best sites to buy YouTube likes, views and subscribers then Fastlikes claims to be one of them. It also promises that you will not get stats from bot accounts since it claims that it only deals in genuine accounts. If you are looking to become popular on Instagram fastlikes.io claims that it provides the best and real growth service for that platform.

Along with quality services the site promises shorter delivery times for the services and good customer support along with a live chat feature. You can use this to resolve your issues. If you want to buy YouTube views on fastlikes.io then the price starts at $9.99 for 1500 views. You can buy cheap YouTube subscribers. The price begins at $11.99 for 100 subscribers. To buy YouTube likes you can pay $6.99 for 100 likes.

9. Famoid

Famoid - site to improve youtube engagements
Read Famoid Customer reviews

Famoid is a website that wants to ensure social media users that they can still buy social media services without any concern. Even though the industry has many sites that scam users and give the industry a bad name, Famoid wants to change all that. It claims that the services it offers are not only reliable but are also completely secure. You can always reach out to the site and discuss your problems and issues with them related to the services or your orders.

The site promises that it will provide 24/7 customer support. Famoid wants its clients to use its services and become famous. It has kept its name as such to reiterate that idea. Famoid is a combination of famous and oid. Oid is short for object identifier. Thus, Famoid means an object that will make you famous. There are four social media platforms that this company offers services for viz. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

These sites get around millions of users every day and hundreds of thousands of content are uploaded to the site each day. So, these are quite good platforms to become popular at. The site claims that you can buy real YouTube subscribers. 100 subs cost $34.95. You can also buy YouTube views starting from $12.95 for 1k views.

10. GetRealBoost


Read GetRealBoost Customer reviews

GetRealBoost is a site that promises that you will get real boosts when you buy any service from the website to boost your online presence on various social media platforms. The company wants to ensure that all the services can be conveniently accessed by clients and provide efficient and effective results to them. It says that it is not too hard to grow on social media. If you are feeling how to increase subscribers on YouTube or how to get views on YouTube then the site says that you can reach out to it if you need to boost different engagement metrics on different social media platforms.

It says that once you connect with it you have already done half the work because the company will start building a campaign for you so that you can get the likes, views, subscribers, etc. you paid for. Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud are the support platforms on this site. If you want to buy YouTube subscribers or likes or views then you can visit this site. For $5 you can get 50 likes from getrealboost.com.

So, if you want to buy YouTube likes you can visit this site. It claims to be one of the best places to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers. If you want to buy YouTube subscribers the minimum number of subscribers you have to buy is 100 which costs $9. If you want to buy cheap YouTube views the price starts at $6 for 1000 views.


Famups had approached the field of social media marketing years ago and is quite experienced at it. Today, it sells different social media services that can make it easier for a person to boost their stats on various social media channels. Famups wants to give clients the best and wants to help them organically gain engagement from their audiences.

It promises that your profile will gain traffic after purchasing the services. You can buy YouTube views or USA YouTube views. The price for normal views starts at $19 for 3k views. For $10 you can buy 10 subs. If you want to buy YouTube likes the price starts at $18 for 200 likes.


Trollishly is a company from the UAE. It has been selling social media services for a few years now and has made a lot of clients. If you are looking to buy cheap YouTube views and likes then you can check out the services that Trollishly offers. Besides YouTube, the company sells services for Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

There are free trial services for Instagram and TikTok. If you want to buy cheap YouTube views from Trollishly the starting rate is $4 for 1000 views. If you want to buy YouTube likes then the price is $4 for 100 likes. So, as you can see the price is quite low for the services.


If you are looking for sites to buy cheap YouTube subscribers or want to buy cheap YouTube views then this is not the cheapest site on the list. Woorke claims that it provides quality services that are genuine and will help get more exposure on YouTube. You won’t find multiple packages on this site that vary in the quantity of stats they sell; rather, the site offers three packages for every service. You can buy the normal package, which gives you stats from all over the world.

Another package is the targeted package which helps buy targeted stats and the third package lets you select the delivery speed. Woorke sells services for all the major social media channels. So, if you are looking to buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers from the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, likes and views then you can test it out.


BuySocialMediaMarketing is a site that, as its name suggests, can be used by social media users to buy social media marketing services to boost their online presence. Many people use this site as many social media platforms are supported. It claims that its services are of premium quality and social media users from all over the world buy services from the site.

If you want to buy YouTube views the price is $9.99 for 1k views. If you want to buy YouTube likes the price is $5.99 for 100 likes. You can also buy real YouTube subscribers. The site claims quality support and decent delivery speed.


BuySocialBuzz wants to give users a good and satisfactory experience when they buy social media services from the site. It offers different kinds of services for many platforms so that people can buy the service that they feel will help their strategy for the platform that they want to increase their presence on.

YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Spotify, Instagram, etc. are sites you can buy stats for. The prices are low so you can buy cheap YouTube likes, subscribers, and views from this site. There is live customer support to help solve issues that you may have related to the services or your order.


If your services to buy cheap YouTube subscribers means getting them for free then the next site can be helpful for you. Subpals is a platform where people come to get free boosts for their YouTube channel. Of course, it’s not giving free views, likes, and subscribers without any reason. It’s an exchange service. This means that you like, and view a video and you will get the same in return.

Thus, if you have some time each day then you can try out this service. Of course, you can’t unsubscribe from a channel because the site will be notified and it can cause you to lose the subs you gained via this site. So, we wanted to enter a site that lets you get free subscribers if you like videos and subscribe to channels that the site recommends.


QQtube claims to be the direct provider of YouTube services. Doesn’t matter what service you want to buy, be it YouTube subscribers, likes, views, comments, etc. the site will directly provide you with the services and doesn’t act as a middleman. This means that the price of the services is quite low compared to other service providers.

It claims to be one of the best places to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers. The price for normal YouTube views is $2 for every 1k views. You have to order at least 500 views. There are other packages with different specifications, depending on the speed of delivery or targeted stats, etc. Similarly, if you want to buy YouTube likes the price starts at $10.5 for 1k likes. Subscribers cost $39 Subpalsfor every 1k subs.


If you quickly want to make your channel monetizable and you have around a few hundred bucks then you can visit audiencegain.net. This site works with social media users who want to make social media platforms a way via which they can earn some cash. The site will help build campaigns for your channel so that you hit and breakthrough all the metrics required to monetize your videos on YouTube.

The site will help you gain the required number of subscribers and 4000 watch hours. It promises that you can also buy real YouTube likes directly. For $190 you can get 500 real subscribers. It also promises that you can buy real YouTube views as well. For $39 you get over 1k views.


Appsally wants to ensure clients that the services it showcases on the site come from the best marketers. Many hyper-growth companies have been using these marketers for their advantage and now you can use them too. You will find all kinds of services for most social media platforms.

You can also get search engine optimization services, business listings-related services, website services, apps reviews, downloads, etc. If you want to buy YouTube subscribers the price starts at $18 for 67 subscribers. To buy YouTube views the minimum budget has to be over $25 which can get you 1k views. You can also buy YouTube likes and subscription packages for a month.


The next site on the list of best sites to buy YouTube likes, views and subscribers is instafollowers.co. Since Instafollowers is a site that is offering services for all the various social media platforms you can easily use this site as your main store for all the social media platforms’ needs. You can buy different kinds of vanity metrics for any of the popular social media platforms from Instafollowers.

The site also has a live support option. You can buy YouTube subscribers on this site. If you want to buy real YouTube subscribers the price is $1.25 for 10 subs. If you want to buy real YouTube views then the price is $0.69 for 100 views. To buy YouTube likes you have to pay $0.95 for 10 high-quality and real likes.


MediaMister is a site that claims that it is one of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and views. It has services for social media platforms that are popular all over the world. The packages that it sells for the services are flexible and you can choose to add the targeting feature to buy targeted stats.

The price of the site is reasonable and you can buy different kinds of social media services for various social channels from this site. There are services for YouTube. So, you can buy YouTube, views, likes, and subscribers without any problem.

YouTube Market

YouTube Market is a marketplace for selling services for aspiring YouTubers. It sells the three popular services for YouTube. You can buy YouTube likes from the site, you can buy YouTube subscribers here and you can buy YouTube views too. The company claims that it is one of the best sites to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers.

If you want top-quality YouTube services the site promises that you will get them here. For 1k views, you have to pay $4.99. So, you can buy YouTube views. For the same price, you get 100 subs. So, you can buy cheap YouTube subscribers. For likes, the rates start at $1.99 for 50 likes.


OnlineMusicPromotion.net is a site that wants to help singers, musicians, and other people involved with the music industry to promote their music on social media platforms. The site says that it loves promoting for its clients and says that all the services are top-tier since clients only want the best for their price. Currently, when you go to the site you will see services for YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

The site says that you will just have to bring your music on the platform and the site can help you gain audiences. You can buy YouTube views starting at $5 for 1k views. For the same price, you can buy YouTube likes. You will get 50 likes.


Venium has its hand in every piece of the puzzle of social media marketing. They offer a 25% discount on each of the plans. YouTube plans like this are ideal for empowering your business. Half a million customers and 10 years of experience give the buyers from Venium extra support.

They have an expert team monitoring the growth. These experts make sure that only accounts get only real people as users buy youtube subscribers. The lifetime guarantee makes the clients feel safe as they know that the popularity that they gain will not drop. 

With their premium networks and partnerships, they are constantly helping new creators excel in their niche. Subscriber plans starting at $8.99 prove that they want every person to avail of their facility and get to the top of the trending page.


Next on the list, we have the YTFame, another website that only deals in YouTube services. The YouTube market has proven to be an effective website for thousands of influencers and hence is included on this list.

The quality of their service is top-notch and so is their customer care. On top of that, the prices aren’t too expensive, which makes the whole thing even better. Their prices range from $5.5 to $195 for up to 50,000 views, which is a fair deal in our opinion. If you haven’t read them yet, you should check them out immediately.


Live promotion plans on InstantFamous are really unique. Organic promotion at 74.99 euros is a great deal for organic views. This is the perfect push that your videos need as you buy youtube views. InstantFamous has multiple benefits with each plan. 

They have a no-bot policy with a complete refill guarantee for each plan. If you are spending money, you are not going to miss out on the YouTube engagement. Now instantly go viral with all these plans.

With hundreds to thousands in engagement, creators can keep growing on YouTube. InstaFamous acts as support facilitating their process. They make the growth really fast which makes spending every penny worth it.


SMM point is yet another great website to buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers from. They also have great SMM panels and services related to other major social media platforms. Smmpoint is one of the fastest in the industry as they can and have delivered within a couple of hours of delivery. Since they are so quick, a lot of people have trusted them to get their channels on top of their particular niche.

Also, talking about security, SMM point is one of the most secure websites in the market as they understand how much you value your money and hence dont scam like a lot of other websites on the internet. Speaking of quality, the quality of views and subscribers that you get is nice, as they guarantee only giving you 100% genuine subscribers and views.

On top of that smmpoint is also pretty cheap and has a lot of different payment options available. Speaking of packages, there is no limit to how many YouTube views you can buy, you just have to get in touch with them to get a price. Once that’s done you’re ready to go. It is really simple and effective to get YouTube engagement from smmpoint.


Sonuker is one of the websites that genuinely cares about client satisfaction and hence comes up with the best deals and the best quality for its clientele. Speaking of social media services, sonuker has services regarding every major social media platform out there but keeping today’s topic in mind, they are one of the best when it comes to YouTube services.

If you are looking to buy 100% genuine YouTube subscribers, YouTube views, and likes, then sonuker can be of great help. On top of being effective and high-quality, sonuker is also great at providing high-quality customer care service, which is one of the best things about this website. They keep you updated with your order until its delivered and also offer aftermarket consultations.

Apart from being a great website in general, sonuker is also one of the best when it comes to delivering on time. Their delivery speeds are one of the best in the industry, which is what has gathered thousands of satisfied clients. They offer youtube views in the range of $20 to $600 for upto 100,000 likes which is a great deal. If you haven’t tried sonuker yet, then we highly recommend doing so, if you are trying to get your YouTube channel to the top.


Get to buy non-drop youtube views and subscribers at BuySocialPack. They offer singular and combo packages for engagement on YouTube. From custom comments to SEO-based shares, everything is available here. 

You can even get the 4000 watch hours you need for YouTube monetization. This comes with basic engagement, such as likes and views. The plans start from just $1 and the best part about all the packages is the combo of likes and comments. It gives positive traffic to the video and pushes the video upward. 

As these views are all non-drop views, there is no chance of losing out on engagement. You will definitely get everything that you order if not more. So, brace yourselves and order quickly getting instant fame in hours.


SocialFansGeek wants to give its clients guaranteed social media services that can help them grow on different platforms. It claims to be the number one platform for social media services that many brands, musicians, and digital creators have used. The site is confident that using the services on this site you will be able to reach out to your customers and get yourself or your brand more exposure. With a higher number of likes, views, subscribers, etc. you will gain some credibility and make your brand recognizable.

If you want to buy YouTube views that have high retention and can help with ranking then the price is quite high. If you have a high budget then you can use this site. The same goes for the other services.


SocialBoss has many services on its site that can be used for gaining more stats on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Twitch, TikTok, Pinterest, SoundCloud, etc. Thus, many social networking sites are supported by the company. The company offers YouTube promotion for clients looking to increase their engagement metrics on that platform.

The packages for the service to buy YouTube subscribers start at $9.99 for 50 subscribers. You can also buy packages for YouTube views. For $4.49 you will get 500 views. You can buy YouTube likes as well. For $3.99 you can get 20 likes.


The next site on our list of best places to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers is SocialPRBoss. This site is known for social media marketing services it sells for TikTok. It even uses a logo similar to TikTok for its brand. So, if you are looking to become a TikToker and earn money on TikTok then you can use these social media promotion services for TikTok.

You can also use YouTube services. These services can be bought to boost different engagement metrics on YouTube. The prices are quite low on this site. You can buy cheap YouTube views starting from $1.49 for 1k views. You can buy cheap YouTube likes as well. For $6.79 you will get 100 likes. If you want to buy cheap YouTube subscribers the price is $9.99 for 100 subs.


SidesMedia has a huge network and it utilizes the power of this network to offer services to promote oneself on social media platforms. This site supports many social media platforms. There are services for YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc. You can buy YouTube services to boost your credibility on YouTube.

The site says that in just a few clicks you will be able to buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and views. You can buy YouTube views starting from $17 for 2k views. For $29 you can buy 100 subscribers. The site says that you can buy real YouTube subscribers here. You will get 250 likes for $30.


Another site that only sells YouTube views, likes, and subscribers are Stormviews. The site claims that anyone can trust it to buy services for YouTube. All the stats will be completely real. So, you can buy real YouTube subscribers, likes, and views. To buy real YouTube likes the price starts at $4.99 for 50 likes.

To buy real YouTube views the price starts at $3.99 for 500 views. If you want to buy real YouTube subscribers the price is $7.95 for 50 subscribers. The delivery will start within a day. The delivery rate will mimic organic growth. You also get 24/7 customer support from the company.


Viewsta wants to help social media users boost their online presence so that they can reap the benefits of social media popularity. All the services it sells are fully automated.

This means that when you purchase a service it gets automatically triggered for delivery. All the stats that the site offers, claims are completely risk-free and safe for your channel. From the first day itself, you will start to see an increase in the various metrics you paid for. You can use the sliders provided on the site to select the number of views, likes, and subscribers that you want to buy.


Buzzvoice wants to help you get some buzz going around your social media profile. It offers different services that you can use to increase the number of likes, views, followers, etc. on different social channels. In a matter of minutes, you will be able to start gaining a bunch of views, likes, subscribers, etc. that you purchased from the site.

Currently, Buzzvoice offers services for YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. For $8.97 you can buy 1000 views for YouTube. If you want to buy YouTube likes the price is $2.97 for 50 likes. The company promises that the services are of top-quality and provide you with good results.


This is another site where you have the option to gain YouTube subscribers for free. It also acts as a sort of exchange platform where the client can like 20 videos and subscribe to some channels on YouTube. Once they do this they will gain 10 subscribers. The plan resets every 12 hours. So, technically you can do it twice every day.

Of course, if you are not interested in the exchange program and would rather like to directly receive subscribers then the plan starts at $20 per month in which you get 15 to 20 subscribers every day without having to like any video or subscribe to a channel. You can stop this plan whenever you want.


Next on the list, we have another popular social media marketing tool, giant likes. Giantlikes is a website that sticks to its word and keeps the client before anything else. They make sure you dont get any phony accounts or bots on your channel because they are derogatory to the health of your YouTube channel. Plus they also make sure that you get what you paid for and there aren’t any deviations from the order.

Speaking of which, they also ensure that the order gets delivered as quickly as possible because the timing has a very important role to play in the social media business. On top of decent quality services and speedy delivery, giant likes also offer pretty affordable deals on their packages. Speaking of which you can buy as many YouTube views that you want and you have to get a quotation for it. This deliberation may take some time but everything else is pretty speedy. Their packages range from $17 to $1500 for up to 250,000 subscribers, which is a fair deal in our opinion.

Overall, giant like is a great place to buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers from.


BuyMoreFans knows that the internet generally works in a certain way. If some people are interested in a thing then more people will also likely be curious about why that thing is garnering so much attention. Thus, if you have social proof and credibility on social media then you can attract new audiences to your profile.

If you are from Australia and want to buy YouTube views targeted at the Australian crowd then you can buy them here. For $20 you will be able to buy 5000 YouTube views from this site. You can also buy YouTube subscribers from Australia starting at $19 for 500 subscribers.


Many aspiring YouTubers want to know how to increase views on YouTube and want to be able to do YouTube marketing and promotion the right way. TinkApp is a site that claims to do the right kind of marketing and promotion for YouTube. It only focuses on YouTube services. Thus, you can buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and views from this site.

There are also blogs to keep you informed on how to get views on YouTube or boost your channel by knowing how to increase subscribers on YouTube. You can buy YouTube likes here. It’s not the cheapest but you can buy 20 likes for $5.5. The cost to buy YouTube subscribers starts at $14 for 50 subs. You can also buy YouTube views. The cost of 1k views is $9.50.


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Buyers have total control of their accounts and only real people engage in the videos. This never compromises the versatile nature of the content. Many payment plans are available so that people around the world get to try out these marketing services. The support team has come up with a refund policy so that people not getting what they order can ask for money back.


As the name suggests, boost storm is a multidisciplinary website that caters to the needs of all the influencers on major social media platforms. Booststorm has been in the market for quite a while and has enough experience to help you out.

They will charge you anywhere between $8 to $289 for upto 100,000 youtube views, which is a bang for the buck compared to the other websites on this list. So, if you need to boost your YouTube channel with genuine subscribers, then boost storm is the place to go.


If you want to get your followers up then the penultimate option on this list of best sites to buy YouTube likes, subscribers and views is FollowersUp. It says that the services it sells can help people boost their social media profiles quickly but safely. These services will supplement the effectiveness of your existing social media and promotional strategy.

The site gives a lifetime warranty on its services to buy YouTube views. For $6 you can buy 500 YouTube views. For $8 you will get 50 subscribers. The warranty for this is 1 month. If you want to buy YouTube likes the price is $4 for 50 likes. The warranty provided is 30 days.

Is it illegal to buy views on YouTube?

No, paid promotion is not illegal. Top brands, businesses, and influencers do pay promotion on social media platforms. When you buy likes it can be considered as a paid promotion. But what the social media platforms generally despise is third-party companies or software messing up with their platform. So, they have some rules against it.

Computer-generated bot accounts are deleted regularly and you will lose your likes, views, or subscribers if those accounts get deleted. Also, click farms do fall under unethical behavior and can be punishable. So, choosing a good site to buy real YouTube views is very important.

How to buy youtube views?

To buy YouTube views you have to find a nice site that sells the service you want. A good service provider will have good customer support and the services will be of nice quality. Also, you should be able to see all the important terms and conditions easily. Try avoiding sites that try to hide important details in the fine print.

Once a site has been chosen you can choose the platform, which in your case is YouTube, and click on the service, which in this case is to buy YouTube views. Now, choose a package based on the number of stats you want and then enter the required information. To buy YouTube views you have to provide a link to your video. After you have done the needful, choose a payment method to purchase the service. That's it. The site will then deliver the stats to you.

Where can I buy legit YouTube views?

If you want to buy legit YouTube views then you can take a look at our list of the best places to buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and views. All the sites on the list claim to see good-quality and legit YouTube views that will not harm your channel. But you can always test out the services to be sure.

Buy a few subscribers or views and see how well they are performing for your strategy. Bots and Fake followers can be a general problem in this field. But they will most likely not harm your account if you don't buy millions or hundreds of thousands of views. Just buy enough to help your strategy out but not too much.

Can YouTube detect fake views?

Yes, in a way, it can. If your videos suddenly get a surge of views while other videos have a relatively lesser view count and your channel has a low subscriber count then it can be flagged and the person working at YouTube might check the video for spammy behavior. This is why a lot of the sites on our list promise that they will try to deliver the views with a speed that feels more natural and doesn't seem spammy.

Also, even if YouTube couldn't detect that your video has received views from bot accounts when it later deletes the bot accounts while doing a regular sweep of the platform the accounts from which you have gotten the views might be deleted and thus, you will lose the views you paid for.

How can I get free YouTube views?

You can get free YouTube views in a couple of ways. The obvious way is to work hard and follow the tips we mentioned and gain views, likes, and subscribers organically. The other way to gain free YouTube views is to do it via websites that let you try out their services. You can get 10 to 20 views or more just by providing your email id.

But these are generally for one-time usage. If you use an exchange platform like a couple of websites we mentioned on the list then you can like videos and subscribe to channels that the site mentions and in return you can get views, likes, or subscribers.

How many subscribers do I need to make money on YouTube?

You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in a year to be eligible for the YouTube partnership program. This program allows you to monetize your videos where YouTube will play ads on it and you can make money from it according to the views.

So, if you receive a lot of views and the CPM is good you may make some decent money but to get started you need to hit those numbers we mentioned before. So, it doesn't depend on how many subscribers you have at the moment. If you have gained over a thousand subs in a year that's the limit to hit or break.

How can I Track my Views?

When you buy YouTube views from a site it will generally send you an email or provide a notification with the estimated delivery date. Many of the sites that we have mentioned on the list provide a dashboard that can help with tracking your order.

This way you can easily track your views and if you need more information you can reach out to customer service about it.

Does Buying YouTube Views Really Work?

It depends on how you use the strategy. We have listed the pros and cons of the method below. Go through them to understand the benefits of this strategy along with the various pitfalls involved in it. Also, the best way to try it out is to buy smaller quantities and invest only some amount and see if it is making any difference in the promotion.

You have to remember that you will not get views from these accounts again because they just did it. After all, you paid for it. So, it's just a vanity metric. Can you use it to boost your promotion game? If you see you can then go for it. But you should also have other tools and methods of promotion.

Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

As long as you are getting good quality subscribers it is okay to buy subscribers. But you cannot depend on it because these subscribers will not engage with your videos. Fake accounts and bot accounts are deleted by YouTube regularly so you may lose the subscribers you paid for.

YouTube generally won't go after channels with fake subscribers unless you are buying a huge number of fake subscribers and then your channel may be flagged. But that hasn't happened that often. As long as you are careful in choosing the site that provides this service you will generally be safe. So, take your time and find the right site to buy YouTube subscribers.

Do I need to share my YouTube account access?

Best sites to buy youtube subscribers do not need access to the YouTube account for sharing plans. This means only the YouTube URL is enough to send out the plans. Buyers do not need to share the passwords with the websites.

This keeps the account access with the creator itself and there is no risk of safety issues with the YouTube plans. If any website asks for access, it is best to avoid the website just for personal safety and to keep the videos away from other’s hands.

Are YouTube plans perfect for getting the channel monetized?

YouTube channels get monetized only after certain conditions are met. There need to be 1000 subscribers for the channel with 4000 watch hours from the viewers of the videos. These are the basic requirements for starting with the monetization plan. If a creator can meet these requirements, then they can get their channels monetized. 

All these YouTube plans like the option to buy youtube views are special because marketing at this level will be beneficial for the channel. It helps push the popularity of the videos to higher limits with the chances of getting ample viewers for every new video getting posted.

Spoiler title

The best sites to buy youtube views, likes and subscribers are those that offer the fastest growth without compromising the quality of the viewers. Many people who are working on growing their YouTube channel need to think about the right place to buy plans so that their channel is safe.  

The websites that live up to the claims of sending organic subscribers and live up to their claims are the best websites to choose for the services. These places offer the perfect level of traffic that the YouTube channels deserve.

How to get more views, likes, and subscribers on YouTube?

Any kind of promotion requires effort. You need to give it your all and have a thorough understanding of the various steps involved to be able to effectively gain a lot of exposure. YouTube is a platform that attracts millions of users daily.

People spend thousands of hours on this site every year. Anyone who can gain a good number of subscribers on the site can sort of consider them a broadcaster of entertainment and earn good money from it. But due to the perks of being popular on YouTube, it has become quite hard to gain a lot of views on the platform. So, it can be quite difficult to grow and become a popular YouTuber.

But it is not impossible. Here we have listed a few tips that can help you gain a lot of views on YouTube. This can help you if you have been wondering how to get views on YouTube. All these steps are geared towards helping you understand how to increase YouTube views. So, let’s get started.

  • You Should Create a Plan

This is the first step to approach anything when you want to increase your chances of success. A good strategy and a plan of action can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. So, this is the first thing you should be focusing on. Set some goals.

Goals for the long-term, which you want to achieve in 3 to 4 years, goals for mid-term 6 months to a year, and goals for short-term, which you want to achieve in a month or so. Your short-term goals will change more frequently and most of your strategy will be based on how to achieve this goal and the midterm goal. Keep your strategy detailed. Write the steps for the workflow you will follow and the strategies you want to use to promote yourself on YouTube and other platforms.

Keep the strategies flexible as you need to improve them as you gain more experience. Having a feedback loop and a set of performance metrics that lets you know about your performance can be quite important in making the strategy more effective and not wasting time and effort on stuff that is not working. This tip is very important for people looking to know how to get views on YouTube.

  • You Need to Pick a Niche

Are you wondering how to increase YouTube views? Next important thing is to choose a Niche. You need to know whom are you going to make the content for. Who is your target audience? Choosing a specific niche can help you narrow down the answers to these questions. If you are creating videos for a niche then you have more chances of getting noticed.

People who are interested in that type of content are always looking for new stuff to check out because their favorite YouTubers may not upload daily. This means that they will have to look for other content creators to supply them with similar videos. So, if you can satisfy their hunger for more content then you will start gaining consistent views since now you will have a regular audience.

You may not receive millions of views and likes because you are just starting and you are creating stuff for a niche but it will help you to build an audience. Once you start getting similar likes and views on your videos you can slowly expand your niche which will help you attract more people and this is how you can get views on YouTube.

  • You Need to Upload More Frequently

As we mentioned in the previous tip, people are always in search of new content. You might have experienced this as well. Let’s say you have two to three favorite YouTube channels that you watch regularly. But you have already watched all their content and nothing will come out from their channel today or in a couple of days. So, if you still want to watch similar content you start browsing YouTube for it. This way you find another YouTuber who does make videos in the niche you like.

This is what most YouTube users go through. The more content you supply them the happier they are. They want to keep watching more and more entertaining content. This means you have to create and upload new videos very often. If you can’t upload daily then at least do it three times a week.

Maybe you can come up with easy-to-make but entertaining filler content for the remaining days. A lot of YouTubers do this to keep their fans engaged with their channel every day.

  • You Should Only Create Quality Videos

Creating and uploading more videos doesn’t mean that you will start posting anything without caring about the quality. Just because people are looking for more content doesn’t mean that they are looking for trash videos. They want to get entertained and if they see that you make bad videos then they will just pigeonhole you in a category of channels that they will ignore.

So, even if your videos come on their feed they will just ignore it because they don’t want to be bored. This makes uploading daily or more frequently a challenge. You need to set up an efficient and effective workflow that can help you brainstorm ideas and choose good topics for making videos on.

Then you should use good equipment to film the video and good software to edit it. Don’t spend too much on the tools and equipment. Just pay enough to get decent quality. Also, ensure that the video is entertaining and is something that you would like to watch. You can copy trends and popular formats but put your spin on it to make it sort of akin to your channel.

  • You Should Link Your Other Videos At the End of Your Video

Another way to keep the audience engaged with your videos is to let them know that you have more videos. One way to do it will be to link it at the end of the video. YouTube allows YouTubers to provide links to their videos on the end screen. So, you can link similar videos at the end.

Let’s say you made a video about reviewing a TV series then link other videos that you have made regarding this type of content. Link one other type of video that you make as well just to give something to the viewers who want to watch a new type of video. Here’s what generally happens.

When a person finds a video they like from a new YouTube channel, they hope that the channel makes more such videos. They will most likely click on your linked videos if they are highly entertained by your content. You must have experienced this yourself while browsing YouTube. And, you can even keep a section at the end where you tell your viewers to watch this or that video by you if they like this type or that type of content.

  • You Should Learn Video Metadata Optimization

Optimizing your YouTube video is something that you need to learn to get better at promoting your video and getting more exposure on YouTube. There are a few ways to do it. When you are done editing your video and are ready to upload it to YouTube then you can just rename the name of the file to contain a target keyword.

Yes, this often helps. When YouTube parses your file it is not actually in a video format. It is in some code form. The name of the video file will give it some idea as to what kind of video you are uploading. Your video title should contain a keyword. This helps rank your video for search results for that particular keyword. Another place to optimize your video is the video description.

You can add specific keywords and other important stuff in the first 100 characters of the video description. These will show up below the video and will provide viewers with important things that they need to know about your video. Remember to categorize your video and add popular tags to the video. This can help give more exposure to your video. If you optimize the metadata of your video to contain popular titles or keywords then your videos will show up in the recommended videos list which is what you want if you want to attract more people to your videos.

  • You Should Interact With Your Viewers

Your viewers will be the main factor behind your growth on YouTube. The more viewers you gain and retain the more stable your growth will be. If people are just watching your video once in a while but aren’t subscribing or giving you consistent views then it can be quite hard to grow. You will have to let your audience know that you appreciate their support and tell them to like and subscribe if they enjoy your videos.

You can dedicate a single video every week or a section at the end of each video where you go through the comment section or browse Twitter or Instagram or other platforms to respond to your audience. Since people will see that you are checking out some of the comments and tweets then they will be willing to come back to your video more often and are more likely to comment on the video or tweet at you or reach out to you on other social media platforms.

  • You Should Promote On Different Platforms

Using YouTube to promote is great and should be the first thing you look into. But remember that there are other social media platforms as well which have millions of daily users. These people also watch YouTube. So, if they like something on this platform and see that they can find more of it on YouTube then they might check your videos on YouTube. Now, don’t just ask people to subscribe to your channel or watch your videos on YouTube without giving them a reason to. You can pick out entertaining snippets from your YouTube video and upload them as shorts or reels or TikToks on other platforms.

These short snippets have the potential to get you viral because people like sharing short videos. So, if you made a funny joke or a funny reaction then you can always cut that section and upload it to other places. There are various meme pages and channels and accounts that take submissions and you can use these to promote your stuff as well.

  • You Should Collaborate With Other YouTubers

Collaborations are welcomed by YouTube users. If their favorite YouTubers are collaborating then it can be quite entertaining. Even if a YouTuber is collaborating with someone that their audience doesn’t know about then it can be good for the collaborator since they will get exposed to newer audiences and the audiences will know of a new channel that they can watch if they like the personality of the collaborator.

But of course, you have to bring your best game since you don’t want to turn off the audience. You can hit up other YouTubers for collaborations. Try asking someone who shares similar interests and has a very similar subscriber count i.e. they are at a similar level as you or slightly above. Many YouTubers are always happy to collaborate with smaller YouTubers if they have good content and are entertaining because it gives them free content on their channel by just collaborating with someone. The content is also sort of different and thus, people are generally welcoming to the idea.

Do not harass them and be polite. It’s expected if they don’t reply or decline. They must receive so many of these requests and they can’t accept every request. Don’t be disappointed. Try reaching out to other YouTubers who are in the same niche as you can make nice content together.

  • You Should Host Contests and Giveaways

The last tip on how to increase views on YouTube can be used as a sort of gimmick to gain more exposure but you can also use this to sort of strengthen the bond with your audience. If you want to know how to increase subscribers on YouTube then you also need to know how to keep your current subscribers. Hosting nice giveaways and contests can give your channel good attention. You can host contests if your channel is about some sort of skill. Let’s say you teach how to sketch or review paintings then you can host contests for sketches and paintings. If your channel is about music then you can host contests and ask for submissions from your audiences.

Make the criteria to enter the contest as liking a video and subscribing to the channel and then sending the submission. Ensure that the contest is entertaining. When you make a video reviewing the submissions treat it as another piece of entertaining content. Giveaways are more simple. Just let people know what they can win and ask them to like the video and subscribe to the channel and then comment on a certain phrase. Keep the prize entertaining or useful or practical and ensure that it is generally in line with your channel.

So, these were some of the ways you can get views on YouTube. We hope you found them useful. These aren’t going to make you famous the next day. But it is going to help you create a stable base and then grow on it so that you can not only become a successful YouTuber but also stay at that level for a long time.

Your content matters a lot and if you are looking for how to increase views on YouTube then one of the ways to do it is to make your videos good. The tips we mentioned can help you gain more exposure if you can adapt them to your strategy. These tips are flexible and can fit accordingly. Hopefully, you found some things that answered your query on how to increase YouTube views.

How to earn money from youtube views?

Now that you have learned about how to get views on YouTube, let’s look at some of the ways that YouTubers are earning money from the platform. One of the main reasons why so many people are looking to become famous on YouTube and searching for how to increase YouTube views is because you can earn a good amount of money from it.

You just need a few hundred thousand audiences to make it a side income or even full-time if you get sponsors and stuff. In this section, we go through the different streams of income that YouTubers have. Knowing about these can help you make certain decisions and make adjustments in your strategy to not only include stuff about how to increase subscribers on YouTube but also involve steps that can help in paving a way to start earning money from YouTube.

  • Earn Money From Ads

Alright, you all already know about this and the reason you are looking for how to increase YouTube views is that you want to earn more money from YouTube ads. This is probably one of the first streams of income that you may have via YouTube. But you cannot monetize your channel and videos from day one.

You have to build your channel and get around a thousand subscribers and gain around 4000 watch hours or more within a year so that you become eligible for the YouTube partnership program.

The process of setting up the monetization for your channel is very easy and you can even select the preference for your monetization but to get there, as we said, you need to hit some metrics organically. Some sites can help you gain these metrics but it’s better to just use them as promotion tactics to gain organic views to cross the parameters set by YouTube for you to monetize your videos. Depending on your popularity and content you will get different CPM.

  • Sponsors

The next way a lot of YouTubers start earning money on YouTube is by getting sponsors. Sponsors are brands or businesses or even individuals who pay you for promoting them or their products on a video. Almost all the top YouTubers get sponsors for their videos but you don’t necessarily need millions of followers to get sponsors. You need a stable subscriber base and consistent engagement on your videos. There are many smaller channels with 100k subscribers and around 100k views on their videos that have got sponsors for the videos.

That’s why it is very important to build an organic audience that engages with your content. To get sponsors there are a few ways. If the company has seen you and likes your content and wants you to promote their brand then they will reach out to you. Another way is to join an influencer management company where brands search for influencers to promote their products.

You can also email brands that you feel will be good to have as a sponsor and if they feel that it would be a good deal then they might sponsor you as well. It all depends on what your content is about and how many people are engaging with it constantly because brands want to sell their products and if your audience likes you and trusts you then they will be more likely to buy it. 

  • Merchandise

One thing that you have to understand is that when you become popular on the internet on any social media platform it means that you have become a brand yourself. If you have gained a loyal following then if you sell something to your audience many of them will most likely buy it.

This is why YouTubers start coming out with their merchandise. You can buy clothing items, pieces of jewelry, specific gadgets, etc. that have been branded by the YouTuber. So, once you feel that you have reached a nice subscriber base and you are raking inconsistent views and people are willing to buy stuff from you then you can start thinking about quality merchandise that you can sell to your audience.

When you start getting more comments regarding merch that’s when you know you can invest in that venture. Selling your merchandise can give you autonomy because you don’t have to depend on other corporations to pay you but rather you have to trust your audience base which you have built over some time. So, this is one of the reasons why people look for how to increase subscribers on YouTube.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another popular way to gain some money based on your popularity. In affiliate marketing, you have to put the links to certain products that you use. When people use this link to buy that product then you get paid a small amount of the profit as a commission. A lot of YouTubers do affiliate marketing.

If you follow a chef or a YouTuber who makes cooking videos then they will often say that you can buy the utensils and the tools or the appliances they use via the links given in the description. This is a nice way to support your favorite creators because you are getting a product you are interested in and will use.

Do not promote or put links to products you don’t have an idea about or have never used. If for some reason the product turns out to be of poor quality then your reputation will be hurt and it can be harder to bring the audience on your side. So, provide links to products you have used and do believe in and let your audience know clearly that if they use your links then they will be supporting the channel.

  • Crowdfunding and YouTube Join Button

Crowdfunding has been around even before social media platforms were a thing. Many celebrities and companies have done this. They generate hype for their next project and reach out to their audiences and fans to help them complete the project that they are working on. Many YouTubers want to create really good content for their audience that is more creative and more massive.

Another way to earn money from your subscribers directly is by donating to you regularly for making content for them. If you have been browsing YouTube for some time then you must have seen that YouTube added the join button.

If a subscriber also clicks the join button then they will be paying the YouTuber a set amount every month. To generate income via this method you have to urge your subscribers to join your channel. Of course, you have to give them a reason to do so. You have to give them some perks. Some behind-the-scenes footage, early access to content, or special live sessions, and stuff can help make the audiences feel special who have clicked the join button.

Pros & Cons of Buying YouTube Views, Subscribers & Likes

Social media marketing services have been around for many years. These services have been used by thousands of social media users to gain more engagement metrics. But is this strategy really useful? Well, it all depends on how you use it. Like most tools, the services to buy YouTube views, subscribers and likes have their set of benefits and limitations.

While there are many reasons as to why a lot of people are still using this service there are a few reasons which have led a lot of people to stay away from it and have given the social media marketing services industry a bad name. In this section, we have listed down some of the pros and cons of this method. So, if you have been wanting to invest in services to buy YouTube subscribers, likes and views then we suggest you take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of said service.


Let’s start with the benefits of investing in this strategy. As we mentioned there are some positive points related to this service which is why many people gravitate towards it. So, let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • Doesn’t Take Too Much Time to See Results

Alright, let’s begin with one of the most popular reasons why these services are being used by many social media users. People like to see quick results. Of course, stable growth does take time but if you want to receive a quick boost or something then this method can help. Most of the sites mention the delivery speed of the services they sell.

You can connect with the customer support of these companies to get an ETA on the delivery of the likes, views, or subscribers you bought. Many sites will start the delivery processes within a matter of minutes and you may get the full stats delivered in a few minutes to a few hours depending on how many stats you bought.

  • Very Easy to Learn and Use

People like convenience. They generally stay away from strategies and tools that can take some time to understand and have a learning curve involved. The social media industry understands this which is why everything has been simplified to just a few clicks. This has made this tool one of the easiest tools to use. Even if a person has never used the services to buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers, they can get started in just a few minutes.

There are very few steps involved and it feels like online shopping. Most sites will often detail out the steps that you need to follow to get YouTube views, likes, or subscribers. You can easily understand them and in just a few minutes you will see that the views or likes or subscribers you bought are getting reflected on your YouTube video/channel.

  • Doesn’t Cost a Lot

If you invest in a company to help you with social media marketing and management then it will probably cost a lot. However, there are many tools and strategies out there that individuals can use themselves at a much lower price. The services to buy YouTube likes, views and subscribers is one such method. It doesn’t cost a lot to see some results.

You can often spend less than 10 bucks and get hundreds of likes, views, and subscribers. Since many people who want to grow on social media want high-quality vanity metrics, if they can get it at a cheaper rate they are going to try it. If you have gone through our list of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, likes and views then you have seen that the rates of the services are pretty low.

  • Lots of Options

You don’t just have one option to choose from. The social media marketing industry became quite popular once people realized the true potential of social media platforms. Many companies and sites started providing various strategies and tools to boost one’s credibility on social media.

They knew that lots of people are desperate to grow on social media platforms and they are looking for services to do so. This is why you will find that there are so many sites that provide these services. If you don’t like the one you can always choose to buy YouTube subscribers from a different site. Also, depending on your budget and what kind of strategy you want to adopt you can find various options.

  • Engagement Metrics Do Matter

People often say that numbers don’t matter. You need stable growth to reap the benefits of social media fame. While that is true you can’t completely disregard the psychology of numbers. If a post has a lot of likes then there’s more chance that another person will like it as well as opposed to a post that has fewer likes.

It is sort of a herd mentality that we often see on social media. Numbers give credibility, credibility attracts people who engage with the content which gives the creator more credibility. This snowball effect is one of the main benefits that is being quoted by the social media service providers. If you feel that your videos are good but several views could do the trick of attracting more people then you can buy YouTube views from these sites to test them out.


Well, let’s now look at some of the cons of using the services to get YouTube subscribers, likes, and views. As we mentioned before there are some disadvantages of using this method which is why many people try to stay away from this strategy.

Since we want to be transparent and give you the full scoop we have tried to list out some of the common flaws of using social media marketing services.

  • Many Sites Are Just Scammers

Yes! That’s the truth of the social media industry. It is true for most industries but since companies know that they can easily make a few bucks at the expense of social media users who are desperately trying to gain some attention. These sites promise a lot of things to attract people to buy services from them. The rates of the services will be quite low as well.

People will be tempted and they will pay for the service. Once they do then the site may not complete the order or may complete it partially. You generally don’t get any responses from customer support or even have any communication channel to voice your issue. 

  • Bots and Fake Followers

Another problem that this industry is ridden with is delivering stats from computer-generated accounts often called bots or bot accounts. Many sites have a network of social media users who are given some reward or incentive in case they like or view a video or subscribe to a channel. But it is often easier for companies to have software that generates accounts and delivers all the stats through these accounts. This is a big problem because people can easily tell that the followers are fake.

Not only that, social media platforms do not like these fake accounts and thus, they often clean their platforms and remove these accounts. This will result in you losing the followers you paid for. Though sites do provide refill guarantees you will still experience drops once the refill period ends.

  • No Future Engagement From The Bought Subscribers

Another big downside of this method is that the numbers are just that, “numbers”. The subscribers that you buy don’t represent your actual audience because these subscribers won’t interact with your videos or like your content. It can often give one a false sense that they have become popular on YouTube but it is not so.

Also, a lot of the views that you buy don’t provide any sort of watch time. This can cause another problem since YouTube might think that people are clicking off of your video because it is not good enough. Try to discuss these points with the customer support team of the site you are going to buy the services from. If you feel that you can somehow use the engagement metrics and the numbers to better your promotion game then you can try it out.

  • Bad Online Reputation

You probably know this con already. People don‘t take lightly to influencers or companies that buy engagement metrics as their promotion tactics. Thus, this method has got a bad reputation online. If you buy YouTube views, likes, or subscribers and it turns out that you have been paying for this then it can damage your online reputation. We have seen this happen a few times with different companies and Influencers so it is a good idea to keep this in mind if you do decide to go ahead with this strategy.

Do not buy too many stats and try to maintain some form of consistency among your videos. This can sort of give the illusion that you are raking in, consistent views. Also, if your views drop or subscribers drop and people notice it then they can say that you had bought stats.

So, these were a few of the pros and cons linked to social media marketing services. We have tried to present both sides of the argument. Go through these yourself and research more if you feel you aren’t ready to jump into services to buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and views.

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So, that’s the end of our post on the best sites to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers. We have also answered some frequently asked questions and provided a couple of guides for better growth.

We recommend that you focus highly on creating good and entertaining content because that’s the biggest reason why anyone will want to keep watching you and subscribe to your channel. Hope you find a nice site to buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers and boost the stats on your videos. All the best and we hope you achieve the YouTube fame you are looking for.

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