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37 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views, Likes & Subscribers (2021)

YouTube is arguably one of the most popular and influential of all the social media platforms that exist. It is the 2nd most used search engine after Google. Millions of people use the platform daily. Being a YouTuber is a lucrative career choice. You get fame and can earn a decent living. But it is not easy as the competition is high. This is why many people search for the best sites to buy YouTube views. If you feel that your promotional strategy can use some boost then some of the tools that you can use is to buy YouTube views or buy YouTube subscribers.

These services can help you boost the subscriber count on your channel and like and view count on your videos. This can gain you some credibility which can help you attract more viewers. So, if you feel that your content is entertaining and giving your promotional strategy a boost can help you out then these sites have the required tools.

So, with a little boost from the best YouTube views providers, you can easily boost your Youtube cred Don’t worry even in this content-saturated era you can get ahead with a little bit of help.

Without further adieu let’s see which are some of the best sites to buy YouTube views:

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views, Likes & Subscribers:

Recommended Sites Ratings Customer Reviews Price for 10,000 YouTube Views Price for 1000 YouTube Subscribers
#1. Follower Packages 4.9 Read Reviews $55.00
#2. SocialPros.io 4.7 Read Reviews $44.00 $74.99
#3. Getviral.io 4.5 Read Reviews $47.99 $81.99
#4. Viralyft 4.3 Read Reviews $44.99 $81.00
#5. Views Expert 4.1 Read Reviews $44.00 $71.99

We reviewed the best sites to buy YouTube views, subscribers, and likes from so it’s easier for you to choose in 2021:

1. Follower Packages

Follower Packages - Best site to buy youtube views
Rating: 4.9 out of 5
Read Follower Packages Customer Reviews

One of the most reliable sites we encountered, follower packages provide the highest quality of views available in the market. This means you’ll get a well-analyzed personalized service that will help you improve your social media rankings and grow your YouTube channel.

They’ll help increase your credibility on YouTube as well as other platforms according to your needs at the best prices. This website is the lowest priced premium provider on this list but doesn’t compromise on quality, this combination means it’s accessible to almost anyone!

The site also offers safe transactions through their SSL secured checkout and was quick to deliver when it came to quality views and video likes. Follower Packages provides services in YouTube views, YouTube Likes, Instagram Followers, and SoundCloud Plays among others.

Anything and everything you need under one umbrella. Another key feature provided is 24/7 live-chat, this means you will always get your questions answered fast. By working with high profile clients such as celebrities and influencers, they have established themselves as a market leader.

If you are seeking the best quality views and video likes at the best possible prices, this is a clear choice!

2. SocialPros.io

buy youtube views - socialpros

Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Read SocialPros.io Customer reviews

When it comes to buying views for your YouTube videos, SocialPros.io is another website that you should definitely check out. It provides you with real likes, views, and subscribers for your YouTube channel to help you grow your YouTube presence by leaps and bounds.

It has a wide variety of YouTube views packages that include $3.50 for 500 views, $5.50 for 1,000 views, $15.50 for 3,000 views, $22.50 for 5,000 views, $44.00 for 10,000 views, $81.99 for 20,000 views, $102.99 for 25,000 views, $199.99 for 50,000 views, $373.99 for 100,000. SocialPros.io provides its top-quality service, timely delivery, and 24×7 customer care to solve all your issues and problems.

3. Getviral.io

Getviral - buy youtube views

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Read Getviral.io Customer Reviews

This site is perhaps the best site to buy YouTube views and the services it offers are awesome as well as catchy! Getviral offers instant YouTube views at the cheapest prices. And by cheapest, I mean it! The rates offered by the site start with the lowest being 1000 views at a price of only $6! Yes, it’s true!

The highest mentioned is 100,000 views at a price of $370 only. The cheap rates it offers are the primary reason why one should trust this company. The site has a lot of positive reviews thanks to its lightning-fast delivery and all-time available customer care.

4. Viralyft

viralyft - buy youtube subscribers

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Read Viralyft Customer Reviews

Viralyft offers YouTube views at good pricing and support to customers. There is a social formula that gives you a leg-up on the social media ladder and this website can help you if you’re looking for a YouTube boost. It’s a good promotional tool to get your business noticed.

The site also offers help with Instagram followers and likes. They don’t offer a lot of things but if you’re just starting out then it’s not a bad place to begin. Viralyft also claims to adopt a 100% white hat approach.

5. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert - buy youtube views

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Read Views Expert Customer Reviews

ViewsExpert deals with just YouTube and other music-related services so if that’s what you’re looking for then this is a place to start. This website offers ‘targeted YouTube views’ which means you’ll get high-quality real YouTube Targeted views to your videos in a few hours. This website spans over 30 countries and also offers worldwide views along with subscribers, likes, dislikes, and comments.

The prices start at $4.99 and go up to $625.99. They also ensure fast delivery and privacy protection which most websites on this list do. But you still need to choose wisely when it comes to purchasing likes, views, etc.

Most people are skeptical about purchasing likes, comments, subscribers, etc. thinking it’s unethical or furthermore illegal. It’s none of the two. These are marketing strategies that you need to employ to improve your social media presence on all platforms, YouTube isn’t any different.

6. SocialPackages.net

socialpackages - buy youtube views

Read Social Packages Customer reviews

Social Packages is one of the best! They’re offering a wide range of services from where you can buy YouTube views, likes, subscribers and comments and also customize the package you buy.

The prices are a bit on the pricier side and we found it a one-time investment if none at all. Their return and privacy policies are pretty tight including their payment methods. All the websites on this list are safe and reliable to try.

Research studies show that having a large number of social statistics will make visitors 40% more curious about your content so buying YouTube views is commonplace and nothing to shy away from.

7. GetRealBoost

getrealboost - buy youtube views and subscribers

Rating: 4.1 out of 5​
Read Get Real Boost Customer Reviews

This website deals with buying YouTube Views along with Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Facebook. Anything and everything for social media is here including likes, shares, comments, and subscriptions.

They provide comprehensive YouTube optimized packages that boost your account’s ranking and ensure that your content is seen.

The prices are on an affordable level and can be tested with a low initial investment. They also promise that the order of a certain package comes with free likes but we wouldn’t trust if the likes are real or not. The prices range from $5 to $2500, you choose your package with a good price breakdown for you to analyze.

8. Famoid

Famoid - site to improve youtube engagements
Read Famoid Customer reviews

This site was a bit more on the pricier side. Famoid offers help for exponentially growing your social media following to improving your reputation.

They provide services on YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Vimeo. If you’re choosing to promote your business through YouTube, then Famoid is a good investment option for you. From providing services like, buying real Youtube subscribers to spiking the numbers of likes on videos, Famoid has you sorted.

They’ve created stars out of Artists, Musicians, Directors, Companies, Corporations, etc. so we know they mean business.  This site practices ‘you get what you pay for’, it’s worth checking out if you can’t afford the more premium services.

9. StormViews

stormviews - best site to buy youtube views
Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Read Storm Views Customer Reviews

This is one of the best and most visited sites when it comes to buying YouTube views. The site promises to offer instant and legit views but one has to pay money in order to get views. 

The prices they offer start from a penny to some larger numbers! The least price is about $9.99 where one can get about 1000 views and this goes on to about 100k views at a price of $569.99. This site is the leader in the world of attracting paid views. The professionals of the site help the customers in making proper and crowd-pulling videos and provide complete guidance!

Storm Views is committed to supplying their consumers with the very best quality, including actual Views, and the best pricing for YouTube marketing solutions everywhere.

Features of StormViews Include:

  • Quality Service: Storm Views is committed to delivering the finest support for our consumers in the YouTube marketing industry and you won’t find anything easier!
  • Fast Delivery: We know our customers don’t want to wait, so when you sign up for Storm Views, your Views are immediately shipped!
  • 24/7 Customer Care: For the greatest support available, contact the Storm Views squad every time of day or night, we have you covered.

10. Venium

venium - get more youtube views

Paying for views is the best way to generate traffic to your video because they’ll serve as a channel that’ll help you develop a distinguished position in the YouTube industry. Venium offers 100% real and pre-screened users. Once you make your purchase the views are added steadily over time to make sure the procedure is safe.

They help you grow your online presence by bringing you an audience immediately which enables you to gain an even larger audience for your product/business. They also follow an efficient method of gaining exposure on your YouTube and you can get it simply by paying. This may be a good option for someone who wants a slow campaign at a mid-range cost.



This site is another established provider of paid and legit YouTube viewers. And the site claims to have worked with some big names in the YouTube industry. This is some great news!

The company clearly describes how it provides views to its customers. The company has a lot of fan pages, YT channels, and other traffic networks where they promote the client’s channel, thus bringing in a lot of views! And they also provide guidance on how to make worthy and attracting videos as well! They have served about 4300 clients till date. After one places an order, he starts getting views within some days.

They have a promise to deliver legit views and if it does not happen, then they refund the complete amount to the clients.


FastLykke - buy youtube subscribers
Read Fastlykke Customer Reviews

This website provides every service for YouTube in one place. It’s convenient and also difficult to choose from all the options. Fastlykke ranges from $9 to about $60, deeming it the priciest one on the list. They offer premium as well as basic content.

Most people make the mistake of choosing the wrong company when it comes to buying more Youtube views, likes, subscribers etc. This website will attempt to increase your popularity by getting views from organic accounts. They promise cheap rates but quality content. However, if you want to boost your account, you need to pay the big bucks.


Famups logo - site to buy youtube views

Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Read Famups Customer Reviews

YouTube is a social platform that is always in trend. After the algorithm update of YouTube, all the YouTubers were struggling to get genuine subscribers. Their search comes to an end with where they can get high-quality services to gain new subscribers.

They do offer the best competitive packages and the best email customer support system to serve their clients at their best. It is a trustworthy site that gives a 100% guarantee and provides loyal subscribers.

Kickstart your social stardom with Famups by using their services for

Features of Famups include-

  • On-Time Delivery- You get different marketing plans in a matter of seconds
  • Safety and Privacy- You only get the safest payment modes to carry out transactions.
  • Reliable Service- They provide authentic and relevant support
  • Guaranteed Results- Their advanced business plans offer long term results

Buy Social Media Marketing


This site is ranked third in the list of the top paid views provider sites. And with a customer amount of about 3000 and counting, there is surely some reason behind it.

This is the first site on the list which not only provides views but also likes, comments and subscribers, which are also a great step towards becoming a successful You Tuber. The site promises to offer organic and legit views and help grow three client’s channel. The professionals of the company help the customers in each and every step.

The site offers high quality, effective marketing techniques which bring in enough views to give the client a push which will bring the respective channel to the track of success. And the prices offered are low too!



SocialBoss is another such company which providers legit views, likes, comments and subscribers. It has a counting client base of about 3000 and more and had received some really good and positive reviews.

The company’s offer starts from about 500 views which costs around $4.49 and the highest one can go is 100,000 views which come at a cost of about $299.99. The process is completely safe and legit and the views given to the client’s channel are legit and organic. The 500 views pack is delivered within 24-48 hours of order whereas the 50,000 views pack is served within 1-15 days.

Currently the site has a running offer of a package which starts from 50 views and goes on to 50,000 views. The company assures the privacy of the personal data and account info of the clients and have guaranteed service.



The site is one of the most liked and preferred sites where one can buy legit You Tube views and it is because of the prompt and guaranteed service it offers.

The Subpals company is a series of companies which are distributed all over the world to help the clients gain You Tube services. The lowest views package starts from 1000 views at a price of about $20 with the largest being 50k views at a price of $350. All these views are legit and organic.

The company encourages others to watch the videos of the clients thus increasing the traffic on the clients channel. The company also promises complete refund of money on unsuccessful order.



The Slicksocial also offers legit and organic views under budget, i.e. within a medium price range.

The site had its offers starting from 1000 views at a price of $ 0.99 as the lowest and goes on to 50000 views at a rate of $49.99 as the highest and the best deal. The process it follows is completely safe and secure. No private account info like password is asked by the company. All one has to do is to select the option of choice and then order it. They have fast delivery service and the counted views come within 24-48 hours of order. 

It has an aggregate voting of about 3.5 starts out of 5 according to its customers. It also offers other services like Facebook likes, views, followers and Followers in Instagram, Twitter etc.


Instant Famous is the first Indian site on the list and one can rely upon the services it offers.

The rates it offers may seem somewhat costly, but one gets whatever he pays for. The company has its rule of complete refund of money upon unsuccessful ordering. Coming to the prices of views, the lowest price one gets is of ₹ 545.08 for 1000 views which counts on to 1 Million views at a price of ₹ 28,851.59 as the highest offer.

The site is a Google trusted source with an aggregate rating of 5 out of 5 stars based upon its customers. It is by far the best site to buy You Tube subscribers as well.


ManagerGram is another site which offers You Tube views at a cheap price and is a legit company as well!

ManagerGram has a lot of offers to choose from, with the lowest rate starting from $10 for 1000 views and going on to $900 for about 100k views, which is the highest and the best offer. At first sight, the prices seem very low and they are legit too! The views offered are completely organic.

The company does not ask for any personal information or account info for providing views and the delivery is fast as well!



BuySocialPacks is a site that is a little different from the ones on the list above. It is because it has only one offer price!

The only price offered by the site coming to YouTube views is $4.99 for 1000 views. It offers a wide variety of prices and rates on other trades related to YouTube-like subscribers, shares, lines, etc. And as reviewed by the customers, it is the best site to buy You Tube likes. The prices is safe and the views, likes, shares etc. Are legit and organic too.

There is provision of complete refund of money on unsuccessful order.


If you’re a specific single consumer or a client, NemoViews will always take care of your need. Most businesses offer you bogus subscriptions in today’s industry and like this, we don’t have much need for. With Nemoviews you can get native, fully dedicated, genuine, and focused followers!

NemoViews is a platform built to help maximize Youtube Views for paid users, in the easiest way. Which also provides content with numerous other platforms, such as (views and subscribers)

They offer true human views, and not bot views, according to the website. This is what many companies and producers of content appreciate about the site – particularly people who want to do their work before as many people as possible.

Some of the Features of NemoView are:

  • Long Term Benefits: When you buy NemoViews services, you can provide long-term rewards as they include fans, comments, and opinions from the successful and actual accounts.
  • Best Value Solutions: NemoViews offers top quality social networking marketing tools to send our clients a long term experience and create strong positive relationships.
  • Security: To maintain protection NemoViews will not reveal confidential details to the consumer or market it to other parties. So, you may depend on them without hesitation and put an order.


The network provides YouTube and Instagram platforms to assist users on growing web platform to expand their followers. Users may switch between either monthly packages or bulk contracts. All strategies increase the amount of coverage a service gets.

What’s provided is a basic web portal where people can build an account easily. With that, a subscription base will quickly continue to expand. The web is easy to use and safe. For anyone wanting to seek support or browse for paying memberships, there is a handy drop-down screen.

The network’s primary emphasis is on helping increase the success of a channel on YouTube. The goal of the platform is to help YouTubers target certain accounts who are also trying to gain followers.

There are two distinct choices when selecting a costless subscription scheme. The first costless alternative allows users to gain 5 new subscriptions a day. The second choice offers them the ability to win 20 new subscriptions a day.

The various memberships offered by the site include:

  • Basic Membership- Here users will be able to gain 5 new subscribers every 24 hours
  • Star Membership- Here users will gain 10 new subscribers every 12 hours
  • Enterprise Membership- Here users will gain 15 new subscribers to their channel every day
  • Celebrity Membership- Here users will gain 60 new subscribers to their channel every day

Audience Gain

AudienceGain is a supplier of social network marketing, established in Canada in 2015, but now headquartered in the USA. AudienceGain.com provides Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud services.

Your followers’ content is appropriate, those sent to us seemed to be daily Instagram accounts. We give a 30-day money-back policy for the customer security line, in case something goes wrong. A privacy security strategy also states that all sensitive information is kept secret

AudienceGain has a customer support department that is exceptionally sensitive. You can contact them through live chat, or via email on their “Contact Us” tab. All communication choices contribute to the same level of insightful responses.

Features of Audience Gain include:

  • Quick Delivery – Because they realize the importance of time and resources, they often offer the same items you put an order for easily. Here, offer your orders within 1-12 hours
  • Great Customer Experience – Friendly and Responsive customer support team that leaves a good impression.
  • Quick Response- Their chat and helpdesk is always ready with answers to queries


Launched in 2013, YTMonster is built to send you free downloads, rewards, shares, reviews, and more to your YouTube posts. To receive the credits you can use to get free traffic for your YouTube posts, you’ll only need to do a basic job.

The YTMonster platform is built for individuals with YouTube channels or anyone who wants to create their own YouTube channels. The app offers users a chance to gain additional shares, ratings, reviews, etc. on their YouTube videos so they will do that free of charge.

Now there are two forms in which the organization can supply you with these items, one is to pay for them and the other is to receive credits that you will use for the service they provide.

The company has various payment choices on the programs it provides. If you like videos, it’ll cost $3 per 1,000 images, while reshares pay $6 per 1,000 views.

Likes, followers, and favorites would cost you $14 per 1,000, and the most costly is Dislikes, costing you $20 per 1,000.

Features of YT Monster include:

  • Free Trial Period: That implies they aren’t actually after your money as they provide free ways to produce hits for your YouTube posts.
  • Affiliate Program: It’s also nice because YTMonster has a way to raise money with its partner network. And you can always access the app, even though you don’t have a channel on YouTube or you don’t want to create one.


SocialPlus is a fresh and one-of-a-kind YouTube growth company that leverages celebrity gifts to their customer’s income and wins them true fans, real growth, and thus; real dedication on Instagram. This company is very recent, so they provide the highest prices to seek and win the demand.

To many, having the recognition and resources required to evolve organically and draw more involved people is a challenging challenge. Getting followers and interaction brings credibility to your profile, which makes it easy for you to draw more normal and dedicated fans.

SocialPlus is doing more than just delivering professional social networking tools. Our goal is to help you achieve long-term results that support your company or brand. We will help you explore innovative approaches, and make you learn how to leverage our tools with the best potential results.

Their digital marketing experts also share their experiences, suggestions, and strategies about how to build your YouTube profile more organically. It distinguishes SocialPlus from the majority of the market.

Features of Social Plus include:

  • Definite Results: SocialPlus aims to help you produce outcomes that really make a difference when it comes to creating a dedicated follow-up with real people who value and connect in your material.
  • Increasing Visibility: When you begin to raise your visibility on the site and start to deliver better content, you can acquire more organic views of your profile – creating more future committed fans who are genuinely curious with your content.
  • Enhance Profile: SocialPlus will help you make your profile seem appealing to follow, making things simpler and easier for you to evolve organically.

QQtube – Buy YouTube Views & Subscribers

Read QQtube Customer Reviews

This website claims to be #1 YouTube views supplier but we’ll be the ones to decide that for you. They have services in YouTube and Instagram. The site claims to never deliver fake views. They listen to customer demands and deliver accordingly and that’s quite appreciative of them.

They also ensure the virality of your video but we were skeptical about that. The results were quick and the price range is pretty reasonable but you need to order a minimum amount of certain things (likes, comments, etc) so there’s that. Their price breakdown is also pretty simple to decipher as well. But you be the judge of whether you’re getting what you paid for.

How to start YouTube Ads?

YouTube is a huge place with billions of active monthly users per month, so it’s obvious that you’d want to use it to sell or promote your products, but doing so is kind of tough due to the competition but it isn’t impossible. If you use the right strategies, you can easily gain a reputation on YouTube and one of those strategies involves using YouTube Ads.

Since you’re reading this article, you must be a beginner and are wanting to gain in-depth knowledge about how to advertise your brand on YouTube (Yes, the author likes to state the obvious) and this article is here to do just that. We’ll do our best to explain the whole process including the YouTube ads types as clearly as we can, so let’s get started without wasting more time.

  • YouTube Ad types:

 There are 6 types of YouTube ads most of which you must’ve already seen; those 6 types of YouTube ads are namely:-

  • Non-skippable instream Ads:

You must’ve seen this type of Ads before a video starts, Non-skippable types of Ads are usually 15-20 seconds long and are completely unskippable. These ads usually appear before the video starts but they also appear part-way through the videos that are longer than 10 mins.

To use these types of Ads you need to have some budget as you’ll be paying a Cost Per Mile (CPM) fee which means that you’ll have to pay a small fee per 1000 views. Non-skippable ads or CPM ads are great options if you’re aiming for mass exposure. It’s thoroughly important to have a solid understanding of Ad targeting before you try using Non-skippable ads as you might lose money if you aren’t careful.

  • Sponsored card Ads:

Speaking as someone who spends a lot of time on YouTube, Sponsored card Ads are perhaps the least annoying type of YouTube ads but when it comes to using them for growing your reach, they’re the least helpful unless the user clicks on the icon where they’re hidden. These Card Ads are usually hidden within the “i” symbol on the top-right corner of the video. Sponsored Card Ads can be used to promote your videos and products.

  • True-View Ads:

These are the most common type of Ads one can find on YouTube, unlike the Non-skippable ads, these Ads are skippable, also unlike Non-skippable ads, these ads can be of length, but the user must watch these ads for at least 30 seconds or interact with it in some way (like clicking on the link).

While you have to pay cost-per-mile on the Non-skippable ads, on TrueView ads you only have to pay when the user watches your ad for more than 30 seconds. So this is the best possible type if you’re working on a limited budget or want something Cost-effective.

  • Bumper instream Ads:

Youtube bumper ad is a short video ad that lets you create awareness and increase the reach of your brand, shown at the starting of any video. These ads must be less than 6 seconds, they are non-skippable ads which makes them more effective than the other types.

It can be challenging to create compelling ads that impress the viewers within 6 seconds. In these types of ads, you’ll be charged according to cost per impression pricing. You won’t be able to guess the exact pricing, it’s better to set a budget so that you won’t spend more than what you want to.

  • Display Ads:

Next we have Display Ads, that appear on the right corner of the video player and suggestion list. It can be an image or animation but the viewer will have to click on it to enable its sound as it doesn’t support autoplay sound.It’s important that the ad is eye-catching, as you’ll have to draw attention from the video that they are watching. But they are only available for desktop display. And they are charged according to the cost per click (CPC) pricing basis.

  • Overlay Ads:

Overlay Ads are another great option if you have a low budget or you are looking for a medium to promote your small business. They are easy and cheap to create, plus, it doesn’t drastically interrupt users while they are watching a video.It’s a semi-transparent overlay that pops up on the top or bottom of the video, and messages can be incorporated in the form of text or image.

It’s not as pushy as the other types of ads, as users can view your advertisement while watching the video, which won’t offer undivided attention to your message.

So those are the types of Ads that you can use to boost your channel, but now back to the main question, How do we start YouTube Ads? People might tell you that it’s easy to Advertise on YouTube, but as a beginner, it can be quite complex, so in this article, we’ll try to explain the entire process as clearly as we can.

  • Step 1: For the first step you’ll have to create your marketing video or image that has both professional and creative feels to it. Once you have a great Marketing video or an image, you’ll have to upload it to your YouTube account– which can be done by clicking a small camcorder icon on the top ride side of your profile.

Do remember to fill out all the necessary information like Title, Description, and tags while you’re uploading your video.

  • Step 2:

After you’ve uploaded your video on YouTube, you’re officially ready to set up your YouTube campaign. First, you’ll have to head to Google ads and make an account if you haven’t already made one. Once you’ve logged in, find “All campaigns” and click on the large blue ” + ” icon in order to create a new Ad Campaign. After you click on that icon, you’ll be shown a screen with 5 campaign type options namely-

Universal App You’ll have to select the “Video” option from those options and once you’ve selected it, you’ll be shown 4 options as the campaign goals, and from those 4 campaign goals, you’ll have to pick a goal that rhymes well with your campaign goal (Well that was rather lots of goals and campaigns).

You can change your campaign goals any time, and if you’re uncertain about your goals while creating the campaign, you can simply click on “Create a campaign without a goal“.

  • Step 3:

For my next trick we’ll learn about the next step (The author sucks at making jokes). In step 3, you’ll have to pick your campaign name. Since it’s only for internal use, pick a name that clearly describes your campaign (keep it short) as it’s only meant to help you identify the campaign when you start running multiple campaigns.

After you’ve added your name, you’ll have to select your budget (Ya thought YouTube Ads was free?)  For beginners, set the average amount you want to spend each day. Since you’re a newbie, try to spend as little as you can because you are just learning (and because being stingy rules). After you’ve set the daily budget, select the “Accelerated” delivery method so you can rapidly collect data for optimizing your campaign; but on the negative side, it can gulp down your budget at an accelerated speed.

After setting your budget, you’ll be needed to select the duration for which you wish to run your Ad, you can either opt to start the Ad as soon as it’s approved or add a custom starting date. For the end date, you can either add an End date or run the ad for an unknown duration.

  • Step 4:

For the 4th step you’ll be selecting your networks; what I mean to say is that you’ll have to pick where you wish for your ads to appear. You’ll have 3 options, namely-

YouTube search results: This lets your ads appear next to the search results but this option will limit you to True-View Discovery Ads only.

YouTube Videos: With this, your ads can appear on YouTube channel pages, videos, and YouTube homepage.

Video partners on the display network: And this one is perhaps the best one yet, through this your ads can appear on Google’s other advertising outlets.

Since you’re promoting your video ad on YouTube, you should pick the YouTube Video option or anything of your choice.

After setting your Network, it’s time to target your audience, you can choose to target your audience on the basis of Language and location. Of course, you’ll also have other options to precisely target your audience but that’s for later.

  • Step 5:

For Step 5, you’ll have to keep your wallet and credit/debit cards close because here we– more appropriately, You are going to decide how much you want to spend on your campaigns. Google ads offer you 4 options namely:-

Maximum Cost per View (CPV): You spend money based on the number of views and interactions you received. CPV is used in True view ads.

Maximum Cost per mile (CPM): Here you’ll have to pay for every 1000 views you receive. Non-skippable ads use CPM, remember?

Target Cost per Acquisition (CPA): This type charges you whenever viewers take action on your ads, like clicking on your Ad.

Viewable cost per mile (CPM): it’s like CPA, but you’ll be only charged when your ad has been definitely seen.

So those are the 4 options that’ll help you spend your bucks but only if you don’t pick the most suitable option.

After setting your budget, you’ll be able to pick the inventory type for your ad, which means that you can pick the content that fits your ad description. You get 3 options here namely:-

  • Expanded Inventory: Which can show your ads on some sensitive content.
  • Standard Inventory: This is what you’ll pick as it shows your ads on the content that is appropriate for most brands.
  • Limited inventory: You must guess what this is. In limited inventory, you exclude all types of sensitive content and limit your inventory.

Google ads also give you the Exclude Content option by which you can opt-out of individual sensitive categories. Try not to skip on this step as it may lead to a financial and marketing disaster.

  • Step 6:

In this 6th step you’ll learn about targeting your audience on a deeper level, before you start selecting your demographics, you must give a descriptive name to your “Ad group” so you can use the same audience selection for future wars. er, I mean campaigns.

Demographics allows you to pick your audience based on Age, Sex, Parental status, and household income.

Google Ads lets you go even deeper in the Audience targeting field by giving you many other options through which you can be as specific as possible.

  • Step 7:

In this step, you’ll get to choose the specific type of content where you wish for your ads to appear, this step is kind of an advanced part of Inventory type.

Google Ads also let’s add your Target Keywords and Key Phrases to narrow your reach. If you don’t have any keywords, you can use the “Get Keywords ideastool to find keywords related to your YouTube Ad.

Through Google Ads, you can also pick content Topics on which you wish to show your ads, but it’s not mandatory to pick the relevant topics because if you leave them blank, your ad will automatically appear on YouTube or Display placement that matches your other targetted selections.

  • Step 8:

And here is our final step, in this step you’ll be needed to select your video format, Google Ads will show you which options are available and best suited for your Ad campaign based on the selection you’ve made.

Pick any type of Ad style you like, but remember to enter your URLs, Call-to-action, and nice headline.

If you choose the in-stream Ad format, do remember that they a companion display banner, so you can either upload a custom image or let Google Ads automatically generate one by using videos from your channel.

For the Endgame, All you need to do is snap your finger, ugh! Wrong place; anyways just find and click on “Save and continue” and then click on “Continue to the campaign

Error 404 next step not found:

Yes! We’ve finally run out of the steps, man! I’m getting old, just getting down from 8 steps gave me so much pain, but I sincerely hope those steps give you more happiness and comfort than pain.

And also! This is just the beginner’s guide, for advanced, there’s a lot more information I’d like to share, so if you wish to know more, drop us a comment. And also do let us know if you find a spelling error.

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically?

Whether you are a huge multinational firm or a private individual, everyone dreams of becoming a well-known persona, and since the advent of Social media, achieving that fame has become a tiny bit easier.

To become famous on social media, you need millions of followers, and gaining those followers, especially in the beginning can be quite hard. Currently, the social media platforms with the highest number of active monthly users is YouTube, so if you happen to be seeking fame on YouTube, then you’re in the best place to buy youtube views, even if you aren’t, this post will help you out.

In this article, we’ll give you a bunch of tips that’ll help you gain more and more Subscribers, viewers, and likes organically and thus boost your channel. So if you’re interested in knowing more, then keep reading.

  • Use SEO keywords.

Many people think that SEO is just for websites and blogs, which is not at all true as after google YouTube is the second most popular search engine. And YouTube’s algorithm does consider keywords in video titles, video descriptions, channel descriptions, and tags. As the right keywords can push your video to the top, making it visible to more people.

In order to find the right keywords that are not too saturated and are popular enough, there are various tools that can help you. You can even use a youtube search by putting keywords that come under your niche, youtube will suggest a number of terms which are being typed into youtube. Now you just have to optimize those new keywords that you just found, for that you can use VidIQ. An awesome extension that will let you step up your SEO game.

  • Make trending and evergreen content.

It’s true that trending and evergreen content are very much opposite to each other, trending content which if posted at the right time can bring a lot of traffic but loses its spark sooner or later, while evergreen content never loses its spark as it never goes out of fashion. It’s hard to balance both but if you find a medium between them, you can see visible results.

So before coming up with a specific niche on which you are going to create content, think about what will be more relevant according to the trend or seasonal events, and see if they stay relevant for your audience.

It’s important that you make content that people are looking for and will still provide value after a year or two, otherwise, your video will end up getting lost in the sea of thousands of videos that no one watches.

  • Write descriptive and engaging titles.

Using potential keywords can put you on the top of the searches, but that’s not it. We want the users to click on your video, engaging title and thumbnail (we’ll talk about that in a minute) will determine whether it will get clicked or not. If users will skip your video, youtube will drop your ranking.

Your title should be self-explanatory and engaging, making it stand out. But make sure while trying to grab your audience’s attention you don’t use clickbait headlines (you don’t want to damage your channel’s reputation, do you?), as it might get your video clicked but it will make you lose your followers.

Keep your title short that will let you include your keywords without overstuffing it, it will be even better if you can use your keywords at the beginning of the title.

  • Create interesting thumbnails.

Thumbnails are as important as titles are, as people tend to notice the visuals first. Custom thumbnails are a must as youtube automatically takes some random screenshot from your video and uses it as the thumbnail which ends up looking blurry and out of focus (Will you click on a video that has a blurry image of someone’s computer screen?

And just like youtube titles, thumbnails shouldn’t be clickbait too, they should portray what your video is all about. You can make your thumbnails stand out by using colors that grab your viewers’ attention, colors that pop up. You can choose a theme according to your niche, or you can create a template. Make sure you use that template consistently, as it makes your channel look more professional and genuine.

  • Share content that offers real value.

It all comes to your content where you can’t take any shortcuts, you can set up your youtube account and make it look all appealing but if your content isn’t providing any real value to your viewers you won’t be able to grow your youtube channel.

People go to youtube in order to solve a problem or when they need some information about something, if your content solves their problem or provides the information that they are looking for, they are most likely to return back to your channel next time when they need information regarding the same niche.

So make sure your videos are fun, informative, and engaging. It will help you gain new subscribers and views as your existing subscribers will watch your video again and again if they find your videos informative and entertaining.

  • Engaging with your audience.

Many YouTubers don’t engage with their audience, they fail to use youtube as a social media platform. Youtube is a platform which requires social interaction, where users engage with each other through likes and comments, it’s essential to engage with your audience in order to build a loyal community.

Keep an eye on comments that your viewers are posting, reply, and answer their questions. You can also like the comments or pin them up (it will take only a few seconds). You can ask your viewers for ideas or have a Q&A session, make them feel a part of your channel, eventually, it will make them more excited about your upcoming video. And don’t forget to reward your loyal followers by giving shoutouts.

  • Host a contest or organize giveaways.

Youtube contests and giveaways are a great way to build a community and get engagement on your channel. Set your goals and see why you want to host a contest or giveaway first, it will help you in planning.

Make sure that the prizes are relevant to your channel. To get the most out of your contest or giveaway you can collaborate with other YouTubers or brands. That will not only help you gain more exposure but it will help you make your prizes even more exciting.

Make sure you check youtube contest rules and restrictions before planning for the steps that need to be followed in order to enter in it. And keep the barriers low, to make sure you get maximum participation.

  • Collaborate with other YouTubers.

On YouTube you are competing with millions of content creators but why not take advantage of it, where you’ll not just help each other in growing their YouTube channel but also in learning and establishing a valuable relationship.

Gaining more likes, views and subscribers motivates other YouTubers to collaborate with one another. But working with someone else will help you learn about their audience and how they sustain their subscribers, which will help you do better. Plus, it might help you with your creativity too and you will be able to come up with new ideas.

But make you find the right person to collaborate with, who make similar content and their fanbase should be interested in the types of video that you make.

  • Use other social media platforms to promote your channel.

 So you created interesting content on YouTube, now what? You’ll leave it on its own? I guess not. You’ll promote it on other social media platforms. Reaching out to the audience outside of YouTube will help you build a loyal community.

Cross-promotion is a great way to make your audience feel like a part of your channel. You can share behind the scenes or sneak peek of the new video you are working on, to make them excited.

YouTube channels get more engagement when they are cross-promoted, many successful YouTubers take advantage of it. You can alert your followers on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, when you have a new video out (sort of a call to action).

Other than that, If you are a blogger, you can also embed your videos in your blogs for more exposure.

  • Go live

Sure everyone posts videos on YouTube but did you know, social media sites like Facebook and YouTube favor live videos more than the pre-recorded ones? If not, then you just did. There are so many pros of using YouTube Live, the best one would be ranking well on the searches and gaining more viewers than your typical pre-recorded video– there’s also a chance to earn more through Live than through pre-recorded videos.

You can use YouTube Live for live streaming games, teaching, Q&A sessions, Art, and a lot more (many businesses use live streams for online training). If you start a live session, your viewers can support you via super chat, where they can also promote their profiles (so always watch a live stream). The live stream is quite cost-effective and can be done with just a smartphone! So if you don’t have any fancy equipment, then definitely opt for Live streaming.

Instead of being daily at Live streaming, opt for weekly live streaming and prepare a lot of interesting material to blow away your viewers.

  • YouTube ad campaign.

Finally, we’ve reached the end of this article, but hold on! There’s still one more trick up our sleeves and that is the YouTube Ad campaign. If you’re a frequent user of YouTube, then you already know just how many ads YouTube has per video. Unlike other sites like Facebook or Instagram, YouTube is completely public, so anyone’s ads can show up on your video, it also means that your ads can too show up on anyone’s videos’.

It sounds incredible, but it makes one think that this incredible thing will definitely burn a hole in the pocket, but funnily enough YouTube ads are completely (Read: almost) free.

All you have to do is create a unique and interesting Ad with some professional help and then boot up Google Ads and create an Ad campaign, name your campaign (choose a name that clearly describes your campaign), and then pick any 5 options provided by Google (Video option is the most recommended for you); after that select the goal that corresponds with the main thing you want your campaign to achieve (namely “video” if you’ve selected video option earlier).

Next up you’ll have to set a daily budget (start small), add your campaign dates (start and end), and pick your preferred network (a.k.a where you want your ads to appear on YouTube), here you get 3 options, namely YouTube search results, YouTube videos, and video partners on the display network.

YouTube ads also let you target your audience based on location and language.

Honestly, there’s a lot to this but for beginners that much will be enough. The more you understand how to use YouTube Ads, the more reach you’ll gain.

 Final Note.

There are so many tips and tricks to grow your YouTube channel organically but adding them all in this article would’ve been a massive task (for which the Author is too sleepy) but we’ve tried to give the most relevant tips that have been tested by the professionals in this article. If you want more guidance, then do check out other articles by us.

How to Premiere a Video on YouTube?

A new way to upload and watch videos has been introduced to YouTube: YouTube Premieres. Premiers are a combination of a live stream and a traditional video on YouTube. You pre-record them, but then, with live chat and donations like normal live streams, play those recordings live.

Premieres reveal the time they premier on your channel and show up in feeds before they go live, giving viewers the chance a few minutes earlier to be reminded of them. This turns premiers, with fixed air time and no previews from other viewers (as you can’t skip ahead), into a kind of YouTube-based TV show. Like live streams, once they’re finished “premiering,” they’re saved to your channel and look just like a regular video to someone who missed the case.

As they are in a specially good position to deliver television-like content, this new path makes a lot of sense for YouTube. The entire dynamic of viewer interaction on the web could be changed by premiers. Premieres make new on-site videos into a group experience that will be fun for viewers that creators alike.

How to use the premiere function on YouTube?

All you have to do as a viewer is tune in when the video starts. You can also set an alert when it does, to be alerted. Before the video begins, there will be a two-minute countdown, allowing us a chance to sit down first.

This won’t show up in the actual video until it’s done, unlike live streaming, though. You will be able to chat with other viewers while a video is premiering, and send super chat donations, just as you would in a normal live stream. A fascinating thing about premieres is that when it’s life, the uploader can still connect with the conversation because nothing prevents them from chatting with viewers while the stream is on.

As a producer, make sure you do all the normal names, tags, and explanations just as you would do on a normal video when you set up a premiere. If you have a different format for your live videos, or if you want to add them to your live replay playlist, it’s best not to do that for premiers, and stick to the standard formatting process. This is because it will be available as a standard video after they’re finished.

You can also schedule your videos for a particular period for users without the opportunity to the premier, who is searching for something similar, you just have to rely on your viewers to remember.

Filming and editing the video you would like to premiere is the most time-intensive aspect of YouTube Premiere. However, you can edit while recording if you use a live-editing method such as Switcher Studio, removing the need for post-production. Beyond that, it takes just a few minutes to schedule a YouTube Premiere!

Follow these steps to configure and schedule a YouTube Premiere:

  • Go to/upload youtube.com. Simply press the video camera icon with the plus sign if you upload it from the main YouTube tab. This is the upload button!
  • Pick the video you would like to upload and add any information you would like to include (title, definition, tags) and the video elements (end screen, cards) before you hit the Visibility tab.
  • Select Schedule, check the box next to Set as Premiere and select the date and time that you want your video to be posted. (Alternatively, if you would like your video to premiere instantly, you can select Save or Publish and Public and check the box next to instant Premiere.)
  • To complete the upload process, click on Publish.
  • You are going to be brought back to the Channel Videos list. Click the More icon (vertical ellipsis) to hover over your new video, and then click Get Shareable Link to automatically copy the URL to your Premiere page.

Note: Premiere videos can only be released on a device at this time, but they can be viewed from any platform.

What happens at the time of the premiere?

Any opted-in viewers about 30 minutes before the premiere will be sent a “tune in” email. Then, before your premiere, a countdown will commence. Your video launches after the countdown stop.

At this premiere, you should be present and join the conversation! At the top of the chat window, your comments will be highlighted, because you are the video maker. The video will be archived as usual after the premiere finishes and you can add it to playlists, feature it on your channel page, and more. 

Tips to promote YouTube premiere on social media

Naturally, this would be the go-to of most individuals, as it should be! It’s important to think about which platforms to use when promoting your YouTube Premiere on social media.

For instance, promoting it on LinkedIn or Twitter will not prove as successful if the bulk of the audience you want to reach us on Facebook and Instagram. Similarly, promoters who want to target an audience of Generation Z should concentrate primarily on TikTok and Instagram. You can pay to “boost” them to a customized audience of your choice to increase your reach even further with these posts. 

Wherever your current audience is social, share the link to your YouTube Premiere (a live countdown leading up to the premiere time will be shown on the video page) along with information, video stills, or even a preview clip to entice people to tune in.


One of the main benefits of using YouTube Premiere is the ability to schedule videos in advance, giving you the chance to promote the video ahead of time. This will also help to introduce it to those who may have skipped your posts on social media! A link to your video, a summary of what it’s about, and a still from the video are all you really need to include.

You have spent precious time making content, enjoying it with your community, supporters, and fans! Happy broadcasting!

How to Get Your YouTube Channel Verified?

For someone who wants to make money from this video sharing site, having a YouTube verification badge is massively necessary. But getting that little grey checkmark (and retaining it) is not easy. You may have tried to get your YouTube channel checked before, and you were denied. Maybe you earned it, and not long after, without knowing why, you lost it. Or you just may not know where to begin.

It might take a while, but it’s certainly possible. And they’re worth it. This post will inform you exactly what you need to do in order for YouTube to be confirmed. Verification on YouTube helps you to upload more than 15-minute videos and customize your video thumbnails. A YouTube account can be checked by anybody-all you’ll need is a phone number to confirm your identity.

But, to be sure, verification doesn’t mean that you are having a badge for verification. For those with at least 100,000 subscribers, verification badges are reserved, which is when the platform considers a creator to be “established.” However, this kind of badge does not grant you access to additional features. Here’s what you’ll need to do with everybody else to have your account checked and start taking advantage of the perks that come with it.

  • Verifying YouTube account

When you first create an account on YouTube asks you to check your account by adding a phone number like most social media sites. So, this makes YouTube conscious that you’re not a bot or anyone that is trying to spam a website, instead, you are a  true human being. You will be provided with an option to upload videos that are more than 15 minutes long, as well as add custom thumbnails, live stream, and appeal to content ID for the claims by checking your account. In order to create a legitimate channel, this is a very important step. Anyone who wants their YouTube channel to be monetized should check their account.

When it comes to the YouTube authentication batch there is a slight difference. And from the start to the end of this article, this is what we’re referring to. As YouTube says, if a channel is checked, it’s the official channel of a maker, artist, business, or public figure. It’s an authenticity badge. The main advantage of verified channels is that it helps in separating official channels from other YouTube channels that have a similar name.

You can check your YouTube account in a second by getting a phone number. But to have a verification badge, one needs time and effort because you need to accomplish all the benchmarks that are set. 

  • Why get verified on YouTube?

We all know that verification gives a profile that extra benefits on almost all social media sites. Two things are confirmed; first, the person who owns the account is who they claim to be. And second, sharing social content is a serious matter for all users. You’re aware of what you’re going to say and how you look on the network.

Sooner or later, any inauthentic strategies to increase views or subscribers would backfire. This is because a channel is no longer checked by YouTube purely based on the number of followers. In addition, having a verification badge helps prevent your channel from being mistaken on YouTube for other “fake” channels. Their channels are the same as yours, but your followers can find you because your channel is checked by YouTube, and prospective viewers can recognize you as a trustworthy brand.

  • Understanding the verification requirements of YouTube

Previously, you could easily get a verification badge if your channel gained over 100,000 subscribers. Many people, however, think of a YouTube verification badge as a form of endorsement of content, not identity. This is one of the reasons why they changed their verification policy on the website. For any channel to get that YouTube verification badge, it must meet the following conditions as of October 2019:

  1. Have a minimum of 100,000 subscribers.
  2. Be authentic, meaning that the real founder, brand, or individual that you claim to be must reflect your channel.
  3. Be full, meaning that your channel must be public and have a YouTube overview, channel icon, and content, and be active.
  • Is there any shortcut to get verified on YouTube?

Spammers or quick-money-makers are always trying to tell you shortcuts that promise immediate wins, often “break-the-rules” tricks. These deals can be seen anywhere! For them, be vigilant. They are, like most basic things, which means that it is too good to be true.

After all, to have your channel checked, you need to comply with all the criteria YouTube has created. Following proven strategies to increase views for your channel and raise your subscribers is the best way to quickly get a YouTube verification badge.

  • How to get verification on YouTube?

Follow these two quick steps to get a YouTube verification badge if the above requirements are met:

Step 1: Go to the help page for Google

This URL is clickable: https:/support.google.com/youtube/answer/3046484? Hl = en, or copy it to your browser and paste it. Hit Enter, then. Scroll down on your screen to the apply section for the channel verification section after that, and you will notice a text box. Notice that in the text box, Add Anchor Text Now. To submit your application form, you are required to click on it.

Step 2: Complete the form

To access the application form, click on Apply Now. All you need to do is fill out the details. Log into your YouTube account > Settings > Advanced settings to know your channel Name. Only press the send button once you’re done. For any kind of clarification, YouTube will also send you an email. Remember that you will have to wait for the results for several weeks.

  • How to stay verified?

Don’t breach the Service Terms

Getting verified on YouTube is one thing; keeping verified is another thing. Even if you have met all the requirements and got a verification badge, if you then break their Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, YouTube can and will take it away.

Don’t change the name of your channel.

If you change the name of your channel, then you also lose your badge. But by using the new name, one can apply for verification again. It’s not as easy as it seems to receive a Youtube verification badge; lots of work is needed before you can get it. But as long as you meet the guidelines of YouTube, you should soon have no trouble achieving the grey checkmark. Oh, good luck!


YouTube is an organization first, a forum for social media second. That’s why it rewards networks that provide its clients with real value. You would be hurt by any black marks on your account, such as user abuses or being suspended. Unethical tactics such as purchasing followers, spamming people, and being sly would reduce the chances of getting a badge to extend the channel.

Even after you get the badge, it is also necessary to remain clean. If you break the terms of service or breach the rules of the group, YouTube can (and will) revoke your badge. If you meet all the requirements, it’s a good idea to get the verification badge, especially if your channel is growing. It avoids the funneling of traffic away from your channel by impostors, copycats, and fan pages.

How to Make Money on YouTube?

YouTube stars are the self-made celebrities of today, individuals who have built an audience by producing content on the internet that is geared towards educating, entertaining, reviewing, and being amazing. Many of these actors on the small screen do what they do just to do it, to scratch an itch for something to make, and to be in front of an audience.

You can turn YouTube into a legitimate career-building forum with an outstanding plan and absolute commitment. People make loads of money every day making YouTube videos. If you’re wondering how to launch a YouTube channel, then you’ve come to the right spot!

Okay, the most obvious way of making money on YouTube is ad sales. But this isn’t the only way, or the only way, to be honest. Half the internet is YouTube: 1.9 billion users log in every month. But at the same time, every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded to the web.

So you already know this article is not going to be about how easy it is to buy a Swiss watch from your YouTube views with the ad revenue. (Although you should possibly at least rent one if you have millions of views. Wait, don’t.) Read on, and from your YouTube page, we’ll lay out six ways to earn money. You can turn YouTube into a legitimate career-building forum with an outstanding plan and absolute commitment. People make loads of money every day making YouTube videos. If you’re wondering how to launch and make money from a YouTube channel, then you’ve come to the right spot!

Using affiliate links on YouTube

For platforms that provide in-depth tutorials as well as informative product reviews, supporting affiliate ties can be a huge earning opportunity. For example, you will start earning commissions if you suggest a product and a user visits your connexion to purchase it. In the first few lines of your description, you can place these links and talk about your connexion inside your video material.

The posting of affiliate links on YouTube shares a similarity to your blog’s promotion of affiliate links. Therefore, just for monetary gain, you should not pour affiliate links all over your YouTube content. Don’t forget that when they think you are a trusted resource, viewers will only follow these links. Help them address specific issues and include tutorials in order to create trust with your audience. You can make videos as a bonus that provides solutions that you have already achieved yourself.

For you to join, there are plenty of partner services. On a common affiliate network like Shareasale or Awin, you can enter several different programs in one location. The best move is to start a blog in unison with your YouTube channel and add affiliate links there, too, to increase revenue. You’re monetizing YouTube that way and you also have a website on a network you own.

Partner with YouTube and earn through ads

Ads are the most important revenue source for many YouTubers. As a collaborator on YouTube, you make money in various ways. Before your videos, channel memberships, or Google AdSense banner ads, you can make cash from advertisements. However, before becoming a certified YouTube partner, there are some basic rules to follow, as well as some prerequisites required to start. In addition to adhering to the advertisement laws of YouTube, in the last 12 months, you must accumulate at least 4,000 video watching hours on your channel and have 1,000 subscribers.

To get these 4,000 simple hours, there is no concrete timetable or format. For 40 videos or any mix, you can get 100 hours each to get your total to 4,000. For instance, it took an enduring five months for the popular international hit Gangnam Style to reach 1 billion views. Despacito, however, was less patient in barely 97 days, speeding to 1 billion views. 

Master SEO for YouTube

You have to step up your game and optimize YouTube SEO this year for video creators who have not yet developed a substantial following. To do so, conduct keyword research as you normally would, but, based on what people are looking for on YouTube, think a little differently. Next, in your video title, description, and video tags, make sure you use high-value keywords.

Once released, to get an idea of what people are looking for when they find your videos, you can check your YouTube “Traffic Source: YouTube search” report. In general, for keywords on how to, ratings, tutorials, and amusing video phrases, Google offers video results.

Make money with the help of funding through fans

If you’ve built a following of loyal fans, it will help you support your new videos and benefit by encouraging them to crowdfund your channel. In the process of getting paid for your content, a platform like Patreon adds more seamlessness.

Your fans can subscribe to their favorite channels for as little as a dollar, and even go home with some unique prizes from their favorite content creators. Another program that lets you enjoy a mix of ongoing and one-time donations is Tipi.

For-profit and non-profit channels alike exploit this fan-funding to keep their video operations running smoothly with their viewers. You will be shocked at how your audiences open the floodgates of kindness as long as your content is engaging, entertaining, or providing value.

Plan to sell your own merchandise

You could describe yourself first as a content maker, and second as an entrepreneur. (Keep in mind that even Drake sells t-shirts.) Alternatively, first and second, you’re an entrepreneur and video producer, which means that you actually already have a product, and to sell it, you’re planning your YouTube marketing plan. Any way, merchandise is a viable way of earning YouTube money.

  • Step 1. Image your product and plan it.

Merchandise for your channel is intended to both reflect the link of your audience with you and feed them. That means it should be exclusive to your merchandise. To harness the success of his viral comedy, Ninja Melk, Hawaiian YouTube star Ryan Higa has launched his milk-based energy drink, Ninja Melk. Although he still sells t-shirts and other items from his online store, the appeal of Ninja Melk is wide enough that it has a website of its own.

  • Step 2. Source and/or build your brand

In most cases, to produce and supply your product, you’ll need a manufacturer, supplier, or wholesaler. Some vendors will sell it to you, and by managing it themselves, some will save you the headaches of inventory, shipping, and returns.

  • Step 3. Create your landing page and shop

To manage sales, you’ll need a separate website. Refer to YouTube’s list of licensed merchandise sites if you want to connect it directly from your videos (and you do).

  • Step 4. Enable the merchandise shelf of your YouTube Partner

YouTube Partners may also sell the merchandise of their channel using the shelf feature. If you are registered, follow the instructions given by YouTube to allow it.

  • Step 5. Promote in your videos your product

This is when it comes to charm. Wear your product or use it in your videos. Function viewers who have purchased it and are using it. (We would call this ‘user-generated content,’ or maybe ‘solid gold’ if we were on another platform).

Create the sponsored content

To be an influencer, you don’t need to be on Instagram. The value of the strategy of #sponcon is that you don’t have to cut your earnings on YouTube. You are dealing with the brand directly, and they pay you directly. No wonder it is a common way of making money for YouTubers. They probably want to hear from you if you can deliver brands to a broad and/or active audience, and your content is important to their target market.

In the men’s lifestyle room, for instance, YouTuber Aaron Marino, a.k.a. Alpha M, is huge. Hey, how big? So big that there are brand partners in even his videos that clarify his brand partnerships.

  • Step 1. Select a brand in which to associate

Quality, when it comes to the names you work with, is important. You probably have a wish list of dream brands already. Before you submit it, make sure you polish your brand pitch, whether you are shooting for the stars or building yourself up grassroots-style. Consider signing up for a marketing platform for influencers. These are intermediary websites that allow marketing teams to identify suitable influencers with whom to work. One of the first to concentrate on YouTubers, for example, was FameBit.

  • Step 2. Making a bargain

YouTube videos are, on average, the most expensive type of sponsored content brands can purchase from influencers, according to this recent study by the influencer marketing platform Klear. YouTube influencers are essentially able to charge more than they can for Instagram Stories or Facebook posts for their videos since the video is just more costly to make. Although your rate can differ according to the scale, commitment, and importance of your audience to your future partner, before you sign a contract, know your worth.

  • Step 3. Be straightforward about your #sponcon #adad

Advertising is supported content. That means you need to make sure that you are in line with the ad policies of Google. Both the FTC (U.S.) and ASA (U.K.) have guidelines that you can also be conscious of whether you are American or British. For your legal health, clarity is good, but also for your relationship with your audience. To help you make sure your audience is aware that you are advertising to them, YouTube has a visible disclosure feature.

Licensing the content to media

When a video goes viral, in order to replay it for its viewers, every news outlet needs to get their hands on a copy. Fortunately, existing media corporations are well aware that with what they use, they need to pay. And voila, you’ve got another way of making money on YouTube for yourself. As a content maker, it can be as simple to license your most popular work to the media to make sure you’re easy to find.

  • Step 1. Keep updated contact info on your About page

When lightning is going to strike, you never know. Set up a generic email address, even if you don’t have a business manager, that you can point to for business inquiries.

  • Step 2. Sign up for a marketplace of video rights

A great place to start is Jukin Media. Media outlets also need timely videos to round out their news, even if you don’t have a viral video like the Chewbacca mask lady. For eg, if you happen to have exclusive footage of a major natural disaster, plane accident, or plague of locusts, Jukin has an entire catalog of ‘newsworthy’ videos to which you can contribute.


It’s difficult to make money from YouTube, but if you follow the above method, creating content, building your channel, and making money from it will be easy for you. In this guide, we have covered all the important stuff, but if you have any more questions, leave a comment below.

Best Time to Post Your Video on YouTube

For video enthusiasts, hobbyists, small businesses, and mega brands, YouTube is easily the most popular video platform online today, which is why it is important to know when to publish your video on YouTube. YouTube represents a fertile ground for content and a huge potential audience for businesses seeking to broaden their marketing to video.

Without a doubt, YouTube is the biggest video service on the internet. Each day, 5 billion videos on the web are viewed. For entertainment, education, and social media marketing, it has become the go-to. And now, they all compete for viewership. It’s difficult to be heard with so much competition. But it’s just not impossible. There are many ways to stand out and win a place at the table for a channel. To gain insight into the best time for posting on YouTube, and how to make the most of the service, read the following guide.

Even so, achieving success on YouTube is more than simply filling the channel with videos for your business. As with most social media, the aim is interaction, and you need to know not only what to include in your videos to reach your customers (read about how to format your YouTube video here), but what is the best time to upload your YouTube video.

  • Best time to post on Youtube

And if a younger portion of the population watches YouTube rather than TV, the viewing trends are approximately the same. For instance, people tend to watch YouTube mostly at night and on the weekend, peaking on Sunday. So, those moments are what you ought to be looking for.

Try to post a few hours before these peak hours, as we’ve discussed before, so that your video can become searchable and perform better. Bear in mind that searchability on YouTube is an essential aspect, as YouTube behaves more like a search engine than a forum for social media.

The evening posting, which is for Sunday, has one exception. Videos that were posted earlier typically performed best on Sundays (we’re talking about 9 am EST). The rationale behind this is that Sunday is the best day for views and more YouTubers and advertisers are uploading, the competition is higher, so you can start building views by uploading earlier than anyone else and making your video appear important to the algorithm until it gets lost in the excellent amount of content that will be posted later in the day.

It’s sort of like social media in that when most people use the web, you want to post, but at the same time, you don’t want your content to be lost in the insane amount of content shared regularly. That is why it’s helpful to post a few hours before rush time. So, your video will have views, engagement, it will be searchable, and the YouTube algorithm will most likely recommend it by the time any YouTuber posts their video. Posting a little sooner is still a smart tactic, to a degree, to skip the rivalry.

Of course, the only thing that can help you get views is not posting a little earlier than anyone else, and that will help you to get your video viral on YouTube. But, before it gets lost amid widely successful videos released by video studios or prominent influencers, it is an easy way to ensure that your content is viewed and enjoyed by your audience and other users on the web. You’re making it easier to create a community and a base of loyal watchers by posting sooner, and that’s what YouTube is about.

  • Best day to post on Youtube

As the weekend approaches, posting content becomes the most successful. Users are starting to become more involved online and are more likely to see videos. Thus, the best day to post a video is likely to be Thursday or Friday. There are a few reasons for this phenomenon. The most obvious thing is that people are starting to become restless. The workweek is coming to an end, and people want to get out and do things. Another main reality is that over the weekend, shared content can generate a lot of views. If it is posted a few days or one day in advance, by the weekend, it can start trending.

The early weekdays are on the other side of the continuum. It appears to be the toughest day to post material on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. This can be blamed on individuals going back to work and getting less free time.

  • The best day for spending on Ads

Sharing content will prove to be very beneficial on a certain day. Likewise, it can also prove to be very beneficial to pay to advertise on a certain day. There is consistent evidence that on weekends, the cost per mile (CPM) is the lowest. This price shows how much an advertiser has to pay for 1000 views on a web page. The price is usually the lowest on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Depending upon the month, Saturdays may be effective.

On the other side, Sunday to Monday are typically the most expensive day. Yet, the holiday seasons also influence the cost. Some of the most costly seasons are just days before Christmas. Similarly, some of the most expensive ones to direct viewers to a website are also those after New Years’. May and June are the months which display the lowest prices as well. Prices then rise over the summer and, from September to November, fall to a low level.


By posting at about 3 pm EST every weekday, you can’t go wrong. This way, there will be time for your video to reach your audience, and it will have time for it to become searchable. Try posting earlier over the weekend. YouTubers tend to post more on the weekend because Saturdays and Sundays (especially Sundays) typically provide more views. Posting earlier (like 9 am EST) might be wise so that your video doesn’t get lost in a sea of content.

Although consistency is important in terms of content marketing and content production, if you’re posting once a week, the best day to post on YouTube will be Sunday. The best practice will be to post regularly on: Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday if you’re posting several times a week, while keeping in mind the videos on Friday and Sunday could do a little better than those on Wednesday. Be mindful that if you don’t spend time on your title and description, since YouTube works as a search engine, even if you upload a video at the best possible time, it may not be fully optimized.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Views?

Increasing the number of views is critical to hold YouTube channels in higher search engine rankings. If your channel or videos don’t get the number of views you might anticipate, don’t worry. YouTube also offers you the right to purchase views on YouTube.

Some basic benefits of purchasing views on YouTube are:

  • It will push big traffic to your Channel on YouTube
  • That is the perfect way to construct social proof for your content
  • It’s considered respectable to get enough views
  • It will improve your appearance more than any other social media platform
  • This will help you build visual content and hold your place while you’re down in the graph
  • It’ll help you get thousands of initial views
  • It will place your channel on search engine’s first list
  • It will improve chances of your video becoming a hit on your channel

Getting further views to offer social evidence of acceptability or social authorization. It is the easiest option to get the platform that is most active. The beginners may disregard your post at the beginning, but when they see the number of views they will find it simple to get drawn to your channel and display more engagement.

As you get more viewers, your audience gets bigger, and your channel gets a higher rate of development. Your networks are going to continue having more followers and more views.

Types of YouTube Views:

  • High Retention Views

Even whether the videos are watched for a long period is a video deemed to have strong lifetime rates, and often depends on its rating on YouTube and Google. As the amount of views tends to rise, the viewing rate increases as people consume a video from beginning to end.

You become more inclined to connect with the advertisement in this situation, which may turn out to be a future client. High retention views is something that a YouTuber or marketer wants to accomplish as in basic terms it is a sort of recognition of achievement.

YouTube also lets you track the engagement of viewers with a single film. One may start analyzing the findings on the analytics dashboard by splitting them in two forms, such as Absolute Retention and Relative focus.

You can note parts of the video which have become most common in Absolute retention. This may be start, center or finish. You may easily assess each part ‘s output and the publicity it got. It lets you research the people’s minds because it shows you what the issues is that make the crowd more disposed towards.

  • Ad Views

Ad views are the amount of occasions the ad was shown. One individual can display the ad multiple times. Therefore, for instance, if one person says 5 times an ad regarding Internet marketing, then the ad display count will be 5.

CTR is one of the key indicators to work on if you want to expand your YouTube channel and increase the exposure. It’s the amount of users on YouTube who click on your video when they see it show. To explain, if your video receives 1,000 views and clicks 100 users, you have a 10 percent CTR.

  • WatchPage Views

This indicates the video from the same page of the company has been viewed on YouTube. That is the same location where you can access the video on YouTube. E.g. ,[code] Pageviews reflect the cumulative amount of pages seen. Repeated single page visits are also counted.

Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Views


  • Take A Head-start: Normally everybody begins with zero views, so by purchasing an initial package of 1,000, 5,000, or even 50,000 views, you will move ahead. It will bring the videos in front of more eyeballs because it is really enticing to get a high display count that can encourage viewers to search the content.
  • Pick More Views: Duh! The more you have the videos, the faster it is to obtain any more. Once people realize how big that point of view is, they’ll probably have to think at it too. No-one wishes to be the second to see the new viral picture.
  • Good Search Rankings: The more you’ll rate on all sorts of search engines the more views you get. That would result in more viewers viewing your ads, which would increase the results for related keywords even further.


  • Unethical: Purchasing views for the videos is a little controversial. It also gets commented on, because once they found out, other people may not accept it.
  • Unnatural Results: In certain instances, the views you purchase aren’t going to appear really normal, since they’re trying to hit everyone at once.
  • Scams: Just like every online retail market, occasionally you’ll run into certain scammers and less reputable firms who do not deliver on their promises.

Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Being the second largest search engine after Google, it’s no wonder that people dream of becoming a successful YouTube; and lately, YouTube video bloggers are about as famous as the movie stars, so it’s quite obvious that everyone would want to start a YouTube channel and showcase their skills or even sell their products.

Now you may have an extraordinary talent and are capable of creating insightful content, but the most important thing that you’ll need to catapult your channel to a greater height is exposure. Remember that YouTube has 2 million people so it is obvious that many other people will have the same idea or showcase the same skills like yours and also since there are millions of videos going up every minute, you’ll have to struggle a lot to get traction on your channel no matter what (Behold the Tough competition). 

 Once you’re fed-up with the tough competition, you’ll look for some easy way, like Buying real YouTube subscribers, but will it help your channel grow and grow your social reputation? To answer that question, let’s check out the pros and cons of buying YouTube subscribers. 


  • It makes your YouTube channel look more popular (Social proof). 

Before we begin, I’d like to ask you a small question; whenever you’re checking out someone’s YouTube channel, what makes you want to subscribe to their channel apart from the quality of their content? Is it the number of subscribers and views on their channel? If yes, then you aren’t the only one who does that. 

If your Youtube channel has plenty of views and subscribers, it starts being recognized as popular, and more people start to think that your content must be impressive that you have so many subscribers and views. 

   The reason is in the term “Social Proof”– “Social proof” is one of the most powerful psychological phenomena, and many people use it for online and offline marketing. It’s a concept where people follow the action of the masses, assuming that it’s the correct behavior. And therefore buying YouTube subscribers will make your YouTube channel look more popular, and people are more likely to click on that “subscribe” Button after seeing the number of subscribers. 

  • Get a kickstart on YouTube. 

If you just started your YouTube channel, and have zero subscribers then buying subscribers can make your journey a lil bit easy. Obviously, even if you are creating quality content, it will be of no use (not literally) if people aren’t viewing or subscribing to your channel. But make sure that you buy subscribers only from a trusted source, as you’ll need real subscribers, not bots or fake subscribers. 

When people see the number of your subscribers, they might end up getting curious about your content and most probably end up watching or subscribing (if you have quality content). It will be easier to gain organic engagement through paid subscribers, it might go wrong if you won’t get organic engagement too (we’ll talk about it in cons). 

  • Increases credibility.

Another advantage of buying YouTube subscribers, that it will help people know that they can trust the content that you are uploading. Buying subscribers isn’t just about money, it’s also about reputation, popularity, and trustworthiness. The number of subscribers acts like a signal that your content is trustworthy and knowledgeable. 

It will help your channel in attracting and retaining more people. If your channel will look more popular and reliable, people will take you and your content more seriously.

  • Target the right audience.

If you are using YouTube for business purposes. You must be already knowing how targeting a specific audience can help your business. Whether it’s for driving traffic to the website, purchasing a particular product, or just to promote your small business. 

Other than marketing strategies, buying YouTube subscribers can be another great way to target the right audience. And of course, you’ll have to make sure that the subscribers that you buy are from trusted sources because fake subscribers will just increase your number of subscribers but won’t offer any engagement. There are various websites that let you target the audience according to the demographic parameters. 

  • Quick results. 

Growing a YouTube channel can’t be done overnight (except if one of your videos go viral). The process of growing the YouTube channel is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. As being one of the biggest social media platforms it has plenty of competition. That’s why many people opt for buying subscribers, as you can see results really fast. 

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do any effort for it. You’ll have to maintain and grow the current number of subscribers through your content.

  • Drive traffic to your YouTube channel. 

The main reason why people buy YouTube subscribers is to increase their rank and drive traffic to their channel. Having a large number of subscribers will definitely boost your videos and channel ranking. And, YouTube being a smart search engine will increase the visibility of your channel. 

YouTube algorithm will help you grow based on the activity that is going on to your channel. Once you start getting activity on your channel you can come up with various strategies other than buying subscribers. Buying YouTube subscribers will support the process of driving traffic and in getting engagement for your channel. 


  • Scammers

All those pros are only applicable if you buy YouTube subscribers from a trusted source that offers real subscribers. You’ll find hundreds of results if you search for sites to buy YouTube subscribers. But sadly among them, most of the services are just quick scams. There are many sites that are just giving fake promises. Making it difficult to figure out who is offering genuine services. 

Make sure to read reviews and choose the service that gives you a sense of reliability. Take time and be careful while deciding which website offers reliable services, it can save your money and efforts. 

  • Easy to get trapped. 

As I said earlier, buying YouTube subscribers when you just started your channel can go wrong too. If the subscribers won’t engage with your content, your next video will have zero views. With let’s say 1000 subscribers (that you bought) which will look bad to the YouTube algorithm. Even if you purchase views for that particular video, what about the next video? You’ll end up getting trapped in that spiral where you’ll have to pay for views and likes again and again. 

That’s why buying it from a trusted source is a must if you are starting off. But if you are already established your engagement can get a boost because your channel will look more popular. 

  • It’s against YouTube terms of services. 

YouTube’s algorithm is smart enough to detect any illegitimate manner that has been used to manipulate their metrics (they have mentioned it in their terms and conditions). So do remember that due to buying the YouTube subscribers your account is at risk of getting suspended or permanently banned (will be devastating) if caught. 


Buying YouTube subscribers is a risky business but sometimes it is worth the risk. To be safe, one should only opt for it after they’ve tried every other way to boost YouTube subscribers

While we have successfully managed to scour the internet to bring the best to you. We understand that you still might have some questions at the back of your mind.

Below we’ve tried to answer some of the most basic questions a customer faces while making this decision:

Youtube Views FAQs:

Will I Get a free trial Before Buying?
[None Offer Free trial] 
Will it help me earn more?
Yes, the views purchased by you will help you earn more by increasing the traffic on your video; but that isn't the only way these packs would help earn more, since our sites offer genuine views, these views can get monetized as well. 
How to Buy Youtube Views?

In order to purchase Youtube Views, first you must decide which views pack is most suited for you.

After that, you'll have to add the link to the video where you wish to add more views and then proceed to pay.

If you couldn't find any Views pack that fits your taste, then you should try to get in touch with customer care. They'll provide a custom views pack only for you. So, it is the easiest & best way to buy youtube views.

Does it have any options for Targeted Audience?
If you wish to target your audience on the basis of geographical information. Then we offer an option for targeted audiences. 
Why Do You Buy Youtube Views?

Before we answer your main question, let us tell you precisely why YouTube views are important. If you have a considerable amount of views on the YouTube channel.

it starts gaining reputation and more people start visiting your channel and also become your loyal subscribers. Having lots of views also makes your video appear in the “Most searched Video” and boosts your channel to greater heights.

If you buy YouTube views, it'll improve your YouTube reputation and the number of organic views will also increase; In-fact it has been found that after purchasing YouTube views there was about a 40% rise in organic views.

How can I Track my Views?
Most of our sites care about your comfort, so they offer a live tracking feature whenever you purchase a package, in-case live tracking isn't available, you can simply get in touch with the customer support regarding your purchase status. 
Is it Illegal to Buy Views on YouTube?
This is the greatest myth by YouTube users about paying promotions. As per YouTube's Terms and Conditions this is not forbidden by YouTube, it is not unlawful to buy views for your channel.
Will Your Video Be Removed?
There's a possibility you might lose your picture. If nothing more does, however, is entirely probable. Fake beliefs happen all the time and for this to be the case, you don't have to support them. YouTube acknowledges that, and does not threaten you because there are strong indications that you have bought the videos.
Will Your Account be Banned?
You can purchase legitimate views even without fear of penalty, you can't buy negative views. The consequences of purchasing views thus rely on the content and source of such views. Buying legal views is perfect, particularly when it comes to YouTube.
Can You Really Buy YouTube Views?
Yes. Buying YouTube Views is perfectly legal and cannot be legally condemned. Although, it is generally consider as bad to buy views just for the sake of expanding your channel.
Does Buying YouTube Views Really Work?
Close to purchasing followers on Facebook or Instagram. Buying YouTube views is also popular but only if you choose reputable content providers. Many websites claim to have thousands of views and subscribers. But once you spend the fee, a brief spike is what you really get. Some search engines, including Google, find certain images that users already enjoy and are watching. They endorse these materials and encourage it more.
How Does Buying YouTube Views Work?
When you purchase real YouTube views, they eventually help you build a network that is loyal in nature. The advertising value will be matched with the followers' choice until a compatible equilibrium between the two is formed; the channel's growth is projected to hit a peak in a short time.
Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Views?
When it comes to YouTube, purchasing legal views is perfectly good, even anticipated. Yet in this situation, what they mean by “buying views” is utilizing AdWords to dive into PPC campaigns.

Youtube Subscribers FAQs:

Can you really buy YouTube subscribers?
Yes, buying YouTube subscribers, likes and views is easier than you think. Think of your favorite musician or actor, they've all bought some extra luck at some point in their lives.
Why should I buy more YouTube subscribers?
To create a strong network with your audience, you will need as many subscribers as possible. You can instantly boost your following by buying YouTube followers and likes. Once you get more followers, YouTube will automatically suggest your video to more subscribers.
Is it safe to buy YouTube subscribers?
It is safe as long as you are cautious and not compromising on the money spent to buy subscribers. Many sites and third-party apps will be luring to buy youtube views and subscribers for cheap prices. You need to do your bit of R&D before falling for them as they could be potential hackers or frauds.
Is it illegal to buy YouTube subscribers and likes?
Its not at all illegal. However YouTube does not encourage such activity but then, at the end of the day, it is not illegal.
Will I get banned if I buy YouTube subscribers?
Your account is likely to get banned only when you are violating YouTube's Terms of Service and uploading illegal content. YouTube's TOS does not state buying more followers and likes as illegal.
Are all bought YouTube subscribers bots?
No, not all bought subscribers are bots. When it comes to buying views, some providers provide organic followers and views against others, who provide fake ones. This is where you need to be careful and should always aim for buying from legit service providers.
Can I buy YouTube subscribers for cheap?
You can buy YouTube subscribers from a number of providers for various package deals. Sites like Fastlykke offer packages starting from $9 to about $60 and from $5 and to $45 respectively.
How long do they Remain?
There are many “YouTube subscribers” providers who fake or bot subscribers that disappear over time, this can affect your channel negatively, but since the subscribers provided by the sites in our list are 100% genuine, they'll remain in your subscribers list forever. 
How long will it take To deliver?

As the Subscribers are genuine, it takes a small amount of time to deliver them to you. It can take anywhere from 3 days to 1 week or longer depending on the supplier and the package purchased.

Do Note that fake subscribers are typically delivered within 24 hours.

How to Buy Youtube Subscribers?

In order to purchase you'll have to find the “YouTube subscribers” option in the main menu of your preferred site. Then find a Subscribers package that fits your tastes and add your channel link in the provided “Add link” box. Then head to the payment page, after purchasing. Now you can track your order or get in touch with customer care if you wish to have a custom package.

Do note that you should never give your YouTube account password while purchasing any package.

Why purchase Youtube Subscribers?

You should purchase Youtube Subscribers if you wish to boost your channel reputation. Also, it will increase the number of organic subscribers on your channel. The subscriber packages are simply meant to give your channel a boost.

How can I Track my Subscriber Count?

Since the providers care about your comfort, once you purchase a Subscriber package, you'll receive updates regarding your package status. If you don't receive any updates, then you can simply get in touch with customer support.

Can people Identify that I have bought Subscribers?

No, one can't identify that you've purchased YouTube subscribers unless you reveal such information. In which case you'll be prone to lose your YouTube channel.

Are the subscribers real or bots?

The subscribers provided by our sites are 100% genuine and won't endanger your channel.

How to buy 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

The procedure is quite easy, all you need to do is find the YouTube subscribers packages in the main menu of the site. Then look for 1000 subscribers packages in the list. Add the link of your channel and then proceed to payment.

All the above websites offer ‘real’ accounts that won’t challenge the credibility of your account. These purchases are simply an investment in getting your social media ball rolling.

They attract a much more organic audience than going the honest, patient way and that’s the reality of the trade. And with YouTube even more so as YouTube takes engagement rates into consideration while ranking content. The more users engage with your product, the higher it’ll rank you, and the more traffic your content. It’s a win-win all around.

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