Home Social Media 15 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active) in 2021

15 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active) in 2021

15 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Many of you might have a question in mind-Is it safe to buy Instagram followers? The question is a legitimate one since this business can seem shady at first but you have to understand that many of the influencers that you see on Instagram use this process to get brand deals and some later push their own products.

The sites mentioned below help you buy real Instagram followers and are the best sites to buy Instagram followers. Growing organically is the best process of course but it is very slow and you have to be not only creative and talented but luck is a factor too. So, lend your creativity and hard work a hand and fast track your follower growth.

We took the time to carefully analyze every supplier to ensure the quality, consistency, and customer support that each offers. We do the due diligence so you don’t have to, our listings contain only the best Instagram followers sellers in the world where you can not only buy Instagram followers but also, Instagram likes and views  from the best sites to buy Instagram followers:

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2021:

Recommended Sites Ratings Customer Reviews 1000 Instagram Followers  1000 Instagram Likes
#1. Followers Packages 4.8 Read Reviews $19.00 $19.00
#2. Getviral.io 4.7 Read Reviews $12.99 $12.50
#3. Viralyft 4.5 Read Reviews $12.75 $12.50
#4. SocialPackages 4.3 Read Reviews $12.00 $11.50
#5. ViewsExpert 4.1 Read Reviews $11.50 $11.00

#1. Followers Packages

Follower Packages - Best Site to buy Instagram Followers

Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Read Follower Packages Customer reviews

With packages starting as low as $19 for 1000 followers, Follower Packages comes with deals that fit almost everyone’s budget and pocket. This is the most ethical, highest quality, and customer support social media marketing service one can get, which makes it the best site to buy Instagram followers. One can buy comparatively cheap Instagram followers from Follower Packages.

With other competitive companies providing lower quality services for anywhere between $50 to $70, Follower Packages is a clear winner. Follower Packages is very timely and prompt when it comes to delivering what they promise.

Apart from this, Follower Packages guarantee:

  • Fastest delivery
  • Highest quality in the market
  • Utmost customer satisfaction
  • Pocket-friendly packages
  • Their 24/7 available customer support is like a cherry on top of the cake.

Their team effectively works and makes sure you get the proper amount of engagement including likes and followers within the stipulated time and in the most natural way possible. In a world where privacy is a big concern and personal content misuse is a major let down, Follower Packages makes sure that all these concerns are taken care of.

There is no worry about the likes or followers breaking any terms of service as they are gained in a safe manner. The company provides real and active followers and likes which means the followers have posts of their own and many of which even have followers of their own; which means they stick around for the long term.

Follower Packages understands that it is most important that you build a credible image for yourself in social media networks, hence it strives to provide you with quality engagement by providing real followers and likes. As the best choice on the list, they combine the best support with the highest quality followers at the lowest prices.

#2. Getviral.io

getviral - buy instagram followers

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Read Viralyft Customer reviews

Getviral.io is another popular online platform for social media management. It will help you increase your follower count, likes, views, and comments on your posts depending on the package you choose.

They provide services for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. From time to time they also give good deals. You can get 500 Instagram followers here for a price of $6 and the same goes for likes too.

#3. Viralyft

Viralyft - #1 Place to buy Followers on Instagram
Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Read Viralyft Customer reviews

One of the pioneers in the field of providing paid promotions, Viralyft offers services like buying Instagram followers, likes, video views, IGTV views, auto likes, and more which made this the best place to buy followers They are one of a kind to provide services in such a wide range of the array. They promise:

  • Cheap packages starting at $2.89 for 100 followers
  • Quality real-time Instagram followers
  • No hassle of password and no need to follow others
  • 24/7 customer case with an added bonus of e-mail support
  • Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied

#4. Social Packages

socialpackages - buy instagram followers
Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Read SocialPackages Customer reviews

Operating for many years now, Social Packages promises that it is one of the best places to buy user engagement such as real and targeted Instagram followers. Furthermore, it promises that there will not be a drop in the follower or like counts later, which sounds pretty good.

Furthermore, Social Packages has 30 days “Drop Protection” which means if you lose some followers in the future, it has a guarantee for 30 days to re-fill your profile again, which is a very cool feature.

Fast delivery and the promise of quality customer support, all this in an affordable price range makes it one of the better picks in terms of social marketing service providers. Although not quite the best place to buy instagram followers on the list it’s definitely a company to check out if your shopping around and can’t afford the more premium services available.

They guarantee:

  • Quality customer support for 24/7
  • Affordable price ranges beginning as low as $35 for 2500 followers!
  • Instant delivery

#5. Views Expert

ViewsExpert - buy instagram followers

Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Read Views Expert Customer reviews

Another good online platform that provides various tools and services to fast track the growth of your Instagram account is Views Expert. They guarantee fast delivery and authentic insta followers.

You do not need to put in your account password so it is safe and secure. On Views Expert, a price of $ 6.99 can get you 500 followers and $94.99 can get you, 10000 followers.

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#6. Fastlikes.io

fastlikes - buy instagram followers

Rating: 4.1 out of 5
1000 Instagram Followers: $12.99

Hands down, Fastlikes.io takes the lead in the game when it comes to pricing. Offering 100 followers for just $1.99 dollars, the rock bottom pricing is a major plus point for someone who doesn’t want to shell out much of their cash. They guarantee:

  • Premium real-time followers
  • Quick delivery
  • 24/7 customer support at your convenience
  • Safe and secure payments using options like PayPal

Their packages are extremely cheap as compared to their competitors which is why their services have been entrusted by thousands of people from around the world.

#7. Famups

Famups - best sites to buy instagram likesRating: 4.3 out of 5

Read Famups Customer reviews

The best site to buy Instagram followers and likes, this is one of the most trusted sites to get you up on the ladder of fame. Famups specializes in the arena of Instagram and other services and aims at giving you targeted quality Instagram followers.

It also promises:

  • Great package deals
  • On-time delivery
  • 24/7 customer support to take care of all your queries

They promise real-time, high-quality followers which is exactly what you need to quench your thirst for becoming an Instagram star.

#8. Get Real Boost

getrealboost - buy instagram followers

Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Read GetRealBoost Customer reviews
1000 Instagram Followers: $14
1000 Instagram Likes: $10

Get Real Boost is a well-established social marketing service provider that promises quality followers and an organic Instagram followers growth and solid base.

With a robust customer care team and on-time delivery, GetRealBoost seems to be a dependable option to buy followers. The pricing is a bit on the high side, which might not be easy on everyone’s pocket. Nonetheless, their impeccable services and easy to deal with databases are too good to be ignored.

So there you have it, folks! We scoured the internet to bring you some of the most legit picks to buy cheap Instagram followers and likes. You can actually sit back and relax and see your dream of becoming a famous turn into reality. Although, you might still have some questions clouding your mind before you walk this road. Don’t worry! Below we have answered them for you.

#9. Famoid

famoid review

Read Famoid Customer reviews
1000 Instagram Followers: $15.95
1000 Instagram Likes: $13.95

If you want one of the best online platforms who provide account boosting services then choosing Famoid is a good option. It is one of the more trustworthy SMM platforms where you can buy good quality followers and get multiple likes, comments, and views on your posts for a flat price.

Just choose a package, enter relevant details, pay and you are all set. $5.95 gets you, 250 followers, with a delivery time of 1-3 days and the $2.95 price can also get you 100 likes.

#10. Krootez

krootez - best site to buy instagram followers

1000 Instagram Followers: $19.99
1000 Instagram Likes: $13.99

Krootez is said to be founded by a team of social media experts from one of the top agencies and is focused on Instagram only.

They’re in the game for several years already offering fast delivery of real and active high-quality followers along with Instagram likes and comments. The team promises friendly all-time support to solve all the troubles away, and a moneyback guarantee on any issue of not receiving the chosen service.

They own a database of followers from a worldwide base, and the option of getting targeted fans is also available by contacting their management. It’s more than enough to conquer social media.

#11. FriendlyLikes

friendlylikes - buy instagram likes

1000 Instagram Followers: $18.90
1000 Instagram Likes: $14.90

Friendlylikes is a safe place to buy Instagram followers and likes from if considering the years they are operating. Formerly mostly known as a supplier of real Instagram likes, Friendlylikes now offers a complete list of different social signals such as real Instagram followers, likes, views, and comments – every common boost people are used to enhance their Instagram with.

They promise real-time, high-quality followers which is exactly what you need to quench your thirst for becoming an Instagram star.

#12. CheapIGFollowers

cheap ig followers - buy ig followers and likes

1000 Instagram Followers: $17.90

It is one of the most popular websites related to Instagram promotion focused on Instagram followers, but providing Instagram likes of various types as well. They have a very cozy interface and do not require you to register or to create a profile to buy from them, and it usually takes them from 5 minutes to an hour to make any package reach the host. This service provider also offers 24/7 support from the homepage of their website and have many positive reviews online.

Along with the options listed on their website, they also provide custom services of targeted followers, power likes, monthly offers and other, so in case you wish to get some special service, this might be the perfect choice for you – all you have to do is to contact their online support officer.

#13. Buy IG Likes Fast


1000 Instagram Followers: $18.99
1000 Instagram Likes: $11.99

This website is known for years. They started as one of the suppliers of Instagram likes, and today operate by providing followers and views as well. They keep a “middle way” optimal balance for their services and prices neither expensive nor cheap literally saying “we deliver all the services purchased on our website no matter what”.

Their website promises fast or gradual delivery for their services, you will be assisted by professional and friendly support officers.

You’re not required to start an account there to get their services as well as don’t have to provide your profile’s password. Along with not using cookies, not storing any personal information and letting the payment system operate the transaction, they seem to be a very safe place to buy from.

#14. InstaMama


With packages starting at $6.5, If you looking for the best site to buy followers, then this site is a good option. With promises of fast delivery, Insta Mama sure seems to be staying on top of the industry; the only skeptical part of this being the credibility of follower profiles and the permanency of the followers. Just order and you will see Instagram follower stats increasing and build your business social proof.

17. Socials Growth

Social growth.com provides various services to enhance the growth of your Instagram account. They provide likes, followers, views, and comments.

The process is very simple. Select the package you are comfortable with and enter the relevant information. Don’t worry anything too sensitive. Now just pay and watch them work their magic. For 14 dollars you can get 500 followers and for $35.99 you can get 80 likes per post.

18. Insta followers

Insta followers

If you are looking to boost the growth of your Instagram account for social media marketing or just to gain some popularity then having lots of followers obviously helps.

So, head on to instafollowers.co and check out their attractive services. They have various packages that you can choose from and get an instant supply of authentic good quality followers. Here $3.51 can get you 100 followers and $143.10 can get you, 10,000 followers.

19. Blastup

Blastup is another best website to buy followers where you can buy likes, views, and comments on your posts along with good quality authentic Instagram followers.

They support instant delivery and have various packages to suit your needs. For a price of $2.99 you can get 100 followers and for the price of $1.99 you can get 100 likes.

20. Audience gain

Audience gain

Audiencegain.com is another great platform to use if you want to boost your social media cred. They provide various services for all the popular social media platforms.

So, you can pick can choose whichever sized package you want. We will be limiting ourselves to Instagram for this list. At Audiencegain.com a price of 8 dollars can get you, 500 followers, with no bot accounts. But if you want tons of followers and have some extra cash in your pocket, then for $990 you can get 100,000 Instagram followers.

21. Activeig

When you are looking to opt for services to boost your Instagram account you need to look for certain features in the company providing the services. The delivery needs to be prompt, they should provide real high-quality followers to ensure a higher engagement rate and it should not negatively affect your Instagram account.

Activeig.com can provide this and meets those standards. They provide you with various services at a good price. Here, $4.99 can get you 250 followers and $6.99 gets you 500 likes.

22. Build my plays


If you want to make sure you have a good reach and want to connect to multiple people then social media is the place to go. However, in these competitive times getting fast growth can be tough if you are just starting out.

This is the reason many online platforms like buildmyplays.com are there to help you boost your online growth. Here, you can buy Instagram followers and likes by selecting from their packages. $17.99 can get you 500 followers and $15 can get you 200 likes. They also provide an auto likes option.

23. Social Followers

SocialFollowers.me is one of the less popular social media growth platforms which provides multiple services to cater to the needs of their customers.

They basically help you boost and manage your social media platforms and provide services for some of the most popular platforms. If you are looking to boost your Instagram account by gaining more followers, likes, and comments you can check their services out.

They have a free trial pack which you can use to get 20 followers or likes. They are real Instagram accounts. Here, a price of $2.95 gets you 150 followers and the same goes for your likes.

25. Trollishly

If you want fast cheap and good service from a good social media boosting platform then head on to Trollishly.com. It is a one-stop for your social media boosting services. They have services catering to popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, etc.

They also provide services for Instagram users. Here you can get 100 followers for just 2 dollars. They also provide other services like likes, views, and comments. They ensure fast delivery and 24/7 customer support. So, give your Instagram account the boost it needs by opting for their services.

26. Buy social media marketing

Buy social media marketing

Look, in today’s day and age social media is growing rapidly. This means that the market is warm for social media management platforms to provide services to the ever-growing customer base of hungry Instagrammers. But to stay relevant in this competitive market you have to provide the best quality services at attractive prices.

This is what Buysocialmediamarketing.com is all about. They cater to a wide variety of users from different social media platforms. If you want to buy Instagram followers or likes you can check out their services. For only 2.99 dollars you can get yourself, 100 followers.

27. Instapple


Instapple.com is a website that prides itself on guaranteeing customer satisfaction. It is one of the best social media boosting platforms out there and has got a solid base of good customer reviews. If you are looking to buy high-quality Instagram followers and not some cheap bots which won’t give you the credibility you need then instapple.com is the place for you. Their free trials get you, 20 followers.

The delivery of followers starts within an hour or two of the purchase. Spending $1.89 here guarantees you a boost of 100 followers on your Instagram account.

28. Smmvilla

Smmvilla.com understands the competitive nature of the social media market and thus tries to provide one of the best quality services. They have good experience in this field and provide multiple Instagram services like followers, likes, views, and comments.

Their package for buying followers starts at $5.95 which ensures you a follower count of 250. They have other attractive packages too. If you want good increase in your follower count then pay them $270.95 and your follower count will be boosted by 50000 followers.

29. Glowinsta

Glowinsta - site to buy instagram followers

Glowinsta.com is a social media managing platform catering to users from all the popular social media platforms. If you are looking to broaden your reach on Instagram by increasing your followers then head on to glowinsta.com and buy followers from their.

The followers provided by them are of high quality and are claimed to be permanent. In any case, if you start losing your followers and they do not come back you will get your money back (or so they claim..). Spending $2.61 here will give you a boost of 100 followers.

30. Managergram

Managergram - best site to buy instagram followers

To stay relevant in the social media management market the services you provide must be cheap and good. It’s the golden mantra that will let you stay ahead of the competition in any field. Like many other popular platforms, Managergram.com has services catering to users from all popular social media platforms.

If you want to buy real followers for your Instagram account from Managergram.com you have to spend $8 for a count of 500 followers. They have good customer support and fast delivery.


SMMSUMO has been in the social media managing business for a few years now. They try their best to guarantee customer satisfaction and is slowly becoming popular among many social media users as a platform to buy services from to boost the growth of your accounts.

They have already sold over 2 million Instagram followers in the past 2 years. It is 100% safe to use and provides quick delivery. To get 100 followers you have to pay $3.

32. Appsally

buy instagram followers

Appsally is another website that many Instagram users are using for buying followers. They have fulfilled orders for thousands of followers and have gained some pretty good reviews in the process. If part of your order starts dropping within 15 days of purchase then they offer s free replacement delivery.

The screen and evaluate each of their service providers to ensure high quality service. Here 18 dollars can get you 250 followers.

We scoured the internet to bring you the most legitimate websites to buy cheap and premium Instagram followers.

You might have some questions clouding your mind. We’ve answered them for you:

Now, of course, the things that you have read or found out might seem too good to be true or maybe you have your doubts about the efficiency and legitimate nature of these businesses. So, here are some FAQs that hopefully will help reduce your doubts.

Does Buying Instagram Followers Help in Growing Business?

Will only buying Instagram followers make your business grow? No. To be honest, growing a business using Instagram as an online marketing platform is more than just a numbers' game. You have to keep at it and use multiple different strategies to increase your account reach and grow your audience base.

So, if you are looking to grow your business using social media platforms like Instagram then you have to use multiple different tools to implement your business strategy which will then help your business.

One such tool is buying Instagram followers from social media service providers. Many people choose to use it while there are others who don't. But if you do use it remember how it fits your marketing strategy.

Ultimately, the followers that you buy are going to improve the aesthetics and appearance of your Instagram business profile. These followers will not be the ones who would interact with your posts or buy your services or products. They are there to increase the follower count of your account which will attract other users. Think of it this way.

If you are searching for a particular thing on Instagram and you get a bunch of results. Which account would you be more interested in checking out – the one with a low follower count or the one with a higher count. Most people will go for the latter and that's where buying followers can initially help. But, of course, if your content, product, and service are not good no one will want to follow you and your business will not grow doesn't matter how many followers you buy.

So, use buying followers for your Instagram profile as a tool to improve the looks of your Instagram profile. Then use other strategies to ensure that if someone finds your profile they become your follower and if possible convert to your customer.

Does it Affect My Organic Growth?

It depends on how you use this tool. Let's discuss this a bit. Look, organic growth is the way to go. But it takes a long time to give you some percentage of the expected result. For people who are perfectly fine with growing their business organically and are willing to stick with it as long as it takes then they should go for it. People who just want to speed up the process a bit can look for paid options. One such option can be buying Instagram followers.

If you go through the previous question you will understand what buying followers actually accomplish. It is basically a way to make your account a bit more attractive because there are a lot of Instagram users who gravitate towards accounts with more followers. Of course, if your content is garbage no one will continue to follow you. So, your task is to ensure that whoever lands on your profile should enjoy your content and become your follower. All the tools that you will use are meant to increase your account and post visibility and attract customers to your profile.

So, if you are only using services to buy followers then your organic growth will suffer. This is because the followers you buy are not part of your growth as they are just a gimmick to attract attention. But if you use it wisely along with other tools that form a part of your marketing strategy then it can help you improve your organic growth on Instagram.

Do I have to give you my Instagram password?

This depends on the service provider you are buying from but you can safely assume that 90% or more service providers will mention that they will not need your password. We suggest you not to use websites that ask for your username and password. If they have a really good service that can be helpful to you then go through their privacy and other policies as rigorously as possible.

There are some applications and service providers who might ask you to log in to your Instagram account to be able to use their services. But they will mention it outright that the login process is not happening from their side but rather you are signing into your Instagram account via Instagram's portal.

So, try to go through the privacy and data storage policies of the service provider you are looking to work with. We have done a thorough research of the above-mentioned companies and have reviewed multiple testimonials and reviews. The ones that we recommend do not need your password or even if they do will not store it anywhere. It is not in their privacy and data policies.

How Do I Buy Followers On Instagram?

The simple answer to this question is your search for sites that sell Instagram followers and choose the number of followers you want. Select the payment method and pay for the order. You will receive your followers at the mentioned time. But as you have guessed by the structure of this answer the process is not so simple or rather it should not be made so simple.

Buying followers is a tool that you can use to improve the look and appearance of your Instagram profile. If you are not careful enough and you just choose a site that is selling a tonne of followers for a lesser price then you might end up gaining a lot of fake followers. This will ruin your chances of brand collaboration.

Any brand which is looking to collaborate with an influencer or any other smaller brands or businesses will use various auditing tools to check how many fake followers you have. If you are not careful while buying followers and end up buying lots of bot followers then you will be found out and it will not be good for your online reputation.

So, we suggest you give some time and research as much as you can. Ask yourself – do you really need to buy followers or can you manage it without using this method? If you decide that this tool can help you then search for websites that provide real followers for your account. Also, do not buy tonnes of followers.

Only buy the amount that will help you promote your account better. For example, if you are just starting out then buying a few hundred followers is enough at first. Because if users observe that you have thousands of followers but only a few likes and comments on your posts then they will be suspicious. So, ensure that your overall account is balanced.

You can use the websites that we recommend to buy Instagram followers.

Do they Also Provide Targeted Audience?

Most companies that offer services that let you buy Instagram followers do not sell targeted followers. These followers can be based from all across the world. Actually, the followers that you buy are most likely not going to be your audience or customer. Buying followers is just a tool that will help you attract people who select based on follower count.

This is the reason most service providers do not sell targeted following. But there are certain companies that do let you choose followers based on geographical location, hashtags, competitors and genders, etc.

There are sites like getplusfollowers.com which allows customers to put in competitor usernames and some hashtags which you would like to target. But we haven't checked the fruitfulness of the targeted following and are not sure if the result is better or if the company is completely trustworthy. So, please research well before venturing into these websites. If you do find the services of the website good you can write a review about it on our website.

How Long Do The Followers Remain?

This is a very crucial point to keep in mind before selecting a service provider. Try choosing a provider that provides a high-retention rate. Research well and find out whether the clients of these companies experienced a significant drop after the order was delivered.

The drop generally happens when you choose a service provider that provides your fake or not followers. Instagram and other social media platforms regularly perform huge sweeps in which they figure out whether an account is fake or not and then remove the fake accounts. In a sweep, hundreds of thousands and even millions of fake accounts may be removed. So, if your follower count is based on a fake account you will start seeing a significant drop in your follower count.

Our suggestion is to stick with recommended websites that sell real followers as they are most likely not getting removed or banned and so the chances of your follower count dwindling is less. Many service providers promise to provide a refill if you experience a drop within a stipulated period of time after the purchase of your order.

Other companies will provide you more followers than you ordered to ensure that even after a drop your follower count does not drop below the amount you bought. But if you gain real followers then they will not unfollow your profile.

How to Select The Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers?

We have mentioned this multiple times that buying followers is a gimmick to improve the appearance of your Instagram account so that people might be attracted to it. Let us get into the reasons why you need to take time and select a good service provider while considering buying followers for your Instagram account.

If you choose a shoddy website or service provider to buy your followers from it can hurt your growth on Instagram. Instagram and many other social media platforms have started being vigilant when it comes to fake accounts. These platforms routinely perform huge sweeps in which they remove thousands upon thousands of fake accounts to sanitize their platforms.

So, if you have fake followers i.e. a fake or not accounts following you then you will receive a significant drop in your follower count which might look suspicious to your genuine audience. Many brands use auditing tools on Instagram accounts of people or businesses they are looking to collaborate with. These auditing tools can tell them how much percentage of an account's followings comes from fake accounts. So, if you are found out it can hurt your credibility.

The point you should consider while choosing a service provider is whether or not they are selling real followers. Bot followers are very cheap to buy and can significantly boost your follower count but real followers will be more costly but will not hurt your account. Next, you should look at the customer service of the website and try reaching out to them and get your queries resolved.

This way you will have an idea whether they will help you if you have some problem with the order. Try to go through customer reviews and see if the pros and cons they are mentioning affect your strategy. Keep in mind the followers you buy will not be interactive or engaging and are there to improve your stats.

We have already done a lot of research and recommended some good places to buy followers. But we always encourage our readers to do their research if needed and let us know about their experience in the reviews. This way if we have missed out something we can rectify it and provide better service to our audience.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver The Order?

It depends on the service provider you are choosing and also on the number of followers and the selected rate. The combination of the above factors will decide the speed at which your order will be delivered. If your order is small i.e. a few hundred followers then it might only take 1-3 days to get your order completed.

In most cases, you might end up receiving all your followers within the first day itself. For larger orders, it can take anywhere between one to four weeks for your order to be delivered completely. The delivery of the order will start anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours but it will take time to complete the orders.

Let's take an example. You have ordered some 10k-50k (we do not suggest you do this unless you have a solid strategy as to why you need it) followers and would like to get them delivered. You will start to see an increase in your follower count within a few hours and by the end of the first day, you might receive hundreds of followers.

This will continue every day until the complete amount of followers you requested is delivered. If you have bought a lot of followers then it is better if your count increases slowly otherwise it may be suspicious that you got thousands of followers in a couple of days.

Some service providers will let you choose the rate at which you want your followers or likes to be delivered. You can choose fast, normal, or drip-feed. The price of your package will vary based on the rate as well.

How do I get more likes on Instagram?

The simple answer is to make Interesting, entertaining, and attractive content. But there's more at play here. Let's dive a bit deeper to find out what can help you gain more likes on your Instagram posts.

The more likes you get on Instagram the more is the visibility of the post. If you get enough likes your post can even end up on the explore page of Instagram. This can increase your reach and help you gain new followers who are interested in your content.

So, gaining more likes on your posts is very helpful for your overall growth on Instagram. We have a few suggestions which can help you improve the probability of more people liking your posts. Keep in mind we are looking at it from the perspective of people who would like to grow their brand on Instagram.

  • Understand Your Audience:

This is something we always advise our readers to do. Make sure you understand your niche and target audience. Research your followers and learn what they like and which accounts and businesses they follow.

This will give you an insight into their preferences. This way you can ensure that you are catering your posts towards them.

  • Do Not Compromise With Photo Quality:

You should not post low-quality pictures on Instagram. It is a big turn off for most people. This is because Instagram, at its crux, is a media sharing platform. So, a lot depends on the quality of the media.

If you are looking to become a fashion influencer then hire a professional photographer to take your pictures. If you cannot hire a professional photographer, use a good camera. The quality of the photo or video should be crisp.

  • Learn to Use Hashtags Correctly:

No, this does not mean that you will spam hashtags in your post caption. Research which hashtags work best for your brand or in your field of business.  Choose popular hashtags that can help you gain more visibility.

You can even tag other brands, influencers, and celebrities to your posts. This does not mean that they will notice your post but it can help you become visible to their audience.

  • Have Captivating Captions:

This one might sound obvious but many fail at this. It takes skill to craft a good caption which not only goes with the picture but also grabs people's attention. If you are looking to get more people interested in your brand a call to action can be a good inclusion in your caption. Don't be 'salesy' even if you are promoting something.

People go on Instagram to watch videos and look at pictures not to buy stuff. So, you have to appeal to them in a different way. Look at what other successful businesses in your field are doing and how they caption their posts. Take these ideas and try to come up with your own captivating captions.

  • Be Consistent:

Keep posting good content as frequently as possible. The more you post the more are the chances of your posts getting noticed. Plan your posts for a couple of weeks and make a schedule and stick to it.

The more consistent you are the better is your chance of growing on Instagram. You must have seen popular accounts post almost daily. Some even post 2-3 times a day. This is because it has some positive effects on your growth.

Why buy Instagram Followers?
Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in today's world. It is one of the online platforms where millions of people spend their time.

So, maybe you want to advertise your product or grow your brand. Maybe you just want to be famous or popular. Then you need to have lots of followers on Instagram. Initially, things can be tough which is why their are social media managing platforms out there providing various services for people looking to boost their Instagram account growth. Here is a list of 19 such platforms.

Is It safe to buy more IG followers?
The suppliers on our list are known for their quality and consistency, this means you don’t have to worry about any negative effects when buying followers. It’s important to keep in mind the old saying: “You get what you pay for” and it especially applies to followers. The reason is, you don’t always want to go after the cheapest options as the more premium services typically provide a more well-rounded promotion experience.

This also ensures you don’t face any negative effects such as getting bots or losing followers. By selecting an appropriately priced supplier of engagement, you will build a long term fan base that will establish your credibility and help you rank higher on the social media platform. These practices will help give you a large edge over the competition and make your social media experience that much better!

Is it illegal to buy fake Instagram followers?
No it isn’t illegal, you will not have to worry about the safety of your profile when choosing a trusted supplier of followers.

The reason for this is that hundreds of thousands of users (including big names like celebrities and musicians) purchase followers regularly, this means you are in good company! The social sites might not like the idea, but they are not able to effect a user who buys quality followers as they cannot tell the difference between naturally earned followers and those provided by quality suppliers.

Is buying Instagram followers a good idea?
Yes, It is a good idea when you stick to trusted sites for your purchase! If you want to use your Instagram account for commercial purposes more than personal, then you should definitely opt for purchasing followers, as it can help you gain a large advantage and grow faster than others in your niche.

Our list of websites provides you with a safe roadmap of where you can buy targeted followers.

How can I grow real Instagram followers?
More and more people are turning to third-party marketing firms nowadays to increase their following on Instagram.

However, not all websites are made alike. Many low-end websites based in foreign countries can offer bots in the disguise of “followers” that don’t provide the same benefits as quality sellers. To get Instagram followers, we advise you to check out our collection of trusted websites above.

How much does it cost to buy?
Packages for Buying Instagram followers can come at all kinds of prices and sizes.

While some sites like Follower Packages start their packages with as low as $15 for 1000 followers, other sites like Boost Likes might offer the same for $40. So make sure to check out the list above for the most trusted options!

Will my engagement increase on Instagram?
The key to increasing overall activity is encouraging users to comments, like and follow you.

One of the best ways to do this is using calls to action, meaning; engage your followers by utilizing descriptions that request specific actions. Things like “Comment your favorite place to visit” or “Comment with your favorite memory as a child”, base your engagement requests on the content of your posts.

How do you get popular on Instagram?
Getting popular on Instagram is something on the mind of almost every user.

You can try conventional techniques like making interesting content, reaching out to your audience, interacting with them constantly and so on. However, you can also opt to “buy” some followers and likes if you want to kick start your popularity and save time in the process.

How much does it cost to buy Instagram likes?
Buying Likes is very simple, just like buying followers; simply provide your username and select what photos to receive likes on! Buying 10,000 likes will cost you around $70 on most sites- which is quite a bargain considering the amount of attention it generates!

As discussed earlier, it is not only important to look at the cost, but it is also equally important that you choose the best site for buying Instagram followers. This is what determines how credible and safe your profile is, which in turn is essential in establishing yourself in this massive social media networking platform.

Will Instagram delete my fake followers?
This is the most asked question when it comes to buying followers for Instagram. The question is pretty legitimate given how we sometimes see accounts getting banned and Instagram removing followers from certain accounts.

You have to understand first that Instagram only deletes fake followers not real and active ones. So, as long as you choose a service provider who can genuinely give you a good percentage of real and active Instagram followers then you have very little to worry about. Also, you should use this technique to boost your Instagram growth. You should not comprise providing quality content. Keep being creative and putting out good stuff. Buying followers is just a tool to help you have an edge.

What is the best place to buy real active Instagram followers and likes?

Of course, when it comes to using a service like this you want the very best since you don't want to get banned or be a victim of fraud. But don't worry we are here to help you. The top 10 sites mentioned above have been carefully selected. They are very legitimate and provides service keeping in mind their client's best interest.

You should look for a site that knows a lot about how Instagram works and the algorithm it uses. This is very crucial as the site should not bombard your account with bots and fake followers because it will land you on Instagram radar and you will get banned.

A good site knows how the algorithm works and slowly over the course of time provides real and active followers to your account. The list mentioned above contains some of the best sites to buy real Instagram followers and likes to boost your Instagram growth.

Will buying Instagram followers affect my Instagram account?

Of course, buying Instagram followers will affect your account. Your follower count will grow and if you have bought likes your content will have more likes than before. But if you mean whether this method can hurt your Instagram account negatively then you have to understand the difference between good and bad service providers.

If you try to trust a website that seems very attractive as it is offering lots of followers for very less then you might be doomed as an inexperienced service provider might not work within the terms and conditions of Instagram and your account may be banned. But if you choose a good site like the top sites provided here then you will definitely start to see some progress.

How many Instagram followers is average?

There is no fixed number for the average number of followers. Though a few types of research have shown that an average personal Instagram account tends to have around 150 followers. But one cannot hold this number as the tipping line rather one should compare the followers count to people or users similar to them.

If you are an amateur musician it will do you good to look for another amateur musician who is doing similar things. You cannot compare yourself to Katy Perry for this. So, research accordingly. Also, the follower count you want is also related to your goals. Find users who have achieved your goals (be realistic when you do this) and see how they are doing.

What will my followers look like if I buy them?

The answer to this question again boils down to which service provider you are choosing to trust. If you are opting for services from low-quality providers then the followers you get will be of low quality and anyone can tell that your followers are fake or bots. But if you go through this page and understand what buying followers from providers entails and choose from the best providers mentioned you will get followers which nobody will suspect.

This is the reason you should always do ample research before this. We here at reviewsxp.com have gone through each site and have chosen the top sites to mention in this list. Also, if at any point you feel that the service provider is not up to the mark you can easily provide your reviews here and let other customers know.

Will it work if I buy Instagram followers?

This depends on your approach to boosting your Instagram growth. If you are just focusing on buying followers then obviously it will not work. You have to keep providing quality content.

This method should only be used to lend you a hand in improving your Instagram cred. Let's say you regularly put out your drawings and teach a few things about the art of drawing.

Now, sometimes even if you are already putting out quality content then you won't get the growth you deserve since people might not want to follow you since you have a few followers.

But if you buy some followers and people see that you are putting quality content put and you also have a few thousand followers then they are much more likely to follow you and interact with your posts. This will help you land brand deals from art supply companies.

How do companies deliver Instagram followers?

If you choose low-quality providers then chances are they will send you followers which are basically fake accounts created by the company. Now, they will run a particular algorithm to make those accounts follow you and try to pass under the radar of Instagram.

These followers are what we call bots and will be figured out by Instagram. Other good service providers have real people follow you so that the accounts are legitimate and will be active Instagram followers and you don't start losing your followers. So, you have to do thorough research before choosing to opt for a service.

Will I lose the followers that I buy?

This depends on the retention rate of the company that you are buying from. So, you need to do thorough research and go through the content posted on this site to know about the top providers of followers, likes, and views.

If you are choosing a low-quality supplier then chances are you will get bots and Instagram will delete them. But if you are choosing a service provider who is good at this and provides you good followers then the retention rate is very high. So, learn as much as possible about the site before buying Instagram followers and likes.

How to Verify my Instagram Account?

If an Instagram account receives an Instagram verification badge then it means that the account had the authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, or global brand. When your Instagram verification completes and everything is found to be okay, a small blue badge with a checkmark appears beside your account.

It gives your account credibility and authenticity. The steps to apply for a verification badge is easy and can be done both from your personal or your business account. But it might not be easy to get the verification badge as a lot goes into the verification process.

We will try to list the steps that you need to follow to apply for a verification badge on Instagram and will also give you some pointers as to how to get a successful verification.

What you have to understand is that Instagram cannot give the badge to every account that applies to it. Otherwise, the credibility and the exclusivity will be gone. So, an intense process is followed to check whether your account is worth it or not.

So, let’s take a look at the steps to apply for a verification badge:

  • Log in to the account you want to get verified. It can be your business or personal account but it should be the one you are looking to get verified.
  • Now you have to click on the menu button on your account. The menu button is the one with the three horizontal bars.
  • Once the menu opens loom for the settings icon. It will be at the bottom. Click on the Settings option.
  • A new menu will open. Look through the options until you find the account option. Click on the Account option and a new menu will open.
  • In this menu choose the request verification option which will open up a form. In this form fill up the required details like name, nickname, and the category that your account belongs to. The categories will be listed and you can choose any one of the options depending on which may he’s your account the best.
  • Now, you need to provide government identity proof. It can be an official government photo id proof or if you have your business documents then you can upload that as well. Business documents can be electricity bills, tax returns etc.
  • Now, all you have to do is tap on send and wait. There is not stipulated time allotted for how long the verification is going to take. So, you just have to be patient. You will receive a notification from Instagram once the process gets complete. Depending on your situation Instagram can either choose to grant you a verification badge or deny it. If you do get denied you can apply again.

Now, let’s talk about the eligibility criteria for receiving a verification badge on Instagram. If you fulfill them then there’s a good chance that you might get verified. Again there is no surety.

Here are a few things that Instagram looks for in their verification process:


Your account needs to be authentic. It should not be a fan page. If it is a business profile then it should be authentic and should belong to that person only. Basically, you need to be who you say you are (think about that for a sec).


The account should be unique to that person, brand, or business. Of course, you can have multiple accounts that are meant for different languages but other than that it is one account per business or person. As we have mentioned before fan pages are not allowed. Even if you own a popular meme page it will not be enough to gain you a verification badge.


The account you are looking to verify should be public and visible to everyone. Private accounts do not get verified. After all, if you are popular and your opinion or products or services matter then people should be able to view them freely without having to wait for your permission to follow your account.


The bio of your account should be complete and filled with all the related info about yourself or your brand or business. There should be a relevant profile pic and at least on a post. Of course, it is advisable to post more than once unless you are really famous in which case you can directly contact Instagram to verify your account (we are guessing that’s how it works for famous people).


The last point is where the most stress is at. The other criteria are achievable without much effort. But if you are not a popular or notable public figure, a celebrity or a popular business or brand you will not get verified. Instagram needs to know that your authenticity matters to others.

There are various ways in which you can get popular enough to get a verification badge. Not everybody can be famous like Katy Perry or have a brand like Gucci but everyone can gain a loyal follower base with sheer hard work and intelligent work. If you are a business which has a good follower base, you can try to get a couple of news mentions with your local station or ask other news websites to do a feedback piece on your product or services. The method is to create a buzz about yourself or your business. We wish you all the best in your journey to become popular on Instagram and if you are looking to grow your business on Instagram we wish you all the best as well.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

Social media platforms were meant to be online forums or online interfaces where people can meet and connect. Human beings are social creatures and thus having a way to connect with relatives, friends and acquaintances became popular.

Currently, more than a billion people use social media in one form or another. This made it a potential marketplace where businesses and brands can promote their products or services and generate potential leads and finally convert them to their clients.

This made social media platforms a place that can generate tonnes of revenue and so people wanted to utilize it to earn a few bucks. Today, let’s take a look at a few ways using which you can start earning some money on Instagram. There are a lot many ways but we will be discussing three core methods that many influencers use.

1. Sponsored Content:

One of the most popular ways to earn a few bucks on Instagram is to post sponsored content. Instagram houses billions of active users so any business can expect to gain a few customers from Instagram. But users might not have heard of them or maybe they do not trust them enough to buy the product or service.

So, they need someone to promote their products. This is where influencers come in. Influencers are users who have a good number of followers who are loyal to him or her. This means that if they promote a particular brand’s products then there’s a chance that their followers might check it out. A brand would choose your account to post sponsored content if you have a decent following and the engagement rate on the content that you post on Instagram is high.

But even though this seems promising there’s a lot of work that needs to be done in order to maintain the integrity of your name or brand while earning some cash. One of the initial points to focus on is to grow your Instagram follower base if you do not have a decent one already. If you have somewhere around 15k to 20k followers then you are good to start.

Many businesses look for small influencers as well if the latter matches their target niche. Which brings us to the next point – having a niche. Though it sounds promising to target a wide range of audiences it is not a good idea to do so.

When you want to build a loyal audience base you have to pick a specific niche and work towards building an audience in that niche. Once you have a considerable follower count you can approach a brand and pitch them a deal or you can use various third-party applications or get in touch with agencies meant for managing influencers.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another strategy a lot of influencers are using to make some money on social media. It is different from sponsored content. In sponsored content, you got paid for your posts which promotes the business or the product.

Here, you won’t receive any money if people are not clicking on the links and actually buying the products. Like sponsored content, the advantage of this method is that you do not have to create a product or service but rather all you need to have is a loyal follower base who will be willing to spend a few bucks on the product you are marketing via affiliate links.

In affiliate marketing, you need to head on to the official site of the business you want to promote and find out the option or link which says “become an affiliate” or something similar. Then fill out the necessary details. Once you have gone through the formalities you will have a link which you can put in the caption of your post and hope that people buy the product through your link.

We suggest you always promote stuff that you are using yourself and find it quite useful or beneficial. Also, pick a niche. Don’t go on creating links for random products. Only promote products you believe in. If your Instagram profile is about posting original photos that you have taken then a good idea would be posting affiliate links for the camera accessories that you use.

If you are an artist you can put affiliate links for the equipment that you use. You can often post short videos talking about your process and equipment and mention the links. Be transparent about it and let people know that the links are affiliate links.

Also, try not to be too annoying. The reason we suggest you pick a niche will help you not annoy your followers. You have to understand why your followers follow you and then decide on what to promote. This way the links will be beneficial for them and not be annoying.

3. Sell Your Courses Or Products:

The last way to make some money from Instagram is to promote your own product or service. This method can be quite lucrative if you are an expert in a certain subject matter and people would benefit from learning the subject from you or if you have a product in mind which you believe that your followers will be willing to purchase.

Let’s take a professional photographer example. If you can take really good pics and even work as a professional photographer then you can create a course in which you describe your process and take people to step by step through it to help them become a better photographer. Now, you can either upload this course on any of the popular platforms like udemy and share the link on your Instagram bio and posts or you can have the course on your website.

A good way to promote the course is to take small informative snippets and post them on Instagram. These small videos should be sufficient to teach something new and useful that your followers can immediately apply. This will get them hooked and they will most likely want to go through your course. Now, let’s take an example of you selling a product.

For this too you have to understand your follower base and what they expect from you. If your account is themed around lifestyle and fitness then selling your own fitness gear, protein shake or something along that line can be a good option. An account that deals with beauty and makeup can sell makeup accessories.

The trick is to understand what your followers would buy from you. Then come up with a product that will be genuinely beneficial for them. The same goes for the course as well. We would like to include that you can also sell a service. If people like your photographs then you can offer your services to be a wedding photographer or a photographer for other events. If you are into fitness you can offer your services to be a fitness coach.

Hope this gives you some idea about how you can start strategizing and planning a way to make some money on Instagram. Just believe in what you promote and be completely transparent. Understand what’s best for your customer. Whatever way you choose we wish you all the best.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

The entire post is not just about to inform our readers about websites where you can buy premium Instagram followers. But rather it is meant to help you understand how you should be tackling the marketing and promotional strategies. When it comes to using Instagram as a marketing platform.

For most of our blog posts and topics that relate to growth on Instagram or any social media platform in general, we talk about scheduling your posts and posting it at a time that guarantees more engagement and reaches.

The logic behind this is very simple. You want your intended audience to see your posts. If by the time you post your audiences are sound asleep or are focusing on their jobs then your post will go unnoticed.

So, a big part of your marketing strategy will be to identify what time will be ideal for your posts to get maximum reach, views, and engagements. This research will go hand in hand with your research to identify your target audience and key demographics about them. Once you have all these results you can use third-party tools or online research to find out what the appropriate time.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers:

We have been talking about buying Instagram followers throughout this blog. It is a tool to quickly increase your follower count to give your Instagram account a better appearance. Whenever you are developing a marketing strategy you have to deep dig and research well. The research will help you analyze a bunch of relevant data to make meaningful observations.

Now that you have drawn a lot of conclusions from the data it is time to develop a plan for implementation of your strategy using the conclusions you drew via research. To implement your strategy you will need a bunch of tools. One of the many tools that businesses and influencers use is to buy followers for their Instagram profiles.

They create a strategy that demands buying a bunch of Instagram followers. But a question arises – should you use this as one of the tools to implement your marketing strategy? Is buying Instagram followers helpful? To answer these questions we have decided to list the pros and cons that are linked with buying Instagram followers. So, let’s discuss them.


Let’s start with the pros of buying Instagram followers.

  • Less Time:

This is one of the most obvious advantages that buying Instagram followers can give you. You can instantly boost your follower count significantly without having to wait for a longer period of time. Most websites or service providers do not take more than a few weeks to deliver the followers that you order from them.

Even if you order 100k followers most service providers will at most take a month to deliver you the desired count of followers. Now, this is the completion time of the delivery. The start of the delivery is much faster. You can expect to start seeing some growth in your follower count within an hour of ordering.

Some providers will even start providing the followers within a few minutes after the confirmation of the payment. Also, if your order amount is not that huge, maybe a couple thousand or a few hundred followers, then your order will complete within a few days at max. So, if your strategy needs you to somehow increase your follower count as quickly as possible then buying followers can be a tool to look for.

  • Gain Credibility:

If you manage to find a service provider that provides real followers i.e. not fake or bot accounts are provided then you can gain some credibility quickly. What we mean by credibility here is that people will start clicking on your account more if you end up in their search results. This is something that multiple research and even personal experiences have shown that people will tend to gravitate more towards accounts, profiles, or pages which have more followers and likes.

You can understand this too. Let’s say you like looking at cooking videos on Instagram. So, you go to the search bar and try to search for something relevant like french recipes or gourmet food, etc. You get a bunch of hits as your search result. Now, which one will you be more likely to click on to check out? Most people will choose the verified account, if present, or go with the more followers one.

Of course, you might not like the content of that account and might choose to follow the profile with fewer followers because it has good content but you did click the account with more followers after all. This is something you can achieve for your profile quickly by buying followers.

  • Gaining Attention of Brands:

This is another good outcome of increasing your followers count. If you have a good number of followers on your Instagram profile then you will be able to attract the attention of many brands who are always looking for popular accounts to endorse their products. This is a good way to make money on Instagram. But don’t get the wrong idea. Just having good follower counts will not help you win an endorsement deal.Brands are not going to just hand you money by looking at your follower count.

They will look at the engagement on your posts and see the ratio of real vs fake accounts in your follower count.So, you have to ensure that most of your posts are good enough to generate engagement. What we wanted to let you know is that follower count is a criterion that many brands use to look for accounts for endorsement deals. So, if you already get a few thousands of likes on your post but do not have too many followers then you can boost up that count to attract some sponsors.

  • Helps in Marketing Campaigns:

Having a good follower count can help in marketing campaigns. If your profile has lots of followers it will look to people as if your account is popular, trustworthy, or reputable and they would like to check out what you have to say about the service or product you are promoting.

Of course, you have to target your campaigns to the correct audience who will be interested in such a service or product otherwise they will not be interested in it in the first place let alone clicking to see if the account is credible or not. People will hesitate less in doing business with you i.e. buying your product or service if you look more reputable.

Of course, your other contents have to be good and the product or service you are promoting should be attractive and unique as well. So, if you have a marketing campaign scheduled in a few days you can boost your follower count to boost your presence on Instagram.


We took a look at some of the basic ways in which buying followers can help you. But even if you search for the best place to buy Instagram followers you will have to face a bunch of disadvantages related to it as well. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages.

  • There are lots of Bot Accounts:

Even though most service providers promote that the followers you buy from them are real they end up giving you fake and bot followers. This is something that can hurt your account. Fake accounts are a nuisance for social media platforms. Social media platforms love data. They love to store it, analyze it, sell it, and whatnot. But when there are millions of fake accounts it messes up the metrics and the data you collect can have a few errors due to this.

This is why social media platforms maintain a strict vigilance against fake accounts. If you buy a bunch of fake followers then you might get banned for suspicious activities. This can create a big problem as your online reputation will be harmed. Fake or bot followers are something you should not deal with. You might get shadowbanned. Some users might report you because you have spam comments. But there is only so much you can research a service provider and you will only realize that the followers are fake after you receive them.

  • No Engagement:

Yes, if you do have some plan in place to use buying followers as one of the many tools to promote your profile then you can drive engagement from other users. But these followers themselves will not be engaging directly with your content. This is a big downside to buying followers. They are just there to increase your follower count.

They will not take part in looking at your posts or commenting on them or liking your pictures. You have to do a tonne of other things to ensure that interested users are able to see your posts and then engage with them. Since you have to do so much hard work to drive engagement anyway then why waste money to buy followers when there are certain risks involved as well.

  • It Can Hurt Your Reputation:

We mentioned before that bought followers will not engage with your content. This means that all that they are good for is to make your account look pretty. Many service providers try to attract people ensuring that buying followers will increase engagement and grow their Instagram profile. This makes them buy instagram followers.

But since these followers won’t be engaging with your content their will be a huge disparity between the number of followers you have and the amount of engagement you are getting on your posts.This will make people suspicious and they will realize that you have bought followers which can seriously hurt your reputation and you will not receive any brand deals or be able to gain the trust of any potential customer.

Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

We have been talking about buying followers throughout this post but is there a way to increase Instagram followers organically without opting for services to buy likes, views, or follower count?

Yes, of course, there is. Most people will recommend that you try to grow your Instagram profile as organically as possible. Yes, it will require a lot of time, patience, strategizing, and hard work. But there is no big risk here and every follower that you gain will be there because they are genuinely interested in what you are doing. They will engage with your posts by liking, commenting, and sharing it.

If you are using Instagram to promote your business then buying Instagram followers will be more likely to convert to your customers. This will not only help you improve your presence on Instagram but will also gain new customers for your business which was your end goal all the time.

Of course, you can look for services to buy Instagram followers for business. We have discussed the websites you can get these services from. Here, we will focus completely on organic methods. So, let us look at some of the ways in which you grow your Instagram account organically.

  • Know Your Audience:

This tip is not exclusive to Instagram as it is something that anyone looking to grow on social media should follow. You need to understand what you are bringing to the table and which users will most likely sit at that table. If your interest is in Gothic fashion and you want to grow on Instagram using that as a theme or backdrop or maybe you have a business that sells Gothic-style clothing and jewelry then you have to find out what is the age group for this kind of fashion. What is the general geographical location? Which genders are more interested in it? There are many such relevant questions that you need to ask and get the answers to.

Why these questions? Well, Instagram and any social media platform is a mega-generator of data. Age, sex, location, interest are some of the specifications of this data. Once you can link it with your theme or business you will get your target audience. Try to find communities that have similar interests. Go as specific as you want or as your business demands. Now, that you know your target audience you can try to tailor your posts in such a way that the users will like it. This will help you get more engagement on your posts.

  • High-quality Content:

There are many shoddily shot videos using smartphones that go viral. But that is not something we are focusing on here. You cannot grow your business on Instagram if your content is not well thought out and is of higher quality. What you have to understand is that Instagram is a visual social media platform.

The visual aspect of the post matters a lot more than other social media platforms. So, ensure that your post looks great. If you are not a good photographer then you can hire a professional. If you are selling a service then be creative and create a visual post. For example, if you sell a course that helps people improve their public speaking ability then you can post a short video of one of your students’ progression. Make sure the video is of good quality as well.

  • Post Video Content:

Even without statistics to back it up if you have been using Instagram for a long time, you would have figured this out – Video posts get more attention and engagement from audiences than images. Also, images on Instagram get much more engagement than images on Twitter or Facebook.

This is because Instagram users love looking at good quality videos and want to like, share, and comment on video content. So, always try to come up with ideas for video content to promote your brand or business. Of course, if you only post video content it might get boring so you can mix it up. But try leaning towards creating video content.

  • Maintain a Schedule:

Whenever you are planning to grow your social media accounts, one thing that you need to maintain is consistency. This will come when you will schedule your posts and plan ahead. Most popular brands and accounts maintain a schedule for their posts.Once you have gathered material for multiple posts you can follow a similar schedule or create a schedule that suits your brand.

Understand how Instagram users react to your business field. Look at other similar accounts. Use third-party software to research what is the right time for you to post.  Now, once you have conclusive results from your analysis it is time to schedule your posts for a week. You can use third-party tools for this as well which will automate the posting task allowing you to focus on other stuff.

  • Be interactive:

People like to be engaged with and cared for. So, when a business or influencer responds to their DMs or comments, they feel included and thus are more likely to engage with your posts. You can also create posts which encourage people to share their opinion or voice their ideas. This way you will have lots of different points to respond to.

You do not have to respond to each post or DM but try to respond to as much as you can on a regular basis. Many users might follow you or engage with your posts because of this.

How to Start an Advertisement on Instagram?

There are various types of ads that you can start on Instagram.

  1. Story Ads: These are ads that you can post in your Instagram stories section. It will help you to complement your feed content. Statistics show that over 500 million accounts use Instagram stories daily. So, you have the potential to reach a lot of people.
  2. Photo Ads: These are the traditional normal ads that will pop up in people’s Instagram feed in the form of the photo that you chose while creating the ad. It is a simple, clean, and beautiful way to promote your content.
  3. Video Ads: Videos have a much more engagement rate than pictures. So, if you can post video content promoting your business or brand then it can be quite good. Video ads are similar to photo ads as in they will show up in people’s Instagram feed but will be more immersive.
  4. Carousel Ads: Another popular advertisement type that you can choose to promote your content on Instagram is the carousel Ads. This allows you to promote your content by providing multiple photos in the form of a carousel. When this type of ad pops up in a user’s fee they can swipe to see more photos. This is helpful if you want to showcase multiple products etc.
  5. Collection Ads: These ads are another way to promote your business on Instagram. You can use this to visually inspire and aid your followers or audiences to discover, browse, and purchase products. It will help you convey an integrated story with a product, video or image, or both.

You can start an advertisement on Instagram by following a few simple steps. Now that Facebook has bought Instagram you can create ads for Instagram using Facebook ads a manager. We will be discussing that process

  • Head-On To Facebook Ad Manager:

The first step is to go to Facebook as a manager. It is simple. You can go there via your Facebook account or you can simply Google search for it and click on the appropriate link.

Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account to use the Facebook Ad manager. Nowadays you have to use the Facebook Ad UI to manage Instagram ads.

  • Choose Your Marketing Objective:

To get the most out of this step you have to create a marketing plan for your ad campaign. Understand what your product is about and who is it for. Also, have a set goal for what you want to achieve at the end of this ad campaign. But don’t worry the step isn’t that complicated as the names of the objectives are very self-explanatory.

Also, you can click on the help option to get a more detailed idea about each of the options. But we always suggest you have a plan before starting the campaign.

Since you will be focusing on Instagram ads you can choose one of the following options:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach Traffic
  • App installs
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Conversions

As you can understand that these options are quite obvious as to what the objective of selecting each of them is. For example, if you want to convert your audiences to your customers by attracting them into buying your service or product then your campaign objective is conversions. App installs’ is to prompt your audiences to install your app so on and so forth.

  • Set Your Target Audience:

This is another simple yet crucial step while starting any ad campaign on a social media platform. You have to identify the target audience for your product, business, or service. You can understand this with a very simple example.

If you own let’s say a vacation rental that you are looking to promote on Instagram. Whom should you target your ad to? Teenagers? Or people who are 25 and above? The latter category has a higher chance of taking an interest in your ad since they are probably earning their livelihood and can afford to rent a place for their vacation.

Similarly, you need to also target people who are looking to travel to that particular location. This is the reason you need to plan ahead. It will give you a clear idea about whom to target. Facebook allows you to target based on location, languages, gender, age, etc.

You can also choose from detailed demographics and by detail we mean you can go quite specific like targeting education, finance, life events, etc. You can filter based on interests, connections, and even upload your own lists of audiences which you have gained via analyzing and using various research tools.

  • Pick the Placements: 

This is where you tell the ad manager that you are looking to place your ad on Instagram. This step can be ignored if you want Facebook to show your ad on both platforms. But we do suggest that if you have created a post specifically for Instagram you should click on the ‘Edit Placements’ option and choose Instagram options.

Within the Instagram drop-down list, you will get two options Viz. Feed and Stories. We already mentioned the difference between them. If you are looking to promote your content on Instagram stories choose the stories option or choose the feed option. This will depend on the type of ad you have created.

  • Payment and Schedule:

Now, it is time to set a budget for your ad and set the schedule for its runtime. There is not a set budget that gives the optimal result. It involves trial and error and with experience, you might be able to allocate the right budget for your ad campaign. But don’t sweat it as Facebook provides you flexible options when it comes to ad campaigns.

Once you have set your budget and have scheduled the timing for your ad (one day, week, month, etc.) you have the option to pause, resume and stop the campaign as per your wish. If the campaign is not running as you have expected or the budget is not being allocated according to your plan then you can pause and tweak before resuming the ad. This flexibility is quite helpful.

  • Create The Ad:

Once you have done the above steps you have the choice to finally create the Instagram ad. This part will look different for different people based on the objective and the type of ad they have chosen.

You will have to choose the format of your ad. Now, depending on your format you have to upload the content and as the required description and run your ad.

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