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10 Best Laptop Brands & Reliable Models In 2024

Best Laptop Brands 2018

In recent times, the use of laptops has grown to an extent where they have now become an unavoidable asset. A recent study showed that the sale of laptops has now exceeded the sale of desktop computers. An average individual makes use of a laptop for more than 8 hours and day, and people are now known to spend more time on their laptop than they do for sleeping.

The top laptop makers have launched numerous new brands of laptops in the year 2023. With all the new introductions and most laptops boasting of similar specifications, choosing the best laptop has become a difficult task.

Listed below are the top 10 laptop brands with Reliable Models:


Find All Best Laptops by Samsung here

Samsung laptops originally focussed on manufacturing luxurious and opulent products. Resultantly, their laptops also cost more than the other laptops in the market with similar features and specifications. The designed is subdued and sober. However, they have now shifted focus to delivering more value for money. So, the design remains the same or similar while more attention is being paid to enhancing the feature-richness of the laptops. Their attempt is to now deliver luxury at an affordable cost. The best examples are Samsung’s Chromebook and Galaxy Book. The Notebook 7 Spin also comes with an HDR screen.

In terms of design, the laptops can be considerably on the heavier side, making them more difficult to carry around. That is a major drawback considering the most important utility of a laptop is the ease of portability.


Find All Best Laptops by Microsoft here

The brand falls low on the innovation factor considering they have been unable to make any concrete new changes or additions to their design or specifications. It has, however, come close to perfection with its Surface Pro 3 tablets. The colour and design of the laptops are sleek and minimalistic. The laptops are of a sturdy build and can handle a considerable amount of rough usage, making it ideal for students.

The battery life of the laptops is below average. Also, the choice range of models is highly limited and does not cater to everyone’s needs. They are also more expensive than other competitors in the market.

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Find All Best Laptops by Razer here

With the introduction of the Razer Blade, the brand has proved itself and entered the list of the best laptop brands. It has a strong gaming performance. Though the laptop is much more expensive than the other gaming laptops in the market, the price can be justified with the longer lasting battery life and the sturdy build quality.

Basically, Razer is offering light weight and long-lasting gaming laptops which, though costlier, can prove to have value for money for users with those requirements. The tech support, however, is weak and non-responsive.

  • High Range: Razer Blade Stealth 14″ | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″ | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Razer Blade Stealth 12.5″ | Buy at Amazon


Find All Best Laptops by MSI here

The brand offers an exclusive range of gaming laptops and workstations. This is their biggest advantage over the other brands that have just ventured into the gaming segment with their new laptops. However, the post sales services and tech support of the brand are very weak and unhelpful.

  • High Range: MSI GT75VR-7RF-002IN | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: MSI 7REX-2068IN | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: MSI 7RDX-2069XIN | Buy at Amazon

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Find All Best Laptops by Acer here

Acer offers the most affordable laptops currently available in the market. In among the lowest price ranges, it has a broad range of models that cover most of the specifications of other high-end laptops. While it has ventured in the Chromebook markets, it also offers standard and quality gaming laptops like Predator range. It offers an Apple-styled 13-inch laptop at a considerably low and optimal cost.

Acer, however, needs to work more on the design department because the designing of the laptops ranges from too flashy to very dull. There is no consistency, nor is there a subtle and unobtrusive classy design for any model of Acer laptops. The battery life of the laptop is also not very good, making it difficult to use the laptop on the go.

  • High Range: Acer Nitro 5 | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: ACER A515-51G-54PF | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Acer E5-575 NX.GE6SI.016 | Buy at Amazon


Find All Best Laptops by Lenovo here

It is the largest personal computer vendor in the world. Lenovo laptops boast of a battery life that is better than all the other laptops available in the market. The Yoga series of the brand ranks the highest in the 2 in 1 bend back segment for their attractive and stylish designing, setting lofty standards for the other brands operating in the same market.

They are lightweight and extremely convenient to carry around while travelling or working. While they offer these new-age, youthful and innovative laptops, Lenovo also has a wide range of standard laptops for a more subdued taste in design. For lower budgets, Lenovo also has a range of feature-rich notebooks.

  • High Range: Lenovo Legion Gaming Y520 | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Lenovo Ip320 | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Lenovo Ideapad 320E 80XH01FHIN | Buy at Amazon


Find All Best Laptops by Asus here

Asus has been known to offer the best quality at the most optimal rates when it comes to laptop innovation. They have done it yet again with the Asus Chromebook Flip which has currently become the most affordable Chromebook in the market without compromising on the quality.

The designing of the laptop is very basic, professional and slick, keeping it simple and stylish. The Zenbook 3 is slimmer than its rivals in the same range and still has a more powerful processor. It is also among the most durable designs which can cope up with falls from a height of over 3 feet.

Similar to Dell, the users of Asus claimed to not having a very good experience with the Asus tech support. Also, in case of an upgrade in the RAM or storage, the users also lose their one-year warranty. However, Asus also covers the shipping both ways in case of issues in the warranty period.

  • High Range: Asus ROG Strix GL553VE-FY047T | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Asus Vivobook Max R541UV-DM525TBuy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Asus Vivobook X541UA-DM1358D | Buy at Amazon


Find All Best Laptops by HP here

HP is the second largest PC vendor in the world, catering to varied needs and requirements. This year, HP brought in new innovations in laptop technology by making the laptops much slimmer and introducing a premium design. It offers laptops that suit to every consumer’s needs, and users can easily and conveniently find laptops that fulfil their requirements. Also, as opposed to Dell and Asus the technical support of HP is very effective, useful and prompt.

The biggest drawback of HP laptops is the weak battery life. Additionally, the newest introduced laptop range, HP Spectre X 360 has removed the SD card slot in order to increase the thinness of the laptop which could be inconvenient for a few users.

  • Omen Series: HP OMEN X-ap046TX | Buy at Amazon
  • High Range: HP Spectre x360 Convertible | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: HP 15-cc130tx | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: HP 15 15-bs615TU | Buy at Amazon


Find All Best Laptops by Apple here

Apple’s design is legendary and comparable to none. They are slim and sturdy. Also, in terms of design, the laptops are stylish and sleek. The introduction of the rose gold colour in the MacBook Pro has also been welcomed by users. The post sales customer service and tech support services of the laptops are also unparalleled. Apple laptops have a long-lasting battery life and lightening charging which make them extremely convenient for use on-the-go.

The biggest disadvantage of the Apple products is their pricing. The most affordable Apple laptop, MacBook Air did not get upgraded in the last two years. Also, Apple still does not offer touchscreen laptops. In the quest to make the lightest and the slimmest laptops, Apple laptops also fall short of USB ports.

  • High Range: Apple MJLQ2HN/A 15.4″ | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Apple Macbook Air MQD42HN/A 13″ | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN/A 13.3″ | Buy at Amazon

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Find All Best Laptops by Dell here

Dell has emerged on top of the laptop brand names for the year 2018 with the Dell XPS 13 and Dell XPS 15. Adopting new technology and keeping in mind the modern laptop user, Dell has worked on its design to offer a flawless experience to its users.

Dell laptops have been known for their long battery life. They have added to this the latest 7th generation Intel processor to give the users a much faster laptop. All of these features also now come at a greatly reduced price that have given Dell a competitive advantage over the other laptop brands. Additionally, they also offer a great post-sales service. If the laptop faces any issues during the one-year warranty period, Dell covers the shipping costs both ways.

The only point of contention is the placement of the webcam camera. Also, the tech support of the brand was not appreciated much by users. Other than that, it has proved to be the top laptop brand for the year.

  • Alienware Series: Dell Alienware 15 | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5567 | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Dell Inspiron 15-3567 | Buy at Amazon

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The above laptop brands ranking 2018 have been carried out on the basis of various factors like design, battery life, speed, durability, ease of carrying, and post-sales customer service and tech support. Nonetheless, it is also important to be careful with the usage of laptops.

After getting a laptop, it is advisable to invest a little more in a laptop case or cover. In spite of the durability of the laptop, it should also be protected from jolts and falls. These few precautions can considerably help in the upkeeping of the laptop.

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