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Top 7 UK Websites for Fast and Affordable Instagram Likes 

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We all want that piece of online fame at some point in our life. And sometimes, a little boost is vital for reaching new heights. Have you ever considered buying some likes? In fact, this method of promotion is becoming more and more popular each day. But how to choose the best provider? 

You will discover the list of the top engagement-related services in this article. We hope this comparison will help you take your IG account to the next level.

Best Services to Buy Instagram Likes for Cheap

There are many platforms where you could possibly buy IG hearts safely. Here are the most interesting variants for you to consider.



SocialsGrow is undoubtedly a leader if you want to buy Instagram likes cheap. They have numerous Instagram packages that are suitable for any budget. 

Improving your online presence with SocialsGrow is really easy. What you need is to select your package, provide details such as your IG username and e-mail, and then make a payment. This service values the privacy of its clients, so you don’t need to provide your password.

The likes will then be delivered slowly, in a natural way, from real users across the world over several hours or days, depending on the number you requested. There is no use of bots or blackhat techniques.

Pricing is cost-effective, with some hearts costing at most 10 pence per like. The more Instagram likes you buy, the more money you can save.

Why Should You Consider Buying from SocialsGrow? 

SocialsGrow is a leading marketing strategy and IG marketing specialist. They’ve helped numerous brands on Instagram to grow their online presence. They also have a great reputation and hundreds of positive reviews. Finally, you can find other services for your Insta account on their website. 



ViralGrowing is another good option to buy Insta likes. They offer two types of engagement: real and premium hearts.

The difference between real users and premium likes is very clear. Real hearts are from accounts that have an account photo, but they don’t have any other uploads. Active or premium likes are from active users – those users who are attracted by your content.

Pricing for ViralGrowing starts at $3.29 for 100. They guarantee that all purchases will be authentic likes. They also offer larger packages. Of course, the costs for the big package are going to be much higher, but you do get more hearts for this price. 

And you can add on other services to help you improve your Instagram account’s reach, such as comments, follower packages, and other packs that can help you get more rewards from your content.



SocialBoss is a very similar service to the companies above, offering affordable prices for different niches. They don’t use fake accounts like you can get when you purchase Insta likes on other less reliable platforms.

When you make a purchase, there is instant delivery of the first few hearts, but they are delivered over a longer period to make the likes seem more genuine. In addition, you will get organic and active accounts liking your content.

Getting your Instagram page to a new level is just a matter of time, with prices being about 3 cents per like. If you want to get famous really quickly, you can take advantage of large packages, such as 100 000. 


Using real accounts to supply Instagram likes to your page, Likefy is a low-cost option. They have some good and affordable service options, like a free refill of hearts within 30 days should some drop off. You will get Insta hearts from an international audience. However, they do not have an extended variety of packages to choose from, which may be a disadvantage to some clients. 


MrInsta offers a free likes service. Or you can purchase some hearts if you want. Simply join up and provide them with your account name. Then you can see Instagram engagement rates rise significantly. One of the problems is that Insta likes can be from fake accounts, and they do disappear quickly. 


FriendlyLikes is another social media marketing company that may assist you with increasing your Insta hearts for a variety of posts. When you buy IG hearts on the platform, you can grow your online presence quickly. 

However, several reviews have shown that they don’t have great support for their customers and use PayPal as their only payment gateway, which may not work for many clients. 


Famium is a low-cost option when you want to buy likes. It offers packages for as little as $1.79, and you can buy followers, hearts, and views with ease. All these can assist you in improving the results from the Instagram algorithm. When you buy Insta engagement from them, you can get it from an international audience. However, this company has only a few payment options. 

Reasons to Purchase Likes 

You may be surprised, but you should ponder over buying Instagram likes for your website for numerous reasons. Let’s consider some of them: 

  • A Way to Popularity: For instance, you might be an Insta influencer and want to attract organic followers, hearts, and views to your account. When we buy cheap Instagram likes, we adjust the algorithm so that more people find our account, and this way, we attract more real IG users and increase the ROI.
  • Social Proof and Higher Earnings: With just a few likes on your Insta content, you improve your social proof on the platform. Therefore, you can also earn more as an influencer. The more Instagram fans you have, the higher your rates for sponsored posts will be. And if you have real accounts and not bot accounts, you can charge significantly more.
  • Value: With more fans, you can get more people to see your posts, which allows influencers to be more valuable.
  • Good for E-Marketing: In addition, it allows brands to find new customers and engage with more users. Therefore, they can continue to rise to fame in their business and improve their stats.
  • Easy and Fast: Buying engagement is a quick and easy way to grow a brand on the platform. However, it should be additional support rather than the only option for growing an Insta account.
  • Increased Visibility: Finally, a good IG account can also improve your presence on other social media platforms. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are linked, and a high level of the latter improves your social proof on Facebook.

Buying Insta Likes Safely: Choosing the Best Provider

When you’re looking at sites to buy Instagram hearts from, you need to consider lots of different factors. Of course, you might just want to buy IG likes for prestige reasons, but you need to be incredibly careful when looking for a service to get real value for money. 

Before you make any purchase for real Instagram likes, spare some time researching the service that will help you increase your presence and rankings. Before choosing whether to purchase from this service, our specialists have created a list of factors you should consider.  


Consequently, one of the most crucial things you should perform before you buy an Insta engagement is to review the Instagram packages. What are others saying about this marketing service? Do they offer instant engagement when they say? Is it value for money? Are they high-quality? Or are they automatic? 

Looking at reviews can be important because these are the experiences of other people like you. And who knows, maybe you can avoid some unpleasant experiences after reading the feedback. 

Check out the Website

The following step is to visit the website. Likewise, have a peek at their social media profiles. Although buying Instagram likes is rather affordable, you should make sure that your website presents itself professionally. 

To receive all the information you need, it’s also essential to read the FAQ section. If the service lacks this page, it might not be worthwhile to use it. 

Check Guarantees

You also need to check whether you are getting some guarantees when buying the package. For instance, you need to make sure that the Instagram engagement you are getting is legitimate and not coming from bogus accounts. Any professional service will not provide instant likes that will disappear in a day, and we can prove it by providing a guarantee. For example, services like SocialsGrow offer a 30-day warranty that your hearts will not disappear during this time. 

Real or Fake Likes

Of course, you must also be certain that the hearts you receive are genuine. Otherwise, you are going to be shunned by other Instagram users with genuine engagement, and that is going to cause significant problems further down the lines. 

You can also check whether the high-quality hearts are from active Insta accounts, which will help you improve your marketing ROI. You are definitely wondering how to prevent it. It’s easy – read some reviews! 


When it comes to raising your profile, price is always an important consideration. However, choosing cheap IG services isn’t always the best option. This often means that they won’t use accounts from your target audience and might take shortcuts which can reduce the value proposition.

Therefore, you want to buy Instagram engagement from a brand that offers a mix of value and also quality.


What is the Best Instagram Service Provider?

There are numerous providers of IG hearts online. You need to ensure that you’re buying from a trusted provider, one who can offer you payment security and discretion in your purchase. Additionally, you must confirm that they will provide you with a top-notch service to aid in your development.

Can Instagram Likes to Help a Brand Grow on the Platform?

Of course! If you choose a good service with genuine engagement, you will see the magic happening to your brand page. These authentic likes will help you to get promoted to the Explore section, which in turn will attract new customers to your profile. 

Can Insta Ban My Account for this Purchase?

There is no part of Instagram’s terms and conditions on the platform that stops you from purchasing likes for your account. Therefore, you cannot be banned from buying engagement on the IG platform. However, you must exercise caution when purchasing from a company that sells phony hearts, as this can risk your long-term goals.

How Many Insta Hearts Should I Purchase for the First Time?

There are many Instagram likes packages at very affordable prices that you can purchase online. You need to choose a pack that is suitable for you and your budget. Just a few dollars can help you get to the next level. Later, you can also try bigger packages at a higher rate. 

Conclusion: Top Choice Service for Purchasing IG Likes

If you want to buy hearts for your account, luckily, you have myriads of options. The best sites to purchase IG hearts all have the same criteria, allowing you to buy real likes for an affordable price. 

However, we would recommend you choose the safest option with a good reputation, such as SocialsGrow. This service has proved to be a really safe and reliable provider with lots of services, a secure process, and various payment methods to choose from. 

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