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37 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers (2021)

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If you want to create some buzz or get attention then Facebook is one of the social media sites that you definitely need to utilize. A big part of digital marketing involves social media management and marketing, and multiple service providers provide various services like – buy Facebook likes, post likes, buy Facebook followers or shares to help individuals and brands like to boost their online presence.

The more likes your page or post receives there’s more of a chance that it will blow up and people will notice it more.

So, if you want to get a boost for your Facebook page or profile then you can check out some of the below-mentioned sites.

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers

Recommended Sites Ratings Customer Reviews Price for 1000 Facebook Likes
#1. SocialPros.io 4.9 Read Reviews $27.00
#2. GetViral 4.7 Read Reviews $29.00
#3. Viralyft 4.5 Read Reviews $30.00
#4. Social Packages 4.3 Read Reviews $27.00
#5. ViewsExpert 4.2 Read Reviews $26.50

To make it easier for you, here is a list of the best sites to buy Facebook Likes from.

#1. SocialPros.io

buy facebook likes - socialpros

Rating: 4.9 out of 5
Read SocialPros.io Customer reviews

SocialPros is a social media engagement platform that offers its services for the six major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitter. A seventh option also exists in the navigation bar, but only because they have segregated Instagram from IGTV.

The reason I liked this website is that SocialPros is a simple, no-nonsense kind of deal. You select the service you want, pick a package, provide your details, and pay. There is no fuss and muss, unnecessary website animations, painfully bright colors, or slow loading times.

You get to choose between four plans, offering 250, 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000 followers at $9.99, $18, $29, 54, and $69, respectively. This is slightly higher than what other websites on this list are offering. However, the smaller number of plans does provide simplicity to the process. Delivery times can range between one to three days, depending upon the plan you buy. 

#2. GetViral

getviral - buy facebook likes


Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Read Reviews About Getviral.io

If you purchase a service you want from GetViral on Facebook, you attach value to your name. Facebook fans want to see you personally connect actual people in your company, and create a change in the social networking world.

GetViral helps you to stop the chase and build an aura of trust surrounding the brand without the need to cultivate followers during these initial stages of building an image that social media followers feel they can trust.

A fresh company or brand urgently in need of redesign would have to build a profile on Facebook and establish itself with the aid of GetViral via social networking.

Social media is definitely where they are when it comes to building a brand. Fledgling companies also have to start from the ground up to develop a social networking profile by combat to hard knocks. It is here that GetViral enters.

Wherever the band goes, they’ll be able to offer high-quality dedication to all Facebook needs. They also have a wonderful support network for consumers who will assist you anytime you need it.

#3. Viralyft


Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Read Viralyft Customer Reviews

Viralyft is a medium to gain organic leads on your social media posts, to increase followers, and build a solid presence on the platform. It has a region-specific service, so you can opt for Indian likes, the US likes, or the UK likes, depending on your requirement.

You can buy different packages, depending on the number of likes you want. Just provide the URL of your chosen post or page and sit back to let them do their magic. You can pay in your currency and get real likes, comments, and interaction on your posts.

#4. Social Packages

 socialpackages - buy facebook likes

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Read Social Packages Customer reviews

Apart from Facebook likes, Social Packages also offer comments, post likes, views, etc. The claim they make is that you can see an increase in your fan base soon after 24 hours of placing your order. They also state that it can provide you good growth in the long run as well since the instant likes that you get as soon as you buy from them increase the credibility of your page making it popular.

However, the sudden spike in the number of fans does lead to a bit of skepticism and it does contradict the fact that they claim these to be organic likes which ideally should take a longer time to achieve.

#5. Views Expert

viewsexpert - buy facebook likes

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Read Views Expert Customer Reviews

Views Expert promises to get you a fast turnover in terms of increasing your fans because their entire strategy is based on the premise that if you wait to get likes organically, it takes up a lot of time which will negatively impact your campaign. The good part is that this is where you can buy real active likes and followers instead of automated ones.

Hence, you do not have to worry about your page getting banned or penalized by Facebook since you have real followers which helps you maintain your authenticity. They offer real-time processing within a span of 24 hours of your placing the order. They carefully review your order and strive to make it error-free.

#6. FastLikes.io

buy facebook likes

Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Read Fastlikes Customer Reviews

This vendor makes the claim of helping you get country-specific likes for your Facebook page. They offer a wide range of packages, all of which come with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. They start by sharing stuff related to your business on their own Facebook page which instantly helps spread your reach to 15 million of their own fans.

According to them, they can help you achieve a high conversion rate with 72% of people talking about your page. They focus on three main marketing techniques viz Keywords, Hashtags, and boosting your page to people who share the interest. They ensure one-year retention on fans and claim to provide real likes which are absolutely in keeping with the policies of Facebook, so you don’t get banned.

#7. GetRealBoost

Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Read Get Real Boost Customer Reviews

With packages beginning from as low as $12 for 200 Facebook followers, GetRealBoost is the cheapest and certainly the most affordable place to buy Facebook likes. But when it comes to marketing it is more about the revenue curve rather than the cost curve.

Although they guarantee 100% results, not everything you are looking for is possible at these rates and it certainly can’t happen instantly. Be sure to carefully go through every clause in the subscription before you make a deal.

#8. FBSkip


The advantages we can highlight are the following:

  • They give a lifetime warranty on all the services provided.
  • No automated and software services. All orders get processed manually by real users that guarantees safety and quality.
  • Online consultant 24/7.
  • Targeted likes and followers are available to order.
  • You can choose from Asian, European and USA followers.
  • Gender is a subject to choose as well.

For example, 1000 real facebook fans cost $25; order processing starts in 2-12 hours and takes 24-36 hours of a gradual increase to complete. As a result, you receive 1000 pages likes +1000 followers on his Facebook page.

#9. Famoid


Read Famoid Customer reviews 

Famoid has been a good performer in the industry for the past five years. They offer guaranteed quality likes and claim to be one of the few companies that guarantee their service. Famoid states that the likes they help you acquire are from real profiles and will remain. They help you get real likes from real profiles that are complete and have photos.

Apart from increasing the likes for your Facebook fan page, they can also work on getting likes for your website links, photos, and statuses which sounds like quite a promising offer.

They have catered to all kinds of businesses ranging from small-scale entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. They use the monthly drip-fed strategy wherein they work on a monthly basis to slowly and naturally grow the fan base instead of acquiring a huge number of fans at once. The primary drawback with them seems to be the time takes to grow your likes. If you’re in a time crunch, you might look elsewhere.

With premium support, a team of seasoned experts, and a knack for quality promotion, famoid makes sure you are pleased from start to finish, our tests have shown them as a premium provider without the added premium costs. If you need solid promotion to gain credibility for your page, this is one of the better choices on today’s list!

#10. Follower Packages – One of the Best Place to buy Facebook Likes

Follower Packages
Read FollowerPackages Reviews

When it comes to buying facebook likes, Follower Packages is one of the oldest social media service providers and offers highly affordable “Facebook Likes packages.” Once you have sorted out your plan and budget, you can place an order with them and they will get the job done for you in a snap.

Depending on your budget, they do offer different kinds of packages each of which offer a guarantee for the results and give you premium likes.

They also offer 24-hour live chat support if you ever have any questions or concerns. Their dedicated customer service team will go out of their way to help you to the best of their abilities. With Follower Packages your Facebook page can get real likes from quality accounts. This helps you keep the integrity of your page without the risk of getting banned.

When you get quality likes, it also helps you build your trust. They also offer a guarantee on retention of likes and in case of things not going as planned there is also the money-back guarantee.

When you are working with Follower Packages, you will be working with a dedicated team of social media experts who can guide you throughout your promotional campaign. 


#11. Buy More Fans


The company claims to provide honest and reliable services when you are want to buy real Facebook likes and followers. They also have a professional after sales support team in place if you have any concerns.

Their services are completely safe and risk-free and that none of the customers who have bought their service have ever been suspended. Offering guarantee on retention of likes – you get all the likes you ordered and if someone unlikes your page, they will replace it with a free like.

Like most other vendors they too offer several kinds of packages and a money-back guarantee, however, they are an Australian owned business which might be a bit of a hiccup as you’d rather go for someone who is locally available.

#12. Social Viral

social viral - buy facebook likes

Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Read Social Viral Customer reviews 

Claiming to be the best Facebook Fan Base Solution, Social Viral runs real ads in order to get you more likes. This method does ensure that you get likes from active Facebook users and that new likes don’t get removed.

Although this is a great idea, it is a little difficult to comprehend how something like this can be conceptualized and activated in just 12-24 hours of your placing the order.

However, they do back their claim with a 100% money-back guarantee which says that you will be refilled or refunded if you don’t see results in five days.

#13. Insta Followers

Insta Followers

For budding influencers, gathering followers on Instagram is a major step towards making profit and building a career out of social media. However, it is not easy to stand out and gain real followers amidst so much competition. Insta Followers can help you in this regard by building your presence on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

You can provide links to your posts here, and buy likes and activity on social media. There are separate sections for getting regular and real followers. You can opt for the latter to get organic likes on your posts. You can also explore Facebook tools on this website.

#14. Famups

Famups logoRating: 4.2 out of 5
Read Famups Customer Reviews

Famups offer several packages that are suited to various budgets and the number of fans you are targeting. They also offer likes for web pages and promotional events with real likes although there is no clear strategy as to how they do it on their website.

They do offer very good customer service and have quite some testimonials to support their claim. Also, they claim to begin within hours which might make you rethink the deal. However, if you still want to go ahead, read through their money-back guarantee policy.

When it comes to social media marketing, one cannot deny the power of Facebook and likes for your business page are the foundation of your Facebook marketing strategy.

#15. Socio Blend

Socio Blend

Through Socio Blend, you can make your posts viral in the entire world. You can get page likes, post likes, followers, and comments through their service. Additionally, you can get 5-star fan pages, worldwide sharing, custom comments, and many more activities on social media.

They engage real people to like and react to your posts. When an organic follower engages with that post, they will have more of your content coming in their news feed, which will give you greater visibility. They also have 24-hour customer service to take care of your orders.

Fans Instant

Fans Instant logo

Fans Instant provides the same service in lightning fast time and gets real likes and followers for your post, business, or page. It has packages ranging from 2000 to more than 10000 Facebook likes. You can select your required package, make payment easily through PayPal, and get your order fulfilled in less than 12 hours.

You can also avail of this service on YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc. They have targeted services that ensure that your brand or content reaches the right audience and you are able to build a solid fanbase on social media in less time and by spending less money.

I Buy Fans

i buy fans logo

I Buy Fans claims to offer you Facebook likes at the cheapest rates. It can make your business popular among your peers and customers by providing more likes, comments, and engagement on your content. That helps to build trust and credibility in this world of cut-throat competition.

Their likes are also from real people and give you authentic organic traffic, not bot-induced random response. You can choose to gain followers from the global audience or a local crowd, depending upon your product or content. Just choose your target audience, pick your package, and get going.

Audience Gain – Gain Real and Active Facebook Audience

Audience Gain

Want to improve your profile on social media? Have you used every strategy in the book to get more Facebook views and supporters, but to no avail? We can tell you there is only one way to create a strong Facebook profile! AudienceGain is the ideal forum for growing your dream Facebook profile.

AudienceGain’s specialist team provides a vast range of expertise to understand the prevailing themes across all social networking channels.

Therefore, this ensures that if you have an innovative and creative concept, Facebook is the best and cheapest forum where you can share it, while experts at AudienceGain are focusing on its magic to make it stand out from all the trend updates.

The services they provide include:

  • Facebook likes
  • Facebook photo likes
  • Facebook post likes
  • Facebook personal profile followers
  • Facebook shares
  • Facebook comments

Boostlikes – Boost Your Facebook Likes Fast!

Boostlikes - buy facebook likes

Boostlikes promotes your page to a large people’s audience, and anyone who decides to like it will like it on their own free will. They ‘re not using bots or spam, we’re not creating accounts and we are not using any illegal methods. You will also note that you get a substantial discount when you move the bar to the right to maximize the number of likes you like.

To kick off your campaign give them at least 48 hours. Many orders are launched in less than 24 hours, but depending on your page form, the scale of your order and the scope of your request, the campaign may need specific configuration or extra time. When you find it’s too long and you’re becoming bored with it, send them a nice email and they’ll easily reply.

Their homepage compares well with the cheaper companies offering a similar service. A condensed version of what’s on the homepage of Boostlikes is this: they ‘re of a higher quality, they guarantee your work, they ‘re here when you need to contact us and they won’t scam you.

Services they offer include-

  • Facebook comments
  • Facebook likes
  • Facebook photo likes
  • Facebook posts likes


BuildMyPlays - buy facebook likes

If they purchase Facebook likes from BuildMyPlays, both small and big business owner will increase their product sales. If you’re launching your Facebook account, making it famous might be challenging. Buying Facebook Likes from this site is an excellent way to effectively kick-start your company.

However, buying page likes isn’t all about the numbers or buying attention-it ‘s about the after effect. You will quickly build recognition of your brand and get good social evidence, and you can meet more customers. More likes can boost your competitor’s credibility. What are you waiting for, then?

Features of BuildMyPlays are-

  • High-Quality Facebook Likes- The likes you are going to receive from them are as real and active as you could imagine. Create full profiles, post frequently, and have true friends.
  • Fast Delivery- All your orders should start within 12 hours and finish in a period of a few days. Also, the arrival time may be customized.
  • 100% Risk-Free- They use just the most reliable and convenient methods to send likes to your Facebook accounts. Your sites are never to be interrupted.
  • Guaranteed Retention- They give a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee for all Facebook Likes bundles to ensure that you are 100 percent happy with our services.



There’s not anything that Woorke can’t do with your Facebook profile, from video views to user-likes. If you need a much-needed lift, and you don’t know who to switch to, we recommend you think of trying a Woorke service.

They have a chatbox where you can ask any initial questions that you might have, and if they occur at some stage, get assistance with technological issues. They have a money-back guarantee, as well as positive reviews on their homepage, so overall, we think they’re a great option with a lot of promise when it comes to growing your Facebook.


  • They’re already making orders for their buyers, it doesn’t matter when you ask for it– they’ll start handling it right away.
  • We also love that they ensure their services are encrypted and secure, keeping you out of the public eye.
  • What we enjoy most about these guys is that they have made their apps completely adjustable, and you can pick how many people you want every day and when you want them.

MediaMister – Mr Perfect for Buying Facebook Page likes

MediaMister is a social media marketing firm located in Arizona, USA, and is active since 2012. They have plans for a variety of various channels and aim to offer comprehensive choices that enable you to customize your bought social signals to your needs.

Media Mister is another Facebook engagement company that can deliver quickly and discreetly to likes, views, and followers. Often, they will connect you with various social networking sites, which is perfect because you have the brand distributed across several networks. You basically pick the forum you choose, and you go from there.


  • MediaMister team is armed with several years of practice and skills to narrow down the most successful network of customers.
  • And they will fuel demand for you as you work on your company. They use their industry experience to decipher your sort of market and to sell your profile to anyone who might be more involved in the quality of your message.



Facebook fans play an important role in gaining popularity and appreciation within the social network. Your reputation is demonstrated by a sufficient amount of users involved in your project, which ensures you would be able to create vibrant demand and accomplish the required goals.

Socialboss gives its customers an exclusive facility. Only SocialBoss will give you the quickest and most stable followers (fans) on Facebook. Dozens of Facebook Profile Followers are becoming famous through this website! SocialBoss just ensures fast and safe distribution of true followers.

Facebook Profile Followers will provide the potential to target new users and assemble the intended audience as everyone is interested in a large number of followers’ accounts. Just try their service and ensure you ‘re working with the experts! You could become visible and famous in the shortest time, with the help of Facebook Post, Picture & Video Likes.


Facebook is today the growing social networking site providing thousands of possibilities for citizens searching for respectable development and content promotion. PR companies like Soclikes high nonlinear, efficient help to creators and business people looking for growth online.

This PR company provides shares in varying numbers on Facebook page, message reactions and feedback, based on the pack ‘s size and shipping date. We provide daily and weekly packages that will completely help your Facebook profile in either situation-irrespective of whether you’re already established and have reached your niche or just begun.

Facebook likes profile is one of the basic options for the entire PR structure – if you want to purchase this option from zero to one hundred in the shortest time span, make sure you start. Profile loves to contribute to your credibility, make your page seem respectable and relatable, attract all eyes to your material and support in only a few days to expand your reach significantly.


Soctarget only provides true followers that have actual accounts and contacts. And if you purchase more than 1000 fans, you’ll be experiencing a significant operation on your blog and articles (likes, shares, comments).

Like on Instagram, there’s an indication of the attitude of the people, an incentive to show acceptance or rejection. The more the post likes, the more attention it draws from various users.

Everyone in social networks is aware of the search algorithms. They are basing on the principle of popularity. The more your posts collect likes, shares , and comments, the higher your Facebook search page ranks, which is sure to attract more visitors. Their services make that a possibility because they sell you to purchase the followers who are going to be involved on your account.

Socialwick – Worth Purchasing Real Facebook Likes

When you want to support Socialwick, you’ll become one of over 450,000 clients who have chosen to take their social networking activity to a whole new stage. Besides being very efficient in our work, we are also proud to say that we are among the most affordable social media shops you can find.

SocialWick is the market pioneer and with its cheap costs and excellent market position, the business has improved many profiles throughout the internet.

It is because they’re one of the strongest Facebook interaction agencies out there – they’ve been there since the business first started, so they recognize that each of their customers needs a particular expectation when it comes to their Facebook communication.

Below are the solutions to your questions we’re sure you must have faced while making this decision:

Can I actually buy more likes on Facebook?
Yes you can and its very simple. If you want your Facebook profile to be more attractive, hefty and successful, buying more likes and followers is the way to go.
How much does it cost to buy likes on Facebook?
Buying Facebook likes comes in various package deals. For example, sites like Follower Packages and Famoid offer 500 real Facebook likes for $25 and 500 Facebook likes for the cost of $18.95 respectively.
Is it illegal to buy Facebook likes?
No, it is not illegal to buy likes on Facebook. To be clear, it is not a federal crime to buy likes on Facebook. Its not even against Facebook's terms of service if you buy fake or real likes. They will only be warning you a couple of times which will lower your engagement rate a bit which is easily recoverable over time. Facebook can even remove some of the fake likes from your posts when there are plenty of them. The key is to remain low and not be too ambitious all of a sudden.
Is it safe to buy Facebook likes?
When buying Facebook likes, the quality of the seller is strictly to be kept in mind. If you're not careful enough, you might even be compromising on some of your private information which you don't want to share. Check out the list above for trusted options to buy more real-time Facebook likes.
Will buying Facebook likes get me banned?
Facebook does not ban you for buying more likes. Although, it might warn you at times if it suspects anything unusual from your end.
Why would I buy Facebook likes?

This is a very common question that anyone who is looking to buy any sort of social media services will ask. The commonality of the question does not undermine the importance that it possesses.

One of the first things that we always tell any interested party looking to buy social media services, to boost their growth, is to look into their strategies. Ask questions like – why are you looking to buy post likes? Why are you looking to buy Facebook photo likes? What is your end goal?

These questions will help you set a clear objective in your mind. You might assume that since we are promoting the sale of social media services we will somehow blindly ask you to buy stuff. But that is not true.

The buying of Facebook likes is just a gimmick to boost your stats. There are certain service providers which do claim that they will help you get likes only from interested accounts but we will be talking about buying likes as a general method.

When you are just looking to gain some fame for your fan page or something similar then buying likes can help you. But when you are considering using this to grow and promote your business on Facebook you have to think more. Buying likes itself will not help you. The accounts from which you will get likes are probably not going to become your customer.

Having a good number of likes can improve the aesthetics of your page or account. This can help you promote your page or account better. Think back to the time you decided to like a page or follow an account.

How much of a role did the number of likes or the number of followers play?

The number of likes will help you pull in people for whom looking at your stats is one of the deciding factors. Of course, your business has to deliver a good service or a good product to retain your customer but first, you have to get them.

We suggest that one of the tools to use as a part of your promotional strategy is buying likes to improve the appearance of your account. It can help increase the visibility of your posts or pages.

You have to use various other tools and methods along with this to ensure a better result. Buying Facebook likes is not 'The Method' that will propel your business to success but rather it is just one tool that should be used in combination with various other tools that should form a part of your marketing and promotional strategy.

Why should you choose our list for Facebook likes?

We will try to make a case for our website but it is you who has to decide whether you should follow our suggestions or not. First of all, we have been researching and compiling content related to social media services for quite some time and have gathered a good amount of experience in this field.

We do not randomly put in the name of the sites just for the sake of it. After all, people are coming to this website for informed opinions backed by good research.

We are thorough in our research of the websites and only pick and choose those which we think should serve our readers the best. Our team is always active in understanding the market and reading the terms and conditions,  going through hundreds of reviews, and using first-hand experience to make a decision.

But still, you might have a bad experience, right? So, reviewsxp.com allows users to share their experiences with service providers. We closely monitor the reviews and ratings and based on it we redo our research and update our lists.

So, whenever you arrive at reviewsxp.com to help you make a decision about any service provider you can be assured that we have done extensive work to ensure that you can make an informed decision. Many times we also mention the pros and cons of the websites and also suggest the service providers we think are most beneficial.

How long does it take to deliver the order?

This varies from website to website. If you have been reading this list then you will notice that we have mentioned the delivery time for many of the service providers. You will also notice that the delivery time varies depending on the provider. In general, there are some factors at play that can decide the amount of time it will take to deliver the order.

One of the biggest deciding factors is the number of likes that you have ordered. If you have just bought around 100 likes then the results might be reflected within an hour.

In some cases, it will be reflected in mere minutes. You will notice a significant time delay when you order in bulk. The time that most websites and service providers mention denotes the completion time of the order. Your order may start within an hour and you will start seeing the increase in the number of likes in your posts or photos.

For example, let's say you decided to buy Facebook likes or to buy Facebook followers. You ordered 10k likes. Let's say the website said that it will take 1 week to complete the order. It means that the maximum delay for receiving the 10,000th like is 7 days. Your post might start reflecting the increase in likes in a few minutes but the completion of delivery will take time.

Another factor is the rate that you paid for. There are many websites which lets you choose the rate at which you want your order to be delivered. If you want a faster rate then it may cost more and you will receive your order in just a couple of days and if you choose normal delivery then you might have to pay less but have to wait more. Some websites also provide drip feed which slowly increases your post likes over a long period of time. It can mimic a sort of organic growth. You have to understand which rate will be best for your promotional strategy.

How to buy Facebook post like?

This again varies from website to website. Different websites will have different packages and different payment methods for their customers. Most service providers will have a very clear distinction between the types of likes that you can buy for Facebook.

It will be clearly mentioned whether you are buying Facebook page likes, photo or post likes. Choose the one which fits your business promotion strategy. Once you have chosen the category of the likes you are looking to buy, you have to settle on the number of likes.

This again depends largely on your business strategy. It might be enticing to buy a large number of likes to promote your business but there are other factors involved. What if you decide to buy facebook Likes in six figures but you have a small business? Wouldn't it be suspicious?

Another thing is that the number of likes is just to improve the appearance of your posts to attract customers you have to use various other promotional techniques as well to effectively market your product or service. So, you have to divide your budget.

Once you do this you will end up with a budget specific to buying likes for your post, photo or page and this will be a huge factor in selecting the number of likes. There are some service providers that have different packages with different benefits. If one or more of these benefits can help add to your strategy then you can choose that package as well.

So, once you have selected a package all that is left is to choose a secure payment method to pay for the service and complete the order. Depending on the websites the payment methods may vary. Choose the one you are comfortable with and complete the transaction. So, there you have it.

Do I have to give my Facebook password?

Most service providers will ask you to register on the website by creating a user account before you can purchase any service. Others do let you purchase the services as a guest without having to register or log in. The only bit of information about your Facebook account you have to share is the photo or post link.

This is how the website will know which post or photo to deliver the like to. So, you do have to share your password or other sensitive information with the websites. Many service providers will outright let you know that they do not require your account password and will even advise you not to share such sensitive information.

But what if a website asks you for your account info? In this case, read the terms and conditions. Most websites that do ask such information would ask you to sign in using your Facebook account.

They will mention that they do not store any information and the login will happen via Facebook login page and not on their end. But we would suggest you choose providers who do not require passwords unless there's a very good package that you want to purchase and you are certain that there will be no unfair dealings of any sort.

How can I pay for my likes and followers?

The payment methods are generally different for every service provider. But it will generally fall under four categories Viz. debit card payments, credit card payments, cryptocurrency payments, and payment via PayPal or other similar payment portals.

Choose the one you are comfortable with. One big deciding factor for choosing the payment method is the availability of the method in your region. Many times you will find that your country or state does not allow certain online transactions or maybe you need an international card to purchase the service. Our suggestion is to go through each service provider and look at their payment methods and see if you can pay for the service.

Does it help to make my page verified?

Yes, it helps to make your Facebook page verified otherwise why would such an option be available. There are various reasons why one should consider doing it the main being the page ranking on Facebook.

The verified pages usually show up higher in search results. So, it increases the probability of people finding your page thus increasing the page's visibility. Once you start growing your page and business being verified will protect you from copycats and will let your clients and your potential customers know that it is your page that is original and the one which should be followed or liked.

Being verified on Facebook means that Facebook has taken extra steps to review your page. This means the platform trusts your page. This will ensure that your page comes up when people search for something similar.

Another reason can be building a sense of trust around your brand. If your page is verified people are more likely to choose yours over another page which is not verified. It shows people that you have taken extra steps to ensure that Facebook verifies your page and ads you to its trusted list. It will portray your brand as a legitimate one.

Verifying comes with other advantages like getting access to the branded content tool, which otherwise you have to apply for. Creating branded content adds another layer of legitimacy and authenticity to your brand. So, if you have a verified page you can tap into all these benefits to increase your visibility and attract potential customers. This will help you grow your brand.

So, if you are looking to grow your brand on Facebook we do suggest following the extra steps to get your page verified.

Does it affect while getting my Facebook page verified?

There are two verification badges that Facebook hands out to accounts it deems worthy. First is the blue tick one is mostly for celebrities and VIPs who drive engagement from a huge number of users. Second is the grey one which any legitimate business owner can get.

So, if your business is legal and you can prove its legitimacy there shouldn't be any problem getting the grey verification batch on Facebook. But to get the blue tick you have to prove to Facebook that you are an important person or celebrity and people care about what you have to say. This goes way beyond likes.

Doesn't matter if you have hundreds of thousands of likes on your page. People need to view you as a recognizable person i.e. a celebrity, politician, public speaker, etc. People should identify you and should be willing to spend time engaging with you or your content. Then there's a chance that Facebook will verify you.

Getting your business page verified with the gray checkmark is comparatively quite easier. You need to prove to Facebook that your business is legitimate and they will ask for documents and review them. If everything is in order your page will get verified. This has very little to do with likes.

Will, the new user find out that I have bought likes?

This is another question that irks many people who buy likes. What if people find out that I bought likes? Well, if they find out then there can be negative criticism. People will think that your business is ingenuine. This is the reason we always suggest that if you are looking to market your brand on Facebook or on any social media platform then your product or service should speak for itself.

Buying likes or followers should just be a gimmick for you to promote your brand. It should not be defining your brand. But still, you would want to minimize the chances of people finding out. You can choose service providers who provide likes from real accounts. This way if any interested party starts checking the accounts from which the likes came then they can be convinced that the users are real.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that you do not want to end up looking suspicious. If your page has thousands of likes but when a person scrolls to your posts or photos they find very little engagement then they might start suspecting your page. So, try to balance your strategy in a way that you can gain maximum benefits from buying likes.

Your strategy should ensure that once a person comes to your page they stay on it and end up becoming your customer or follower. Try to generate stats (likes, views, comments or followers) as organically as possible. Use buying likes as a tool to help you achieve that.

Does it help me to increase my earnings?

No, just buying likes will not increase your earnings. You have to use it as a tool in combination with other methods that you have decided to use as a part of your social media marketing strategy. If you use buying likes as one of the methods to help bring in new customers then it might help in increasing your revenue. But just buying likes will not guarantee any increase in your earnings.

How many post likes you need to buy?

This depends on your marketing strategy. When you are looking to promote your brand on Facebook or any other social media for instance you need to have a solid strategy. Decide on the tools that you are going to use to promote your business, product or service. Then if one of the tools entails buying likes for your posts on Facebook then decide on how many likes to buy. If you are a small business then buying too many likes is going to be suspicious.

Also, if you are going to buy likes for one post then you have to ensure that your other posts reflect similar stats otherwise people will be suspicious. Do not buy a huge number of likes just for the sake of it. Understand what you want to achieve. Look at your competitors and see how well their posts are doing.

Then decide on a number of likes to buy. Your decision should come from your understanding of the marketing strategy. What do you need these likes for? Most of the time you will buy likes for attracting more people to your posts. You should factor in the size of your company and the popularity of your Facebook page before deciding on an amount.

For example, if you just have a thousand fans or likes on your business page but your business page post has 10,000 likes that you bought then it won't help you at all and people will get suspicious. Buy the amount you need to promote your business. Ultimately, the likes that you garner organically will be the interested followers or customers.

How do I know is it real or fake?

If you want to check if alike is from a real or fake account you need to visit that account. Read the profile and bio and look at the profile picture. Then check since when the account has been active on Facebook. Look at the posts and the pictures that have been uploaded. It will be very easy to spot a fake account if you go through the above methods.

Something will smell fishy. Use reverse image search to see if the profile pic is a random image picked from Google. See if the posts make any sense. Are they even cohesive? Most likely in fake accounts, there will be no posts and if there are it will be mostly ads or links that the account is trying to promote.

Many fake accounts do not have a profile picture. See if all the pictures are perfect. Most real people will have images of lower resolution with messed up angles and lighting. Check the friend list of this account and recursively check for the above criteria. See, whether the URL matches the name of the profile.

There are various other criteria as well. You can do a quick Google search about the methods. But in general, just use your own judgment. You have a Facebook profile and your friends have one too. Does this account have any similarity to yours or people that you know of?

Pros and Cons of  Buying Facebook likes

Facebook is a giant when it comes to social media platforms. There are hundreds of millions of active users on Facebook which gives it a huge potential to be a marketing tool. Hundreds of businesses, big or small, use Facebook to promote their products and services.

Currently, Facebook offers multiple different avenues, tools and methods to business owners who would like to use Facebook as a marketing tool to sell their services or products.

There are many social media service providers who understood the importance of Facebook as a marketing tool and started providing various services to help people boost their presence on this platform. One such service was providing Facebook likes. Let’s try to understand the pros and cons of this service objectively.


  1. It gives instantaneous results:
    Whenever you buy facebook page Likes, post, or photo, the time is taken to gain these likes is much less than the time it would have taken you if you would have set out to gain these likes organically. So, you can get an instant boost in the stats of your page, post, or photo.
  2. An incentive for people to pay attention:
    One of the things that we can infer from social media platforms is that most people would want to look at a post or a page if it has lots of likes or comments. They will prefer a page with more likes than trust a page which has less. So, having more likes can help you attract new people.
  3. Showing up in search results:
    If your page has a good number of likes from legitimate accounts then there’s a higher chance of your page showing up in people’s searches than pages with very little likes. This can help you bring in new customers or users who were able to find your page when they searched for products or services that you sell.


  1. Lack of intended users:
    We have mentioned it multiple times that buying likes is just a gimmick to improve the aesthetics of your post or page. It will not directly fetch your revenue or customers. The accounts from which you get likes are not interested in the content you put out as they just liked your content because you bought a bunch of likes.
  2. Chance of getting fake likes:
    We always advise our readers to do thorough research of their own as well. There are many service providers who end up providing fake likes to the customers. Fake likes can be easily found out and also Facebook routinely deletes lots of fake accounts. So, you will get a significant drop in the number of likes that you purchased.
  3. Users becoming suspicious:
    If you do not have any specific strategy for marketing and you just end up buying a bunch of likes there’s a high chance that people will get suspicious. For example, if your business page has thousands of likes but your posts only get 50-100 likes then obviously people will think it’s fishy. This can hurt the credibility of your business. So, please devise a solid strategy and use buying likes as a tool to help you get to a point where you can grow organically.

Best Time to Post on Facebook

This is quite an important point to think about and have a solid plan for while deciding on your social media marketing strategy. Understanding when to post on Facebook can greatly improve your post visibility. This, like many other points that we touched on or will be discussing, to depends a lot on your business, location, and intended audience.

You cannot generalize and find out a time that will work for everyone. Thousands of stories are being posted on Facebook every time you post your content. So, you need to keep in mind that you are competing with thousands of such posts.

Your job is to find out how to stand out and ensure that out of the hundreds of stories that are in the news feed of your target audience they choose to look at your post. This is quite a big topic and deserves an entire article but here we will just summarize a few points to help you get started.

Analyze your data:

You need to crunch the numbers and use your analytics tools to understand your customers. Facebook does provide enough insight into people who have liked your page and are your audience. You need to do thorough research of your audience to have a good understanding. This will greatly help improve your business strategy and in turn, will bring growth. Once you understand your audience you will get an idea when they are generally active or when it is more likely that they will see your post.

Learn to use Facebook tools:

Facebook provides a bunch of tools for you to analyze the data of your posts, audiences, and various engagements. Tools like insight can help you figure out which posts have been more successful and during which time most of your audience is active. You have to do a lot of time analyzing these insights into your audience and business page to come up with the right time to post.

Understand the relevance of your product:

Let’s say you sell t-shirts and you are coming up with new designs based on the NBA theme. So, you should start posting during the time when there’s more buzz about the NBA. Similarly, if you are bringing a design that has something to do with a certain festival or a certain day (say father’s Day) then you have to start posting regularly for a couple of weeks before the actual day. Similarly, if you deliver food online then find out what’s the time when most people are looking to grab a bite.

You can invest in third-party tools:

Once you start growing than just using Facebook tools to analyze your growth and audience will not be enough. You will need to research with more variables and there are many third-party applications that help you do just that. These applications use advanced algorithms to help you get a much better conclusion of the data that your business page has accumulated.

But still, if you just want a general idea to get started you can visit sproutsocial.com as they have done a detailed analysis of this.

How to Use Facebook for Business?

Facebook has become one of the most influential and popular social media platforms with hundreds of millions of active users. We have talked about it before, that when there are so many active users regularly it gives the platform the potential to become a marketplace.

Businesses can advertise and market their products and services to the users and gain new customers in the process. New customers bring in more revenue and so your business grows. This is why you will see multiple social media service providers providing services like ‘buy Facebook followers’, ‘buy Facebook likes page likes’, ‘buy real Facebook likes’ so on and so forth.

Many people use these services as one of the many tools in their social media marketing strategy to help their business flourish online. The keyword to focus on in the above statement is strategy. You need a solid one to ensure you are at the top of your game and are gaining more customers. Let’s look at how you can use Facebook for your business. There are a lot of things that you can do in this regard but we will be focusing on a few basic points to get you started.

Create your Business Page:

This is the first mandatory step that you need to complete in order to get your Facebook marketing started. Your business needs a page on Facebook. It is simple and free to create a page. You do need a personal Facebook profile to create a Facebook page. Choose the type of page it is. In your case, it should be business/brand. Add a description of your business. Be precise, so that people can easily understand what it is all about.

Customize your business page:

Once you have been able to create your business page the next step is to start customizing it to suit your business needs and strategy. The profile pic of this page can be your business logo or brand name. Be consistent with it. Your clients should be able to easily identify you.

You can add multiple page sections to customize your business page. One of the most important sections is the About section where you should put all business-related information including website URL.

Other sections include the community section, the as section, the reviews section, the offer section, the services section etc. Each has its own utility. Learn about each section and implement them on your page as you see fit.

All you have to keep in mind is that when a potential customer lands in your page they have all the information they need about your business and if they want to buy your product or service, leave a review or interact with you or other customers, they can.

Learn About Your Audience:

Thorough research on your target audience is needed. You need to understand who your audiences are on Facebook. What is their location? When are they active? Which page do they generally follow? What are their likes and dislikes? Having this information can help you plan your content better and thus, help promote your business more effectively.

Be Interactive:

Customers love personalized care and services. They do not want to be blatantly sold stuff. People like it when a business or brand shows that they care. Try responding to messages and comments as much as you can. If someone provides a negative review, reach out to them, and understand what went wrong. It will show people that you genuinely care about your customers and thus help grow your brand.

Use Facebook messenger as clients will generally be comfortable using it. Facebook tracks how quickly and how often you respond to messages.

This way Facebook lets clients know how long they have to wait for a reply. You can guess that customers will like it if the response time is low.

Learn to use Analytics, Publishing, and Various Other Tools:

Facebook provides various tools to track your page’s progress and a lot of insight into your audience and their interactions with your page. You can see how many people like your page and various data on other activities like events and posts.

By looking at data related to the interaction of audiences with your posts, events and campaigns you can understand the effectiveness of your strategy. When you are just starting out the insight tool provided by Facebook can help you quite well to set up your marketing strategy.

So, understand how to use it.You can use publishing tools to schedule posts and events to go live on a certain date at a certain time. Automating these tasks can help you better manage your time. You can schedule events and posts that you need to publish for a couple of weeks.

Now, you can focus on other stuff while not having to worry about posting manually. Use various third-party tools to gain more meaningful insights on your page data to better your strategy.

There are many other methods to use Facebook effectively for business. We have talked about the basics to get you started. So, take your time and research.

How to use Facebook for Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a sort of word-of-mouth marketing wherein individual representatives conduct person-to-person sales. You need to build a network of representatives who are interested in your opportunity and are willing to advertise or sell your product.

Basically, the reps in your network will have a network of their own where they can advertise or sell your product, service or idea. As you all know that Facebook is probably one of the most used social media platforms. Hundreds of millions of people are active on Facebook on a regular basis which makes it quite a suitable tool to use for network marketing purposes.

One thing that you have to understand that using social media for business is very much different from using social media in general. There are certain tactics and rules that you have to adhere to if you want to be effective while using social media platforms as your marketing tool.

Following these basic directions will make you look more professional and thus you would be able to attract professionals like yourself to your network and thus improve the standards of your network marketing. So, let’s look at some key points that you can take note of to better your network marketing on Facebook. These points will also help if you are just beginning your network marketing journey.

Have a Goal:

You need to have a goal set in place before you venture into network marketing. This is true for any marketing strategy. If you do not have a set goal then it is easy for you to stray from your path.

So, how can you get goals for Network Marketing on Facebook? Basically, what you need to understand is there are short-term and long-term goals. You cannot confuse one with the other.

Long-term goals will take a lot of time, patience and effort.

Short-term goals are ones that you would like to realize in the recent future. Setting reasonable short-term goals and working towards achieving them is the key to effectively reach your long-term goal.Your long-term goal can be to create an intensive network or community of professionals who help each other to grow their businesses.

So, basically, a mutually beneficial community where each member is in a sort of symbiotic relationship with others. A short-term goal can be to increase your network by 5-10 professionals in a couple of weeks.

Building good and trustworthy relationships with people that would join your network is one of the basics to keep in mind. You have to provide them with opportunities and help them as well.

Grow Your Warm Market:

You might be wondering what a warm market is? Basically, a warm market consists of people with whom you have a two-way relationship. You talk to them, trust them and they reciprocate with similar actions. So, it is a market of people whom you already know.

Since people in a warm market already know you and are interested in you, they will be more welcoming to your prospective opportunities than people who have no idea about you.

They will even be willing to use their network to help promote your prospects. But you might have a question at this point – isn’t my warm market limited? How many people does someone actually know who would also be interested in their prospects? You are right. The warm market is limited.

Also, if people in your warm market are just your friends and families then there’s a good chance that you will not find many people who have the same interest or ideas as you.So, you should start filling your warm market with people who might be interested in similar things and would hopefully promote what you sell or help you out.

A targeted warm market can help you a lot more than posting and trying to attract random users who do not know you. Spend time in building your friend-list.

Professional Vs Personal Account:

As we mentioned before using social media for business is very different from using social media for connecting with friends and families. So, we suggest that you keep a separate profile for your business needs and customize this profile to look professional and welcoming.

Use this profile to connect with friends and family members who have your interest and would want to be in your network. Start connecting with people who seem to share your interest. Break the ice. Comment on their posts. Reply to their comments on your posts.

Start building a trustworthy relationship with them. Help them when you can and they will return the favor.

Make sure that your professional account has your picture which clearly shows your face.

Get a professional photo taken if possible. Just ensure that when people inspect your profile or land on your account they should feel welcomed. Try not to use your products in your profile pics even if you are present in the picture. Write a bio that lets people know who you are and what you strive for. Do not start pitching your product in bio directly. Many people will be turned off by that.

Learn What to Post, When to Post and When to Bring up the Opportunity:

You have to use your common sense and social media marketing experience to understand what would be good content to post. Think about posts that you might want to click on.

Would you click on it if it is blatantly trying to sell you stuff or promote stuff? You are want to post something which will engage your network. The post should not lessen your authority but rather build it.If your post looks like a sales pitch or something out of a scam website then you will try people away.

Do not start sending a link for the opportunity to people whom you have befriended. Make a genuine effort to build a positive relationship with them. Once you are on good terms then when you are discussing each other’s interests you can talk about what you do and then if they are interested (chances are they will be if you befriended them keeping in mind that you share similar interests) you can let them know of the opportunity.

Marketing is a science as well as an art and the strategies you follow must always be in keeping with the guidelines of Facebook.

So, when you are out there to buy likes for your Facebook Page, make sure you completely understand what the vendor is offering and how it is going to benefit you long-term. As far as where you should begin your search for service providers is concerned, this list can help you get started and choose the best site to buy Facebook likes.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur or an aspiring musician and need to kick start your career through social media, then worry not! We have scoured the internet for you to bring you some of the best and most trusted sites where you can buy targeted Facebook followers.

You might still be clouded by a few basic questions before you actually head on to your purchase.

Some Statistics on Facebook 

  • An April 2018 report said that in the US alone there were 240 million active monthly users which is the largest audience on Facebook.
  • While the global penetration rate of the social network stood at 39%, in US it was 66%. 79% of the Americans who use the internet also have a presence of Facebook.
  • Average American logs onto his Facebook profile page 12 times a day to check for updates from friends and businesses pages he has liked. They spend an average of 25.29 minutes of Facebook per day as per an estimate by eMarketer.
  • 62% of these respondents had used Facebook to look for live events.
  • 52% of these active users had found a new retail product that they were interested in buying via Facebook.
  • 26% of the Facebook users who click on an ad, end up making a purchase.
  • 89% of Supermarket shoppers prefer Facebook.

Your Business/Brand needs to be popular on Facebook

Given the widespread usage of Facebook, it is pretty obvious that this social network represents a huge market for your social media efforts. No wonder there are 70 million business pages on Facebook. However, in this rapidly advancing world and with this kind of competition, it is also very difficult to stand out from the crowd. The good news is – 98.5% of businesses who used Facebook said that it gives the best ROI among social networks.

The bottom line here is that the customers you are looking for are already on Facebook, the only thing you need now is to get them to turn their heads towards you – in other words, have them like your page.

Once this has been achieved you will be able to share regular updates with them about your latest product launches, and every other event that helps you make a sale.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Likes are very important when it comes to Facebook marketing. The number of likes your page has is directly proportional to its popularity. Whether you are looking for lead generation, more brand exposure, or website traffic, your Facebook business page makes a sizeable contribution towards your business goal.

Every minute, Facebook generates 4 million likes and your goal is to get a good chunk of this for your business page because this is a critical part of your marketing strategy. In order to get more likes, you should have:

  • Well crafted Facebook page.
  • Post  relevant and high-quality content
  • Run Facebook ads in order to expand your search – you can use Facebook algorithms and insights to help you with this. Video ads are the most important ones that drive people to like your page.
  • Engage consistently and at the right times. (most of the engagement happens midweek between 1 – 3 PM and on Thursdays and Fridays). Images and Infographics are a great way to increase engagement on Facebook.
  • Engage with other brands in your niche.
  • Run Facebook contests
  • Add a personal touch and be responsive on your Facebook page

If you think all of this (and these strategies are only a few of the 50 other promotional strategies there are) is too much work for you, what you can do is simply buy Facebook likes.

How to Do Promotions on Facebook?

If you decide to use Facebook as your social media marketing platform then one thing that you will be doing a lot is posting advertisements on this platform. So, as soon as you understand the basics of posting ads on Facebook using Facebook ads it is better. Many people do try to leverage their network and use various tools to figure out how to reach maximum audiences.

Most of them end up using Facebook ads as one of their tools to ensure that their content can have maximum reach. But as you would have guessed that Facebook ads are not free. You have to pay for it.

So, you might be in a doubt about the return on your investment. We will try to summarize what ‘Facebook ads’ is all about, how you can get started. So, let’s get into it.

Set Some Goals for Your Ad Campaign

Before we get into how to start your Facebook Ad Campaign we have to talk about something very important – setting goals. This is a very crucial step as you need to formulate a strategy to ensure that your ad campaign is effective. If you have a set goal it also allows you to measure the outcome of your ad campaign.

Let’s take an example of a goal for an ad campaign. You own a bakery that delivers cupcakes and various other confectionery products to customers. To increase your sales you have decided to launch an ad campaign on Facebook via your business page. You have set a goal of gaining 10 new customers in a month and that is what you want to achieve with this ad campaign.

So, having a tangible business goal can help in measuring the performance of your ad. Also, while creating an ad you have to select a couple of options that directly relate to your goal. So, let’s get into the steps of creating a Facebook Ad.

Steps to create a Facebook Ad

Go to your business page and click on the blue button on the lower left. This will kick-start the process.

Choose How to Grow Your Business:

Once you are done with the first step the next step is to choose from 8 or more options on how you want to grow your business. This is where your set goals come into play.
If you are looking to increase the traffic on your fashion blog or tech website then you need to choose the Get more website visitors option.

Similarly, if you are looking to find more potential customers then you have to select the Get More Leads option. So, your goals will help you choose the correct option.

Customizing the Ad:

Once you settle on how you would like to grow your business, the next step is to customize your ad by adding relevant texts and images. Your image should clearly reflect what you are promoting.
If it’s a new product like a new cupcake for the Halloween season then the picture should be of that cupcake.

If it is any sale or discount related promotion then use a catchy image to convey the message. The text should not be boring. Also, don’t be too pitchy or salesy. It turns people off. Come up with something catchy which at the same time clearly describes what the ad is for.

Selecting the target audience:

This is a very crucial step. If you do not have any idea about your target audience or for whom you are making this ad campaign for then you would likely see very underwhelming results from the campaign. So, before you begin to understand your customers well and know about your target audience.

What is the age demographic? What is the geographical location? Ask and answer such questions.

Facebook will provide various options using which you can fine-tune your promotion to your target audience and thus, maximize your result.

Selecting a Budget and duration:

Here again, your set goals and strategy come into play. You need to be clear about ten amount you need to spend to get the desired result. Research as much as possible so that you can select a good budget for your ad. Then you have to select the duration for which you want your ad to run. Again this comes from your desired goals and your marketing strategy.

Facebook will help you in this regard by giving you an estimate on how many people you will be reaching per day with your ad.

You adjust your budget accordingly to align it with your goals. Now, just select a payment method and pay for the ad. Facebook will review the ad to see if any of their policies are violated if not your ad will start to run right away.


If your ad is not generating the desired results and you still have some days left you can pause your ad and edit it before resuming it.

How to start Facebook Ads?

Earlier we talked about Facebook ads in terms of page promotion. You were directly able to create an ad from your business page. Under this section, we will take a look at how to create Facebook ads using the ad manager. Ad Manager is a tool provided by Facebook to create ads to promote your business. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to start a Facebook Ad.

Before we get into the steps we would like to tell you that you need to set a goal before starting an ad. We highly recommend it because it will help you measure your ad’s success and will also help you in tailoring the ad to ensure maximum return on your goal. So, have a goal in place beforehand. Let’s get into the steps.

Select the Objective:

You need to log into the Facebook Ad manager. You need to have a business page for this. When you have logged in you have to select the campaign tab and click on the create button. Facebook will provide you with 15 objectives to choose from. Choose the one which aligns with your business goal.

Most of the objectives are self-explanatory. For example, if you are looking to attract new customers or users to your business or brand then you will have to create a campaign with the objective – brand awareness.

If you want to gain new leads for your sales funnel you can select the lead generation objective. If you are having trouble you can click on the help option at the top. Facebook will help you choose your objective.

Name your campaign:

Once you have selected your objective it is time to give a name to the campaign. Give your campaign a descriptive name. Here you will be given a couple of options. Would you like to create a split test (A/B test) and whether you would like to turn on the campaign budget optimization. You can either choose to turn them on and fill the specifications or leave them off.

Create an Ad Set:

Once you are done creating a campaign, you need to create an Ad Set. Give your ad set a name and define your target audience. You will have to have a good idea about your target audience to ensure that your ad gives you maximum return. So, research your target audience as well as you can. Once you have defined your audience by choosing the age, location, gender, detailed targeting, etc. you need to select your ad placement.

If you select automatic placement then Facebook will use its best judgment to palace your ads in places that will give you the best returns. You can select and placements manually as well by choosing where you would like your ad to appear across Facebook, Instagram, or Audience network.

And, select the show more options and choose the devices or exclude content and publishers. You can also customize the optimization for ad delivery by hovering over the option and clicking on the edit icon. Choose the option which you want from the list.

Now it is time to set your budget.If you had already turned on the Campaign budget optimization option during campaign creation you will not have to do it here again otherwise set a daily budget or a lifetime budget whichever you prefer. Now select the start and end date. There are a couple of more options you can choose from to customize your ad set further. You have to select, show more options, and then customize the variables like spend limits, the time you get charged, ad scheduling, and delivery type.

Create An Ad:

After you have created an ad set, the final step is to create the ad. Select your business page to start the process. Next, you have to select the ad format. There are different formats provided by Facebook to display your ad like video ad, image ad, a carousel etc. Select the one which will suit your campaign the best.

Now, choose the media or the creative that you want to appear in your ad. Use the add media button to upload new images or media or use previously uploaded media.

If you are looking to create a slideshow go for the creative media option. Now, you need to add the text that you would like to display in your ad. You can have a call-to-action button depending on the type of ad you decided to broadcast.

You are all set. Now, just preview the ad and pay for it. Facebook will review the ad to see if it violates any regulation or policy. If everything is okay, your ad will go live automatically.

How to Go Live On Facebook?

It is very easy to go live on Facebook. Here are the simple steps to do that:

  1. When you log into your Facebook account go to you will be looking at your news feed. You can then look for the go-live button at the top which is an icon shaped like a video camera.
  2. Now select the broadcast type. You can also add any video effect to add bling to your broadcast.
  3. A blue icon shaped like a video camera will be present on the screen. Tap the icon to start your broadcast.
  4. To end the broadcast you have to tap the finish button.

There you go in just 4 simple steps you can broadcast yourself to the world. Have a great session!

How to Get Verified, Facebook Page?

Getting a verified Facebook page is very easy when it comes to the steps but not everyone can get verified on Facebook. A Facebook page verification basically starts with a grey checkmark that you can receive after Facebook verifies your page. You can eventually receive a blue checkmark but you shouldn’t care about that if you are just starting out since it is quite tricky.

To put it in perspective big brands like Adidas or Walmart have blue verification badges. So, you have to reach to a very popular level where people actually care a lot about your product and you have a considerable following and likes for Facebook to even consider you for verification. If you do get the blue checkmark then your page becomes the official page of your business or brand. But don’t worry the grey checkmark can be quite beneficial for your business as well.

Before you start your verification process ensure that your page looks credible and has all the required information. Having a website, contact information, a good description, and good posts can help you a good deal in the verification process. Once you have gotten your page in the order you are good to go. Here are the few steps that you need to follow to start the verification process.

  1. Go to your page settings.
  2. Next, go to the General option.
  3. Once you are there you will see the page verification option. It will be available to you if your page meets the criteria.
  4. Now, you can go for instant verification or normal verification with documents.
  5. For instant verification, Facebook will call your phone number which is present in the contact details of your page.
  6. You will receive a verification code which you then have to enter in the field, then its done and soon you will receive the grey tick.
  7. If you choose to go with the document verification process then Facebook will ask you to upload legal documents to prove that you are in fact the owner of the business.
  8. Facebook will review your documents and if everything is in the order you will receive your grey verification badge.

How to Boost Facebook Reach?

Increasing your reach on Facebook is quite important in marketing your brand and growing your business. The more reach you have the better visibility your posts and ad have which ensures more engagement and ultimately conversions. But Facebook has been around for more than 15 years and this has made it quite saturated.

Millions of people are trying to get noticed and become popular on Facebook so it has become very content-saturated. If you are looking to increase your reach then you have to think outside the box and be creative.

Think of it this way – a normal person’s news feed on Facebook is filled with thousands of posts daily. You are competing with all those posts and demanding the person’s attention to your post.

So, you have to ensure that it is something they want to read, like, and share. You can either use paid promotion and advertising to boost your reach or try the organic way. Whichever you choose depends on your business strategy. We will discuss both of them so that you can get an overall idea. Also, above we have discussed when to post on Facebook and other ways to help you grow on Facebook. So, check them out as well.

Have Something For Your Followers:

Think back to the time when you were looking at a Facebook page and deciding on liking it or not. What made you like that page or what made you not like it? Most people would like a page if it gives them something in return.

This does not mean that you have to reward them in any materialistic way. If your content is entertaining and helps them chuckle a bit, then they will like your post, page, and share your content. Your posts can also be insightful or inspiring allowing people to learn something new or feel motivated.

Another good way is to allow your followers to discuss various topics. People like to discuss and share their opinions. It can help you build a community of people. So, take time in planning your post content. You do not need a call-to-action content every time that you post.

First, you have to build an audience.

For that, you need to have captivating content that grabs their attention and makes them want to like your page.

Media Posts:

If your post has an image, slideshow or video content then it is more likely to grab attention than posts that contain only texts. Of course, there are people who would prefer to read a text post rather than watch a video but image or video content are more engaging in general. Don’t post a video for the sake of it.

Make it interesting. Think about whether you would want to see the video that you are going to create.

One option is to create an informational video. Let’s take a very simple example. You have a business of selling natural beauty products and you are using Facebook as a marketing platform.Why not create an informational video about the benefits of some of the ingredients you use to create your product.

You can also make a video about making simple skincare with easily available items. The goal is to be creative, entertaining while providing the audience something worth their time.

Also, combine different post types. If video posts are working does not mean that you need to post videos only.

Try to mix it up.

Try to Get the Most Out of Your Paid Promotions:

Paid advertising and promotion is a good way to boost your reach on Facebook. During formulating your marketing strategy always try to save a part of your budget for paid promotions.

If paid advertising is done right it can significantly boost your reach on Facebook and even gain you new audiences. Always set a goal before venturing into paid promotions.Understand what you want to achieve from this campaign.

If you want to increase the number of page likes then set a number that you would want your page likes to increase by as a result of the paid promotion. If you want to increase your website traffic set a number by which you would like your website traffic from Facebook to increase.Having a set goal helps you analyze your ad’s performance and helps you tweak it to increase the effectiveness.

Always, review your ads performance, and if time is left tweak it to ensure a better result. Knowing your target audience can help a lot. So, have a good idea about your niche.

If something is not working pause your ad and change the things you want to and resume it. Also, before starting your campaign look at your previous campaigns and posts and see what works best.

We would suggest combining the first two tips with paid promotion to ensure better engagement.

Promote Your Social Media:

If you have a website, put a link for your Facebook page to ensure that your audience can find your Facebook page easily. Same goes for your Instagram bio or Twitter.

You do not have to spam your audience with the links but be sure to put it out there.

How to Create Exciting Content on Facebook?

Creating exciting content is one of the best ways to keep your audiences engaged and gaining new audiences as well. You have to understand that creating exciting content is a skill that has to be mastered. The content you post will fail many times before they work. You will soon start understanding what works for your business or brand and what doesn’t.

This is where an analytics tool like insight can help you gain an idea about your audience and which posts work best. But if you keep a few things in mind before posting you can significantly improve your learning curve and become better at posting exciting content at a better rate. So, we have decided to provide some tips which can help you get started on your journey to engage your audiences with your posts.

Research Your Audience:

This is the first crucial step to having a successful digital marketing campaign to boost the growth of your business. If you have a clear idea about your audiences, be it their gender, age, location, interests etc., then you will be able to market or promote your business better. Let’s understand with a simple example.

You have come up with a better way to teach kids the alphabet. Who should see your post? A teenager who is interested in hip hop and Netflix series or a middle-aged woman who has a two-year-old kid. The latter person is more likely to buy your book or service while the former would just ignore your post.

So, understand your audience and cater your content toward them and target them using the target button that is present below the text box for posting content.

Don’t Be ‘Salesy’:

People want to buy things. They are constantly looking for products or services to spend their money on. But they don’t want to be sold anything. If they sense that your post is trying to get them to buy something they will turn away.

This does not mean that you can never sell them anything. Just ensure that you do it in a roundabout way.Let’s continue with the example in the previous point. Rather than writing a text post asking the viewers to buy your service you can make a video where someone is using your product or service to teach their toddler.

It will give the audiences a look at your product or service while showing the benefits of using it. You can display a message to go visit your store or click on the link at the end of the video.

Mix Different Types of Posts:

Experiment with different types of posts and don’t keep using only one type. It will soon become boring and people will just start ignoring the posts. Post images, texts, slideshow and video posts and keep mixing them up. This will bring a variety to your posts and also give you an insight into which posts are popular in each type.

So, you will have an idea of what kind of posts are working in each category. It will also keep your audiences engaged as they will not be bored by looking at the same type of posts.

Don’t Promote Every Time You Post:

We know that as a business you would always try to ensure that your business gets the maximum reach and promotion. But social media works in a different way. People are here to relax and spend time browsing through their friend’s life and see some memes, occasional news etc.

If you keep on promoting yourself then they might not enjoy it. So, make sure that you regularly post entertaining content which is not directly related to promoting your page. Mari Smith from socialmediaexaminer.com suggests posting with the ratio of 5 non-promotional posts to every promotional post.

Learn When to Post:

We discussed this before. Using Facebook insight and other third-party tools you can find out the right time to post your content. It can help ensure better visibility for your post.

Post Interactive Content (Show That You Care):

If your post engages your audience and leads them to interact with your content then it can work quite well for your business and brand. Pose a question to your audience. Continuing with our previous example you can pose a question in your post asking your audiences to share their opinion on what they think helps their kid to learn better.

This way you can not only engage your audience but also gain some idea to improve your products and services as well.

Try to reply to their comments and promise to take their insight and improve your product or services.

Share or Post Your Customers and Audiences’ Relevant Content:

Ask your customers to post their thoughts on certain topics or let them post the review of your product and services. Then share these.

You can compile a video of your Audiences’ testimonials about your products or even a compilation of your Audiences’ giving their opinions on a question that you posted previously.

This can show that you care about them and they increase brand loyalty.

How to Set-Up A Facebook Business Page?

If you want to use Facebook as a platform to promote your business and market your products and services then you need to have a Facebook business page. You cannot use your personal profile to conduct business on Facebook. Also, having a business page makes you look professional and separates your personal Facebook stuff from your professional stuff. So, if you are looking to create a business page on Facebook here are the steps that you need to follow.

Create a Personal Account on Facebook:

To be able to create a business page or any page on Facebook you need to have a personal Facebook account. We would suggest you create a separate account for creating your business page but it is not mandatory.

Do whatever suits your needs and business goals and strategies.

Creating a personal account on Facebook is quite easy and if you already have an account you will not have any problem creating a second one.

Get Started With Page Creation:

When you log into your account on FB you can see that there is a create button on the top. Click on this and then select page from the drop-down list.

Now, you will be presented with a couple of choices for the category of your page. Choose business or brand by clicking the get started option below this category.

Fill in Your Business Info:

Now, it’s time to enter your business information. You have to enter the name of the business page which would be the same as your business. Next, you have to choose the category of your business. For example, food, clothing, travel agency etc. Choose the category that fits your business.

Add Relevant Images:

A good and relevant profile picture and cover photo are required to leave a positive impression on people who visit your page.

Generally, your brand logo or a clear and genuine picture of your product can be your profile picture. Same goes for your cover photo. But those two are not the only choices you have.

Use images which are relevant to your business and will convey your audiences what the business is about. Look up the dimensions for the profile picture and cover photo on Facebook and tailor your images to fit those dimensions.

Fill in Your Business Info In Detail:

Earlier, you only filled in your business name and category and those were enough to create your page but if you want your potential customers to know all about your business from your Facebook page then you have to put a description of your business in the about section.

Add all the relevant details including your website link and contact information. You should also add your business story.

Facebook provides a lot of options for your business info so take your time and fill as much as you can.

Add A Call-to-action Button:

Your page needs to have a call to action button. Click on add a button and choose from the given options. If you want your audiences to go to your store then choose the shop option. Having a call-to-action button can help you in converting your audiences to customers by giving them a simple way to do business with you.


Set-up an Auto-Responder for your messenger. You should always try to reply and get back to your audiences whenever they reach out to you but it might not be always possible. This is where an Auto-Responder can help by replying to your audience and letting them know when they can expect a response. These are some of the basic steps that you need to follow to create your business page on Facebook. Now, all that’s left is to market your page and promote your business. We have added relevant topics for those as well in this article. Feel free to check them out as well.

Facebook Advertisement vs Buying FB Page Likes

When starting out in social media marketing many people have this confusion. Should they go for a paid promotion or should they buy likes or followers? This is a pretty valid confusion to have.

Both methods promise business growth and increasing page reach. But which one should you choose? It all boils down to your strategy. Both of these methods are tools that businesses may use to increase their growth on Facebook. Many people look for where to buy Facebook likes and followers and then go for that method while some choose to pay for Facebook advertisements. But we would suggest you use a mixture of these two methods to get the best of both.

Buying like will improve the aesthetics of your page but they themselves will not attract any attention to your page. You still have to promote your page to audiences and when they see that your page has a certain number of likes already they might be more inclined to like your page too.

Also, if you buy too many page likes but your posts do not have enough audience interaction in terms of likes or comments then it will seem suspicious. So, you have to balance that out. We have discussed the pros and cons of buying likes. You can scroll to that topic above. Now, we will discuss the pros and cons of Facebook advertisements.


  1. Targeted Promotion:
    This is by far the most important advantage that Facebook ads bring to the table. You can precisely target a certain demographic to promote your business. The targeting can be done by age, gender, location interests etc. This microtargeting is the reason you get a good return on investment.
  2. Facebook Tools Are Powerful:
    Facebook is the biggest social media platform and is one of the top IT companies. They have got talented professionals creating efficient and powerful solutions and tools. These tools are available for users to promote their business on Facebook. When you use paid promotion on Facebook you are utilising all these tools to your advantage.
  3. Different Types of Ads:
    Facebook allows its users to choose from multiple different types of ads to promote their business. You can use video ads, slideshows, image ads etc. to attract audiences and generate potential leads.
  4. Various Promotional Strategies:
    When you choose Facebook advertising to promote your page you can choose from multiple strategies to better increase the outcome of your campaign. For example, when you start creating an ad you have to choose what outcome you are expecting from this ad. You can choose from various different options ranging from website visitors to page likes, to generating leads and many more. Facebook optimises your ad campaign based on the option you chose.


  1. Keep Paying:
    Though many people do try to promote their page in an organic way it is extremely difficult to do so. Your content will not be seen by many people if you do not use Facebook advertising. So, you have to keep paying to get noticed.
  2. High Cost:
    You have to pay a decent amount of money to ensure better returns from your ad campaign. So, you have to do your best to try and refine all the stats and target audiences for the ad otherwise you will not see much return even after paying lots of money.
  3. Incorrect Metrics:
    Facebook has been called out before for misreporting the metrics. They have often over-reported certain metrics making users optimistic about using Facebook tools.

So, it is up to you which you want to use more if. As mentioned before, we suggest using a mix of both but most people generally try to steer clear of buying likes since the gain depends a lot on your strategy and if people find out about it then it hurts the image of your business. But almost everyone sort of knows that businesses use Facebook advertising to promote their products and services. So, no need to worry about being found out.

How Can I Make My Facebook Page Easy To Find?

If you are looking to market your business on Facebook you need to have a Facebook business page. Earlier, we talked about how to create a business page on Facebook so now let’s look at 5 ways you can improve the visibility of your page.

Get Verified:

Try getting the grey verification badge that most businesses can get provided they are legitimate and prove so to Facebook. If you are looking to get your page verified then follow the steps mentioned above. Having a verified business page has some benefits which can improve the visibility of your page. We talked about this earlier so take a look at it.

Detailed Description:

Ensure that you fill the business info section of your page with as much detail as possible. Try to create tabs to provide more information. The better created a page is the more is its chance to end up in people’s searches.

Paid Promotion:

We talked about this in quite a detail. Strategize and develop a marketing plan. Research your audience and use targeted paid promotions to improve your reach on Facebook and gain new audiences.

Add Deliberate Search Snippets:

This tip comes from socialmediaexaminer.com and it talks about putting in search snippets in the about section of your page. Basically, it means that the text that you put there can form search snippets which will show in Google and Facebook search results.
How can that help you? Well, when you search for something on Google you see the website names and a bit of description below. We generally read those to select whether a particular website will have the information that we need. So, if your search snippet is precise and well thought out then more people will be willing to click on your page.

Optimize Posts By Using Keywords:

Keyword research is very important when you are deciding to promote your business by posting content on social media. Facebook is a search engine of sorts and when people are looking for something they usually will type a generic phrase.

For example, if someone wants to visit Bali they might search – where to stay in Bali or Place to visit in Bali?  Let’s say you own a vacation rental in Bali.

So, if you put out a couple of posts showing places to visit in Bali and caption it appropriately then you will end up in people’s searches.

Before posting any content research the keywords and target audience. It will improve the visibility of your post and in turn your page.


How to Gain Organic Reach on Facebook? Look At This Video To Find Out How?

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