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7 Best Social Media Contest Tools to Run Giveaway & More

There is no better method to expand commitment, supporters, and brand reliability than with social challenges. Also, for entrepreneurs and advertisers, it can help with deals and the development of your business. 

A social challenge is an advancement focused on your web-based life crowd. These advancements can quickly develop your email list in a brief timeframe and manufacture brand mindfulness by permitting you to contact another and the greater crowd.

Social challenges in corporate giveaways and sweepstakes and typically offer a ton of significant worth to their intended interest group. 

They got normal on Facebook a couple of years back and have since relocated to the majority of the bigger internet based life stages, with Instagram being a famous decision. 

Best Social Media Tool of 2020 are as per the following: 


In case you’re searching for a ground-breaking across the board instrument for running your internet based life challenges, consider utilizing Shortstack. You can run everything from Instagram and Twitter hashtag challenges to Facebook giveaways. 

Incredible Lakes facilitated a Facebook giveaway utilizing Shortstack and created more than 200,000 sections, which helped them become their Facebook fans by 200 percent in just three weeks. Shortstack can likewise be utilized with different stages, for example, Pinterest. 

There are more than 90 layouts and 30 subjects to assist you with making your giveaway crusade, simplified usefulness that even the, not all that technically knowledgeable can utilize, and the capacity to utilize custom URLs to suit your marking. 

Shortstack Example: It additionally accompanies definite investigation, confirmed democratic, and the alternative to limit casting a ballot, settling on Shortstack a powerful decision for your social challenges. 

Shortstack additionally has an activity entryway capacity to assist you with developing your rundown by having a contestant accomplish something – like round out their email address – to get a rebate or section. 

With the capacity to advance your battle over an assortment of mediums, for example, internet-based life, your blog, and email – and over any gadget – makes Shortstack an adaptable and simple approach to construct your image and become acquainted with your crowd. 

Shortstack is an across the board instrument as in it permits you to make greeting pages, and offers a pontoon heap of highlights to guarantee your crusades convey results. 

Plans depend on your online life objectives. For a free preliminary, you gain admittance to all the highlights the strategy brings to the table. Paid plans start at $99/month and scale up depending on your requirements. 



On the off chance that you need in excess of a social challenge apparatus, Wishpond can deal with all the showcasing requirements for your business. As indicated by Diamond Candles, in only a month and a half of facilitating a challenge utilizing Wishpond, they produced 30,000 new leads and more than 145,000 Facebook fans. 

With more than ten diverse challenge alternatives to browse, Wishpond makes it simple to set up your Instagram hashtag challenge or your photograph subtitle challenge on Facebook. 

Wishpond Contest Options: Like the greater part of the other social challenge devices, Wishpond rewards participants for referrals, has day by day passage and casting a ballot, and has adjustable structures to enable your challenge to meet your requirements. 

It’s anything but difficult to set up your giveaway inside minutes utilizing your own marking visuals and hues, and on the off chance that you have a WordPress site, you can utilize their module to hold challenges on your site. 

Wishpond offers a 14-day free preliminary of every one of their arrangements to assist you with choosing which one is best for your business. While the Basic arrangement at $45/month offers the three primary highlights of Wishpond – advertising computerization, points of arrival, and social advancements – it doesn’t permit you to utilize custom CSS or JavaScript while making your social challenge.

On the off chance that you need those highlights, you have to choose the Pro arrangement at $78/month for 2,500 leads and 25,000 messages or the Growth plan at $139/month, beginning at 10,000 leads. 


Vyper is a referral showcasing stage that permits you to run a few distinct kinds of web-based life challenges. 

Vyper Visual Editor: The whole stage has been intended to get you more traffic, referrals, shares, email leads, and clients. That as well as it is one of a kind in the manner that it draws in with challenge contestants.

You can make a scope of remunerations (first spot, arbitrary victor, achievements, and so on) and set “extra activities” to compensate individuals for sharing, enjoying, following, and alluding. 

Vyper begins from $149/month with up to 30,000 leads/month. 


Gleam offers a more vigorous challenge and sweepstakes application than what you get with any semblance of Rafflecopter.  With Gleam, you’re guaranteed that each challenge you run will bring about development or some likeness thereof.

Regardless of whether it’s to develop your email rundown or online networking following, propelling a challenge with Gleam will assist you with accomplishing your objectives. 

For the contestant, rounding out a Gleam structure is a lot speedier than different structures since certain sections just require a single tick. For instance, on the off chance that one prerequisite is to tweet the giveaway, you simply click once, and it’s finished. With different structures, you’re given a connect to reorder or you need to hang tight for a spring up. 

In the event that you need, you can likewise set a portion of your entrance activities to be repeatable consistently. You can compensate your members by permitting them to tweet or offer on Facebook every day for additional focuses. 

Gleam likewise permits you to install a YouTube video to be increasingly intuitive by demonstrating your guests what they will win or how they can enter your giveaway. 

Gleam Case of a Giveaway: In case you’re keen on running the giveaway on your WordPress site, Gleam has a WordPress module to support you. This makes it simple to add the structure to your site. 

To begin with Gleam, you can exploit their free preliminary, which incorporates a lot of highlights like boundless rivalries, programmed checked passages, Bit.ly API mix, and Facebook tab establishment. In the event that you need email and social information, modified greeting pages, and all email joining, choose the Pro arrangement at $39/month. 

What’s more, in the event that you require Google Analytics mix, no Gleam marking, customization for sections, hues to coordinate your image, and the custom following API, pursue the Business plan at $149/month. 

Rafflecopter offers a free preliminary of their Basic, Grow, or Premium series, making it simple to try out their administration and check whether it works for the business.

While the Basic arrangement has all the elements of the free arrangement, it permits prize pictures on your structure for just $13/month. In the event that you need a single tick email list combination, you will need to decide on the Grow plan at $43/month or Premium for $84/month, which offers investigation just as the expulsion of the Rafflecopter marking. 


Agorapulse is fundamentally known as online networking the board device, yet it serves as an internet-based life challenge stage. With the expansion of CRM, Facebook applications, and an examination suite to help develop your business. 

What’s extraordinary with this instrument is their top to bottom announcing framework. In case you’re acquainted with the Facebook examination and their administration apparatuses, Agorapulse is significantly more natural and equipped to concentrate on your key measurements. 


Alongside Shortstack, Woobox is extraordinary if your advertising procedure utilizes Facebook challenges. In any case, Woobox is likewise ideal for other well known social stages including Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

There are instant crusades to assist you with a beginning, for example, character tests, survey posts, coupons, sweepstakes, and the sky is the limit from there. Lights4fun is a UK-based organization that sells Christmas and pixie lights.

They chose to hold a photograph challenge utilizing Woobox to bring issues to light of their item and increment commitment with their fans. After their Woobox photograph challenge was finished, Lights4fun developed their fan base by 40%, expanded their Facebook reach to 8,000, and got more than 5,200 votes, helping them achieve their objectives. 

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In case you’re going to run giveaways, wagers, and other challenge types routinely, you’ll need a vigorous and completely included device. Shortstack is our go-to proposal.

Rafflecopter is among the least difficult and most effortless social challenge devices to utilize in case you’re a solopreneur or new to doing giveaways. In case you’re searching for more section alternatives to help develop your business, think about utilizing Gleam.

With the use of these apps, you can easily put up any content on social media platforms for advertisement and help of giveaway.


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