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How To Grow Your Facebook Account Organically in 2024?

Since launched in 2004, Facebook has gained billions of users and been first of its kind to reach the soaring heights of success. It connected the world as no other platform could. With user-friendly features and interactive photo-sharing medium and chatting facilities, it gained a huge amount of response from the users.

Traditional advertising doesn’t give you the luxury to reach out to your target people the way social media ads do. It simply doesn’t work the way we consider it. Social media life was constantly seen as a type of speaking with others through texting and blogging.

It wasn’t until quite a while prior individuals began considering social to be a showcasing instrument. Clients are entangled. It’s since they’re technologically enabled, yet this is on the grounds that they’re human. Clients today are social, not simply Facebook and Twitter, to pose inquiries, give criticism and share and associate with others

This soon became a target for businessmen who saw opportunities of spreading a word about their business as the platform consisted of numerable users. It was a golden opportunity for them to widen their scopes. Soon people started indirectly posting about their products and informing their friends and followers about their business.

It was in 2007, that Facebook finally introduced the feature of Facebook Ads to officially help various businesses for digital marketing. Soon after that in 2008, Facebook introduced the system of ‘pages’ solely devoted to displaying products and services of one’s business.

With the wild growth we see in the use of social media among the youth these days, it is pretty clear how effective it can be for businesses to use the platforms wisely and earn profits. This medium was also proved to help the women who were willing to start their own business on a small scale and work from home.

It gave them a chance to spread the word of their services without moving out of their comfort and safety. As we see a growing opportunity, it has also been observed that the competition for the businesses has also increased.

Similar businesses often face a riff-off and in order to sustain your position in the market, you must come up with fresh ideas and provide the best of your services. This insane competition among the startups led to certain parameters that can keep one’s business alive and sailing.

Businesses opt to have a diverse social media influence on society. Polished and refined interactive profiles act to boost your business. Marketing the business in magazines, newspapers, and ads are great ways to get brand awareness out to the domestic public if it’s the focused market the business wants to hit. But let’s face it; people are now getting their hands on tablets, computers, and cell phones.

You will come across many artificial likes and followers selling companies. To say, they only help for a temporary period of time and do not last long; neither do they assist in gaining real profits.

In order to run a business successfully and truly market it, one must grow their page organically. It is hard work to maintain a good Facebook profile but it will surely yield good results.

Along with hard work, we also need smart work. Innovation has with the marvel of the Internet and the advancement of portable systems changed the manner by which our general public imparts and mingles. Here are some witty ways to grow your Facebook page organically.

Understanding Facebook Algorithms


Facebook algorithms depend on four main factors. All the magic is done with the help of these. These factors are as follows:

  •         Inventory: The amount of content that is available on your profile to be displayed to the users.
  •         Signals: The data of the post; the number of likes, comments, shares, etc. The time of posting is also considered under this factor.
  •         Predictions: An assumption about how much a viewer will be interested in seeing the post.
  •         Relevance: It is a score given by the algorithms to the post regarding how relevant it is to a viewer.

Any post that is designed keeping in mind all these factors, is more likely to circulate among a larger audience and gain much more popularity than a post carelessly posted. Understanding how the algorithms work is an integral part of social media marketing. By this, you can define your success rate and improve on your weak links.


For keeping your business page alive, you must keep your audience engaged and glued to your profile. This can only happen if you keep including your audience in the activities happening on your page. With greater interactions, followers are likely to stay connected with you. You can do so by engaging the public in quizzes, live sessions or questions and answers sessions.

You can also create a community and engross people into healthy discussions. Creating such a hype will give your viewers a reason to visit your page again and again. By curious activities, your page will gain organic viewers and will eventually become highlighting.

Funneling traffic

Keeping in mind the different age groups that prefer different social media, a company must expand its marketing in varied platforms. The current trend consists of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and many others.

It is quite possible that one person can have an account on each of these platforms. Making the most of every account is essential and hence, you can funnel the traffic from one account and inform the viewers of your presence on other platforms.

You can simply paste a link to your description. For example, paste a link to your Facebook page in your Instagram bio so people viewing your Instagram account can visit your Facebook page too.



Among the growing competition, it is not necessary to beat one another. In 2020, we have noticed that supporting each other and growing together has been a healthy practice followed by social media marketers. Collaborations with similar companies or complementary ones have seen a high rise in the digital marketing world.

Many companies also collaborate with models and influencers to promote their products. This is majorly observed in the fashion industry. In a study, it has been noted that almost 92% of the people trust an influencer’s recommendation over an informative post. Because really, who wants to read an email that long?

Scheduled posting

Scheduled posting

It is necessary to be consistent in posting and keeping the account active enough for the followers to stay. Any person would not like to follow a brand that does not provide regular updates or fresh content to buy.

Hence, it is essential to post by following a properly planned schedule. You don’t want to spam either. Too many posts can drive away from the customers too. Keep the number of posts per day ideal enough for the people to stay engaged and not lose interest.

The optimal timing of posting should also be taken care of. With preparing accurate reports, a precise time for uploading a post can be generated. The recorded time is when traffic is at its peak and hence, can help you to acquire maximum responses. This is another organic way to improve your popularity on Facebook.

This proves it is not necessary to buy followers, likes, or even the entire accounts. All you need to do is simply understand the basics of social media marketing and you can flourish along with your business. 

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