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Zubair Khan- Bio, Age, Movies, Family, Relationships and More

Zubair khan

Zubair Khan was one of the commoner contestants on Big Boss season 11 last year. Zubair came under public eye after his appearance on the show, although he is a producer and a director by profession. Before coming to Big Boss, Zubair was widely known due to his links with the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

Although, Zubair has denied anything of this sort, his alleged link to the underworld has tarnished his image immensely. Zubair has recently given quite a lot of interview in hopes to redeem himself of this infamy and has repeatedly denied his links to the underworld.


Zubair was born on 25 August 1987 in Mumbai, India and as of today he is 31 years old.

Physical Description

Zubair has a decent height of 5’7″ and weighs around 70 Kg. He has black hair and black eyes.

Family Zubair khan family

Not much is known about Zubair’s parents except that they belonged to very meagre economic background. Zubair was a victim of poverty as a child and worked as a child labourer at Pahlaj Nihalani’s theatre.

As the name suggests, Zubair was born in a Sunni Islamic family. His wife’s name is Sana Khan and they have married for a long time now. Zubair has 2 sons and 1 daughter. His sons’ names are Mohammad Ali, Mekail Khan and daughter’s name is Maria Khan.

Career Zubair khan Career

Zubair is a producer and director by profession and runs his own production house by the name ‘Garbage’ along with his partner Chandrapal Singh. The only movie he has to his credit is Lakeer ka Fakeer (2013) which he directed and produced. Starring TV actor Ajaz Khan, the movie’s story revolved around three friends who reside in Mumbai’s most notorious area and get into trouble for their controversial address. While the movie didn’t quite make the headlines, it received decent reviews overall.

In October 2017, Zubair was seen as one of the contestants at reality show Big Boss 11. Following his strife with the show’s host, Salman Khan, Zubair became quite infamous among the audience. He was evicted from the show after the first week.

Basides this, reportedly Zubair is also connected to Balaji productions and is also a part time journalist.

Controversies Zubair khan family

It seems as if controversies are pursuing Zubair everywhere he goes. The biggest controversy of his life started as soon as he stepped into Big Boss’ house. Following a small incident on the show, Salman Khan publicly humiliated Zubair and called him a rascal. Zubair later got evicted from the show on account of least number of votes but that is nowt how he wants to tell the story.

According to Zubair, he was so disgruntled by Salman Khan’s attitude towards him that he himself walked out of the show. He even stated that he would file a complaint in Lonavala Police Station as soon as he’s out of the show.

Zubair was upset with the show from day one. He said in an interview that he had a hard time believing when the show approached him to be a contestant. He was very excited to be on the show because he thought it was the perfect opportunity to give his career the boost he wanted. But little did he know that the show’s publicity team was already publicising him as a kin of Dawood Ibrahim.

Yes, you heard that right! Zubair has been allegedly linked to the underworld don every now and then. He is infamously known as the son-in-law of Dawood’s sister Haseena Parker. Before coming on Big Boss, the air was hyped with rumours of Zubair’s alleged links to the don. This really upset him. He said he came to the show as a director and wanted to be well received for his work.

Amidst this whole fiasco, Zubair repeatedly asserted in the media that he wanted an apology from Salman Khan for calling him a rascal. This prompted Salman to issue a  sarcastic and an even more degrading so-called apology on the show. On the show Salman apologised to certain people (without taking any names) for being rude to them. But after a moment of silence, he continued, “I apologise to all the dogs for comparing the man to them” and burst out in laughter.”

This angered Zubair even more and he openly alleged Salman to be a member of the underworld and thus, his famous alias ‘bhai’. Zubair has even tried to clear the air about his links to the underworld and said his moth-in-law’s name is Noorjahan and his wife’s name is Sana Khan. Who is under how much dirt, only time will tell!

In February 2018, Zubair was arrested for charges of extortion by Mumbai Police. He was believed to be part of the gang who tried to extort Rs. 1 crore from a businesswoman. According to the victim, she received calls from Pakistan-based numbers demanding the money. The caller always introduced himself as a man of Dawood Ibrahim. Zubair was arrested by the police after tracking his phone call records.

Well, we’re sure Zubair has some background story prepared for this time too!


Not much is known about Zubair’s relationships. He was accused of being Haseena Paker’s son-in-law until recently when he stated that he has nothing to do with her and his wife’s name is Sana Khan.

Other Facts

  • Zubair has stood for his stance very vehemently against all the backlash he received from media for being Dawood’s kin.
  • According to an interview, he is not scared of anything or anyone. He is not afraid of anyone’s threats and speaks his mind tirelessly.
  • He takes pride in being an Indian.

All we wish for Zubair is for his career to get back on track and the truth be spoken out without much ado.

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