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Tanya Deol-Bio, Movies, Family, Career, Relationships and More

Tania Deol with husband bobby deol

Tanya Deol, wife of Bollywood actor Bobby Deol, is an interior and a fashion designer by profession. She is an extremely successful businesswoman with her own line of interior designing and has even worked as a fashion designer in Bollywood movies. Mother of two, Tanya is a fine example of a beloved mother, a wife and an entrepreneur. With the virtue of her dedication and her hardwork, she has managed to make her mark as a successful businesswoman who is known more by her own name than her husband’s.

Age, Height and Weight

Tanya was born on 24 January in Mumbai, India. She is 5’5″ tall and weighs around 55Kg.


Tanya comes from successful business class family. She is a Hindu by birth and a Khatri by caste. Her father Devendra Ahuja was the MD of 21st Century Finance Company and promoter of Centurion Bank while her mother, Marlene Ahuja is a businesswoman. No wonder Tanya gets her talent for business from her parents!


Tanya has two siblings, a brother named Vikram Ahuja and a sister named Munisha Ahuja. Not much is known about Tanya’s siblings as they like to maintain their lives low profile.

Family Feud and Controversy

Tanya’s father’s alleged linkages to a woman 20-years his junior, led his son Vikram to openly defy their father-son relationship. It is not hidden that Devendra Ahuja was in a relationship with another woman while still married to his wife which led to estrangement between the two. After Devendra Ahuja moved into a live-in relationship with his girlfriend, his son accused his father of being biased towards his sister, Tanya and her husband Bobby Deol. This prompted Devendra Ahuja to strike out his son’s name from his Rs. 300 crore property.

The feud took another turn after Devendra Ahuja’s unexpected demise at 74  years of age back in 2010. His son was not allowed to attend his father’s last rites which were instead performed by Bobby. When Vikram finally managed to attend his father’s condolence meeting at his apartment, he was told by a close relative that it was allegedly Tanya’s idea to keep Vikram out of the whole scene. These turn of events have apparently caused incurable bitterness between Tanya Deol and her long time estranged brother who are almost never seen in public together. We just hope that they find it in them to forgive each other!

Relationships Tania Deol

Tanya and Bobby tied the knot on 30 May 1996 after almost a year of courtship. Bobby was high on fame after the release of his much acclaimed Barsat in 1995 and he had really become a thing among the female fan following. It was in the same year that Bobby had gone to dine at his favourite Italian restaurant, Trattoria at Mumbai’s Hotel President where he met Tanya for the firs time.

After seeing Tanya for the first time, Bobby was completely head over heels for her and worked very diligently to get her number. It was then their journey began. To confess his love to Tanya, Bobby took her back to Trattoria restaurant to propose to which she agreed.

Bobby and Tanya are happy married ever since. In June 2002, they welcomed their first son Aryaman Deol. Two years later, in November, they welcomed their second son Dharam Deol who is named after his grandfather Dharmendra.


Tanya Deol was a still a novice at interior designing before she married Bobby Deol. Right after marriage she decorated her own house which led her to pursue interior designing as a full fledged profession. Her career took a flight shortly after her marriage to Bobby and soon a lot of B-town biggies became her clients. Tanya holds a diploma in Interior Designing and runs her own line of furniture and home decor store by the name ‘The Good Earth’ in Mumbai.

She tried her luck at fashion and costume designing when she designed costumes for the movies Jurm and Nanhe Jaisalmer. Although her forte is mainly in interior designing but we’re waiting for her yet another masterpiece on screen as a costume designer.

Her furniture and home decor line has also been featured at Twinkle Khanna’s store ‘White Window’ at Bandra, Mumbai.

Social Life Tania Deol and bobby deol

Although a low profile person, Tanya is extremely social and outgoing. You can find her hand in hand with her hubby at many high end restaurants and with her kids at social events very frequently. The couple is very close to Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar with whom they can be seen partying and going on dinner dates very frequently. The duo has also been spotted at all of Twinkle Khanna’s book launches.

Although Tanya is not on social media but we get lots of insights to her private and social life through her husband’s account and through other celebrity friends. Apart from this, the couple is also close friends with Sanjay Kapoor and his wife Maheep Kapoor and also Sohail Khan and wife Seema Khan.

Other Facts

  • Tanya’s zodiac is Aquarius.
  • Her loved ones call her by the names Tani or Tanu.
  • Her eye color is dark brown and her hair is black in color.
  • Her favourite colors are peach and black which are the colours of almost all her dresses.
  • Tanya’s favourite destination spot is London.
  • She walked the ramp alongside Ayesha Takia and Sonakshi Sinha at Day 2 of the HDIL Couture Fashion Week in Mumbai back in 2010.

Tanya Deol’s mark as a successful businesswoman and her fairy-tale like love story makes us brimming with awe for her. We wish the lady all the love and success she deserves!

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