Movie Review by: Shreesha

“Dishoom” is an offering from the Dhawan family in Bollywood. David Dhawan famous for his “comedies” in his hey days now has his sons turning the heat on. This is Rohit Dhawan’s second directorial venture and Varun Dhawan has already made an impressive show in the tinsel town.

The story begins very interestingly, a so- so unique plot yet worthy, “Dishoom” should have been a thorough entertainer. Sadly after a decent take off,  it takes the routine smart cop + dumb cop formulae to execute and comes out less taxing on your brains. With cricket, less clothes and a body show Dishoom pans out to be an expectedly patchy movie. The scenes are so very artificial and the action scenes just about manage to pass muster.

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John Abraham still lets his body do all the performance while above his neck; his face could be anywhere, in a commercial shoot, in his living room or working out in a gym. His brooding(tiresome) looks do no good. Its Varun who steals the show with his boyish charm and agile body language. Varun has a good physique to compliment his decent show while John still has to strip to his trunks to salvage his pride. The women in the movie try to as much match the men with their shallow clothes, lack of performance and just about manage to “Guide” the men to wonderful locations and some action.

Technically the movie is good. Wonderful locations and snappy camera work tries to hog the attention of the viewer. The music is decent and the background score suits the movie. The dialogues compliment the silliness of the script and the direction is pretty average.

On the whole “Dishoom” is one from the “fast food” franchise of Bollywood, all brawn, skimpy and hardly entertaining. Loads of snacks, cola and a good company to chat you might be able to sit through Dishoom.

Rating by Shreesha: 2/5


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