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Why Samsung is Successful Brand in the Indian Television Market?

samsung Television brand in india

A leader in TV technology, Samsung enjoys around 30% of the television market share in India. When pitted against other top-tier, large-scale manufacturers, Samsung’s advancements in colour technology serve as a unique selling point.

The brand offers great picture quality, QLED displays, curved TVs, an intuitive Tizen OS, 4K UHD upscaling, a HyperReal Engine and enhanced TV refresh rates. The fact that you get feature-packed Samsung TVs at different price points is proof of why Samsung has become a household name in the country.

Here’s  a look at what makes this TV manufacturer stand out from the rest. 

Samsung’s proprietary QLED display offers vivid colours Samsung’s proprietary QLED

While other manufacturers offer you OLED displays, Samsung has TVs with its very own QLED technology. QLED stands for Quantum Dot LED. Here, around a billion colours come to life on your television screen through nano-sized Quantum Dots. Samsung’s QLED technology promises you real colours expressed at 100% colour volume.

QLED displays are considered vivid and impactful and, by spreading light uniformly, offer you ultra-wide viewing angles. Samsung’s 208cm (82″) Q900R 8K Smart QLED, 163cm (65″) Q90R 4K Smart QLED and 208cm (82″) Q60R 4K Smart QLED are some of the best QLED TVs you can buy today.

HyperReal Engine provides amazing picture quality

In the TV manufacturer’s own words, the HyperReal Engine is the ‘brain’ of a Samsung TV. It oversees colour levels, contrast ratios and motion, bringing them to optimal levels and thereby giving superior television viewing.

On high-end models, the processor comes with a 3D chip that brings content to life and provides you with a vibrant, detail-filled and immersive viewing experience.

8K resolution and HDR10+ promise immersive viewing 8K resolution

Samsung prides itself in being the first to introduce 8K televisions into the market. The resolution of an 8K TV is 4 times more than what you get on a 4K TV and 16 times more than what you get on an HD TV. With around 33 million pixels on a single surface, you enjoy more life-like viewing.

Another top Samsung TV feature is HDR10+. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. TVs with this feature provide enhanced contrast and a large colour palette, making it possible for you to view your favourite shows in detail without having to worry about external light dampening your viewing experience. Some television sets with HDR10+ are the 43″ UHD 4K Smart TV NU7100 Series 7 and 65″ UHD 4K Smart TV NU7090 Series 7.

Samsung’s Smart Hub allows for easy navigation

While most of the new TVs rolled out into the market today are smart-feature enabled, not all of them are easy to use. Simplicity in navigation forms a crucial component of television usage as it allows you to access multiple functionalities without having to run through endless menus. Samsung’s Smart Hub makes for an intuitive TV interface.

It gives you easy access to Samsung apps related to sports, education, lifestyle and more. It seamlessly connects you to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms and provides you with a web browser so that you can access the content you desire, when you desire it.

An enhanced refresh rate makes it ideal for action-packed viewing

Samsung’s Clear Motion Rate or CMR allows you to get more from your TV’s native refresh rate. In short, it provides seamless frame transition for high-action content.

CMR technology interpolates the video content by adding extra frames thereby giving you the effect of an enhanced native refresh rate. By choosing the appropriate CMR type, you can tackle picture blur and judder in the manner you like.

Curved TVs make you stand out amongst the crowd Curved TVs make you stand out amongst the crowd

Samsung is said to be one of the pioneers of curved TV technology and one of the only manufacturers of this TV type in India. Curved TVs are aesthetically pleasing and the content you view seemingly ‘wraps’ around you, providing better immersion. Some claim that you get better depth and viewing angles as well from a curved display too.

The Samsung 163cm (65″) Q8C 4K Curved Smart QLED TV is one set you can consider buying.

Samsung’s Triple protection is a perfect fit for Indian weather Samsung’s Triple protection is a perfect fit for Indian weather

Some Samsung TVs come ready with Triple Protection that guards your television set against humidity, lightning and power surge. Samsung uses silica gel, block capacitors and varistors to give you TVs made for the Indian climate.

Now that you know why Samsung is the best in the business, upgrade your TV viewing experience today by bringing home a sleek, powerful, feature-packed Samsung TV!

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