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FX-Sport VRX Review: Amazing Wireless Sport Trainer Headphones

FX-Sport VRX

Sports headphones today are very common and useful accessories if you have a fit and active lifestyle. With many choices out there, it is difficult to know which sports headphones to choose. Headphones that will take care of all your music needs and maybe provide a little extra. After looking far and wide, we have found a great option to help you through those tough workouts.

In this article, we are going to give a detailed review of the FX-Sport VRX MP3 Personal Trainer headphones. This product provides high quality audio sound,  with no wires. It is unique however, in that it has a fully customizeable trainer built in, as well as providing hundreds of preloaded workouts from world class trainers.

Read this review to decide if these FX-Sport VRX headphones are suitable for you.


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These wireless sport headphones are suitable for any kind of exercise, be it running, in the gym or swimming. This small gadget contains an integrated 8 GB MP3 player with custom speakers and an extra embedded amplifier to provide a great sound with powerful bass. The unit is also fitted with an integrated personal trainer to motivate and inspire you.

This VRX model now arrives preloaded with hundreds of great workouts created by world class personal trainers for many types of training. If you visit the FX-SPORT website, you can check out their Workout Store which describes all the preloaded content.

The personal trainer of the FX-Sport VRX headphones is also customizable.  Using their simple FX-Software, you can create your own messages which will play at times you choose, over your own music, to allow you to structure your own workout.   Not just for the gym, the VRX headphones can be your companion swimming in the pool as well.

They come with a silicone skin case, swimming earplugs which block water but allow sound and a custom swim cap. This combination makes the VRX headphones perfectly adaptable for swimming and provide great sound even under water.

In a nutshell, some of its best features are:

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  • 8 GB premium MP3 player which is wirefree, sweatproof and waterproof
  • Preloaded with hundreds of workouts with instructions by real trainers
  • All workout messages play at designated times over your own music
  • Fully customizable with multiple workout plans and running programs.
  • Text to speech reads album names, shuffle mode and volume buttons
  • Ability to rewind and fast forward within individual tracks
  • Pace and Race modes for programming a virtual athlete as a competitor
  • Easily adaptable for swimming with swimming workouts + lap pacemaker
  • 6 hours battery life in full-fledged use with “low battery” indicator
  • Superb music quality and volume with strong bass


What You May Like

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First, let me mention the pros of this product. It is an extremely useful accessory to have for regular trainers. The sound quality and volume control is excellent in this product. Its distinct bass and treble gives you the much-needed boost while you push yourself to workout harder.

Our testing concluded that the headphones stayed on firmly, even during the most rigorous exercise sessions. There was no fear of it slipping away or falling down during a workout. The VRX is fully customizable and gives you the perfect experience for a workout with just music or with a trainer and music. It’s silicone case, earplugs and swim cap also work very well in the pool, with swimmers all over the world now using the product.


FX-Sport VRX (4)

  • Fully customizable
  • Does not slip off during workouts
  • Indeed sweatproof and waterproof
  • Provides access to professional workouts and real trainers
  • High quality of music and volume
  • Good battery life and durability

What You May Not Like

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The only thing that might make you doubtful about getting these headphones is that they are a little pricey. You can get hold of these for $159 in the US and £129 in the UK but shipping is worldwide.

The swim accessory pack is also bought separately for $25.

Another small issue with this product is that it only comes in red and black colors. So if you are looking for anything more funky, you will be disappointed. However, it does not disappoint when it comes to output.


FX-Sport VRX (7)

  • Might be a little pricey for you
  • Comes only in red and black varieties


FX-Sport VRX (7)

All in all, this is an excellent sports accessory to have. It provides a comfortable, secure fit that is durable against sweat, with a great rich sound. It is also a genuine training aid to really motivate and improve your training.

The founder of FX-Sport, Duncan Walsh, is a veteran squash world champion. His design was the basis for the VRX headphones and was realized with their team of electronic  and software specialists.

FX-Sport now work with many world class experts in the fitness industry to help provide products which are genuine training aids.

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