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How CanvasPop is Revolutionizing The Decor Industry with Canvas Prints?

About CanvasPop

Canvas Printing has become quite common in the last few years. This is one of the easiest ways to put images to life and protect important memories. There are so many electronic printing options that you can pick from.

However, some print providers deliver better prints on canvas than others. While thinking about high-quality prints, you may have heard about CanvasPop, a company we simply stumbled upon. You have known about them earlier and wonder whether they work or not.

Why does this program practically vary from other services? In this CanvasPop review, we take a detailed look at how it falls in line with other brands.

About CanvasPop

In other words, this is an online printing service that concentrates on printing canvas pictures. In 2009, the business headquartered in Las Vegas and Ottawa was formed primarily to provide the premium canvas prints. After its start, the business has grown very rapidly and has its shipping service in Europe.

In addition to canvas printing, they also offer photo collage and framed print services. Nevertheless, what really stands out is that they love the quality. Indeed, only the finest quality materials are stated.

Moreover, they have professional photographers who will give you meaningful memories and images. And very few companies can compare with them when it comes to printing costs and volume. To be sure, the intuitive and attentive platform allows shopping simpler.

Services/Products Offered

Canvas pop Products Offered

Canvas Pop offers a variety of services and its high-quality product is canvas prints. A wide number of facilities are available. The good thing with them is to be a one-stop-shop. Now let’s see what the company is all about.

Quality Canvas Prints

Quality Canvas Prints

Canvas Pop only creates standard canvas sensations according to their clients and other pleased customers. It is achieved with luxury fabrics like matte linen combined with polycotton.

These linen materials are OBA-free, have been archived, acid-free, have no agents or additives, and contain a pH-neutral layer. However, it can last for more than 100 years, but only with proper treatment.

In fact, they use the latest tools from Canon to print the photos with bright and transparent pictures. Perhaps, the canvas prints are carefully laminated using just the finest laminates in the business.

Framed Prints

Framed Prints

If you choose to interact with them, you have the right to select, whether you like a framed paper print or a black canvas written. You will print your images on high-quality 255 gsm luster film, with a framed print on display. It means that the print is clean and informative.

The company also uses wooden frames made by hand. The frames also have an espresso, black or white vinyl covering finish. Most of all, they come with a magnet and you can straight away hang on your wall.

Photo Collage Prints

Photo Collage Prints

Photo Collage by CanvasPop is another outstanding service delivered by the well-known printer. It helps you to create photo collages of all your favorite memories.

Essentially, in one canvas, you can attach up to 36 images. Perhaps, the best thing is that the client will pick framing possibilities for the additional touch.

And you can decide how much space you like between the photos in a custom look. Additionally, you can also select the collage design for photos.

Pet PortraitsPet Portraits

CanvasPop started delivering this latest service not very long. They claim that they have the ability to manufacture some unique pet art on their website. And you can select a broad range of colors that suits your pet’s personality for a customized touch.

Apart from this, they also offer Triptych Prints and are soon launching some more products, as told by their team.

CanvasPop Reviews 

CanvasPop is obviously an outstanding tool that reaches a lot of users in the same direction. In contrast with some other canvas prints I have produced in the past, I was struck by the ease of the ordering process.

I can recommend CanvasPop if you want to print some of your own photo collages in your home or give them as a gift.This probably includes the VAST majority of people, and for my personal pleasure, I will certainly have other things printed by them in the future. The best thing about low rates is that it allows customers to print more.


Canvas prints start at about $40, but sometimes discounts occur such that you can score a discount, particularly when you sign up for their newsletter. I ordered a 16×24 inch canvas with a 1.5″ thick base. The cart expense was a little above $100.

I consider the quality really good and it is definitely much cheaper than any of the other prints I’ve made over the years. I know the quality is really good. You do get a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you don’t get the print you get money, and prices are given in Euros, Pounds, Canadian Dollars and US Dollars.

Final Thoughts 

Therefore, CanvasPop provides outstanding photo print facilities at competitive rates. Nevertheless, the fact that they have free digital evidence does differentiate them from other businesses. In comparison, their programs promise a 100% value with your peace of mind.

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