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Timex India: Launch of Legendary American Documents in India

timex america docs

Back in 1854 when the Waterbury Clock Company, now Timex, brought watchmaking skills to American soil, they made history. They combined superior Swiss engineering with good old fashioned American ingenuity and started to mass-produce clocks and watches which would prove reliable but inexpensive personal belongings.

And now as Timex turns 165 years old, the world’s favorite watchmaker has launched the American Documents series, an ode to its quintessentially American roots. The initial launch includes four bold but suave watches, all of which are completely made and assembled in the US.  timex

Timex started to emerge as a global watch brand back in the 1950s and 1960s.  Around this time, the production of watches under the brand also moved from the US to Asia. Indians started to discover their rather passionate love for timepieces and Timex came as the perfect answer. The flawless design and precision of Timex watches, combined with comfortable prices gave fashion trends in the country, a big boost. Down the decades, Timex has continued to evolve as one of India’s favorite brands. This is because of the ever-evolving trends, the attention to quality, and the fact that Timex watches complement Indian wardrobes rather well. Timex now has a reputation for producing the best watches for men in India. It is expected that after its grand reception in the US market, American Documents watches will be just as well received and loved in India. timex Model TW2R83000

Model TW2R83000 comes with an elegant black dial and a dark brown leather band. The dial, like the others in the series, is a round one with a stainless-steel case and bears the ‘Made in America’ mark. This model comes in a gunmetal coloured case.

timex TW2R82700

TW2R82700 is another in the series and features an elegant white dial with a black leather strap. This watch goes well with most casual and formal outfits.

timex TW2R82800

The TW2R82800 with a silver-tone case, grey dial, and the blue leather band brings with it a solemn gravity that exudes both power and confidence. This is a watch for a man who wishes to make a statement.

timex TW2R82900

The TW2R82900 is for the rugged man who loves to spend time outdoors and is the heart of parties and social gatherings. The dark blue dial and tan leather band complement his classic good looks.


One of the features that make the American Documents series really special is the back stamp made from US-sourced brass and plated with “Aged Waterbury Brass”. This is in honor of the original brass timepieces produced by Timex. The backplate is embossed with a crown design that is hand polished and makes each watch a treasure.

As a highlight of the launch, Timex is offering a portfolio of stunning photos from the portfolio of celebrated photographer Bryan Schutmaat. These capture the true essence of the Americana and give the watch owner memorabilia of the country and its breathtaking beauty. If you are looking forward to buying men’s watches online, the American Documents series is perfect to start with.

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