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How to Pick the Best Electric Lighter (In 2024)

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Need a light? Well, don’t worry about running out of matches or fuel in your lighter any longer, because the future is here! The electric lighter is here, ready to usher in a revolution in all things related to lighting. It’s a superior alternative to the traditional lighter, being not only rechargeable, but also completely safe for the environment.

Though the lighter itself is quite futureproof, that doesn’t mean all electric lighters are cut from the safe cloth. Different lighters have different performance rates, levels of efficiency, and so on. So then, how do you tell which one is really worth your time?

Here’s a quick guide on picking the best electric lighter.

Make sure it’s good quality Make sure it’s good quality

This may seem like a general term, but the quality of the electric lighter is the first thing you should look out for. What we mean by that is simply an electric lighter that is sturdy enough to withstand any falls or crashes. Preferably, choose lighters made from heavy metal, such as steel or iron. They’re tough materials that will ensure that your lighter stays functional for a longer period of time. Plus, the weight itself feels very satisfying, making it a type of quality that you can physically feel.

Aside from looking at materials, make sure you research the manufacturer. There are many brands making electric lighters out there, and some have been at it for longer than others. Choose an experienced company with a spotless reputation for the best product.

Take a look at the tech behind it

Electric lighters use plasma for the purposes of lighting, but that doesn’t mean they’re all designed exactly the same way. Some lighters come with just a single arc, while others utilize more, such as double and triple arcs.

The more arcs you have, the more heat rays there are. While a lighter with multiple heat rays is more powerful, it will also drain the battery much quicker. Weigh your options and think about your needs – do you need a stronger lighter, or one that will last longer?

Consider ease of use  Consider ease of use 

Power is one thing, but think about practical issues as well. If you’re going to be carrying your lighter with you for extended periods of time, you will want a lighter that’s relatively lightweight.

Then again, if you go too light, you risk it bring more fragile, so which type of lighter is best for you will really depend on your lifestyle and where (and how often) you will need to use the lighter.

What are you going to use it for?

Lastly, one of the most important factors in choosing your electric lighter is deciding what exactly you’ll be using it for. As we’ve already mentioned, electric lighters are quite diverse and aren’t always made with the same purpose in mind. Lighting a cigarette, for example, is better achieved with widely spaced diodes that are designed to fit around the cigarette stick.

Then again, if your main reason is lighting bonfires, you’ll be taking your lighter outdoors a lot, so you need to make sure you take one that’s waterproof.

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