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How to Choose the Best Budget Gaming Mouse: Ultimate Guide

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Most gamers, if not all, will unanimously agree that mice are one of the most essential pieces of the entire PC gaming arsenal. With a good mouse, you have quite the control over your gaming experience. However, it is not to say that all gamers own mice. Some rely on typical computer mice to play games. The reason is that gaming consoles and gadgets can be a little expensive to procure.

Fortunately, the market has some franchise of gaming mice that can get the job done amazingly, without breaking the bank. Consider this article the ultimate guide to choosing the right gaming mouse when working on a budget.

Find out your grip style

People have different grips on mice, and not just in gaming. Depending on what the style of your grip is, you can determine a variety of mice that could wok comfortably for you. Ideally, the different grip styles are as below:

  • Palm grip – this is the kind of grip where a user lets their entire palm lie on the body of the mouse. The fingers then lay flat on the mouse buttons. It happens to be the most common grip style among most gamers.Palm grip

Source: HowtoGeek

  • Tip grip – as suggested by the name, this grip is all in the tips of the fingers. Mostly, the index finger rests on the left side of the buttons of the mouse, the middle finger on the middle (center wheel), and the ring finger on the right side of the buttons. The thumb, therefore, is clutching on the side of the mouse. With this grip, the palm rarely touches the body of the mouse. Tip grip

Source: HowtoGeek

  • Crawl grip – this style mixes the palm and tip grip approaches. Ideally, your palm gets to lie on the body of the mouse, and your fingertips rest on the mouse buttons. What happens is that the fingers are angled in such a way that the hand adopts a crawl position, hence the name. Crawl grip

Source: HowtoGeek

The design of your mouse

The design of the mouse is mostly a concern for gamers with aesthetic preferences. However, even though you are not the type, consider a design that would work well with the style of your other gadgets, including the keyboard and your PC.

Go for a wired mouse Wired Mouse

Technically, if you are looking for a Bluetooth gaming mouse that will not compromise on functionality, then you won’t find one on a budget. Most of them are high-end gaming mice.

However, it does not mean that wired mice are not effective. In fact, most pros would advise other gamers to go for a wired one as it allows better responsiveness and consistency than the wireless ones. If you consider this list, the best left-hand gaming mouse, look into the wired options, especially when on a stringent budget.

Optical sensor vs. laser sensor

When it comes to choosing what kind of sensor you prefer of your gaming mouse, it is mostly up for your preferences. Gaming pros have not quite come into a consensus over which one is better than the other because there is barely any difference between the two.

The fortunate thing is that you can find budget gaming mice for either an optical sensor or laser sensor.

Consider the weight

Much as you are concerned over the price of a mouse, also regard the weight. Remember the mouse is for gaming, and the heavier it is, the more difficult it gets to be swift in your gaming.

Again, if it is too light, it may not get the job done. Some hardcore players go to extremes of adding quarters in their mouse just to add in some weight to the mouse. For this reason, make sure you test so that you get the right feel for you.

The Surface beneath the Mouse Mousepad

Every mouse demands a smooth working surface for it to function optimally. Depending on the choice of a mouse you select, you can know what type of surface to go for. Mostly, the laser sensors work great with a harder surface than optical lasers would. However, beware that a hard surface will soon wear out the mouse feet, and you may require a replacement often.

Overall, there is a gaming mouse that would befit all kinds of gamers. All you need to do is look, but with a specific idea in mind of what you want at the end of your shopping endeavors.

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