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Camdog Review: AI Based Smart Security Surveillance

camdog ai reviews

Security and surveillance have become a necessity, thanks to the rise in criminal activities and declining safety. From homes and warehouses to office spaces, the demand for a secure nexus to guarantee its residents’ and employees’ security is a luxury the owner must afford.

Unfortunately, old systems and technology have become obsolete, so setting up a simple CCTV system is now considered a disregard for safety. With technology around us moving so fast, it is only right to expect surveillance tech.

Now there are many solutions you can find for an AI surveillance service, but in this article, we will focus on Camdog Inc and review the leap it has taken to upgrade the security scene.

Before we review the service, let’s understand what Camdog is? Camdog is a cloud-based on-demand video security service that improves and extends your pre-existing surveillance setup functionality. It requires no extra devices to be set up and links up to the pre-installed feed with ease. Founded by Dmytro Usenko, the video monitoring tool is aimed towards small-medium businesses with provisions for video analytics, special surveillance modes, and quick alerts, to name a few.


Camdog offers a host of exciting features and services, unlike any you may have heard in the market. So let’s take a better look at these features and compare them to their competitors.

camdog features

1. Versatility

It is not so much a feature as it is a considerable advantage that Camdog holds over its rivals. Camdog’s services are compatible with any IP camera from any manufacturer. It does not tie you down to its brand and gives you tremendous flexibility when it comes to compatibility; you can link up any camera as mentioned, pair cameras at multiple locations and have complete control over them, and connect removable devices to the cloud network.

Though Camdog is not the only surveillance service provider to offer such flexibility with IP cameras, VXG and Kastle also offer similar freedom with cameras; the club’s exclusivity makes it an easy pick.

2. Camdog Guard Mode

By far, the most impressive feature that Camdog has to offer. A one of its kind trademarked service; the guard mode is a facet you didn’t know you needed. The guard mode behaves like a guard dog entrusted with watching a certain entity and raising the alarm in case of a discrepancy.

To activate the guard mode, all you need to do is select the commodity to be guarded on the screen and arm it. From there on, it works its magic, monitoring the object 24×7 and notifying the owner or registered point of contact in case the object moves out of its designated space.

Surprisingly, none of the competitors have come out with their version of the guard dog. Camdog remains to be the only surveillance service provider to present its users with such a feature.

3. AI-based Smart Security

The inclusion of AI in monitoring services results in impressive by-products. Camdog uses an AI algorithm to scan its environment and detect upto 500 classes of objects that include people, animals, cars, weapons, household items, etc. While other counterparts like Kastle, Ring, and Verkada do have this feature, it manages to detect a maximum of 2 objects, compared to Camdogs 500.

What impressed me here was the AI’s ability to disregard natural objects like clouds, leaves, and trees and predict items that are out of focus or blurred.

4. Monitoring and Storage

Not having 24×7 surveillance would defeat the purpose of having a security surveillance system. While every company offers full-time video surveillance, storage of these recordings becomes a point of concern.

With most enterprises, you get a fixed period of storage and sometimes a limit on the amount, but Camdog surprisingly offers lifetime storage of all your recordings. Additionally, the storage is cloud-based, so your data is secure and completely inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

5.    Loss Prevention

The smart system has further added predictive features that can practically prevent theft and physical harm. The loss prevention attribute monitors your property’s safety and looks out for activities that can be deemed as suspicious or shady. On such detection, a notification is sent to the owner via multiple channels like email and message.

Without sounding like a proponent for Camdog, these features are again absent in every available security surveillance service provider giving Camdog an easy win.




Pricing is essential to a business operating on a budget and cannot afford to spend a fortune on surveillance security. Now, Camdog is not the cheapest available option in the market (the most affordable option, as of 2020, is Wyze that offers a subscription model of $1.5/camera/month). Still, at $3.99/camera/month (the cheapest option), it is, by a mile, the best option for surveillance security. Given the host of features offered, the price is astonishingly low, and the final blow gives it the top spot in the market.

The pricing at Camdog is divided into three sections, with the lowest viable option coming at $3.99 with 72 hours of monitoring and an additional $1 for every extra hour. Option two comes in at $14.99/camera/month with 720 hours of monitoring and $0.2/additional hour while option three is $49.99/camera/month and 0.1$/additional hour. All three options offer all features that Camdog offers, with the only advantage seen with recording limit and additional costs.

Reading this article, I think it is pretty clear who the winner is. Camdog’s incredible features and smart systems give it a definite edge over its rivals. Almost all competitors fail to come anywhere close to Camdog’s long list of facets and add to it the aggressive pricing, and you have the perfect recipe for success. Though the tight limits on recording time is a point of concern, all the special quirks it has to offer balance it out.

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