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Altair Aerial AA108 Review (With Positives & Negatives)

Altair Aerial AA108

Drones are becoming more and more popular these days, especially in the United States. People use them either as toys or devices for serious tasks such as the delivery of health supplies and even surveillance for security purposes. Needless to say, many companies stepped up to penetrate the drone market, but not many are successful enough to be noticed. Many just come and leave almost without a trace.

Altair Aerial is different. It is a small drone manufacturing company that is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, founded and led by a young entrepreneur named Matthew Cookson. Matt has always had a flair for technological toys such as drones, so it’s not a surprise that he ended up doing what he does.

According to the company’s website, Altair Aerial is not only concerned with developing amazing products, they also pay close attention to customer service. For them, the customer’s contact with the company does not and should not end upon checkout. In fact, there is a reason to believe that the fun only begins there. Drones are new to many, so there will be a lot of questions. Who would be the best people to ask if not the manufacturers themselves?

The Altair Aerial AA108 is one of the Nebraska-based company’s most recognizable releases. In this article, we present the good and bad things that people all over the internet are saying about this drone, which is touted as one of the best options out there for beginner drone flyers. We also present the bottom line, or what we think is your best course of action given the summary of reviews that we present.

Positive and negatives


Basically, many reviewers agree with the manufacturer that the Altair Aerial AA108 is indeed among the best cheap drones on the market for kids and beginners. It is packed with a number of amazing features, and we discuss them here individually:

  • Low cost:

The AA108 is cheap at only around $130 dollars. This is a good price, especially if you are buying this product for a kid or a drone beginner who might just crash it numerous times.

  • Durable:

Even if the drone crashes on a regular basis because of maneuvering errors, the machine itself is made of durable materials so there is just a very low chance of serious breakage.

The AA108 is really good for the outdoors because it can handle winds even if they go up to 10 miles per hour. Not a lot of beginner drones can do that!

  • No Assembly Required:

This product from  Altair Aerial comes as an already assembled piece. New users don’t have to worry about assembling it wrong. The fact that it comes as a fully assembled also allows the buyers to save a lot of time.

  • Spare Parts:

Propellers are among the most delicate parts of the drone, and Altair Aerial understands this. So, included in the package that you buy are four spare propellers that can use to easily replace the ones that break after a crash.

  • Wide-angle Camera:

The camera installed on this drone is at 720p, which is quite good considering its price. The lens is also able to cover wide angles, around 120 degrees.

  • First-person Views:

The Altair Aerial AA108 is compatible with the FlyingSee app (software that runs well on both iOS and Android operating systems), so first-person views via your phone are possible.

  • Easy Controls:

This drone from Altair Aerial has a very intuitive controller. Beginners and even kids are expected to learn the functions fast. This device can also be used without a smartphone because the package comes with a remote control.


The AA108 receives only a few minor complaints:

  • Static Camera

The user cannot modify the camera angle, so it’s quite difficult to be creative with your shots.

  • No Locator

There are users who report that this drone is quite difficult to locate when it crashes in not so ideal spots like mini forests or bushy lands. It doesn’t have a built-in locator so users have to do their searching manually, which can take a lot of time.

  • Limited FPV

The first-person view of this drone is only at half the controller range, so it is not really the drone recommended if you want to go on a full-blown outdoor adventure. Users really have to be mindful of this drone’s range because going beyond it can cause a total loss of control.

  • Uncommon Batteries

There are complaints about how hard it is to look for batteries for this Altair Aerial product. They say that the batteries are very specific to the model. They say further that the extra batteries that come with the product don’t last long but take hours to recharge.

  • Crash Landing

The product is equipped with an emergency landing feature, but it doesn’t seem to work well. There are reports of users frantically trying to land their devices but to no avail.

A number of disappointed buyers report that the product came with a lot of defects. Many of them ended up returning the product. Some even lost them because the machine malfunctioned in midair, causing it to fly and crash in unknown spots.

Drone camera



Given all the points above, it is safe to say that the Altair Aerial AA108 is among the best options that you have if you want a cheap and highly intuitive drone The product is best for users who are children or adults who are just learning how to maneuver drones.

The AA108 is on the lower end of the scale price-wise, so buying this product won’t hurt your wallet that much even if it breaks after practices that cause it to crash numerous times.

Of course, there are issues with how the product is put together. Many people report factory defects. Fortunately, these are issues that can easily be addressed. The company that produces it is very much willing to answer your questions should you have some. Altair Aerial believes that they are the best people to approach should there be issues with the product. Now that’s great customer service!

All in all, the Altair Aerial AA108 is going to be one of the best beginner drones to buy.

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