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How To Choose Stylish & Warm Clothes In Winter?

How To Choose Good Clothes For The Winter Cold

The winter cold is upon us if you haven’t already noticed. The cold brings winter fun like snowball fights, snow angels, ice skating, and of course, snowman making. These are some of the things that many people look forward to. But with the joy, also comes a few necessary adjustments. 

Besides preparing to ensure that your car doesn’t breakdown, you also need to protect your body in colder temperatures. While there are solutions like heaters and fireplaces, the most basic way to keep your temperature up during the cold seasons is to choose your clothes properly. 

Why does warm clothing matter? Because cognitive functions become impaired when the body loses two degrees of heat, and that can happen almost instantly if you’re treading through the freezing cold. Frostbite is a real danger to your toes and fingers, and, without the proper clothing, you could literally freeze to death. So, with that in mind, here are some tips on dressing properly for the cold.

Layer Up layer up

Most people only think about coats when dressing for the cold. And while they’re right about the importance of wearing a coat, they are only 1/3rd correct. It’s important to dress in layers because this will give you a means to adjust to the weather. If it’s too hot, you can simply remove a layer, and another, if you still aren’t comfortable with the warmth of your clothes

Layers also serve their own functions. Your innermost layers should be made of sweat-wicking material, your middle layer should be warm and insulating, while your outermost layer should be wind and waterproof.

Cover Your Hands and Feet Cover Your Hands and Feet

As previously mentioned, the danger of frostbite is one that is very real, not just because of the fact that you’re going to lose mobility of the affected appendages, but also because there is a high risk of gangrene, which, if not treated, would mean that you lose the affected appendages. The rule for socks is the same for hats – wool is the best fabric because they are both moisture-wicking and insulating. Cotton is the worst possible choice because cotton absorbs moisture, and any moisture will worsen the cold.

As for protecting your hands and fingers, you’re going to have to choose between better warmth versus better mobility. Wool mittens are your best choice as they are very effective at keeping your hands warm, however, if you need mobility, wool gloves are going to be a better fit for you.

Facial Protection Facial Protection

Like your toes and fingers, the nose, too, freezes rather quickly. Because of this, you’re also going to need a balaclava, preferably one that’s made of wool, to keep your head, neck, and face warm and dry.

Finally, when choosing clothes for the winter cold, you need to put an emphasis on quality. There are many things you can skimp on, and this is not one of those things. There are many sources, such as kryptek.com, where you can get quality outdoor clothing. So, dear readers, may you enjoy the holidays and the weather that inspires Christmas cheer. Comment below if there are any more winter clothing suggestions you’d want to share.

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