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4 Different Types of Diamond Nose Pin & Bracelet Designs

Diamond Bracelet

Just like the clothes we wear, jewels help us express ourselves in a better way. Women and men alike have worn jewellery for millennia expressing their culture, preferences, status, and way of life.

Trends in jewellery come and go, but wearing them never goes out of trend. Depending on the material they are made with, they can be economical or expensive. However expensive they get, gold and diamond jewellery are still sought out all over the world. It is not an understatement when they say a diamond is a girl’s best friend.

Diamonds make any celebration exquisite, whether it is a birthday or a wedding. They are simple, elegant and also expensive. Sometimes, being shown that we are worthy of diamonds makes us feel on the top of the world. Diamonds make both the giver and the getter ecstatic for its joy is contagious. Here are some types of diamond jewellery that you can gift your loved ones.

Diamond Bracelet is very versatile. A simple studded bracelet can look classy and elegant with any type of outfit. For a more dramatic look, stack two or three bracelets on one wrist with a monochrome dress.

Diamond Bracelet


Diamond stud earrings are go-to accessories for your everyday office outfits. There are square-shaped studs, floral patterns, swirls and other designs that can perfectly complement you.

Diamond Nose Pins are a trend these days. They come in a huge variety. Wired nose pins with a slight bend go very well with Indo-western attires. If you want to go for a traditional look, wear a studded nose pin that complements sarees and salwar suits perfectly.

Diamond Nose Pins


Diamond necklaces are an all-time favourite among the ladies. Simple diamond necklaces are perfect to wear along with simple formal dresses. Heavy diamond necklaces are perfect accessories for brides as they give a royal finish to your bridal lehenga.

Diamond pendant and earring sets are increasingly sought after these days as they give a rich and sophisticated look. Usually, the pendant and matching earrings are the same design that can be worn together or separately. They come in a simple square- or oval-shaped diamonds or in floral and abstract patterns. If your partner is a hardcore romantic, gift them a heart-shaped diamond pendant on your anniversary and see the diamond adding a glow to their face.

Nose pins are very popular throughout the world as a fashion and style statement, but to some parts of the world, they are actually an age-old tradition with health benefits and of course it enhances the beauty of the women. The designs and shapes define status, religious, cultural and aesthetic reasons.

The most common nose rings one can find easily are in diamond jewelry designs, simple studs will give and classic and elegant look to the wearer. It’s easy to find a huge variety of collection of nose rings online if you find the designs regular at your jewellery stores.

Types of nose rings

Studs studs nose ring

This is the most common type of nose rings, made of different material such as gold, silver, or other fancy material.

Design being either plain ball of the material at the front end and bar inside tightened with a screw, they come in simple designs like small flowers or geometric shapes, studded with a simple stone either diamond, pearls, emeralds, corals or any other stones of choice.

Rings nose ring

Instead of a screw inside, ring style nose rings are directly pierced into the nose completely and pulled out. This is most popular among the teenage as they portray a strong image and an impressive style statement.

They come in gold and silver, it rotates 360 degrees making the cleaning of this ring easier.

Clip ons  Clip ons nose rings

As the name suggests these type of nose rings doesn’t need any piercing, they just need to be clipped to the nose. One side of the ring comes with a design head and in u shape the other end is simple metal, place the ring inside your nose, facing the simple metal inside and slight press on the two sides of the ring to form the edges to hold the nose according to the desired tightness.

These are best for fashion conscious people as they can be changes easily and come from a range simple street collection to hight end diamond studded designs.

Nathni Nathani

This type of nose ring is mostly used during weddings and very popular among the women in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and western parts of India and also they are used to make an incredible fashion statement.

Considering its size in diameter and the thin chain attached to it on one end and the other end going all the way securing in the hair gives a bold look elegant look to the wearer. as mostly they are used for the wedding they are usually come in gold, silver and studded with expensive stones based on the designs.

Another variation or nathani is without the chain and can be called as a modern version as the designs are much bolder mainly consisting of pendants, diamonds and assorted gems to enhance the look.

Nose piercing can be done easily, but before going for it make sure the place you chose is hygiene and get the basic test of an allergic reaction to metals, usually, gold or silver is used but few people are allergic to these metals too so choose based on the comfort.

An engagement or a wedding is incomplete without a perfect ring. What better way to celebrate such a joyous occasion with a diamond?! Exquisite diamond rings are available for both men and women alike; they also come in pairs and are called the couple rings. They come in rose gold, gold and platinum variants. Choose a metal that compliments your skin tone to achieve a better look.

Finally, while choosing the jewellery for your loved ones, pick something that suits their personality. Some prefer delicate jewellery and some find statement pieces especially attractive. Some prefer a more traditional look while some are open to experimenting with bold and chunky jewellery. Contemporary pieces of jewellery are perfect for someone who prefers an ultra-modern look.

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