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Yamaha Saluto Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences

Yamaha Saluto

125CC commuter bikes are the common man’s to go for cost efficient and safe transport. These commuter bikes don’t have a high top speed nor are they built to give premium looks. There basic use is to be there for a man who’s building himself up while perhaps supporting a family.

Yamaha Saluto

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The Yamaha Saluto is Yamaha’s salute to those exact men. The bike encapsulates the essence of commuter bikes with a good mileage, dependable suspension and brakes along with it all bring out a good machine to beat the Indian roads scenarios while preserving fuel. Recently the Saluto was released with a stylish army green design seen before in the Fazer.


Yamaha bikes are usually known for their flair and style along with highly sophisticated and powerful looks. The Saluto though is an odd ball in that aspect. Compared to the other Yamaha bikes, the Yamaha Saluto has minimal body designs and a very clear cut basic build. But make no mistake, in the commuter bike segment, the Saluto does hold a style of its own.

The instrument console is also a pretty basic and useful one . Housing a speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge, it petty much is the basic needs only console.

The Saluto has at its heart a single cylinder blue core engine which displaces 125cc, making a little over 8bhp and 10Nm of torque. The combustion chamber is comparatively a bit tighteror more compact than Yamaha’s other products.

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It takes a long time in gear shifting and reaches a cruising speed of 60kmph very slowly . Vibrations are also an evident factor as we rev up the engines and is a source of discomfort at times for the riders. Though this issue isn’t an actual concern at high speeds, the Yamaha Saluto exhibits this behavior at speed clos to its cruising speed which is the range at which commuter bikes are usually at their peaks.

The Saluto manages to deliver a mileage of 66.67kmpl which is rather affordable and is one of the major reasons one should buy the Salto. This high mileage is attained partly because of the bike’s light weight as well as build.  It lacks a carriage compartment, but other than that covers the needs it’s target riders require. But on the comfort aspect the Saluto does have a downside.

The Yamaha Saluto has narrow seats which can cause uneasiness for the riders or pillions too. The seats aren’t soft either adding to the agony associated with riding the bike. When it comes to the suspension of the bike though, the Yamaha Salutomanages to make the cut. The suspension does make good the problematic roads of our country.

The official video and a video review

Customer Reviews

The Yamaha Saluto is not a perfect bike and neither has it promised to b one. The issues riders mention are its gear shifting and vibrations, which are manageable upto a certain limit. The mileage is a positive of the bike which has hit it home with the riders with a mention rising in each reference to the motorbike. He Yamaha Saluto is favored by its users and suggested further on if affordable.


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Area Cost
Drum Drum Special Edition Disc Disc Special Edition
Delhi – Central Delhi ₹ 60,754 ₹ 61,820 ₹ 63,423 ₹ 64,485
Punjab- Ludhiana ₹ 58,068 ₹ 59,085 ₹ 60,616 ₹ 61,629
Kerala- Thrissur ₹ 65,275 ₹ 66,378 ₹ 68,031 ₹ 69,023
Karnataka-  Bangalore ₹ 65,352 ₹ 66,487 ₹ 68,195 ₹ 69,324
Andhra Pradesh- Visakhapatnam ₹ 63,220 ₹ 66,070 ₹ 65,953 ₹ 69,160


Commuter motorbikes in generalhave few specifications to compete on, but the Yamaha Saluto gives them a run for their money in looks as well. Though not the most powerful motorcycle in the segment, the Saluto does match some of the leaders in the industry on most other specifications and add-ons. It is a bit higher on the price scale comparatively, but the Saluto does mange to provide for the necessary reasons and is also particularly easy t maintain. The Saluto seems like the right kind of bike for commuting, which is the compliment everycommuter bike should try to aim for.

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