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Bajaj Discover 125 Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences (2024)


Bajaj Discover 125

Very few commuter bikes have caught the attention of users. This could be because of the fact that though they demand less, they have many who strive to achieve the right balance. A commuter bike basically requires a good mileage, comfortable riding position and a good build. Seems easy enough right? Not at all. As mentioned before, it’s a perfect balance that can strike the right cord. Very few bikes have even come close to hitting it right and one of these moguls is the Bajaj Discover.

For many years, the streets were crowded with the likes of the Bajaj Discover and the CB Shine purely because thy were the commuter bikes that felt right for the users. They gave a good mileage, were pretty comfortable even for the pillion riders and weren’t the least bit costly. Now with the latest Bajaj Discover 125, Bajaj has tried to improve upon the favorite and give the users exactly what they want. Modifications to the critical parts have made sure that the Bajaj Discover 15 is here to stay. But do the users like the bike? What more does the Bajaj Discover have to offer?


Bajaj Discover 125       Source Image: Bikes 4 sale

The Bajaj Discover 125 does manage to do the job with some small changes in very specific areas. But let’s generalize that and check up on the Discover 125 as a whole.

The Discover 125 is a rightly categorize commuter bike with a top speed of 100 kmph and a promised mileage of 82.4kmpl which is not at all bad. Now most companies fail to reach the ARAI mileage values when it’s the consumers that keep the count, but Bajaj has proven to not be on that list. The Discover 125 gracefully gives a mileage within the range of 82kmpl.

The Bajaj Discover 125 has a Single Cylinder 4-stroke SOHC DTS-I heart(engine) which is at least a 124.5cc. It promises a power of 11 PS @ 7500 rpm and a torque of 11 Nm @ 5500 rpm. With Twin spark ignition to fuel it, the instrument console has been completely amped up along with the bodywork of the bike.

The Discover has drum brakes both in the front ad rear wheels which can be alternated for Disc brakes at a small increase I price. Speaking of price, the Bajaj Discover is aptly priced and available throughout further increasing its appeal. The fifth gear brings the fuel efficiency right back home and the Discover into our hearts.

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Customer Reviews

The Baja Discover 125 has been re-released in 2018 and there aren’t many user reviews out. The Bajaj 2018 Discover being a slight variant from the previous Discover, the user reviews focusing around renovated and unchanged parts can be checked. The 2018 model does have many features to its credit, but a practical issue which doesn’t seem to have been mentioned as rectified is the acute starting trouble at times after draining the tank of fuel and refilling. The comfort factor is still ok as far as changes are taken into consideration and the face lit does come on to the console which is also a huge relief for users.

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bajaj-discover 125Source Image: Bike 4 Sale

The Bajaj Discover 125 is available in combinations of red and blue mainly. Varying slightly from the previous Discover 125 body design, the colors offered to give a signature look to the brand-new Discover 125.

  • Ebony Black with Deep Red Graphics
  • Ebony Black with Blue Graphics
  • Electron Blue
  • Flame Red

Available in most showrooms in a while, the Bajaj Discover 125 is priced moderately for 125cc commuter segment bike.

Area Cost
Delhi ₹ 52,672
Mumbai ₹ 54,054
Bangalore ₹ 53,108
Hyderabad ₹ 53,056
Chennai ₹53,184
Kolkata ₹51,469


The Bajaj Discover remains to be one of the best commuter bikes in the country because it has, in fact, attained the nirvana of commuters. There is a comparison from the CB Shine, which obviously does have the edge when it comes to comfort. But performance wise, the Discover 125 is quiet something else. It provides a good mileage along with a comfortable ride ad a good price to top it off. That is what many companies fail to grasp and what Bajaj has managed to excel at. The Discover hits the sweet spot and it is without the doubt that the Bajaj Discover 125 2018 model is here to stay.

Featured Image Source: Bike 4 Sale

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