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Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review, Price In India, Specs (2024)

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review

In an age when all Motorcycle companies are amping up their style with new technologies, one of the brands that keep it classy and comfy is the Royal Enfield. With everyone going gaga over newbies like Dominar, Mojo and the Yamaha R series, how Royal Enfield kept standing is a story of commitment and consistency, not only to its pros but to its cons as well.

With the newest babies of Royal Enfield on the streets, the Stealth Black and the Gun-Metal Grey, let review their patron saint, the one and only Classic 350.

The Classic 350 has maintained that thorough bred Royal Enfield Bullet look and any person while riding a bullet will automatically feel themselves dreaming of going long and far on this beauty. Not a tourer by birth, the Classic 350 can take on it’s share of wear and tear.

With the adrenaline rush on hearing the thug-thug of a classic 350, how without huge changes in its specifications, the bullet 350 classic maintains its grandeur is a mystery that we have to unravel.


Royal Enfield Classic 350

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Followers of the Royal Enfield brand will definitely notethe recurrence of certain faults, common to most of the bullets which are prominent even in the 350 classic. Some say thee faults are the beauty of the motorcycle pushing it away from the rest and giving it that vintage touch.

As rightly said, the 350 Classic Bullet is not for those with a Need for Speed. A Bullet from its bones is a cruiser and made for the thrill of riding with the riding experience. Crossing the 80 kmph mark brings vibrations throughout the body, unnerving to those who have ridden other bikes where comfort and smoothness are the modification goals. This varies with bikes and also with users, because some riders enjoy this aspect of the Bullet 350. This again makes the 350 a motorcycle made for cruising and enjoying the trip.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

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The in availability of the digital meters again may cause a problem with other bike users, but not for those in love with classics and bike history. Some say even with the introduction of the power-start for current models, it is factors like this that bring the vintage feel to the Bullet. When it comes to baking too the Bullet is on the lower end of the scales with a Single disk front brake and a drum brake at the rear.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

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This would be a cause of concern for those riding at the below 80mark but that needn’t and shouldn’t always be the case and high speeds may bring a fear with a brake system as fragile as this.There is a news of integrating the rear disk brake system seen in the newly released stealth black into future to be released 350 classics, but until further notice, drum brake it is.

The 350 Classic does however maintain a good mileage of 35-40 on average for those going on long runs and a mileage of 30-35 when caged to city use only.  This is a well enough mileage taking into comparison other hotshot bikes in the stores now focusing more on speed.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

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The engine quality, a trademark of Royal Enfield is still its best property and it doesn’t fail to disappoint in terms of build either. The main plus should always be the class this motorcycle exhibits and even with such a  huge number of them on the streets, they still remain  head turners.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

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The negative comments mostly seen online are not of users, but of haters who probably believe speed is the main factor in a bike. Some cons regularly noted bu users is the vibrations when the bike builds up speed. Furthermore, the difference in consoles is also a frustrating concern for those more accustomed to a digital display. There are user worries regarding the incompetency of service centres to garner to the high number of Bullets on the street and with the electrical components inside being sub-standard and not up to the Bullet quality expected. But other than that the classic 350 still remains a peoples favorite and a dream motorcycle for many.


The Classic 350 is he most loved and commonly found Royal Enfield as of now because it manages to encompass the original Royal Enfield feel in a modern attire. Do test drive one from a friend or at the showroom before dreaming because the weight and build of the bullet makes it certainly not for the weak.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

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Delhi – Central Delhi ₹ 1,54,287
Punjab- Ludhiana ₹ 1,52,920
Kerala- Thrissur ₹ 1,54,905
Karnataka-  Bangalore ₹ 1,68,021
Andhra Pradesh- Visakhapatnam ₹ 1,53,034

It is available in different colors ranging from black and maroon to the latest gun-metal (the stealth black is not a 350cc but a more powerful 500). But let’s focus on the pure-bred 350 classic types. The colors available are –

  • Ash
  • Chestnut
  • Lagoon
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Redditch Red
  • Redditch Blue
  • Redditch Green


The Bullet has been and always will be a classic. Even with these negatives inherent in it , the 350 classic is a peoples hero and will definitely not fail to garner your love and respect. If speed is not your number 1 priority then riding a Bullet will be so satisfying an experience, that your heart will race to the beat of the motorcycle. Factors to note are the availability of good and trustworthy service stations nearby and for sure a 350 Classic will never be a regret. For those in the pursuit of speed though, there are much better bikes in the market now, like the Bajaj Dominar and the Mahindra Mojo both efficient and technology wise gifted.

The Royal Enfield franchise does need to upgrade with the tide for the love of its riders like Honda, Bajaj and Mahindra, or perhaps stay the same for the same reason. For the lovers of masterpieces by Royal Enfield, go kickstart a classic 350 from a showroom near you and enjoy the thug-thug.

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