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Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

For many the idea of motorcycles and the ultimate dream to buy one started with watching Arnold ride in as the Terminator.

Those wide handles and the revving sound heightened our senses and brought to many, motorcycle goals. Bajaj was the first to introduce a cruiser into the Indian markets and was quick to steal the hearts of these very people.

The Avenger was every man’s boyhood crush come to life. As of 2018, the Avenger 220 has been rereleased with the same differentiation of Cruise and Street.

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

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Bajaj already had three 150cc motorcycles under its belt when it released the infamous Avenger. It was released in two variants, the Cruise and Street.

The difference in the two from first glance stems from its look and further in the internal tinkering.

On releasing major focus was put into making a motorcycle suitable for both city and long-distance use. Because of the fame the Avenger garnered and some minor errors that needed rethinking, in 2015 Avenger was re-released in Street 150, Street 220 and Cruise 220 variants. With new features galore, the Avenger was out to steal hearts again.


The Harley like front, a wide flat rear tire and a low seat height are all ideal for giving the cruiser like look for the 220 street and cruise. But unlike the typical cruisers they aren’t stubborn in nature and can be maneuvered easily through the street.

Obviously not on close turns because the front end has little response to the handle turning because of the angle. It is the light handling of the motorcycle that stands out. The brakes work really well, but the rear end does tend to get a little bouncy when there are road issues. The front forks on the other hand can take the brunt of those road effects.

The cruise and street stand differently primarily due to the handlebar. With the handlebar a little bit swept back gives a more comfortable cruising posture and comfortable ride.

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

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The Street focus more on a sportier look and hence the difference in look. There is also an LCD display in the console which gives off a more stylish look to the motorcycle, having in it an odometer and trip meter.

The engine is a major set-back for some users. The 19bhp 220cc oil-cooled DTS-i engine is borrowed like its predecessors from a similar ccd street bike.As usual the torque and rpm will need to be modified because a cruisers primary characteristic is its difference in those specifications. But the revisions aren’t evident at all in this model.

Vibrations are also painfully evident at 100kmph above speeds but aren’t stressed too much just below. False neutrals, a problem which usually doesn’t come until a motorcycle’s later years seems to hit the Avenger 220 pretty fast on.

Exposed wiring, which looks really unprofessional, the plastic parts looking sub-standard and a poor finish are all evident on close introspection of the motorcycle. But the bike does give off a powerful look from afar and for those concerned only with that, there isn’t any need to look further

The official video and a video review

Customer Reviews

Users are in general not satisfied by the Avenger 220 Cruise completely. Sparking issues tend to rise along with the engine apparently not getting continuous supply.

Furthermore, the fuel gauge seems to have a mind of its own, sometimes showing low fuel even at stages for which the motorcycle can go furthermore. Users are also complaining of heat issues from the engine causing acute difficulty for riders.

Noise from the engine is also obviously apparent throughout the ride. It seems the only factors that appeal to the users are its comfort while riding and its look.


Available in most Bajaj showrooms, the bike deserves a test ride. Not only is the physical characteristic of the user an important factor, but the difference in Street and Cruise can be differentiated from a ride and comfort is the primary need for a cruiser motorcycle right?

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

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Area Price
Delhi ₹ 93,466
Mumbai: ₹89,000
Bangalore: ₹92,954
Hyderabad: ₹92,698
Chennai: ₹93,786

The Avenger 220 Cruise – 2018 model is available in one color – Silver


The Avenger 220 Cruise if for those with the ultimate cruiser bike dream. While its competitors are the Thunderbird from Royal Enfield and Mojofrom Mahinda, the Avenger is much more affordable comparatively. Furthermore, the Cruise version I ideal for long- distance rides compared to the street which is better suited for city commuters. If the test ride feels good and you’re a cruiser fan, buy this bad boy and make heads turn all the way.


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