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Xnspy Review: How a Spying app for Android could be used for safety?

Spying app on mobile

Whenever we hear about the idea of spying, negative thoughts come to our mind right away, like spying is obsessive, spying means you are the untrustworthy one, spying means your relationship is weak and so on and so forth. But have you ever thought of putting spying to a good use? How about using a spying app to be sure your loved ones are safe instead of just spying on them to catch something?

There are so many spying apps for Android available today and each is meant for a different purpose. It might take a while for you to figure out which one’s right. I am here to help make the decision easy for you. There is a spying app called Xnspy that could be used for the safety of your loved ones.

Being a parent or caretaker is not easy. If you stay away from your parents or kids due to a long and tiring work routine and you cannot take your mind of them, monitoring their phones could be useful. Here is how you can put a spying app for Android to something useful:

  • The internet is a dangerous place especially for our children who don’t know what they are getting themselves into. They could be sharing intimate information with an online predator on Facebook or WhatsApp without realizing the consequences. You can overcome that with a spying app.
  • Are you worried that your child is skipping school and hanging out with friends that could be a bad influence?You can find that out with a spying app.
  • If you have elderly parents who are gullible and they can be easily tricked by a criminal to give their social security number, home address, or even their bank information, then again you can stop that with a spying app.

So back to our topic. I am here to share my experience with Xnspy, the spying app for Android that has pretty neat features for keeping your loved ones safe. Let’s cut to the chase and talk about its features.

# Location tracking Location Tracking

Whether it is about knowing the current location of your loved ones or their location history, Xnspy gives you real-time information. You can look at various places your kid, parent or partner have been to throughout the day. You will love that it has the geo-fencing feature. Say you don’t want your kid to enter a specific zone. With Xnspy, you can mark it as the red-zone and every time your kid enters or leaves that zone, you will get an alert. You can even use this feature to ensure the safety of your parents.

# Monitor call logs

With Xnspy, you can monitor the call logs from the target device and know who your loved ones communicate with. This includes accessing all the missed calls, incoming calls, and outgoing calls. You will also see the time and date stamps, plus the contact numbers.

An interesting thing about this spying app for Android is that it gives you a comprehensive call analysis for a specific time period. Parents would love this feature because it will show them a glimpse of the call activity of their kids.

The top 5 callers are displayed like this.

Monitors Call logs

Then you get to see the duration of the top 5 calls.

Monitor call duration

Then there is a call time activity punchcard that displays the number of calls made between specific hours in a particular day. Call time activity punch card


# Monitor emails and web history

It would be a blessing if you can check the emails of your older parents to identify spam or even check the browsing history of your kid’s phone. It’s possible with Xnspy since it lets you monitor the phone’s default email application and default browser.

# IM chats monitoring whatsapp message logs

In case you want to be sure your kids are not cyberbullied on social media, you will love this feature. Xnspy lets you monitor the instant messenger chats from Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Kik messenger, Tinder, and Instagram. You can also see what multimedia is being exchanged between two contacts. No parent would want their kid to be exchanging information with online predators.

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# Remotely control the device

Imagine if you or your loved ones lose their phone. Don’t worry, with Xnspy, you can find its location within minutes. Similarly, if your phone happens to be stolen and you don’t want the thief to access your pictures or other personal information, then using Xnspy, you can factory reset your phone to remove all the data from it permanently. This way, your personal information will no longer be in dangerous hands.

# Record calls and phone’s surrounding

Want to frequently make sure your older parents are safe? Here is one way to do it. If Xnspy is installed on their phone, you can simply send a remote command to record the surrounding of the phone. Apart from this, all the incoming and outgoing calls on the phone can be recorded and listened to later on. If there is a prank caller teasing your parents, you can come up with a way to shut him.

# How does Xnspy work?

For this spying app for Android to work, you must install it on your kid’s, parents’ or partner’s phone. You can also hide the icon of Xnspy if you are interested in discrete monitoring. The process of installation is pretty simple. In fact, if you want, the support team can remotely assist with the installation of the app by mirroring the target phone’s screen.

Once the app is installed, it transfers the data on the phone to its server and then into a web account from where you can view everything you want remotely and keep your loved ones safe. There is actually a dashboard that lets you navigate everything. Here is what it will look like:

Xnspy working

# Price

Unlike other spying apps for Android, Xnspy is pretty affordable. Its Basic Edition costs $8 a month and Premium Edition costs $12 a month. The price is very nominal as compared to the features provided. It wouldn’t take a toll on your bank account to spend a few bucks for the safety of your family, right?

# Compatibility

Speaking of compatibility, Xnspy is a winner. It works on Android OS versions starting from 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x & 8.x. Apart from Android phones, it is also compatible with tablets.

Now it’s time for you to make the decision!If you want to keep your loved ones safe, a spying app for Android can come in pretty handy.

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