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Vespa SXL 150 Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences

Vespa SXL 150


Vespa a brand that made headlines with its entry into the Indian market has given us another reason to be happy about. Known for its daring mentality, Vespa has once again pulled something different and exciting from their hats, bringing out the Vespa SXL and VXL 150, both 150CC scooters. Yup, its not a typo theyare 150CC scooters. But Vespa does maintain its high-class prestige only quality about it with this release and let’s see how.

Vespa SXL 150

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Though the SXL has maintained the Vespa trademark scooter design, the changes it brings are small yet eye-catching. The front light is rectangular compared to the circular headlight of the VXL and the console in front contains an analog speedometer but with a fuel indicator and odometer in a digitalized screen. The SXL has black alloyed heels with a 11-inch dia front wheel and 10-inch dia back wheel. Though there is not much change in the switch-gear mechanism, the SXL does have a disk brake up front. Vespa sure is going all in on this one.

Vespa SXL 150

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Engine and performance

While all the other companies held onto the common 125CC, Vespa wanted to give us the gift of power. Providing 11.6PS of power and 11.5Nm of peak torque the SXL easily is the most powerful scooter in India but the difference is but small and one should not imagine too much on it. But it definitely revs without a sigh and is all right for daily uses or traveling. But a sound is said to rise on going to high speeds which needs to be noted.

Vespa SXL 150

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Ride, Handling and braking

With a monocoque steel chassis, traditional to Vespas, the SXL is light and can be easily guided through traffic. Though the front brake requires an extra presto give its 100% the brakes never fail to disappoint. A single side arm front suspension in the front and a hydraulic shock absorber in the back are used in these models as well and hen combined with 110/70 11-inch rubber up front and the 120/70 10-inch soft compound tires at the back the ride feels complete.

Vespa SXL 150

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The Official Video

Video Review

Customer Reviews

There were many positive reviews praising the speed, pick-up and power of the scooter. According to reviews the only issue s the price which according to users, though is apt. Some notable negative reviews focused more on the comparison of the Indian Vespa o its Italian counterpart. There is also a mention of the Honda PCX and the Yamaha Max as worthy competitors for the Vespa. But with many positive reviews and satisfaction surrounding the scooter, the Vespa can be considered a success among the customers and a prized collectible by rate.





Vespa 150 SXLVespa 150 SXL Matt Red
Delhi – Central Delhi₹ 93,271₹ 95,434
Punjab- Ludhiana₹ 99,984₹ 1,02,220
Kerala- Thrissur₹ 97,277₹ 1.03 Lakh


Karnataka-  Bangalore₹ 94,092₹ 96,256
Andhra Pradesh- Visakhapatnam₹1,06,623₹ 1,09,020


The Vespa SXL 150 remains to be another collectible with its huge power and price. It maintains the prestige and singularity that propelled it to stardom. Vespa does provide another classy ride for the classiest of riders, but this time with more power. Being one of the few 150CC scooters in India, buying a Vespa is a feather to cherish and a scooter that will last, but with quite the price tag.


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