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Top 5 Affordable Electric Bikes Available in 2021

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Unlike when they first came into the industry, electric bikes are no longer a reserve for the financially comfortable in society. This is made sure of by the fact that manufacturers are beginning to turn their attention towards the once overlooked market segment of budget buyers.

Because of this, numerous cheap electric bikes are being rolled out by companies every week that can offer you a satisfying riding experience. As the race at the bottom of the barrel continues to gain traction, it can be tricky to find the perfect choice from a broad variety of choices.

In this post, we consider the top 5 affordable electric bikes on sale:

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon

Rad Power Bikes has remained the go-to brand for riders looking for a budget-friendly but the high-quality electric bike. RadWagon is a great example of the unrivaled value proposition you get from the company. It is a powerful bike that boasts a 750W hub motor that can push you to a top speed of 24mph.

Its battery can sustain your ride for around 35 miles, and you get useful cost-saving features such as a cadence sensor. There is also a host of urban-friendly secs like fenders and integrated lights to make for a practical bike ride in the city.

Overall, the RadWagon can haul as impressively as other costlier models in the market. Its wide tires ensure that you enjoy a comfortable riding experience both on and off the road.

Swagtron EB12

The EB12 might mislead you with its modest looks, but it packs a powerful 250W motor on its minute frame. You can either use its PAS or thumb throttle to enjoy the motor assistance while a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain helps to deliver a smooth-riding session. A rear rack on the bike offers the ideal storage area for cargo when you go shopping for groceries.

This also accommodates a slim battery that will provide you with a riding range of about 28 miles. You can probably squeeze out more from the battery if you go easy on the throttle mode. Meanwhile, the motor delivers a top speed of 16mph and comes with a punchy acceleration to take you up difficult climbs.

Weighing just 39lbs, the Swagtron EB12 is a lightweight battery that won’t trouble when it comes to carrying it up a flight of stairs.

Addmotor Motan

If you’re looking to give your kid their first taste of electric biking, the Addmotor Motan is one of the best mini e-bikes you can select. It comes with a nice compact frame made out of aluminum for convenient weight management. A powerful 750W motor can propel the bike to 28mph on pedal-assist and 20mph on throttle mode.

Meanwhile, it is equipped with an 11.6Ah battery to offer up to 5 hours of riding. Overall, this is an intuitive electric bicycle with a bright display nicely placed in the middle of the handlebar and a backrest on the saddle to keep your boy comfortable at all times.

Nakto Mini Cruiser Fat Tire Bike

The fat tires on this Mini cruiser form Nakto allow it to shine on all kinds of terrains. It comes with a front suspension fork to guarantee your comfort on rough trails. The frame can support up to 250lbs of weight, which makes it suitable for both kids and adults.

However, it weighs 60lbs, which means it can be difficult to manage without motor assistance. Thanks to a 300W motor, this fat tire bike manages to achieve a top speed of 20mph on pedal-assist, which should be enough to get your adrenaline rushing.

Backing the motor is a 36V 10Ah lithium battery to offer you a decent riding range of 30 miles on a full charge cycle. Overall, it will be a bike of choice if you want to venture into the off-road trails.

Ancheer 350 EMTB

Ancheer is renowned for producing cheap but high-quality electric mountain bikes. The 350W EMTB is probably the best to come out of this range, which can be credited to a mix of high-performance features like a high-speed motor, powerful disc brakes, 24-speed shifter, just to mention a few.

An aluminum frame gives the bike a formidable build and the strength is reinforced by a military-grade carbon steel fork. Its 350W motor can comfortably reach top speeds of 28mph on pedal-assist mode while the lithium-ion battery can provide enough juice to last 23-45 miles.

Finally, it features an adjustable handlebar angle and seat post to enable you to achieve the optimal riding geometry.

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