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The Lost Ways Review (2021)- The Ancient Secrets To Survival

The Lost Ways Review

People around the world struggle to overcome the obstacles in their life. There might be several issues that are bothering them. And this time, it’s about food. In this article, we will unveil an ancient formula for survival. This method was used by our ancestors to survive in the worst conditions such as famine, drought, economic crisis, etc.

Amazingly, these secrets are relevant in the current era also and will save your life in various situations. The Lost Ways book is written by Claude Davis. It has prepared more than 250,000 Americans for any crisis that might emerge in the future.

These tips and strategies will never let you die and will save you regardless of the gravity or adversity of the situation. In other words, these techniques will enable common people like you to acquire extraordinary skills in unforeseen situations. You will become a Hercules who does not deter from his path. This is about s book named ‘The Lost Ways’ that recollects how ancient people countered extreme situations without losing their composure.

Read the complete The Lost Ways Review to unleash your potential and become a savior for yourself and your family. Also, know how this book can benefit you and your loved ones. The Lost Ways book can be referred to as ‘The Ultimate Survival Guide’. It has two parts (editions) that comprehensively cover each section pertaining to human survival from food to shelter.

Here we tried to do The Lost Ways Review as follows:

The Lost Ways – Part 1

the lost ways Book review

This part will uncover the secrets to survival in the darkest times. If any unfortunate situation arises and the medical system, collapses, this book may be our only hope for survival.

Our forefathers survived without the internet, shopping malls, electrical power, refrigerators, and all other forms of modern amenities. This is what this book entails. It will transform your way of thinking into a holistic one. It shows how survival skills were transmitted from one generation to the next.


The book teaches some important lessons to its readers, which are as follows:

  • We must not take anything for granted.

The lost ways survival book portrays the history of our forefathers and the struggles that they faced. The law enforcement authorities at that time took away essential commodities such as grains from the common folk. Many people died and many lost their loved ones and acquaintances.

The ones that were alive took to inferior food items such as rotten tomatoes. You won’t believe that the residents had no other alternative left than to eat animals such as sparrows, pigeons, and cats. People suffering from severe starvation ate other humans, sometimes even their own children to remain alive. Such was the desperate need for food that people were forced to become cannibals.

  • Life can change in a split second

Never forget history or you will have to pay the price. The book also provides comprehensive details about our ancestors’ journey to counter those struggles. The book correlates modern-day struggles or similar situations of people.

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The Lost WaysPart 2

Here comes the most exciting part. The book mentions the lost remedies used by our ancestors for centuries. The book mentions three food items that will save your life in various worse circumstances.

  • Food- Not so perishable

Have you ever wondered that common weeds such as wild lettuce have so much potential for human beings? These are the plants that grow in your backyard. It would not be wrong to refer to this plant as the world’s best natural painkiller. It has an effect on the nervous system and alleviates pain and suffering.

Wild lettuce soothes your body. So, what makes this ordinary thing so special? Well, take a moment to understand that we are talking about a lost super-food that will guard you against any adverse situation such as a food shortage or famine. Being a lost food, it was recently rediscovered by NASA who has been giving this to astronauts.

Such was the miracle that the Incas stored this item in pit holes for a decade and survived a 4-year long super-drought while other civilizations were slowly wiped out. So, there can’t be a better explanation for the effectiveness of this item. It will keep you and your family well-fed in the event of famine. You will be delighted to know that you will find the ingredients for this dish right now in your kitchen.


  • Where taste and nutrition matter the most

Apart from this, you will also get acquainted with Pemmican, a delicious and light superfood that is very easy to prepare. The food gave infinite energy to Native American scouts who consumed it in large quantities. It was a staple meal during the great depression. This superfood contains the perfect composition of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins and can even last for a lifetime. This eliminates the necessity for any other item. The book will reveal the secrets of making lard the right way. Get ready to uncover a method to make lip-smacking and tasty meat.

  • The Not So Lost Recipe

Finally, the book portrays a food that has not yet made its way into your pantry. It was invented by one of the most vicious samurais ever who walked the earth. Owing to this fact, it got the name ‘The Lost Samurai Superfood’. Being originally made for war and emergent situations, the food is undoubtedly packed with rich nutrients and probiotics that will give unlimited energy to the one who eats it. According to the book, the samurai took a great amount of these food wars and didn’t need anything else.

  • The natural way of treatment

The book will also let you discover the natural way of taking antibiotics, disinfectants, and other pharmacies. Perhaps, the first thing you would require in a health emergency is a medicine that will bless you with the power of nature. Health is an aspect that must not be compromised under any circumstances.

  • Want to shelter yourself?

You would probably love to get familiar with the age-old method of building log houses that were used by the people residing in the West. These skills will come in handy when you have to build your own log cabin take shelter in a crisis. Or you can just go back to the old days when simple living was a fun and joyful way to cherish happiness. Some of our readers have already constructed their own log cabin with a few bucks. Hence, it will not dig a hole in your pocket.

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  • Freshwater well

The book even entails the method to build your very own freshwater well in your backyard? Yeah, you heard that right. This will enable you to keep your family and acquaintances safe with crystal clear potable water. You will also learn the usefulness of charcoal pills in the treatment of acute food poisoning and chemical poisoning. You won’t believe that gas masks are equipped with activated charcoal filters.

The best part about these things is that they are extremely easy to make or craft and does not require a huge sum of money. These skills will make you self sufficient as your forefathers. In addition to this, they will save your life by providing you a place to live during a crisis. The Lost Ways’ Book comprises a plethora of other invaluable information that has been preserved for the benefit of mankind.

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Advantages of buying ‘The Lost Ways’ Book:

  • Complete Survival Guide: Covers each and every aspect of surviving, from food to building a house (cabin).
  • Limited time deal: Get two exclusive bonuses (including two reports) along with the second edition of the book at a discount.
  • Articulated thoughts: It portrays the experience of the author and other people in the most concise manner.
  • Moneyback guarantee: You are also eligible for a refund in case you are dissatisfied with the book.


Final Verdict

The book in its true sense portrays the difference between life and death and prepares you for any upcoming emergency or worse situations. If you want to read the complete book, you will have to buy both of the editions. But before that, we will suggest you read complete The Lost Ways Review.

We know that you value life above anything else. And this book will not allow you to take any chances in case of crisis. It will prepare you for every type of crisis that may approach in the future including famine, drought, epidemic, etc. So, get started today to unleash your power and become a true hero for mankind. The world is waiting for people like you to create a new beginning.

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