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10 Best Similar Books to the Game of Thrones You Will Like to Read (2021)

Books to the Game of Thrones

Ahhhhh! That must’ve been your reaction after reading all Game of Thrones novels and arriving at that expansive cliffhanger especially if you read it before 2019 as the final season was aired in 2019 and I believe it was disappointing… that might’ve been due to only 8 episodes in the final season (someone throw Arya at the director please). Don’t get me started on comparisons; I hated the fact that they showed Drogo die of a minor wound when he was hurt quite a lot.

They also didn’t show a lot many Dothraki rituals and the fact that Drogo was too old… but the thing that snapped me was Gendry and Melisandre… who the heck seduces a (virgin) guy and tries to kill him right away? At least let him taste the Nirvana first. Okay okay! Let me cool down…

Got left us hanging, we looked for something that fills that gaping hole, and in this article, you’ll have just that.

Here Are The Books Like Game Of Thrones:

The Memory, Sorrow, & Thorn Trilogy

Author: Tad Williams.

Have I mentioned that Authors’ love their series and trilogies? Here’s the first novel trilogy for you that has been tagged as “one of the best fantasy epics to date”. The Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Trilogy is a must-read for Got fans as this trilogy is one of the books that influenced G.R.R.Martin while writing Game of thrones.

The book is set in Osten Ard, where Humans and non-humans alike live in harmony under the rule of King John Presbyter who was famed for slaying a Dragon. But now John has grown old and this has set to the internal strife among the princes for the throne. That and a few other secrets and ambitions threaten world peace. After John’s death, prince Elias ascends the throne and has a mysterious priest as his advisor.

The main protagonist in the story is Simon who happens to be a kitchen Scullion. Simon loves adventure and he stumbles across a dangerous adventure that threatens the well-being of the world.

Like in Game of Thrones, this book too has Protagonists as well as Antagonists as the Point of view characters.

The Acacia Trilogy

Author: David Anthony Durham.

Had Eddard Stark ascended the throne after Robert Baratheons’ death then Game of thrones might’ve become a carbon copy of Acacia (probably). As in this book King Leodan Akara (and here’s a cool name) discovers the extreme darkness in his kingdom and strives to change it (sounds like ol’ good Ned doesn’t it?) but fails due to strong opposition.

Also once you start, you might find this book a bit similar to the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Trilogy due to its framework. The story revolves around King Akara, who rules the kingdom of Acacia. He discovers (and already knows) the darkness of his kingdom and tries to change it but the opposing party tries to thwart his attempts in-fact the story starts from Assassin’s point of view who is out for the king’s life.

On his deathbed, he decides to have his 4 beloved children escape to follow their destiny. But his childrenswear revenge for their father’s death and to restore the Acacian kingdom. Have I mentioned that this sounds like Ned Stark and co?

Acacia is an interesting mix of political, economical, and mythologically self-contained Novel that might leave you more satisfied than GoT. If you’re looking for books like Game of Thrones, the Acacia is just that.

The Broken Empire Trilogy

The Broken Empire Trilogy

Author: Mark Lawrence.

Before we begin, I’d like to warn you that this trilogy is messed up. Also, I think George R. R. Martin, J. K Rowling, and Martin Lawrence, and a couple of others should sometimes get together and discuss the art of killing off the beloved characters and putting the protagonist through hell and back over a cup of tea and cookies.

The story begins normally enough where prince Jorg Ancarth is a loved and cheerful young lad; Just kidding. The book starts with a massacre of 200 farmers and the one leading the massacre happens to be prince Jorg.

When he was a wee little lad, he was indeed a loved and cheerful child but at the age of 9, he saw his brother killed and his mother raped and then killed by the men of a certain count. He thinks the king would take revenge, but the King refuses to do so, hence Jorg runs away in a psychotic rage and starts a gang that goes around looting, butchering and raping (get ready to grit your teeth).

Yup! Our protagonist is an Anti-hero, the worst of them at that. Jorg is selfish and wants nothing more than conquering the Kingdom and taking revenge on the King.

The Earthsea Cycle

The Earthsea Cycle

Author: Ursula ke le Guin.

I only picked Earthsea Cycle #1 A Wizard of Earthsea because it promised a master Sorcerer and Dragons; two things I can’t resist in a novel and I’m glad I picked this book.

There are 6 books in this series (Hear that Georgie dearest?) starting with A Wizard of Earthsea and ending with The Other Wind. The fifth book of the Earthsea cycle (Tales from Earthsea) was a pleasant surprise as it is a collection of short stories. There was another thing about the book that kept nagging me until I realized what it was; The lead character oddly resembled Albus Dumbledore in his youth and later in adulthood!

The book is about the journey of a youth who has too much power, hungry for knowledge, and oftentimes too arrogant and prideful. The first book is about Sparrowhawk, whose real name won’t be revealed. Sparrowhawk had 6 older brothers (no mother) and as all of them were constantly busy, Sparrowhawk became unruly and arrogant; no amount of whipping would get him to do what he was needed to.

One day he catches his aunt using a strange spell on a goat and tries it himself without knowing its meaning. It was then that she discovered his potential and taught him all that she could.

Later on, Sparrowhawk is assigned to a mage named Ogion, I sincerely loved Ogion, he was so wise. Ogion tried to teach Sparrowhawk the importance of balance but arrogant and power-hungry Sparrowhawk ignores it which leads to the death of a mage. I’d like to talk more about Earthsea, but that’ll take the whole article; So time to end it here.

If you asked me for something like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings; Earthsea Cycle would be my top suggestions.

The Dagger & the Coin series

The Dagger & the Coin series

Author: Daniel Abraham.

I’m quite sure that you must’ve been recommended the Dagger and the Coin series at least a couple of times, if not referred then you must’ve heard your bookworm buddies talking about it.

If you think that this book will be set in European style with lots of knights and swords and Dragons; then you’re quite wrong as Daniel Abraham is just messing around about writing a cliched genre.

To describe the book in short, I’d have to ask you “What wins the wars?” The Dagger or the coin? This book too easy to go down even though the first book has around 500 pages.

Also, everything appears to be kept pretty low-key may be due to focusing expansively on the characters and there aren’t many major incidents in the first book just rumors of war. And there’s Politics but it was surprisingly easy to understand, unlike other epic fantasy novels.

You’ll absolutely enjoy reading this book as it offers hints in lightly that is sure to keep you hooked; also the humanity is split into 13 races but no live dragons in the first book yet.

Accursed Kings

Author: Maurice Druon.

Expect whatever you’d like to expect but brace yourself as this book is most definitely going to leave you surprised when you get through it. You might think that it is a fantasy novel but the novel is pure historical fiction based on the history of France.

Sound boring? Just so you know, this novel is the true Game of Thrones and the inspiration for George Martin, and oh! If you’re looking for books like Game of Thrones, then do know that Accursed kings is better than GoT.

This book will show you why life is sometimes better than fiction and that majority of the conspiracies begin in the bed. If you can read french, then I suggest you read the original French version as it better than the awkward English translated version. Maurice Druon has made up for the lack of Dragons by bringing the characters alive better than in GoT. Okay, enough of my hero-worshipping and let’s talk about the book itself.

The Iron King is about King Philip IV sending Knights Templars to the Stake (Burn them! Burn them all!), The head Templar curses King Philip, and well it comes true and the majority of his children turn out troublesome for eg. Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. Why didn’t we have this novel mandatory in the school? I could’ve scored full 100 instead of 98… anyways, This book is a MUST-READ for GoT fans if you want something much better. remercie Moi plus tard.

The Empire Trilogy

Author: Raymond feist & Janny Wurts.

This trilogy follows the story of Mara of Acoma and her ceremony to take a pledge of servents to the goddess which gets interrupted by the news of his father and brother’s death. Mara then rises to power to become the most powerful woman in Kelewan. She soon discovers that her father and brother’s death was due to the trap set by the Minwanabi, who were not only one of the most powerful families in the empire but also her family’s ancient enemies.

Mara quickly learns to survive the ruthless game of the council. She must plot, avoid assassination attempts, and bend rules to save Acoma. The trilogy includes the Daughter of the Empire, Servant of the Empire, and Mistress of the Empire. And is a good book I’d you’re looking for books like GoT.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Author: Marlon James.

Black leopard, Red wolf is a classical epic fantasy. This vibrant fantasy is deeply rooted in African history and myths a.k.a An African Game of Thrones. It describes a medieval adventure involving African folklore, warring kingdoms, witches, evil spirits, giants, shape-shifters, and a quest. This story opens with the introduction of Tracker, the main character, who has a very strong sense of smell.

He has been recruited with a group of mercenaries to travel across very large land to find a mysterious boy who has been missing for 3 years. And every member of that group has their own secrets.

Along with him in that group of Mercenaries, there is a shape-shifting man-animal, Leopard. In their journey to find this boy and reunite him with his mother causes Tracker to gain a better understanding of friendship and relationship. Beware! This book is dark, both in skin tone and the story as it involves rape, slavery, child molestation, and torture. Just the usual Martin stuff eh?

Marlon’s writing might be complex for some, as his style is very different and has got a classical feel to it. The trilogy will involve retelling the same story but with different characters’ perspectives. My personal advice would be to read this book as quickly as possible if you haven’t read it, why? Because it’s Awesome.

Kingkiller Chronicles

Author: Patrick Rothfuss.

The Kingkiller Chronicles is a trilogy but only 2 books have been released yet (the final one will be out in August), The kingkiller chronicle follows Kvothe, an unrivaled Swordsman, magician, musician, and an adventurer who is rumored to have slain a King and earning himself the title Kingslayer (Ser Jaime and Jon Snow “Stark/Targaryen” would be proud).

Kvothe is now a mere innkeeper under the pseudonym of Kote and he recounts his adventures to ascribe after the Scribe found Kote’s true identity. The book is an oral autobiography of Kvothe told to the Scribe over the course of 3 days. The book is mostly third-person and tells about Kvothe’s earlier life (as mentioned earlier).

The story starts where Kvothe is a very young lad. He is a member of a theater troupe known as Edema Ruh along with his parents. They were working on a song which is about a legendary group known as Chandrian. One night when he comes back from the forest he finds that his entire troupe has been murdered.

He tries to suppress his memories and ends up being a beggar on the streets for 3 years. By the age of fifteen, he decided he needs to move on and solve the mystery of his troupe’s murder.

He sells his last possession and goes to the university to gain more information about Chandrian. In university, he learns to harness his powers as an Arcanist. On his journey, he meets a beautiful girl Deena, who helps him in finding clues.

Their romance story is heartbreaking and funny at the same time. In the second book, Kvothe continues to find more information about Chandrian. Things get a bit complicated for him. There are many stories within the story, which makes it more charming.

Get the books took to find out more, and Martin himself has credited this book as one the best epic fantasy novels he has read.


Author: Frank Herbert.

Cited as the World’s best-selling science-fiction novel; Frank Herbert’s Dune is an oddball among these epic fantasy books. Just because it’s a sci-fi novel, don’t knock it before you try it as it is quite like epic fantasy in its own way and will remind you of many major houses from GoT.

Dune is set in the distant future where various noble houses control the planetary fiefdoms. The protagonist Paul Atreides’ family accepts the stewardship of the planet Arrakis; a sparsely populated desert wasteland of a planet.

But this very planet can make every house cut each other’s throats as this planet is the only known source of the “Spice” (and finally they could mine it and become MasterChefs). Spice was a drug that gave humans immortality (just extended lifespan) and superior intelligence (doesn’t include common sense).

This book sounds too much like an epic fantasy and feudalism doesn’t it? There’s also a movie directed by Denis Villeneuve that’s yet to be released.


Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

Author: John Ronald Reuel Tolkein

Finally, we’ve reached the end of this long article and also we’ve finally reached one of the best epic fantasy books ever written. Now we shall also remember the dead who gave his ink for this impressive novel. All hail the immortal soul of our lord J. R. R. Tolkein!

The majority of us must’ve first watched the movies and then read the books in their spare time or had it assigned as homework in school which forced you to read it, either ways you know what the book is all about.

If by some chance you haven’t yet heard of this incredible novel– the story is about a mage (you-shall-not-pass) Gandalf the Grey finally coaxing a hobbit into joining their quest between his breakfasts and lunches.

The goal? To stop the dark lord for using his One Ring to conquer all other rights but well, one just does not walk into Mordor do they? You may think that you know everything about the book as you’ve watched the movie, but you hardly know much of it as the movie left out or changed a lot of details.

For example, that nasty Gollum was much scarier in the novel than he was in the movie, and our beloved Legolas was nowhere to be found in the Fellowship of the rings, his space was filled by a different elf (Glorfindel).

The funniest fact about Lord of the Rings is– the third book “Return of the King” was initially named “Lord of the Rings: The One Where Something Happens That You Won’t Believe, But You Have To Read It ‘Cause I’m Not Telling” because Tolkein thought “Return of the King” gave out too much of the story.


Hold yo horses and Lemme Thank you for reaching the end (in case you did). As a writer, I love it when someone reads my work from start till the beginning as it takes hours and hours of research and hours and hours of writing and re-writing a single point till it’s satisfactory.

In this article, I’ve picked only the best and only the books I’ve personally read hence there were a few books from certain series that I failed to read before beginning work on this article and I am sincerely sorry for that. If you’ve got any suggestions, don’t hold back from writing us below.

“Valar Morghulis”

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