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Smart Money Secret Review (2021): Is It Really Build Good Credit Score?

Smart Money Secret Review

In addition, Financial troubles can arise anytime. Have you ever felt that the system is rigged against you and no matter whom you approach and whatever you do nothing seems to work, nothing seems to improve your credit score?

Low credit scores have led to having difficulties in securing loans and if you do the interest is high. You cannot even easily find a place to rent. Smart Money Secret is a product that aims to guide you and teach you a powerful method to boost your credit score. It is a loophole which if used correctly will work every time.

Here We Tried To Do The Smart Money Secret Review:

What is Smart Money Secret?

Smart Money Secret

Smart Money Secret is a book that contains various tips and tricks and important advice to help an individual improve their credit score.

A good credit score can be very beneficial for your financial life which is why this book can be quite useful for a lot of people. The Larry King TV episode presents this and Scott & Alison Hilton are the writers of this credit secret book.

It contains the smart money Secret method which can help in boosting your credit scores which can then lead to lesser amounts of debt to be collected. Bad credit score can be a nightmare for many as it becomes hard to get loans and if you do get one collection agencies will always be on your back.

Nowadays, financial planning and getting your financial problems under control is very important and this book can help you solve the problem of a bad credit score. This book has credit lessons that you can use for a long time and use the various strategies to start fixing your credit score and keep it that way.

This product also helps you improve your financial life. The book recently went through an upgrade to include revised information based on 2020. As mentioned before Larry King endorsed the book on his show and said that it can help you get your life back on track.


What does Your Credit Score Signify?

A credit score basically gives a numerical measure of your creditworthiness. What this means is that if you have a lower credit score then it would mean to someone else, possibly a lender (bank or other financial institutions), that you have a higher risk of defaulting on the payments for the debt that you have borrowed or are looking to borrow.

There are specific institutions known as credit bureaus which give or rather prepare a credit report for various individuals on the basis of which the credit score is calculated.

Having a low credit score can not only mean that you will have difficulty getting a loan but you can also face problems in other areas as well. It may be a problem while trying to rent a property, getting insurance, etc. as a lot of different companies use this score to analyze an individual.

What Does This Product Contain?

The stuff included in the purchase includes the Smart Money Secret Book. The book is nicely made with good quality pages which is a hardcover book. You get access to an online webinar session to help you understand things better.

This webinar is 60 minutes long and the couple explains the entire system to you with the help of a presentation. The consumers also get one-month access to the Smart Money Club Members website. There’s also a Facebook group of the consumers of the Smart Money Secret where you can discuss and grow together.

The crux of the Smart Money Secret is the credit secret method which can improve your credit scores. Scott and Alison had dealt with the problem of poor credit for over 7 years and nothing seemed to work that well until they found a sort of a secret method. One of their friends has given this legal strategy to them.

Using this the couple was able to boost their credit score from 500 to 800 in just a couple of years. Yes! This method helped them so much that they decided to share it with people who might be in the same place.

The authors guarantee that you will see improvement in your credit score within 30 days of starting to use the method. Some credit scores which are low and have complex issues might take more time.


Benefits of Using Smart Money Secret Product

There are many benefits to this product as claimed by the author and many consumers of this product. Debt and high-interest rates can be quite crushing and problematic for people who have a bad credit score or are in a bad place financially.

You get harassing calls from companies and collectors and face a bunch of other disadvantages that come from having a low credit score and being in a poor financial situation. Smart Money Secret can provide you with a sort of guide which you can follow to get to a better situation. Let’s try to have a look at some of them.

  • It gives you confidence, motivation, and strategy to help tackle the problem of bad credit even if you are not financially prepared, thus, helps alleviate anxiety arising from this problem.
  • Once you are well conversed with the method and are able to use it to your advantage then you do not have to worry about money as you will be able to financially secure yourself and afford things you need.
  • The prime feature of the Smart Money Secret is the credit secret which can help in improving your credit score.
  • Whether you are in a good financial situation or a really bad economical situation the product can guide you through it so that you can sustain yourself and your family.
  • It can help you with practical tips and methods which you can follow and get the best interest rates and credit terms.
  • All this can become quite complicated to follow as the average person does not have enough knowledge about the financial nitty-gritty. So, the authors have been careful to keep the steps easy and simple to follow.
  • Once you start using this method effectively you do not have to end up paying outrageous fees to law offices to handle debts.
  • You can easily move ahead and leave behind all the charge-offs, score crushing inquiries, late payments, etc. as you will be slowly moving towards financial stability and a higher credit score.

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The Smart Money Secret Book

As mentioned before one of the main content of this product is the main book i.e. the Smart Money Secret Book. You get a physical hardcover book and also get access to a downloadable pdf version which is great as you can always have access to the book without having to physically carry the copy everywhere.

The book is fairly detailed and goes over the steps and methods to use the loophole. This loophole is quite legal and if you are able to use it correctly it will work all the time and the financial institutions can’t really do anything about it.

Let’s look at the chapters that the book has. All in all, there are 9 chapters (10 if you include the glossary) that gives you detailed info and steps about the things that you need to know and will be using.

  • Chapter 1:

    This is the introductory chapter which is aptly titled “Getting Begun”. You will learn the basic terminologies and various facts about the scores and the credit bureaus. A great thing about the book is that you can start working towards improving your credit score from the first chapter itself.

    You get three letter templates that you can use to remove any inquiries from your credit report. You just copy and paste these letter templates and just add your info and mail it to the relevant institution. That’s it.

  • Chapter 2:

    This chapter delays with getting unverifiable, incomplete, and unfair items removed from your report. Again you get a bunch of letter templates and you just use this better the aesthetics of your credit report.

  • Chapter 3

This chapter har the title Advance Tactics and is meant to go deeper and give you all the relevant info and tactics you need to get your credit report to a good place and thus, improve your credit score.

This chapter again contains a letter template that will help you remove all the judgments, liens, and bankruptcies from your report in a 100% legal way.

  • Chapter 4

This next chapter deals with lawsuits and how you can use them to prove your credit report and remove unfair items all for their dollar. This chapter might not be for most people but still, there are a lot of people who might benefit from it if they are planning to go this way.

  • Chapter 5

This chapter deals with ways that you can utilize to remove the ChexSystems.

  • Chapter 6

This chapter contains a detailed rundown of student loans, repossessions, and HIPAA. It is quite useful for people who are looking to get lower interest rates in these things or solve other financial problems.

  • Chapter 7

The title of the seventh chapter is “Advance Credit Secrets” and as the name suggests the authors go into a lot of detail to teach you superior techniques that are proven to help you boost your credit scores and get good credit lines quickly by using business credit, credit loans, etc.

  • Chapter 8

This chapter covers the frequently asked questions and will help solve many of your doubts and queries.

  • Chapter 9

This chapter gives you the statute of limitations chart.



Now, let’s understand the price structure of Smart Money Secret. If you want to purchase the Smart Money Secret now you will have to pay $39. You will get all the content to introduce in the “What Does This Product Contain?” section, But there are a couple of recurring costs. In conclusion, the subscription to the Smart Money Club which is a Facebook group is only for 14 days as of now.

Once the subscription gets over you have to keep paying monthly fees to keep using this facility. But since the first month is free you will be able to judge whether good for you or not.

If it is quite helpful in improving your financial situation then keep it otherwise just use it for the first month. The recurring cost for this subscription is $29 monthly.


Cons of Smart Money Secret

We have talked about the features and benefits of this product but there are a couple of things which you might need to know before making a decision.

  • First of all, this is not a service and you have to put in all the work yourself but yes this product can be a good guide book, We mention this as a con since a lot of people might expect or assume that they will be a 100% guarantee to get to the desired goal by just buying the book.
  • The subscriptions to the Facebook groups are only for a few weeks and you have to pay charges monthly after the trial period is over.

Final Verdict:

The Smart Money Secret is a good product and can help you a lot if you are suffering from a slow credit score. In addition, the 30-day money-back guarantee means that you can use the product and see whether you like it or not.

If you are not happy with it you can return it before 30 days end. After that, Another good benefit is that if you follow the complete course diligently for 90 days.

Follow the lessons, if still do not improve your credit score then you can send the book back to the company & get 2x money back. Yes!, it can be a good investment & if it is not decent enough for you then you can always have your money back.

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