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Why should you ditch the MNCs & work in a startup as a fresher?

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So you’re in your final year of college, and your institute is hosting a job fair for campus placements. You’ve attended interviews in your crisp formals and handed your resumes to the rest. Luckily, you’ve been shortlisted for a couple of jobs, some being from the top conglomerates, while others from some newly launched startups.

Multiple students would argue why one must take the high paying job in an MNC instead of going for decent-paying startup jobs after BBA. However, here why I think you should ditch your MNC job to be a part of a rising startup.

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Why Should You work in a startup as a fresher:

More responsibilities = faster growth

Startups usually comprise of smaller teams, with members being assigned multiple tasks per day. Big corporates often ask you to sit in the same spot each day, doing the same work.

However, this is not the same case in startups. Due to the smaller teams, one member is assigned and given a chance to handle responsibilities, even as a fresher. Trust me, working in a startup will make you 10x productive than a usual backend job.

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Better opportunities to make an impact

Although startup jobs don’t provide you with larger paychecks, they can provide better opportunities to make an impact. Being a part of a small team, your efforts and talents are recognized almost instantly, which in turn makes room for better opportunities.

Since there are many startups who are looking for funding through venture capital in India, you can also get involved in the process of fundraising and see everything that goes behind multiple startup success stories. If you were a team member in a big corporate, you would never get a chance to witness such major events of companies so early in your career.

Learn about creative and innovative solutions

People who start their own businesses are made up of a different mental and professional mindset than those who have never gone their own way to try building something on their own. Entrepreneurs never look at a problem with blind eyes; they are always adamant about giving the best possible solution through their innovative and creative approach. As an employee at a startup, you can be a part of the brainstorming sessions that create marvelous products as solutions to the problem.

For example, WhatsApp, a messaging app that is used by the masses in today’s time, was launched back in 2009. It became the go-to messenger, ditching the traditional methods of texting within a few years because of its innovative and creative approach. Later, the company realized that there are many clients that have shifted their professional communication to WhatsApp, so they introduced WhatsApp Web in 2015, allowing all its users to access their WhatsApp account on a web browser in a few clicks.

Your hard work will be recognized

As a fresher, we tend to work tirelessly hard towards completing our tasks to get recognized and appreciated by our boss. However, working at large conglomerates, your work is hardly recognized, and there are chances that someone else would just snag the credit. However, while working at a startup, it is nearly impossible not to recognize a job well done or to give credit where credit is due. If you succeed, the small team would recognize and praise your efforts, and would also give you an advantage when it comes to promotions, whenever one shows up.

On the other side, if you screw up a task, you’ll be noticed instantly as well. But that’s not a negative point; in fact, there are two things which make it a good point. Firstly, there will be no room for slacking off as within a few days, your slacking off will be noticed, and the rest of the team might question you on the same. This will ensure that you are giving your 100% even on your bad days. Secondly, since you are constantly under everyone’s eyes, you’ll stay focussed on not failing, therefore, eliminating your mistakes to come out stronger.

Overall there are various benefits of working in a startup that helps you expand your learning and knowledge at a much earlier age in your career, which you cannot experience as an entry-level employee of a big firm. Additionally, as a startup employee, you also enjoy benefits like semi-formal or casual workwear, bonding with teammates, working, and motivation to work harder, and much more. However, if you still believe that you prefer a higher package over higher knowledge, that is completely your priority.

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