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How to Select Shower Door for Your Small Bathroom?

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Are you ready to renovate your bathroom? Well, the bathroom is one of the most important places in the house that is often overlooked when it comes to home remodeling. It would be embarrassing if our guests found our bathroom untidy, and cluttered. For renovating your bathroom, choosing stylish and best shower doors for home is the best way out.

In this blog post, we are sharing some helpful guidelines with you through which you can learn how to choose the best shower for your small bathroom: Let’s have a look!

Pay Attention On Renovation Budget

renovation budget

No matter whether it is about home kitchen or the home bathroom renovation, keeping in mind the budget is an essential element for you. This is probably for the reason that when you select any bathroom door, you will be coming into way with different styles, sizes, and shapes of doors. You should choose the one according to your budget considerations.

While selecting, just the cost of a door is not vital. You have to pay attention to the installation cost as well. The cost of the labour will depend on so many factors, such as the complexity of the door installation and the total number of hours of the working process. The most probable cost of installation for the bathroom will be around $1000.

As we mentioned already that bathroom doors are available in different sizes; therefore, the cost of the doors will vary according to the style of the door. This makes it much easier for you to choose the one according to your budget as well as taste. This is an important point to keep in mind. For instance, if you are looking for a tub or shower combo functional touch, then selecting a standard bypass shower door will be the best option for you. If you are looking forward to adding your bathroom with the dramatic finishing, then choosing a glass door with a fantastic pattern texture will be the best option.

Choose According to Bathroom Spacing Choose According to Bathroom Spacing 

You should also choose the bathroom door according to the space of your bathroom area. This is another essential element to keep in mind. When you are looking forward to a shower door, try to look for the one that is thoroughly maintaining the static foot printing of the bathroom.

This will even help you to figure out what type of shower is best for your bathroom in terms of upgrading the version. This will be a cost-effective option if you choose the shower door according to the footprint as well as the spacing of the current new shower finishing.

Consider According to Your Decorating Style

When it comes to the styles, you will see that there are so many different options available for the shower doors. You can also choose the one that is settled with the unique form of enclosure outlook. You can also find the shapes of curved semicircles as well as boxy rectangles. This will highlight your whole bathroom’s modern interior that matches best with your style statements. Plus, by adding extra glass effect in the bathroom enclosure will help you to bring extra space in the bathroom area. Some of the common types are as mentioned below:

  • Bypass doors will be sliding in the same way as the sliding patio form of the doors used in bathroom areas. They are most probably installed just like the part of tub enclosures. They are instead installed with the pane all along with one side of the sliding on top of the track. In most of the conditions, both sides of panels can also move. Bypass doors are quite a lot of space efficient too.
  • You can often think about installing sliding as well as pivot doors without access to the tub. Other different kinds of options will be round doors or the neo-angle doors too.
  • Framed doors are usually made from the material of a thin glass effect. They can also be coated as well as finished by using different colours.
  • On the contrary, the frame less doors are made from the thicker glass material. This is probably because they do not have any framing support in it. As they are installed with thicker glass material, therefore, they are quite expensive in price.

Selecting Best Material for Shower Glass

Selecting Best Material for Shower Glass

As we consider the styling and shaping of the shower door, you will come across so many varieties of the glass material as well. Although there are different choices for the glass doors, you should choose the one that has reliability, safety, and security. 

Tempered glass will be the best option for you. If it breaks, the glass shatters into pellets and not in the form of shards. This prevents any massive injury to the person who is around the bathroom space.

In the same way, laminated glass is another most common option to take into mind. It is based on a maximum of two pieces of the glass all along with one inter layer of the plastic material that will allow it to stay in one place. This is an important point to keep in mind. This will also be keeping the glass to fall out in one place.

Tempered glass is available in so many options such as in terms of colors, patterns, and textures. On our top-recommended options, we have the frosted glass that maintains all your privacy all along with some options of decorative glass and so on.

Find Durable Shower Hardware

Find Durable Shower Hardware

Next on our list, we will teach you about the shower hardware which you should choose with great care and attention. It should be unique as the enclosure. But for bringing the unified look in the hardware, you should be paying equal attention to other bathroom accessories as well such as a cabinet or the faucet as well as towel bars. All of these should be matching the hardware shower door to make an inviting space into the bathroom. If the shower is made out of glass, then you should be paying attention to the finishing that is performed inside the enclosure. All in all, all the components should be matching together considerably.

Well, there are quite a few more essential things which you have to keep in mind over the bathroom shower door selection. The functional nature and foot traffic of the door is also a necessary element for you. This is an important point to keep in mind. The bathroom is one of those spaces in your home, which you will probably be visiting at least 3-4 times a day. When you choose any material for the shower door in the bathroom, make sure that it is durable and at the same time longer-lasting in survival time as well. You can get enough help from the experts in bathroom renovation that can probably help you a lot to choose a superior option for your bathroom without any stress.

Sliding shower doors take up less space in the bathroom

Sliding shower doors take up less space in the bathroom

If you’d like your bathroom to be spacious or you have a very small bathroom space, I strongly recommend installing a Glass sliding shower doors by Fab glass and mirror as it will make entry and exit into the shower easier than having to open the hinged door. The glass and mirror company offers a variety of customised sliding Shower doors as well as several ready-made ones.

If you plan on custom cutting the Shower doors, know that they will offer you absolute control on the shape and size, starting from the dimensions, glass type to the thickness and the kind of corner finishing you prefer. 

At all points, the comfort of the customer is the top priority of the company. If you feel uneasy about buying from an online space, you can get information by conversing with one of their representatives, through phone calls or through the website. 

They also have a custom cut expert on the site who is willing to offer you advice on the kind of cut you want, depending on the kind of Shower door you’re buying. 

As for payment, the site accepts credit card payments through a secure SSL server as well as other online wallets such as PayPal or Amazon Pay. 

They understand the importance of data security which is why they have implemented the best security measures.  The shipping is free of cost no matter where you live in the country.  

The greatest advantage might be the 10 percent easy price beat scheme. Under this scheme, if you can point to a store that offers the products Fab Glass and Mirror does at a lower cost, the company will give you 10 percent off. Of course, you have to inform them within 30 days of purchase. 

With all these perks you can see why most people prefer this company. No matter what you decide to go with, don’t forget to make your house shine brighter with the help of glass!



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