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PicMonkey Review – All You Need To Know About

Picmonkey Review

Every day 95 million images are posted to Instagram and the amount becomes even higher if we take into consideration the whole worldwide site.

The foregoing bit of knowledge illustrates how photography has been a feature of a large amount of people’s everyday lives. Image editing plays a critical role in such an environment because most images require some sort of help before they can be posted and shown to the public.

PicMonkey is one of today’s most common websites for editing and collage making which makes it a great option for novice photographers and aspiring photo editors. Now let’s take a peek at what this picture processing app has to deliver online.

If you need a strong and easy-to-use tool that will help you to easily build social media posts then consider using PicMonkey.

Here are the items to remember before you build this online picture editor, your go-to tool.

PicMonkey: PicMonkey- All You Need To Know


  • You don’t even need to be a video processing genius to be able to create amazing pictures using this online device. The list of tools that you can use to modify the images is very lengthy in the PicMonkey, which essentially ensures you can do about whatever you can about the pictures you choose to modify.
  • Including amazing picture editing choices, PicMonkey also offers a decent amount of graphic design software that will help you create a banner for your website or generate a Facebook cover picture your buddies would enjoy.


  • Those of you who thought you could manipulate photos of all sizes would get a little bit frustrated because PicMonkey has a picture size limit.
  • You may select between three separate choices, however, no choice would require you to upload photos larger than 16MP and the app would automatically scale it to 4000X4000 pixels if you upload a picture larger than this.
  • While this photo editor can be used to edit images or make collages free of charge, PicMonkey does not allow you to copy, upload or download the pictures you have uploaded until you set up an account with which you have to pay an annual or monthly fee.


  • In addition to the solutions typically seen with both offline and online photo editors, PicMonkey often provides several advanced picture editing software nearby.
  • Photography fans will love utilizing the Bokeh influence, given the fact that Bokeh effects are far more effective thanks to a picture editing app such as Fotophire.
  • With the Paint element, and the impact you add to the picture in PicMonkey may be partly extracted from the picture, enabling you to choose the size of the brush you are going to use to eliminate the effect you added to an image. This choice may be used if you want the picture impact to be added to a specific region, whilst the rest of the image stays untouched.
  • PicMonkey is well packed with tools that help you to beautifully edit your selfies and any other portrait images.
  • Features such as Blemish Cure, Wrinkle Remover, Lip Gloss, Lipstick, or Weight Reduction enable you to have full artistic influence over whether your images would appear like the face, lips, eyes or figures of individuals portrayed.

Features and Pricing

 Picmonkey - Features and Pricing

Users who choose to use PicMonkey on a regular basis have many price choices open. The Premium choice will pay $7.99 a month or $5.99 a month, priced at $71.88 per annum of The price for the Superpremium payment package costs $107, 88 a year, but the sum of choices that you’ll access will have you questioning whether you’d better purchase a mobile app like Fotophire for a lower amount of money.

The code of the PicMonkey is well designed, and even though you have never used a picture editing app before finding your way through this online photo editor shouldn’t be too challenging.

Simple picture editing tools such as Cropping or Rotating photos are readily available from the toolbar of the viewer, which offers alternatives such as Quick Edits, Highlights, or Frames.

PicMonkey helps you to share photos from your Mac, Twitter, OneDrive, Flickr, and Dropbox. Furthermore, Premium account owners are allowed to store up to fifty photos at the Hub creator, while Superpremium account owners have unrestricted storage in Hub.

Additional Features

Most online picture editors have ways to build silly images but at the same time ignore traditional photo editing software widely used to improve images.

PicMonkey tends to find the right mix between themes that encourage you to replicate on your photographs the visual look of comic books and blur choices that can be used to generate the creative feel of the images you edit.

In fact, the Focal B&W device helps you to determine the section of the picture you want to desaturate and the portion of the picture will preserve color.

This electronic picture editor offers thousands of overlays, spanning from zig-zag lines to animals, butterflies, and flowers. Growing of such overlays will help you build images that can draw significant exposure on social media.

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Image editing is a creative method and, above all, any creative process should be enjoyable. PicMonkey offers all the resources that you need to indulge when uploading images that you want to share with the rest of the planet.

Given its many benefits, the PicMonkey picture editor is not best designed for skilled photographers or people who want to create photographs at a technical level, because photo editing software like Fotophire or GIMP simply has more choices.

Nonetheless, people who are actually searching for a simple way to enhance their images in 2018 will definitely have a wonderful opportunity to explore the possibilities given by PickMonkey.

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