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Top 10 Most Common Mistakes that Android Developers Make

Common Mistakes that Android Developers Make

Android development has become one of the biggest mobile trends in the whole world, mostly contributed by the evolvement of digital technologies. Over recent years, people have become more tech conscious of the technologies than before.

The latest 10 update on Android shows that Android programming will continue to improve more in the coming years. If you want to avoid mistakes below take advantage of Android app development services from Redwerk.

Here’s The List Of Top 10 Most Common Mistakes that Android Developers Make In 2020:

Top Mistake 1: Blocking The Main Thread

The main purpose of using the main thread is to keep the user interface responsive usually.

When the app delays user’s feedback, it means that the application will fail to respond, and thus, the users will be frustrated by the app, and thus the user will give negative feedback about it.

Top Mistake 2

Fragments are one of the latest developments by Android, which plays a very big role in the optimisation of the different screens. The fragments can be easily managed by the parent activity, besides that the fragments can be reused or positioned when there is a need for the action.

Failing to use the fragments is one very big mistake since the system will be trying to keep all the activities in its memory since they are activities are separately launched.

Top Mistake 3: Developing for your Device

Unless it is a simple app built for one tablet for promotion, your app will not always appear good on each of your devices. It is therefore very important to replicate your physical devices using the many options available with Android Emulator being one of the best options.

Another very fast option that is compatible with many devices is the Genymotion.

Top Mistake 4: No or Little understanding of Bitmaps

 Many users in the android world and even outside like content, images are one of the biggest content holders, and it is Bitmaps which makes the images to be loaded on the screens.

Therefore, failing to understand bitmaps means that you will fail to load images into the memory for display on the android app.

Top Mistake 5: Failing To Assume Success

 When developing your android devices, it is very vital to assume your success to handle any failure effectively when it arises. In the modern world, people do not like waiting.

Thus android development must consider this; therefore, the apps developed must accommodate the psychology of the users by handling request instead of waiting for responses

Top Mistake 6: Failing to set the minSdkVersion to 14

 Many old android devices use many complex codes and do not support recent android development.

It is therefore vital to do stop providing support to older android devices since it will make your application’s code to be very complex and hard to develop and maintain.

Top Mistake 7: The Use of Deep View Hierarchy

 Contents in Android devices are drawn by the correct arrangement of elements and placing them accordingly. However, this process is always time-consuming but very important.

All efforts must always be put to flatten out all existing hierarchies since this reduces all hierarchy related jobs immensely

Top Mistake 8: Wheel reinvention

 the code that communicates with the server from the background thread is very important not only for you but for all application developers, you should, therefore, avoid by all means writing your code for this purpose.

Top Mistake 9: Developing Systems for IOS

 The biggest mistake that many android developers usually do is developing systems, codes and applications for apple services.

However, many roles the apple plays’ in the mobile development world, do not make a mistake of developing for them unless you are super good in doing so like Google always does.

Top Mistake 10: Avoiding The Use of Intents

 Intents are one of the biggest components of Android development. The intent plays the role of passing the app data between its deferent parts or passing the different apps within one software system.

Besides its ability to be applied to everything on the android system, the intents save a lot of time.

Android is a very powerful platform which is experiencing a lot of growth; it no longer exists just in our phones, it is everywhere our homes, offices, and even transport systems, it is therefore very important to get all the android basics right to be able to expand easily.

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