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KTM RC 200 Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences

KTM RC 200

MotoGP was a life-changer for many of us. With the introduction of sports-bikes into our lives, the style associated with sweeping the curves and racing off was a fantasy. It is exactly those riders, with those MotoGP fantasies, that KTM strived to attract through the RC series.

The RC 200 was one of those bikes which would go on to give a challenge to the sports bike moguls. The RC entered at a time when the image of sports bikes was dominated by Yamaha with their RX series and Kawasaki with their Ninjas.

The orange and black style was a welcome change and the KTM brand gave unto their followers a sports-bike like none before.


The RC 200 is very similar to the RC 390 except in design and engine dimensions.It is furnished with a steel tube trellis edge frame, fit with an upside down front fork and a swing-arm with adaptable mono-shock. A mileage of below 30kmpl can be expected for city ranges but definitely above 25 kmpl and when on the highway a mileage between 30kmpl and 35kmpl can be expected.

The RC 200 houses a wide variety of meters on its console ranging from odometer, digital tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge and odometer.

Furthermore, in the RC 200 an indicator is integrated which shows when to shift gears to attain optimum performance. The KTM RC 200 is built like a sports bike and hence should be driven like one too for a thrilling experience.

The rider has to lean forward to be one with the streamlined shape of the bike and it gives an unusual pressure to the wrists. But this leaning forward action gives better control over the bike and a sort of confidence. Hence if it is for long rides that you are looking for a bike, the RC 200 wouldn’t fare well compared to the Duke 200.

The RC 200 has in it a liquid cooled 4-sroke 199.5 cc engine. The raw power this beast spews is about 24.6 at 10,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 19.3 at 8000 rpm.

Also integrated in the front of the RC 200 are dual headlights which are highly efficient and light up the road ahead assuring confident and safe driving by the riders. But ABS is a feature that is seriously lacking for this icon, even with such a huge price range.


The official video and a video review

Customer Reviews

The RC 200 is a very loved brain child of KTM A negative review about the bike is a rare thing to find. Yet some people do consider its rider issues when it comes to long distances.

It is at times the necessity of maintaining the position of the rider that causes so much discomfort. Th spare arts are also premium priced but do not cause issues regularly and can be managed.

On the whole the bike is costlier compared to the other 200cc bikes, but the looks and performance make up for that con of the bike.



Kolkata₹ 1,99,211
Chennai₹ 1,96,963
Bangalore₹ 2,25,055
Pune₹ 2,04,420
Mumbai₹ 2,01,643
Delhi₹ 1,96,250


The RC 200 comes with USD forks, projector headlights and aerodynamic design. Even though it does have its share of competitors, the good mileage figure , style and 200cc engine gives an edge to RC 200.


The RCC 200 is like a big-brother. It has a better engine configuration, and more available power comparatively. The sound which it should obviously produce is lesser compared to other speed bikes. The KTM RC 200 is one for the ones with a love for adrenaline.

The pure rush while driving the RC is an emotion beyond words. Not to mention the wide eyes looks from admirers as this black and orange beauty glides past them.

Th sports attire of the RC is one to fall in love with and the RC 200 on the whole is nothing short of the Kohinoor of sports bikes.


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