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KTM Duke 200 Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences

KTM Duke 200

The KTM Duke is a bike many would have seen zooming past them on the streets, flashes of orange and white. Even if they’re parked by you at a signal, the minute the signal turns green, you feel the adrenaline in your body rise to the sound of the Duke as it revs up and flashes off into the horizon.

The KTM Duke has quite the fan following especially users who are fond of speed.  The Duke has been released in three variants throughout the years and these variants are – 200, 250 and 390. With slight variations and powerful no matter the name they have been rereleased in 2018.

KTM Duke 200

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The Duke is a powerful beast, no questions asked. With an appealing exterior, fit to make people turn heads with a delightful orange characteristic to an RC always present, KTM has gathered a cult following of sorts.

The Duke 200 in the baby brother of the 250 and 390, but one of the most affordable of he three too.  But the Duke 200 is no baby when it comes to power. Starting this up feels like a dragon ready to burn the road. Let’s check out this bad boy.


The latest Duke 200 maintains the same look of its predecessors, with the underbelly exhaust instead of the side mounts usually seen in the 250 and 390. But the Duke 200 is far less bulkier and more sportier compared to the others.

Being the least costliest of the trio, it can be considered a cost-friendly alternative for the die-hard KTM fans. The beautifully illuminated console houses a cluster of features like a digital trip meter, fuel gauge, speedometer, tachometer, and odometer.

KTM Duke 200

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Going at high speeds confidently requires absolute trust in the motorcycles brakes. Fitted with 300mm front disk brakes and 230mm rear disk brakes, the bike does halt just right.But with the fast-growing introduction of ABS, that was the upgrade the KTM fans were looking for.

The Duke 200 has 110/70 R17 front tires with telescopic upside-down forks suspension at the front while having 150/60 R17 tire with a mono shock alloy swing arm at the rear.

The seating of the KTM Duke 20 is comfortable enough with not much stress placed on the legs of the rider. There is the absence of an LED headlamp or DRLSs like the Duke 390.

The Duke 200 holds a 199.5cc liquid cooled engine which generates a maximum power of 24.6 bhp at 1000 rpm. This blasts out a maximum torque of 19.2Nm at 8000 rpm.

The utilization of the DOHC engine gives an excellent throttle response, characteristic to the KTM Duke. It races from 0 to 100 kmph in about 9 seconds and with a really good speed to gear ratio manages to reach a top speed of 138 kmph. The weight of the bike plays a huge factor.  Lightening the Users need to support the weight and easing cruising ability.

The official video and a video review

Some issue seen in the Duke circulate around its costly spare parts along with coolant vaporization as well. Furthermore, skidding issues have been seen to rise in some models.

Comfort wise also, the rider posture doesn’t seem to be as comfortable s suggested by KTM. But mostly customers are satisfied and are enjoying the speed thrifty Duke 200 for its style and superb performance.


KTM Duke 200
Source : IndiaMart

Initially the only note-worthy 200 cc bike in the market, now the Duke 200 has to compete with the likes of other speedsters. Comparatively the price for a Duke is on the higher side, but with KTM being a premium brand and with the quality promised, one can say the price is justified.

Kolkata₹ 1,65,145
Chennai₹ 1,63,670
Bangalore₹ 1,89,446
Pune₹ 1,71,594
Mumbai₹ 1,70,434
Delhi₹ 1,66,087



The Duke 200 is the least costliest of the three alternatives offered by KTM but it is never to be underestimated because of that The power it exhibits and the style displayed is pure and raw. Some worthy competitors for the Duke 200 in its cc class are the Pulsar NS200 and the Apache RTR 200 which are available at lower prices too.

The look and performance of the Duke 200 stands as its biggest pro and if you enjoy the orange blur, then go right on and buy the beast.


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