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KTM 250 Duke Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences

KTM Duke 250

KTM Duke is a name synonymous with speed and a darling to all the speedsters. The Duke is literally the symbolification of a hunk, from its bare exterior giving it a raw and powerful look. With the Duke 250, KTM has aimed at a higher pedestal in the speedster line.

Though resembling the Duke 390, the frame and bodywork are the characteristics pulled from the 390 onto the 250. The all-Led Lamp remains the Duke 390’s specialty. Instead of that, the Duke 250 houses a similar shaped unit with a halogen setup. It is lined with an inverted U shaped DRL giving it a aggressive face to top off the beast of a body.

KTM 250 Duke

Source Image: Goobike


As mentioned before, the headlight is a major difference that separates the Duke 250 from its similar body shaped 390 brother. Though the new configuration may not be as good as the LED setup, it does manage to give a bright and wide spread providing the line of sight needed for late night drives.

The KTM Duke 250 has a sweet 248.8cc, liquid cooled and fuel injected motor which has a burst of power literally stored into it that’ll make you catch your breath. It is actually though a downsized engine block from the 390. It’ll usually give about 30PS and 24Nm, a good enough jump from the 25PS and 19 Nm given by the Duke 200.

But the specifications do no justice to the Duke 250 which blazes thee tracks as well as gives pretty good performance and tractability. Its 30PS goes up to 9000rpm and its 24Nm torque available at 7000 rpm making sure the Duke sings the rider’s song throughout the ride.

KTM 250 Duke

Source Image: PeaceRide

It moves up to the mid-3000s n rpm slowly and steadily and then stirs up through the 9000s. It is not a jumper, literally speaking like the Duke 200 but rather follows a slope pattern along the middle range.

An issue of the Duke 250, so to speak is the heat it radiates. At top speeds the heat is not in the least noticed cause obviously the blast of air and the adrenaline is all that’ll cloud your mind on a Duke at top speed. But at standstill position, the heat radiation is noticed a lot, a negligible factor for some, a differentiating factor for others.

The KTM Duke 250 houses a slipper clutch which helps make those curves on the typical hill sidean affair to remember. Usually a challenge for riders on other bikes, shifting gears is easy as cake on the 250 and truly effortless.

It easily reaches close to 120/125 kmph after which stressing the pedal requires more control, not to mention control of the bike. But with a long enough tarmac, the top speed of 140kmph seems well within the 250’s reach.

The official video and a video review

Customer Reviews

Users are especially concerned about the heating which stands out after long rides.A funny incident mentioned by a user was when after a heavy rain ride on his duke, a small part of his jeans was the part that wasn’t dry.

Sarcasm or not, the heat radiation is a very noticeable problem of the bike. Another issue mentioned is the cost wherein the parts of the bike seemed to be priced a tad too much.

Even though this is a factor that should be taken into consideration before itself, it ems o have popped up as a concern many times over.


KTM 250 Duke

Source Image: PeaceRide

Area Price
Noida ₹ 2,02,135
Sahibabad ₹ 2,02,135
Ghaziabad ₹ 2,02,135
Gurgaon ₹ 1,95,245
Faridabad ₹ 1,95,245


The Duke is an exceptional bike regardless of the model. It holds immense power and can garner exceptional speeds as well.To use it safely and with concern to other people is an important factor each user would have to understand.For those with these emotions in them and in love with fast bikes can definitely opt for the Duke 250.

It is priced in between the Duke 200 and the Duke 390 and with the best of both it is a perfect prize to hold.


Featured Image Source: Overdrive

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