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Honda CB Shine SP Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences

Honda CB Shine SP

Honda CB Shine SP

Honda has always had a flair for the difference especially when it comes to commuter bikes and definitely in the Indian market. Honda released the infamous CB Shine into markets and won the hearts of the users all around. The bike was so good it became the definition of a commuter bike. The good mileage and smooth driving along with moderate styling all for a decent budget really put Honda on the forefront of the whole commuter line.

Now the prodigal child has returned in a new avatar, the Honda CB Shine SP. With a new 5 gear transmission and noticeably modified designs, the Honda CB Shine SP aims to change the game like its predecessor, especially in the 125cc segment. But will these changes be all that’s required for it to do the needed? Let’s take the Shine SP under a microscope.


Honda CB Shine SP

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The Honda CB Shine was itself a well-designed bike. Although one of the first in the commuter segment, the Honda CB Shine managed to carve quite a spot for itself on the market. The Honda CB Shine SP had very few mistakes to alter comparatively, but the bike that came out tries to make a name of its own altogether. With a sportier and more trendier body, the Honda CB Shine SP tries to catch a bigger chip of the pie. Looks do matter after all, don’t they?

The Honda CB Shine SP has in it a 5-speed gearbox, a relatively new feature, especially for 125cc commuter bikes. Performance wise, the 5th gear doesn’t do much of a difference when it comes to attaining the top speed, but the presence of the gear sure can be the start of a new class of 5-speed commuter bikes. The tires, being low resistance bring a dash of stability to the bike.

The brake system used is the CBS or Combi Brake System which has started being included in most of Honda’s two-wheelers. The bike gets 130mm drums on both ends.

The Honda CB Shine SP houses a 124.7 cc air-cooled and carbureted engine which delivers 10.3PS at 7500rpm and 10.3Nm at 5500rpm. Though this engine ticks the right boxes when it comes to commuter bikes, to top off the cake the cherry given along is good fuel efficiency attained through low rolling resistance tires and the Honda Eco Technology imbibed in the engine.

The official video and a video review

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Customer Reviews

Most customers assume that the CB Shine SP can come at par with its predecessor the Honda CB Shine. But the SP fails to reach expectations most of the time. Vibrations seem to rise post 4th gear or at speeds above 50kmph. The Mileage is just up to the mark and the ride is not as comfortable as promised according to users. The problem with seating comfort had been mentioned even in Honda CB Shine and stands un-rectified. Basically, without comparison, the Honda CB Shine SP does do pretty decently, but when other bikes are taken into perspective, users tend to be disappointed.


Honda Cb Shine SP

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The Honda CB Shine SP is available is an array of different colors ranging from,

  • Pearl Siren Blue
  • Athletic Blue Metallic
  • Black
  • Geny Grey Metallic
  • Imperial Red Metallic

Available in most Honda showrooms, the Honda CB Shine SP is priced just right for a 125cc commuter bike. It manages to encapsulate the target audience with respect to the prize factor as well as the look aspect.

Area Cost
Delhi ₹ 62,032
Mumbai ₹ 63,204
Bangalore ₹ 63,661
Hyderabad ₹ 62,103
Chennai ₹ 63,996
Kolkata ₹ 61,842


The Honda CB Shine SP is a traditional commuter bike by its build and specifications. It manages to provide the good fuel efficiency demanded and also has a good build. But when compared to its predecessor, the Honda CB Shine, the motorcycle fails to stand along the same level. It is not about the defect related to the CB Shine SP but rather the comfort associated with the Honda CB Shine. When it comes to user reviews too, the Honda CB Shine SP falls short only when a comparison is pulled into the books. The bikes do have a comfortable specification list and will display class and efficiency as promised by Honda day in and day out.

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