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10 Best Books Similar to The Outlander (2021)

Books Similar to The Outlander

Oh hey hey! Look who’s been searching for books like the Outlanders! I bet you were completely smitten and couldn’t even sleep properly till you finished the book and you must’ve also wished for the book to never end. 

   But alas! It ended and now you want more and that’s why you went hunting and found this article. I’m glad you found this because I too was once hunting for books like Outlander and in this article, you’ll find the best alternatives for the Outlander series. 

Here is the list of Best Books Like The Outlander:

Emily and the Scot

Emily and the Scot

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Author: Kathryn Smith. 

    Let’s start this article with Emily and the Scot from Kathryn Smith; Kathryn Smith is one of the most well-known authors’ so there’s a good chance that you have been recommended this book or have read it but if you haven’t, then let this book be the first one you read.


    Emily and the Scot is one of the most beloved books of the Outlander fans out there possibly because this Scot is also called Jamie (there are other things too and you’ll see them soon enough). Like the Outlander, this book is set in the arteries of Scotland, except Emily doesn’t travel back in time. Emily and Jamie start off the wrong foot due to Emily mistaking Jamie for a servant and Scott thinking of her as snobby. They keep arguing but bit by bit develop feelings for the other. 

  If you haven’t read any 19th century sour and sweet romantic comedy yet then this book is a good choice for you. But beware, you’ll want to read this over and over again.



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Author: Nora Roberts.

“She is unused to seeing her mother, or any woman, struck by a man.”

I’ve got so many Nora Roberts books but the majority of them are in my “tbr” pile. Thankfully Rebellion (one of her older works) rebelled out of my “tbr pile” because it was crazy awesome! It’s eerily similar to the Outlander and takes place in the Scotland of 1745 and doesn’t mess around with historical details.  

  This tale just like Emily and the scot has arguments and often physical fights (oftentimes). The tale revolves around Serena MacGregor and Brigham Langston. Serena completely and rightfully hates anything related to the English and Brigham happens to be an English Lord so it doesn’t take him long to get into her hate list but for Brigham, it’s totally the opposite and falls head over heels for her and wants to make her his wife! Even though she verbally (and often physically) abuses him…  

There’s more to this novel that just ol’ good sappy? Romance, having set in the 1700’s it depicts war, rebellion, and of course, bloodshed. And oftentimes I found Serenas’ anger absolutely hilarious but sometimes things were heartbreaking especially what happened with Serenas’ mother. Rebellion is a part of the MacGregor series –you can read it by the timeline or the order that the books were published in.

A knight in shining Armor

A Knight in Shining Armor

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Author: Jude Deveraux 

 A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux is one of those books that leaves you flabbergasted and wanting to read it over and over again. Honestly, I was expecting some old classic romance but this book blew me away. Jude Deveraux managed to give her time traveling romance a unique never seen before ending, sure it was happily ever after but not in the way you’d expect it to be. 

   Anyways, the story starts with crying (literally!) It happens while Earl Nicholas Stafford is writing an important letter and that pulls him into a different dimension. The crying belongs to present-day Dougless Montgomery who happens to be crying on his grave in the church; crying because that the guy whom she dated for 18 months and with whom she hoped will marry left her at the church after his little daughter of a hippo (couldn’t resist) told her that her daddy dearest was just playing with her (Dougless) because she was going to inherit a lot of money and after this, they had a heated fight and left her without anything. 

   Okay, it’s getting a bit too long so in short, Lord Nicholas Stafford is brought to present-day England by Dougless Montgomery (knight in shining Armor) and with whom she starts falling in love but Nicholas has to clear his family’s name so they go on a romantic adventure, but later Nicholas returns to his era again so Dougless starts looking for a way to reach him; will she ever succeed? 

The Winter Sea

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Author: Susanna Kearsley.

The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley is the third novel in this list that deals with Jacobites and Scotland. I think this book is a funny one, as the female lead in this book is portrayed as a successful Author of Historical novels. The winter sea was the second book I’ve read in which the character (Carrie McClelland) was an author; the first being “The Princess Diaries”. 

The book revolves around Carrie McClelland trying to write a new historical novel and having trouble with the subject a.k.a Writers’ block (Nightmare for every author). So Carrie visits her agest in Scotland and while driving (to her agent) she stops at the Slains Castle in Cruden Bay, and this is where she starts hearing voices and gets motivated to write. She quickly rents a place close to the Slains Castle and begins writing. In Susanna Kearsley’s novel, the main character is Carrie and in Carrie’s novel the main character is Sophie and Sophie is Carrie’s ancestor who once stayed at Slains castle…

  The scientist in me thinks that Susanna Kearsley’s use of “genetic memory” was a bit absurd as nothing such exists, but the reader in me finds it incredible. Beware–this book won’t let you sleep till you finish reading.

Devil in winter

Devil in winter

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Author: Lisa Kleypas

Devil in Winter is the third book in the Wallflower series which is about how four young ladies went on the hunt for a perfect husband; it sounds cliche? Don’t worry they have their own interesting twist and turns. 

 The Devil in Winter is where the shyest Wallflower, Evangeline Jenner (Evie) will find her husband. Evie’s (infamous and dirt rich) father is on deathbed and she is about to inherit all his wealth, but her relatives are doing their best to keep her from inheriting it and trying to control her in case she does inherit the wealth. 

 Though she is shy and often stammers she resolves to take matters in her hand and concludes that if she marries a rich guy then she would stand a chance to get rid of her wicked relatives and Lord St. Vincent who was Handsome, powerful but needed money; if you’ve read “It happened one Autumn” then you already must know just how much of a playboy (psst! Man whore) he is. 

I was wondering that sweet, shy, and gorgeous Evie would get her heart broken or that she’ll be used by him but Evie is too smart and made him agree with her that the naughty things will only happen after marriage (so proud of her). Can Vincent learn to love or break her heart as he did with every other woman? 

The Recruit

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Author: Monica McCarthy.

You must’ve heard of Monica McCarthy’s Scottish romance series named “The Highland Guard”, this book “The Recruit” is the sixth of the 13 books in that series. Like the majority of the books on this list, this one too is set in historical Scotland and is a good book like the Outlanders. 

 What if you’re a widow and never felt true love… but a complete stranger (a quite good looking stranger) practically sweeps you off your feet and later you find yourself in his bed with him/her, how’d you react? That’s how this story is. It follows Mary and Kenneth, Mary is a widow of a traitor living in England and Kenneth is hoping to join the Guard.

Under the order of the King of England, Mary is sent to spy on her ex-sister-in-law’s husband Robert the Bruce for whom Kenneth is hoping to work. They hit up quickly and end up having one-night stand (no strings attached) but can’t seem to keep their minds away from each other. Mary is uninterested in love and everything related to it and so is Kenneth but they can’t deny their attraction and nor can they ignore their work. Can they balance their work and their love life and fight for the other? 

Highlander Most Wanted

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Author: Maya Banks.

 There’s no way you haven’t heard of the Highlander series by Maya Banks at least a bunch of times. And oh!!! It has some wild steamy stuff (I do love that stuff) in it but that’s a bit later. 

The story follows Genevieve McInnis, who was kidnapped from her bridal party. She had been captured, violated,  and abused by Ian McHugh and his clan for a year and tagged her like a whore. She was scarred physically, emotionally, and mentally. Later Lan McHughs’ keep was stormed by Bowen Montgomery and Genevieve was finally free. But ashamed and believing that her parents thought her to be dead she decided to stay where she was. 

Even though Genevieve endured a lot, she is still courageous, smart, and true-hearted. Bowen was smitten by her. He desired and constantly wanted to woo her, but after learning about her past, he did his best to help her overcome her horrors and took care of her and made sure that she was happy. In the end, they get to the bottom of their feelings. Their love was so tender and strong. And from there wild steamy stuff follows. The pace of this book is nearly perfect and I love the way it builds up the romance.

A Twist in Time

A Twist in Time

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Author: Julie McElwain.

this novel is preceded by A murder in time, where Kendra Donovan a former FBI agent, accidentally transported from present-day into Regency England. The Duke of Aldridge took her under his wings and helped her cope up with the structure of that time. The Duke and his nephew, Alec knows that Kendra came from the future. 

Its story continues in this book where Kendra Donovan plans to bring herself back into the 21st century fails, leaving her stuck in 1815. There is yet another murder mystery for her to solve. When Alec is accused of murdering her ex-Lover, lady Dover. It’s interesting how Kendra uses her investigation skills to solve the mystery while the Duke tries to help her to his best.

The people weren’t habitual of seeing a girl in action, their reactions are quite funny. They unfold the secrets of lady Diver’s life, on their way to find the real murderer. This book is a mixture of the whole ton of historical mystery with a pinch of magic and Romance. I’ll suggest you read the first book before diving in. 

Tangled in the time

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Author: Barbara Longley.

If none of the books above satisfied you then Tangled in the time will definitely satisfy you. Unlike the others, this book had the right amount of paranormal, time-traveling, and Romance. 

The book revolves around Regan MacCarthy who can apparently see ghosts (wish I could!) but she loathes being able to see ghosts and always shied away from using her gift. She tries to get rid of it but ends up time-traveling back into Ireland (yay! Not Scotland for once!).

AND! Here she meets her fated soulmate Fáelán, who happens to be cursed by a fae (fairy) and the curse can be only broken when he deeply falls in love with someone (to cliche right?). Sure that doesn’t sound so hard, but wait! There’s more! Our elite warrior is invisible to everyone except Regan! Which is why they instantly kick-off. Fáelán is afraid that his curse will tear them apart so he is constantly wary but it doesn’t last long. 

I think the moral of this story is–if you’re able to see ghosts then travel to Ireland, and back in time, you might find someone godly waiting for you (invisible). 

7 stones to stand or fall

7 stones to stand or fall

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Author: Dianna Gabaldon. 

Saved the best book like Outlander for the last, I’ve been itching to write about this book but alas! There ain’t much to write about this.

 7 stones to stand or fall is literally the Outlander but unlike the original, this one is full of fun/ exciting short collections of the Outlander stories. Many major characters from Outlander series like Lord Jaime, Master Raymond, Lord John Grey, and many others appear in these short stories. For hardcore Outlander fans, you haven’t finished the Outlander series till you read this book (you already might have).


I sincerely thank you for spending your time reading this article. As usual, my enthusiasm got the better of me and I sat ranting, but it genuinely made me happy to write and from one bookwork to the other, I’d love it if you suggest more books to me. I’ll definitely add your suggestions to this article or a different one. 

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