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10 Best Apps like Ibotta : Ibotta Alternatives

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Regardless of whether you like shopping or not, you presumably value saving cash. Shopping on the web or in-store can be reasonable if you have the correct tools and expertise to score a great deal. 

One of our preferred approaches to save cash is Ibotta. It’s a basic grocery discount application that lets you get cash back, and it works very simply. It pulls up offers for you after which you’ve to transfer your receipt to get the money backs. Ibotta doesn’t simply work at the grocery stores, it also works for online shopping portals at more than 350 retailers including Amazon, Costco, Dollar General, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart. 

In case you’re new to using Ibotta or need to keep more cash in your wallet, this post is for you. We’ll share the best money-saving applications you can use to get a good deal on the entirety of your shopping needs in light of the fact that Ibotta is only one app in the mass of apps that pay you to shop. 

Here are the 10 apps like Ibotta you can use to save cash. 

  1. Checkout51

Click Here To Download for Android | iOS

Checkout51 is extraordinary compared to other applications that pay you to filter receipts since it works at essentially any physical store. This is incredible because a few coupons or saving destinations or apps just give you select stores to choose from. Every Thursday, the application refreshes your offer rundown with new saving options.

You at that point must add a portion of these things to your shopping list. Before you go out to shop, investigate the rundown of offers on the Checkout 51 site. After your shopping trip, simply transfer the image of your receipt to the application (or to the site) and watch the cash move in. 

An extra element that increases the value of Checkout 51 is that like Ibotta, you can likewise get cash once again from shopping on the web by transferring an image of the package label. If you are truly into internet shopping, this is an extraordinary application to know about. There are additionally referral gains. When you make $20 with the application, you can demand to get paid. Checkout51 pays by a check, and it takes 7-14 days to get it via the post office. 

  1. Fetch Rewards 

fetch rewards

Click Here To Download for Android | iOS

Fetch Rewards is a shopping application to utilize on the off chance that you like to purchase name brand items. Fetch Rewards is easy to use. Not at all like most other receipts scanning applications like Ibotta, they couldn’t care less where you purchased a thing, simply that you

bought it from someplace. Similarly, as with most applications, there is a rundown of offers that you can look at to amplify your savings. Rather than verifying where the deal is offered, you simply need to go purchase a thing in any place that is generally convenient for you. 

After you finish at the market, you filter your receipt. After your receipt is itemized, you get points for every item that has a functioning rebate offer. The application gives you ten points on every dollar spent on those items. You can recover these points on money or gift vouchers. 

The payout choices are gift vouchers to retailers, you mostly shop at, like CVS, Target, and Amazon. You can likewise decide to donate your profit to the Red Cross. Fetch Rewards has a low reclamation measure of $3, making it a standout amongst other applications that assist you with saving cash and win cashback. 

  1. Shopkick 

Shopkick – Cash Back & Rewards

Click Here To Download for Android | iOS

Shopkick is a flexible application accessible for iOS and Android gadgets, in which you can win “kicks” or points, from shopping both, in-store, and on the web. You can acquire kicks in many ways, for example, scanning barcodes, visiting online stores, looking at products online, watching sponsored videos, and substantially more.

A few stores offer kicks simply for strolling into their store. On the off chance that you are going to a store in any case, you can perceive what stores are offering walk-in kicks by exploring the store segment of the app.

The scan barcode feature is accessible only when you are in a genuine store. You do gain more kicks when purchasing things, however, it isn’t important to begin earning. You should utilize their special coupons and discounts. On the off chance that you locate a decent arrangement on their application, then this is an extraordinary reward.

Also if you don’t discover anything you need to get, you can, in any case, keep the various points you earned on that trip to the store. You can reclaim money using PayPal once you reach $20 in your record. Like Ibotta, gift vouchers are likewise accessible, if you want those. Some gift voucher options incorporate BestBuy, Urban Outfitters, Target, Walmart, Macy’s, and some more.

  1. SavingStar 

Click here to download for Android | iOS

SavingStar will assist you with getting a good deal on your groceries through its site where you can get monthly bargains at different stores in your locality. Note that you totally should tap the “I want this deal” button to get acknowledgment for the arrangement.

If you don’t claim it before you buy stuff, you won’t get your credit. Luckily, there is an application so you can simply see the offers at the store and claim it directly before you buy anything. With SavingStar, you start by including the stores that you shop at regularly. After you include the stores, you start the application for discounts.

You can likewise bring in additional cash by taking short surveys. The moment you finish a survey, Survey Junkie pays you through PayPal. You can pick a direct deposit, PayPal, or gift vouchers as your choice for installment with SavingStar. You get your installment within 1-2

days. The one downside to SavingStar is that you should connect your account to specific stores’ loyalty cards. You don’t filter receipts to get cashback; connecting your account to a store card tracks your purchases.

Clients can take the money out once they have more than $20. Prizes can be reclaimed for bank deposit, Amazon gift voucher, PayPal, or on the off chance that you don’t need the profit for yourself, you can give to American Forests.

  1. Rakuten 

Click Here To Download for Android | iOS

Rakuten is a cashback site, yet it doesn’t expect you to examine receipts like Ibotta by any means. The entirety of the cashback possibilities is through web-based shopping, so on the off chance that you don’t imagine yourself going out to shop in a physical shop, this is for you! It is extremely simple to utilize, and the best thing about Rakuten is you can add it right to your toolbar.

At the point when you add it to your Google Chrome toolbar, each time you visit a Rakuten accomplice site you get a notification and can opt in to get the money back offer. You don’t have to check whether a purchase meets all requirements for a discount.

Essentially buy something and you to get a specific level of cashback, depending upon the thing you purchased. This makes procuring cash extremely easy. The main downside is that they pay out quarterly; in any case, the installment can be either using PayPal or check. Another great thing about Rakuten is their referral program. 

  1. Paribus 

Click Here to download for iOS

Paribus is a little unsimilar as applications like Ibotta because it isn’t giving you cashback. Rather, it is discounting the cash that you earn. Didn’t get it? Have you at any point purchased something and then the following day the value drops? Wouldn’t it be ideal to take advantage of that saving without experiencing the problem of return and repurchase, if the seller would even allow you to do that? 

After you make a purchase on the web, Paribus screens the seller’s costs and alarms you if the value you paid for a thing got changed. For instance, on the off chance that you make a buy and after three days the cost was reduced, you might be qualified to get cashback. All things considered, presently you don’t need to stress over it because Paribus will follow your online purchases.

The cash ought to come back to your unique type of installment inside 3 to 7 business days. You should simply join once, the remainder of the work is finished by Paribus. That is entirely stunning, correct? Old Navy, Target, Walmart, Office Depot, and Costco are a couple of the stores that Paribus can screen for you. 

  1. Receipt Hog 

Click here to download for Android | iOS

To utilize the Receipt Hog platform, all you need is a cell phone that takes quality photographs. Receipt Hog is adaptable in regard to where you can shop. You’re not restricted to just a couple of stores. And keeping in mind that Ibotta expects you to look for specific things, Receipt Hog doesn’t. You will simply need to upload your receipt to get remunerated by Receipt Hog. Rather than real money, you will procure points that you can reclaim for either money using PayPal or an Amazon gift voucher. 

Appeals to trade center for your payout are normally handled inside seven days. Receipt Hog will acknowledge receipts from any store, not simply markets. On the off chance that you go to a couple of stores and have few things on your list, you can utilize the application and present your receipts immediately or, on the off chance that you need to get the entirety of your things at one store with a huge show, you may likewise get a decent measure of coins.

When you burn through $10 at the store, you begin gaining coins. Accomplice stores and eateries incorporate Costco, McDonald’s, and Ulta. Each receipt likewise gets you a passage for Receipt Hog’s month to month drawing where victors get up to 5,000 coins. The livelier a part you are, the higher your possibility of fitting the bill for extra rewards, for example, short studies and additional rotations and coins. 

  1. Receipt Pal 

Click here to download for Android | iOS

Receipt Pal is an Andriod and iOS application that will recompense you for receipts submitted either through their application or using email. You obtain points each time you present a receipt. ReceiptPal works like other basic food item saving applications. You check your receipt, obtain points, and recover them for prizes.

ReceiptPal likewise offers extraordinary lotteries for its clients where you can gain money prizes. For every 4 receipts, you will win 100 points. You can trade these points in for gift vouchers to places like Amazon, Restaurant.com, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

The more you can hold off recovering your points, the more significant they will be to you. The bigger point uses have a lot bigger gift voucher pay-out. You can practically twofold your point by saving your scores for a greater exchange. At the point when you first begin, you might be permitted to transfer 20 receipts for each week.

As you keep on utilizing the application, the number of receipts that you are permitted to submit will increase after some time. You need to submit receipts under 30 days of the buy, or they don’t tally. When you present a receipt, you will get your points inside 24 hours. You can recover your focuses for a prize in the application whenever you wish. 

  1. ShopSavvy 

Click here to download for Android | iOS

Have you gone through long stretches of comparing shopping to see which store has the least expensive cost? If you have, at that point you must look at ShopSavvy, an application that rearranges value differences across various stores.

The application is accessible on the iPhone and Android gadgets. Scan the thing you need to look at and ShopSavvy will let you know whether you can strike an improved deal elsewhere. The platform will likewise inform you as to whether the store you’re shopping at has a cost-matching policy. If it does, you’ll get a cost-match screen to show your clerk at checkout. 

Contrasting Ibotta, ShopSavvy will assist you with setting aside cash at the store by permitting you to scan a thing for price differentiation. You set aside cash by shopping right through the retailer.

You don’t get points, cashback, or compensations with this application, yet if you need a genuine peaceful state of mind about finding the most flawlessly awesome deal, at that point this will get you out a great deal. You’ll never need to stress over getting the best deal ever again.

  1. Dosh 

Click here to download for Android

Dosh will give you cash back for shopping at specific stores in your general vicinity. You should simply check the list of accessible stores and offers, when you make a succeeding purchase at that store you will get the promoted cashback. There are no scanning receipts, no utilizing coupons, and no promotion codes to monitor like Ibotta.

However, you should link your debit card/credit card or Mastercard to the platform to confirm your acquisitions. A large portion of the cashback options goes from 5 to 10 % of your buy. The stores are not simply ordinary retailers, the list likewise contains cafés if you are hoping to set aside some cash on a night out. 

You can likewise utilize Dosh for cashback on your online buys. As you begin making buys at participating stores, any points earned are quickly added to your Dosh Wallet.

Dosh will likewise give you cashback on travel buys like hotels. Any cashback on lodging is going to help balance the expense of travel, so it merits looking at it. When you collect 15 dollars in cash back, you can simply cash out using PayPal or direct deposit. The cash will be transferred inside 2 or 3 business days. 


As we said, Ibotta is just the tip of the iceberg for earning money online by doing shopping as we do right now. These apps are for all your needs for saving money, no matter if grocery, shopping, or just getting cashback or offers. Download and start to save money in the easiest way. Let us know which is your favorite app and also if we missed an app! 

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