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Coworking: A Great Alternative to Working from Home

Coworking was born to improve the conditions of independent workers or small businesses so that different professionals share the same workspace. Whether you are an independent professional or if you are thinking of setting up a small startup, this work option can be very interesting for you.

There are many spaces prepared for this type of activity that offer very interesting solutions with really adjustable prices. In addition to the advantages that we will explain below, some spaces offer additional services such as call reception and professional advice which can be very helpful.

There are many benefits to coworking.

Here are the benefits we have found to be most important:

It allows for cost savings: Cost

This is the most important aspect, especially now that money is a bit harder to come by. Some studies estimate savings of up to 60% of the fixed costs of maintaining their own office.

In a sole quota, you have your share of expenses in terms of rent, electricity, and maintenance. Savings is the primary attraction of coworking when comparing an office for you alone, but it also does not involve very high costs if you are working at home.

Improve your professional image: Improve your professional image

If you have a job that requires you to meet with clients or partners, surely receiving them at home is not an option, and renting a room for the occasion is very expensive.

Therefore, you really need to have a professional space where holding your meetings gives you that extra professional image. You can also use the address of the space as your business address, which also improves moving from a particular address to an office space.

Help mark work schedules: work schedules

Those of us who work at home are very disciplined and tend to mix leisure and work so that maybe we are resting at 11 in the morning and working at midnight. The flexibility that the home allows may be interesting for some, but the discipline of a well-defined schedule helps you ensure rest periods and have a more orderly life, thereby improving your quality of life. You can always end up working more when you return home.

If you work from home you know the pros and cons, especially distractions, poor professional image, and loneliness. On the other hand, if you work in a small office, you know that the costs are too high for a single professional or a company with very few workers.

Eliminate distractions: eliminate distractions

Working at home, the distractions are around you at all times. It is very easy to go to the kitchen for a moment to snack on something, start reading a magazine, having your head occupied with household concerns, etc. Also, if you have children, you will know that it is impossible to work when they want something from you are when they fight.

Working in an office will not eliminate all distractions, but the professional environment invites concentration and avoids many of the typical distractions of a house environment.

Improve networking: Improve networking

In a professional space full of other independent professionals like you or even small businesses, it is much easier to network and meet people who at some point can be a key figure as a customer or partner.

Create synergies: Create synergies

The professionals that populate these coworking spaces are usually from technological or creative sectors, so it may be that by networking you meet someone with whom you can develop a joint project or who you can outsource part of your project or that of theirs. In general, there is a positive environment for the exchange of ideas.

They allow collaborating more comfortably. If you work on projects that require more people, there is the option of working together in the same coworking space. The internet has indeed removed many barriers to work with people from all over the world online so that a physical presence is not necessary, but often everything works much more fluidly if the members of a project can work in the same space.

Helps keep you sane:

Working independently at home has its advantages, but one big problem: it is very easy to isolate yourself from the outside world and be absorbed by your work. For this problem, coworking is an exceptional solution, since it forces you to leave home and interact with more people during your day.

As we have seen, coworking is a very valid alternative both to work from home and to have an office for yourself. It is not for everyone and there will always be some negative aspects but the positive that comes from it at least requires a thorough analysis to decide whether it will work for us as a viable option.

So you will also need to make sure before choosing a coworking space if you can achieve your comfort level or not and make it a productive work environment.

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