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Vernee Thor Plus Review, Specs, Price, Features, Camera & More

Vernee Thor Plus

With a 6200mAh battery, say goodbye to carrying your charger or power bank with you.

With smartphones becoming omni-present, the biggest concern for most users is battery life. Indeed, a smartphone is as useful as the battery it runs on. With most of us depending on our phones these days, a mobile power bank has almost become a mandatory accessory.

The Vernee Thor Plus seeks to change that with its mammoth battery. Packing 6200mAh of power, this phone can get you through heavy usage for an entire day on a single charge. And when we say heavy, we absolutely mean it. On the flipside, this also makes the phone slightly heavy.

Is the Vernee Thor Plus the right smartphone for you?

Read on to find out

old vernee thor plus box and mobile on bed

The Vernee Thor Plus comes in two colors: black and gold. The black edition is perfect for those that like to be understated yet elegant and use their phone within corporate environments. The gold edition adds a fair bit of suave and gives the phone a highly-desired premium look.

The list price of the Vernee Thor Plus is ₹11,680 but a quick glance at several e-shopping websites shows that there’s discounts up to 20% that you can take advantage of. Its, currently, not available on Amazon or Flipkart but you can find it on several smaller e-shopping websites. Better still, drop by your nearest cell phone dealer to purchase this phone.


  • Massive battery life with fast charging
  • Elegant and slim form factor
  • Packs the latest Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • 3GB RAM


  • Slightly heavy
Model Name Vernee Thor Plus
Operating System (OS) Android v7.0 (Nougat)
Chipset MediaTek MT6755
Storage Capacity 32 GB
SIM Type Dual SIM (Micro SIM + Micro SIM), Dual Standby
Mobile Network 2G: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
3G: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
4G: LTE 900 / 1200 MHz
Display Size and resolutions 5 inches 1080 x 1920 Pixels resolutions
Display Protection unknown
Rear camera 13 MP
Front camera 5 MP
Inbuilt Storage 32 GB
MicroSD  card Support Up to 128 GB
Battery capacity 6050 mAh Li-Po battery

Build and Design

vernee thor plus in hand

At first glance itself, the Vernee Thor Plus looks extremely appealing and elegant to the eyes. The build and form factor on this phone look far more premium than the price tag it retails at. The Vernee Thor Plus features an all-metallic body with a matte finish making it look super smooth. Now, with many all-metal phones, the most common problem is slippage.

However, Vernee seems to have addressed this very well with this phone. Thanks to the curvature of its 2.5D glass combined with an ergonomic back panel, the Vernee Thor Plus sits snugly in your hand without any worry about the phone accidentally slipping out.


With a battery this massive, you’d expect the phone to be a bit bulky. Not true at all.

Imagine our surprise when we held a super slim phone in our hands only to find out that its battery is far more powerful than anything available in the market.

Evidently, a lot of effort has been put in to ensure that the Vernee Thor Plus manages to remain slim and easy-to-handle despite packing such a mammoth battery.


The only flip side is that the phone gets a bit heavy. You wouldn’t actually realize this until you hold the phone in your hands. But the moment you do it, you can definitely feel its weight. This is surely not a deal breaker as no one moves around carrying a phone in their hands constantly.

But you’ll definitely feel the weight while playing games or holding it in your hands while watching a long video.


The Vernee Thor Plus features a 5.5” Super AMOLED display which makes it wonderful for pretty much any video experience. The colors on the phone are vivid and you can see a noticeable difference between the images on an AMOLED screen versus a non-AMOLED screen.

The display features a viewing angle of 178° making it very easy to handle even on-the-go.

Also, the colors and brightness of the display function really well even when used outdoors in bright sunshine.

Features and performance

Featuring a 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6753 octa-core processor, the Vernee Thor Plus handles most smartphone functions with relative ease. This combined with 3GB of internal RAM ensures that your phone won’t lag even when multi-tasking between apps or while watching videos or playing games.

The battery on this phone absolutely takes the cake. With 6000mAh of power, this battery is literally larger than most power banks available in the market. Moreover, the Vernee Thor Plus features super fast 18W charging which means that your phone can be used for an entire day even after a charge of merely an hour. This, of course, depends on your usage so take it with a pinch of salt. But, overall speaking, the battery charges super fast (considering its capacity) and we found that the phone easily lasts for over one day on a single charge with heavier-than-normal usage.

The Vernee Thor Plus also features an “Endurance Mode” to be used when your battery is running low. Enabling this mode helps you get a good 12 hours even on a 15% charge which is quite phenomenal for a phone in this price range.

The in-built 360° fingerprint sensor works fantastically well and has a brilliant response time. Moreover, the sensor is capacitative so there’s no worry of any button becoming loose ever.

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The Vernee Thor Plus comes packaged with the latest Android Nougat 7.0 operating system. The stock Android UI is no-frills and doesn’t come pre-packaged with any heavy clutter.

Gaming experience

We would definitely recommend this phone for gamers mainly due to its 3GB RAM and excellent processing power. Moreover, with smartphones, the basic issue faced by gamers is the heavy battery consumption. This will definitely not be an issue on the Vernee Thor Plus.

Most games seem to run effortlessly and without lag on this smartphone. That said, this is not purely a gaming phone for the serious ones. However, for most average users, this smartphone will work perfectly fine.


The Vernee Thor Plus features a 13MP rear camera combined with an 8MP front camera. Naturally, this resolution is more-than-enough for most of your photo needs. Thanks to the Super AMOLED display, photos taken by you look stunning when seen on the phone screen.

The biggest drawback with the camera is the lack of flash. During the day, the F2.0 aperture easily compensates for this in low light conditions. However, you’ll not be able to make great pictures in the night. Photos that we clicked in the dark appeared slightly grainy.

However, considering the budget range of the phone, this isn’t a major issue in our opinion.

Flowers Picture Clicked by Vernee Thor Plus in daytime and outdoor

Pink Flowers Clicked by Vernee Thor Plus

Considering it all, we’ll give the camera on the Vernee Thor Plus a rating of 7/10.


Overall, the Vernee Thor Plus is a fantastic phone for anyone looking for a great balance between features and value-for-money. Considering the below 12K price-tag, the Vernee Thor Plus delivers an amazing package with pretty-much all features that an average user would need.

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The battery, of course, is the real star here. The peace of mind that ensured by a reliable battery that lasts over a day is too good to describe in words.

For that alone, the Vernee Thor Plus is highly recommended by us. The additional features, as described above, provide a great icing on an already delicious cake.

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