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Five Best Mobile Phones To Buy In 2024

Five Best Mobile Phones

Buying a phone in 2023 is a tough choice. Smartphones are the living cells of technically-fuelled lives. Smartphones have become the basic needs of an individual. It’s not that there is a scarcity of smartphones; in fact, there is an overwhelming list of options. Choosing from these options is the most challenging task.

You need to compare an exclusive list of features before purchasing a smartphone. Your phone should have a capable processor that not only allows the device to function seamlessly but is also capable of enhancing other factors in your phones. Another feature to note is RAM storage. Casual smartphone users can operate the phone with low RAM. Having a large RAM allows many apps to run in the background, significantly allowing users to multi-task.

So here is a checklist of the five best mobile phones to buy in 2023:


Samsung assuredly launches a new Galaxy S Series every year. And in the year 2022, it will launch Galaxy S 22 with a bundle of exclusive features. It’s not been a long time since Galaxy S 21 has hit the market, but to lead the legacy without any fail, the company will launch its latest updated model, Galaxy S 22, in 2022. We all know that the company has crisp displays and renowned edgy screens, The edges that cascade over the side of the phone. It’s pronounced to expect that the best technology and glass will be kept untouched for  S 22 ultra.

The phone will also be optimized for keeping the device cool and preventing it from heating. It has an adaptive heat fan placed inside the phone to maintain the temperature while that functions heavily. However, there are many leaked rumors regarding Galaxy S 22, but we have to wait to have it in our pockets.

Apple iPhone SE 2022

The company has reportedly decided not to launch the iPhone Mini series. Apple is a brand of riches. It is because of its affordability ranges. The iPhone is an expensive phone, but it does not count masses for its sale. Public wishes that people should launch affordable models, especially for budget-conscious buyers. It has been rumored that Apple could launch SE 2022, and notably, it will be the most affordable 5G iPhone. The upcoming iPhone’s design will be mostly the same as the existing model with minute sensor modification. Stay connected with https://mobilemonster.com.au/. It offers all the updated details about the buy and sells offers on all varieties of smartphones.

Oppo Reno series

The new oppo series will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778 G octa-core processor (6nm). The processor stays at the top of the wish list of proficient gamers. Image processing is also modified by doing a triple camera setup. The battery backup is also improvised. It has a long-lasting, strong battery to support multi-tasking users. The latest model will be updated with super-fast charging support. The display is not much modified as such.

Asus ROG phone 6 series

Asus is a brand company with the best upcoming gadgets. Anything that can be expected from this company is nothing but greatness. Though the internet has no such leaked information about the model, it is expected to be out in the market by the year 2022. Asus gadgets are excellent even if they lie on the expensive side of the pricing spectrum. It is expected that they come out to be of elegant designs with powerful handsets.

One plus ten series

Oneplus stands out from the mobile phones crowd. The company has grabbed massive attention to be one of the best Android smartphones. One plus ten series are expected to be launched by the end of Q1 of 2022. On comparing it to the previously launched One plus nine series, it is expected to have a wide display of about 6.17-inch QHD. The panel is most likely to be an LTPO OLED panel like the One plus 9 series. With a powerful backup of battery power of  5000 mAh, it also has fast charging as well.

So these were some of the best upcoming Android phones. But these are not the only limited options that may be available in the year 2022. We are sure that as the year 2022 approaches, there will be ample other and enticing announcements regarding the launch of the upcoming best smartphones. Stay tuned, stay updated.

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