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15 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Views (Reels & IGTV Views)

Buy Instagram Views

Instagram has been a prime player in the social media game for a long time. It was a popular platform that people used which made Facebook purchase it. Currently, there are millions upon millions of users on the platform from celebrities, to influencers to the average person. Instagram was made in such a way that the media viewing experience is enhanced. This is because at its core Instagram is a media-sharing website. The view stat on video posts wasn’t there originally. It kicked in a few years ago.

Having more views on your video can give it online credibility attracting more people to your profile and thus giving you more exposure. If you are looking for the best site to buy Instagram views then we can help you with a comprehensive list of different sites out there. Always remember that the quality and the creativity of your content is the core factor in online growth. Buy Instagram likes, views or followers just gets you a gimmick to supplement your marketing strategy.

It will not automatically make you popular. So, if you already have a solid promotional strategy in place and are looking for some social media services to help you out check out these websites.

Here is the list of best sites to Buy Instagram Views (For Reels, Videos, IGTV, and Stories)

Recommended Sites Ratings Customer Reviews 1000 Instagram Followers  1000 Instagram Likes
#1. Getviral.io 4.8 Read Reviews
#2. Viralyft 4.7 Read Reviews $12.75 $12.50
#3. ViewsExpert 4.5 Read Reviews $13.00 $10.00
#4. SocialPackages 4.3 Read Reviews $12.00 $11.00
#5. Followers Packages 4.1 Read Reviews $15.00  $14.00


Up next is a service provider called Getviral. Well, as you can guess from the name the company aims to sell services that will get your content viral and your profile popular. The company claims to provide be the best real growth service provider for Instagram.

Now look, by real these companies mean that you will not be getting stats from bot accounts. Bot accounts are accounts that look obviously fake. They have an overwhelmingly large following-to-follower ratio. These accounts do not have a display pic and have few to no posts on their profiles.

They also have a computer-generated username. Getviral.io claims to provide real stats. Also, they guarantee to refill i.e. if your stats drop below your order amount you will get a refill.

This guarantee lasts for the refill period that they provide. The company provides services for a bunch of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, etc. Getviral.io promises fast delivery, top-quality, and 24/7 customer support.

You can always reach out to them to clarify your doubts. They have various packages for Instagram views. The cheapest package costs $13 for 500 Instagram views. The services are costly but sometimes you have to pay more for better quality.

The costliest package provides 20k views for $350. These are worldwide views. You can purchase the services easily. Just choose the package you want. Next, enter the relevant info in the form and then pay for the service.


Let’s start the list with a popular social media service provider. Viralyft is a website that appears across multiple lists on various articles. They have been slowly increasing their customer base by completing multiple orders by clients.

It supports the top social media platforms for which you can buy the services. You can purchase stats for YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Facebook. The company continuously tried to improve its services. It provides a low delivery time so you can see the stats reflected within minutes to hours of you purchasing them.

The company cares about its client’s growth. The more their clients grow because of their services the better it is for them business-wise. Viralyft keeps the price of its services low. You can get really competitive rates on this website. A lot of companies tend to provide services at a cheap rate to attract customers but the services are of low quality.

Viralyft claims that its services are top-tier. They do not compromise on the quality and give you consistent results. They use promotional methods to help you grow and claim to never put your account at risk.

The company has a variety of services for Instagram. You can purchase Instagram views from the website. The rates start at $1.99 for 500 video views. The company claims that these are real global views. You can buy up to 50k views for $59.99. You can always direct your queries to the customer support of Viralyft. The company promises 24/7 support to the customers.


ViewsExpert Instagram Views

Now, ViewsExpert is a brand whose name says it all. It is a brand that will help you increase your views. It has services for lots of platforms. You can get stuff for Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud. They have good packages for YouTube views, Spotify and SoundCloud plays, etc.

The company claims to provide all those services in tip quality. It claims to be the trending way that influencers are using to grow on social media platforms. There are services to help you boost the stats of your Instagram or Twitter account.

This you do by using the gimmick of buying Instagram followers. They have also got services such as Facebook page likes and followers for SoundCloud and Spotify. So, yeah you can get a bunch of tools to help with your social media marketing. Ordering a service from ViewsExpert is a breeze. It does not require you to go through complicated steps. When you head to the website you can see the platforms mentioned in the top panel.

Click on the platform you want the services for. Then choose the best service for your growth. You will now have to choose the package you want and provide relevant info like the user name or the post link. Now, pay for the package and let ViewsExpert do its thing and get you the stats.

You can always contact the support team at [email protected]. ViewsExpert has good packages for Instagram reels views. If you want to boost up the appearance of your reels then the package starts at $13 for 10k views.


SocialPackages.net Instagram Views

The next website we are taking a look at is SocialPackages.net. You can check this website out if you are looking for services to supplement your Instagram marketing strategy. The company claims to provide a variety of services that can help you become a superstar on social media platforms.

This means you can find services for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter. This company can hook you up with likes, followers, views, and other stats to reach your full potential on social media.

The company has been around for some time and is proud of the customers it serves. It claims to do business with some high-profile clientele. SocialPackages always tries to deliver you the stats on time.

This means you can just focus on working on your content and do not have to waste time waiting for the services to be delivered. The company also claims to provide 24/7 customer service. This means you can hit them up with queries round the clock via email or the live chat option that they have on the website. The rates of the services on this website are cheaper.

But the company claims that it does not compromise the quality of the services. You can buy Instagram views from SocialPackages.net. You can get 1000 views for $7. If you want to go big you can get 50k views for $180. You can split these views among multiple posts.



You can easily guess from the name of the brand what it is about. This is a brand that provides packages to boost your follower count on social media platforms. The company has been around for some time.

Within this time it has been able to gather a bunch of customers and provides services for top platforms like Instagram, YouTube SoundCloud, and Facebook. The company has a huge experience and has fulfilled thousands of orders. The combined expertise of their social media marketing expert team is over 50 years. This is something the company mentions.

This team will use its expertise and experience to help you grow on social media. Since there is so much saturation on social media it can be more difficult for newer users and businesses to get popular.

So, if you want some boost you can take the help of the services that the company provides. These stats will, sort of, give you some online credibility. This will lead to a bit more attention to your content. If your content is good it will be seen and liked by more people.

This way you will gain more credibility and the cycle will continue. This is the snowball effect that is seen a lot on social media platforms. The company wants to help small companies and newcomers so a lot of packages are quite cheap. So, you can get started on a limited budget. If you have any queries then try contacting the support team, which the company claims, is available round the clock.


One of the most sought-after Instagram growth services, Fastlikes brings a real and organic audience to your Instagram content. It brings genuine and high-quality Instagram profiles to view your videos and Instagram Reels. With real views from a real audience, Fastlikes gives your content a boost in reach and visibility.

As such, your Instagram videos reach potentially more audiences and bring more Instagram followers to your account. Further, whether you are a startup, an influencer, or an enterprise business. With high-quality views delivered fast to your channel, Fastlikes facilitates all sizes and ranges required to make your Instagram videos the talk of the town.

With Instagram views from Fastlikes, you get worldwide viewership. However, with this provider, you do not get the option to target your audience based on niche, interests, locations, and more. As such, when you buy Instagram views from here, you are likely to get views from an audience who might not be interested in your content.

Therefore, these audiences will not show conversions in terms of sales, or becoming your new Instagram followers. Nevertheless, Instagram Reels and IGTV views from Fastlikes are of premium quality. Hence, they will affect the growth that you need to get your Instagram video content viral on the platform.

From Fastlikes, you can buy Instagram views in a package that fits your budget. Starting at just $1.99 for 500 Instagram views, this provider offers a range of plans that go up to $59.99 for 50000 views.

To buy a package, all you need to do is select a suitable package that aligns with your requirements and budget. Then, enter the URL to your Instagram account in the space provided below the selected package. Finally, after paying the requisite amount, you can sit back to watch your Instagram videos spread like fire on Instagram.


Famoid is a brand that sells social media promotional services. These services can act as tools to help you with your social media marketing. This is a software company that provides various solutions to the industry.

The company is based out of Delaware in the US. They also provide, as we mentioned earlier, social media services. The company claims that what sets them apart is the sense of trust that they provide for their customers.

They want a good long-standing relationship with the customers and not focus only on business. The company is also very confident about its fast delivery which will save you a lot of time. The motto of Famoid is that it is easier to become popular on social media using their services.

Famoid originates from two words that cement the company motto. These are famous and old. Oid is short for object identifiers. So, Famoid means an object which will make you famous. Famous provides services for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

They claim to provide quality services and say that you won’t regret trying their service. You can buy Instagram views for cheap from Famoid. The price starts at $2.95 for 100 views. The costliest package for Instagram views costs $99.95 and hooks you up with 25k views.


Likes.io is a company that has been focusing on providing quality services for Instagram. So, if you are looking for a website that can become a one-stop shop where you can get a variety of services for popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. then check out other options on the list. Likes.io provides services exclusively for Instagram audiences.

So, if you want to make it big on Instagram and want something to boost your online promotion then check this brand out. This company claims to provide quality services with real stats. You can easily boost the number of likes and views on your posts on Instagram and also increase the follower count.

The company believes that by using real followers and real likes you can experience real growth. The company can help you grow organically. They provide a variety of services that may include automatically liking other posts or increasing your story views or follower count.

The company wants to help you gain an audience who actually likes your content. Likes.io uses Smart targeting to make sure your followers or likes come from a palace of interest. All the services are secure.

You can purchase 500 Instagram views for just $2.95. You have the option to split the views. The company guarantees instant delivery. Check out the website for more packages and details.


Buzzoid is another place to check out if you want to buy Instagram views. It has a bunch of services for Instagram. You can improve the stats on your post by buying Instagram views and likes. You can also give a boost to your follower count by purchasing followers from Buzzoid.

The company understands that Instagram can be quite competitive and you might need a boost or two to increase the speed of your growth. The services that it provides are quite cheap. This means if you are just starting and want to see if these kinds of services work for you then go for it. Buy smaller packages and see how well they fit into your strategy.

They also back you up with a refund policy if you do not get your order delivered. If you experience a drop in the likes, followers, or views that you purchased you will get a refill if it occurs within a month of the purchase.

The company promises fast service delivery. You can instantly start working on using these stats to improve your presence on Instagram. The company also claims to have all-day customer support where you can get your queries answered.

The company claims that you can use their packages to get real Instagram views. You can get over 500 views for just $1.99. The order will start in a minute as soon as you purchase. You can even go crazy and get 10k views for just $24.99. We suggest you contact customer support if you want to split the views.


GetRealBoost Instagram Views

This is a company that claims to get you some real boost on social media platforms. It wants to help make it easy and convertible for you to do social media promotion. Getrealboost promises to provide real views, likes, and followers for your posts and profile.

This site deals with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other such popular platforms. The company wants to have a good connection with its customers. A connection that is built on honesty and trust.

This can help them gain loyal clients. The company guarantees that all the services are genuine. If you want high-quality services then you will find them here. It claims to always follow the terms and guidelines of the platforms so that your account is not at any risk while you do business with them. The company understands that to grow on social media you need good packages and services.

So, it has a team of experts who have come from different places and have been successful in this field. They will help you grow on social media by using their knowledge and experience. Getrealboost always wants to fulfill the orders in the best possible way.

The services will reach you on time. The packages for Instagram views start at $6 for 1000 views. So, it is fairly cheap and can help you get your feet wet. If the service works for you then go for a bigger package.


Famups is a website that a lot of people use to purchase cheap social media services. It is a company which has been around for a few years and provides a variety of services.

You can buy Facebook services, IGTV views, Instagram services, YouTube stats, SoundCloud followers, plays and likes, Twitter stats, and Spotify followers and plays. So, you can use it for some of the top popular social media platforms. A lot of people use this website to boost their online presence.

Famups is always looking to help you grow on social media by amping up all the connections that you play through the top platforms. The company always tries to keep the services cheap. It claims to provide you with quality services at affordable prices.

This allows businesses and newcomers with limited budgets to get started on using social media tools to boost their marketing or promotional strategy.  If you are looking to buy Instagram views then there are multiple packages for it on the website.

The starting package costs $6 and you get 500 Instagram video views. There are packages for IGTV views as well and the packages start at $5 for 500 views. You do not have to provide any password or other sensitive info.

Just provide the URL of your video post and you are done. Pay for the service and watch the views roll in. You can always contact the support team if you want to check if you can split the views.


If you are looking for a company that has services for overall online growth and boosting your digital marketing then take a look at the services that Socioblend provides. You can get SEO help, content writing, web development, pay-per-click, etc.

Besides these, you also have a variety of social media services as well. This is one of the websites which have services for every popular social media platform from Facebook, to YouTube to Instagram to Twitter, to Spotify, to TikTok, to Quora and many more.

The company claims to provide top-quality marketing assistance to help your business reach its top potential. The services are multi-faceted and can be adjusted to meet the requirements of clients.

If you are looking to grow on Instagram then you can find a bunch of packages for Instagram services. Socioblend claims to provide top-tier Instagram followers and likes at the cheapest price.

It claims that other companies loot you and you can easily find that out by comparing the prices of the services. For just a couple of dollars, you can get 1000 views. The order will be completed in just a day.

Socioblend claims to have dedicated 24/7 customer service. So, you can always reach out to them with queries and doubts. The company also helps you get more Instagram followers using ads.


Venium is a company that has been in the marketing industry for a long time. Naturally, they have a solid idea about the industry and know what buttons to push to get positive results. In general, it is good to work with a service provider who has a good understanding of the market. This way you can get a boost to your marketing strategy and view faster.

Venium claims to know very well how social media promotion works. They understand that due to the station of the social media platforms and their massive size things can look quite complex.

But it believes that if you keep things simple and use uncomplicated ways then you can get more efficient and effective growth. The company claims that it has a straightforward approach when it comes to boosting the online presence of clients.

This company really wants its clients to be successful online. It wants them to use its services and achieve its social media goals. Using these services you have the potential to grow on the platform you prefer. The company claims to be the top marketing agency for social media platforms.

They have two decades of experience and have been able to work with 265k customers. You can buy different services for lots of popular platforms on the website. If you are looking to buy Instagram views then you have to pay $1.99 for every hundred views that you buy from the company. These views are Instagram safe and have high watch time. The minimum order quantity for the views is 500.


Goread.io Instagram Views

Goread.io is a brand that provides services for Instagram exclusively. You can buy Instagram views, Instagram likes, and Instagram followers from this website. Once you purchase a service you can notice your stats going up in a matter of minutes.

Having a good follower count and a solid engagement on Instagram rate can be quite beneficial. Brands are always looking for Instagram influencers to sponsor their products. So, if you have a good presence on the platform you can easily make 5-figures by promoting products and services of various brands.

Goread.io provides fast delivery. They claim to be lightning fast. As soon as you pay for the service it will start delivering the starts in just a few minutes. The services are of good quality and the company tries to ensure that the stats are long-lasting. The rates are affordable so that you do not have to break your bank to get some good service.

This company also promises to refund you the money if you are not happy with the services. You can use debit and credit cards to pay for the service. The package for Instagram video views starts at $0.89 for 500 views. It also has a package to provide a million views! It costs $59.99 only. Contact the company if you are looking to spread the views.


If you are looking for a site to buy Instagram services head on to idigic.net and check it out. It deals with Instagram and has a variety of services for the platform.

The company knows the competitive scene of the platform. There’s a lot of content out there and there are some people at the top. This becomes hard for people who are just beginning their social media journey to become popular.

You need a lot of followers and constant engagement to be able to get those sweet sponsors and brand deals. Using the services of idigic you can give yourself a sort of boost by increasing the stats on your posts and profile. This will give you some good credibility which will lead to more people being attracted to your content. Of course, the quality of your content plays a great part in it.

Idigic promises to use profiles that are real. One cannot really tell that these accounts are fake because they have a good follower to following ratio. These accounts have a profile pic and a lot of posts as well. Fake accounts tend to get banned by Instagram so you will lose the stats that you buy unless the accounts are real.

The company claims that you will get the services delivered instantly. Currently, the company says that it will take around 5 minutes to get Instagram video views. You can get started by buying 100 views for $1.95. If you want more then the costliest package costs $74.95 and gives you 50k views. You have the option to split these among multiple posts.


 instafollowers.co Instagram Views

Instafollowers is another website that has a bunch of services for Instagram. So, if you are looking to buy Instagram reels services, Instagram video views, IGTV views then you can check out this website. But besides providing multiple services for Instagram, instar followers also provides a plethora of services for multiple popular platforms as well.

You can buy stats for Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Spotify, Pinterest, Linked In, Twitch, and many other social media platforms. You can even purchase backlinks.

Besides providing paid services the company also has some free tools that you can use for Instagram and other platforms. These tools include hashtag generator, Instagram photo downloader, Facebook video downloader et cetera.

When you purchase any service from instafollowers.co you do not have to worry about providing any sensitive info. The company claims that its services are legit. Your data is secured via SSL certification.

If you have any queries then direct them to the customer support team. The cost of the services is not much so you can give them a try to see if they work for you. You can use the free Instagram views and free Instagram likes option once as well.

You can Buy 100 Instagram video views for $0.99. There are other packages as well. The company provides you with a refill guarantee of six months. This means if you experience a drop the company will send you the refill for the drop amount. If the order does not get delivered to you in the stipulated time then you will get a refund. You can easily pay for the service using PayPal.


We hope you find the right service provider for your online promotional needs. Always remember to get in touch with the support team and get your queries answered before making any purchase. Understand their process and ask questions like if you can split the stats among multiple views and if your account will be safe. We wish you all the best in your endeavors.

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