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Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint (Viral Video): This is what you need to know

Yeh Bik gayi hai gormint

“Yeh Bik gayi hai Gormint,” the extent of truth this powerful statement holds for a vast majority is a proponent of the widespread corruption in government bodies over the world.

Although, this perspective exists in the “serious” world, when you’re a generation that respires through social media, the reality of the situation gets buried under the heap of hilarious memes.

What is “Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint or Government”?

It is a video of a middle-aged woman being interviewed where she expresses her view about the corrupt government. She uses highly abusive language to express her rage against the reigning corruption in her country. The video of this interview was never telecasted because it is so evidently inappropriate for TV.

‘Abusive aunty’ took 2017 by full force when an 11-second interview of hers hit the internet.

The video (if you haven’t already seen it) is a middle-aged woman expressing her woes against the government, WITH ALL HER HEART.

She went on an abusive rant to put across her point of how corrupt the Pakistan government is, with not an ounce of hope left.

Yeh Bik gayi hai gormint, ab is Gormint mein kuch nahi raha” (Followed by generously abusive sentences)

This aunty is probably so done with the ways of the system in her country, and the internet is busy laughing at her words instead of getting the reality of her situation and that of her countrymen. The video went incredibly viral and people, especially from Pakistan and India, proceeded to produce musical pieces from it; her words are the lyrical content which resonates in people’s minds. Countless tweets followed the video, and it finally became a successful meme.

Effect of this 11 second video on market:

This became more viral, credits to AIB when it was made into a poster just like the stylized Che Guevara one. These posters were turned into many varieties, and these varieties are now being sold has merchandise.

But in the midst of all the laughter, the sharing and the hoo-ha’s, we have subconsciously shifted the focus from the issue at hand to turning the poor lady’s rant to a laughing stock. In fact, it’s far from funny when you know where all the hate is coming from.

Google’s Searchers Interest over time

Why the lady was so much frustrated?

We got to the root of this and found out that the situation of people in Pakistan is, quite simply, miserable. As explained by a Quora user from Pakistan, this is the gravity of the circumstances in Karachi; Pakistan- Most of the country is in a state of disarray.

It’s as if the country is on auto-mode. Politician, Politics, policies, policing, infrastructure and,fundamentals of a city are non-existent.  Water supply is minimal, and if it comes through, it’s dirty, undrinkable, and untreated. Local roads are a mess with potholes and open sewer caps and non-existent sidewalks. Traffic is in gridlock 14 hours of the day.

A 1.5 km commute can take upwards of 25 mins depending on where and when you are driving. Then there’s the pollution. Cars and trucks drive along with absolutely no emission testing done by the government.

The situation is only Karachiin,though; other cities are apparently better off. But with situations like these existing in a major city, the citizens are bound to get angry and blow up like she did. The corruption is making people suffer and like anywhere else; these citizens too, are expected to keep shut about it. The cities are unsafe, poverty is at an all-time high, living situations are dreary, and the economic gap doesn’t seem to shrink.

We’re all guilty of laughing at a woman who is clearly furious and yes, her fury might be funny, but her life is anything but a viral meme.

And while we are laughing at the memes, the remixed songs, the tweets and as we buy the merchandise, we may as well open our eyes to what is happening and why are those words being hurled at the system.

Yes, the memes are hilarious but the fact that billions of people can connect with “Yeh Bik gayi hai gormint” proves how our governments are sinking into the quicksand of corruption.

Wake up and smell the coffee! Because Yeh Bik gayi hai gormint!

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