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5 Instagram Wedding Announcements Like The Boss Wedding

Boss Wedding

Wondering how you can astonish everyone on social media through a mind-blowing Instagram wedding announcement? You’ve come to the right place- here we will give you everything that you need to make your wedding special on Instagram.

We are sure you remember the Californian pair who took everyone by storm through their save the date declaration many years ago. Not only did they catch everyone’s attention on Instagram, but the entire web also went gaga over the amazing shenanigans the couple pulled off to announce their wedding.

Viral Save-The-Date Video!


Two attorneys from California who tied the knot some years ago created a gaudy save-the-date wedding announcement “trailer“. The over-the-top wedding photo of San Francisco couple Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz was dubbed “insane” and “in great taste” after it was shared on the famous law site Above the Law. But guess where it all started- at Boss Wedding- their personal website.

The video was presented as what looked like a teaser for a Michael Bay movie. It turned out to be a magnificent herald of the advent of this new couple, packed with luxury retail goods and loads of slow-motion videos. After all, nothing says “our wedding is a union based on mutual trust and respect” like slow-motion walking through a smokey club packed with hotties.

Indeed the most shocking thing about this video was that it had nothing to do with Kim and Kanye West. I wonder how pissed they were over this. Like who would have thought that anyone other than the Kardashian clan can be so outrageous and extravagant? But it’s their wedding- and you can’t blame them for everything they wanted to do to make it special.

The commercially developed video depicted the pair riding helicopters and dancing like rock stars, which seemed much like the teaser for a new action movie than a wedding invitation. The video also showed names at the end and a “PG-13” ranking before they announced the wedding date.

This wasn’t your average Internet-particular commitment video. This one seemed more like a promotion for a brand of vodka, complete with Obaro flying a private helicopter to the club, where his lady of the hour to-be is holding up in an originator outfit. Everybody was celebrating excessively. The only thing missing is them leaving a detonating limo while the two of them put on shades, however, perhaps they’re sparing that for the wedding declaration.

When you’ve been waiting to give them a fun wedding present like the crockpot you got on a discount for your cousin’s wedding at Bed, Bath and Beyond you might forget it. Because while they have a BOSS wedding website, they have no other details, such as where they are registered or where the wedding is being held.

Make Your Wedding Memorable

When you hear stories like this- it is natural to want to have your own version of it. Ever since the trailer was launched on BossWedding in 2014, people have been trying to attain the same standard of extravagance and glamour. Don’t worry! You can also have an amazing wedding online with all the elements you need. However, before we get into the ideas, here are a few things to keep in mind in an Instagram wedding post.

Instagram Wedding Ideas

Every couple wants their wedding to be special, meaningful and memorable; a celebration of love to share with family and friends that includes not only all the joy they feel but also tells their story so that guests will always remember how unique the wedding was — and how much fun they had. And no better place to get off than Instagram.

As a recent bride and the wedding writer, I’ve learned how important the small details are — after all, what makes a wedding so unique? Thousands of weddings are going to be organized by them, and some of our more memorable events featured unique features that allowed guests to learn about the newlywed couple.

Social networking has been such an increasingly pervasive aspect of our existence that it’s impossible to envision a day where we don’t have Instagram, or Snapchat to record and express our interactions.

Some things you can do on Instagram include:

The Engagement


Seeing as your first announcement of the wedding-related posts to follow is “The Engagement Post,” it’s important to set the right tone. There are some general rules to follow such as:

Don’t add just a video of the stone. This looks tacky and braggy and will leave people wondering too. The most important question they will ask: who is the nice young gentleman/ gentlewoman who gave you said diamond? In fact, don’t upload a gallery of images of various ring angles. We don’t have to glance at every single perspective. All that’ll do is make it really obvious how long you’ve been taking videos.

Choose the caption carefully. I know the #ISaidYes hashtag is handy and a simple caption, yet nothing is more predictable: you said yes, of course. (If you said no, won’t it be very uncomfortable to add a video, right?)

Do not use the wedding hashtag you intend to use to share your engagement pics. Nothing makes the reality that you have been waiting on that one since the second date more clear. A premature wedding hashtag is the modern equivalent of scribbling your first name on your notebook with your crush’s last name without ever actually speaking to him.

The HashTags


To be frank, the wedding hashtag has always puzzled me a little bit. Which Instagram followers are these hashtags for? I would like to think that you already follow the people who are invited to your wedding. All of them follow each other, and you can rest assured that they will be showing all the lovely pics of you in your wedding dress or suit. The hashtag is about tourists and those who weren’t invited.

Grab a sheet of paper or a word processor and write down the following:

  • your full name
  • your partner’s full name
  • the day of the wedding
  • any other important dates (the day you meet, the first date etc.)
  • the year
  • the name of the venue
  • and the portion of the planet in which your wedding is taking place
  • the layout or design of your wedding
  • Those are the methods in which to create your hashtag.

By now, you will have a shortlist of 10 to 20 hashtags, so before you do anything else, look for them on social media and make sure they haven’t been seen yet. If they have, mark them off the register! You don’t want any other person’s relatives turning up in your social network list!

After The Big Day

I know until the wedding pictures come in, it’s easy to post them all to remind everyone of your Big Day that was just # SevenMonthsAgo! You don’t have to do that. Place ‘ em in a folder and reserve it for the grandkids, or post one preference shot on the rare anniversary.

Without social media, anniversaries were observed in secret. You really wouldn’t welcome all 1,876 of your Instagram fans to your wedding party, would you? Rather than asking us about your closest mate and telling us about all the ups and downs of the past year, maybe just have a hearty discussion with your partner?

Some Extravagant Weddings

  • Jeroen and Sandra Kippers

Not only were Jeroen and Sandra the very first couples to partake in a “Marriage in the Sky,” yet they were likewise the main individuals to ever get hitched on a suspended stage 150 feet over the ground. The Kippers said their promises and made their first strides as a wedded couple off the edges of the stage with a challenging bungee hop where they celebrated with a kiss… topsy turvy.

  • Tracy Wise and Hannah Cone

New Yorkers Hannah and Tracy had no issue trading their urban ways of life for a mountain experience on their big day. The couple climbed through woods in their wedding garments, looked down over alarming cliffs, and lashed on their shoes like experts for their climb down after their promises were said and the sun had set. “These cliffs are easily one of the most epic places we’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph,” says Brandon Fox of The Foxes Photography. “Just looking over the edge will get your heart racing.”

  • Jerry Farley and Megan Kelley

Jerry and Megan had been together 17 years and realized that no normal wedding would get the job done when it came to commending their affection. The couple went to Iceland experience picture taker Stephanie Zakas to assist them with arranging a private service and a tranquil day of fun they would recollect forever.”No two days are equivalent ever, especially in Iceland,” clarifies Stephanie Zakas of Zakas Photography. “For this shot, it was an extremely well-humoured day.

Although we were combating with barely any daylight, and we had just experienced a significant hailstorm, a rainstorm, heaps of wind, and a tad of daylight. Nothing was going to stop this couple from getting a wedding shoot they had always imagined. Battling all odds, eventually we were able to create some of the best wedding posts for Instagram.

Washington local people Brittany and Nick had consistently partaken in spending their winters snowboarding together, so they chose to utilize their big day as another reason to get out on the slants. Catching the activity was some experience for a couple of picture takers Brandon and Gabi Fox.

“I grew up snowboarding in Colorado and couldn’t hold on to get out there and photo a lady of the hour and lucky man rocking on their wedding,” says Brandon Fox of The Foxes Photography. “I had adequate snowboarding and photography experience yet had never captured while snowboarding. It was a pleasant test to attempt to catch an incredible lady of the hour and husband to be a picture and an activity shot in one photograph. Next time, we’ll hit the boondocks!”

  • Danielle Trefz and Cynthia Ward

Danielle and Cynthia simply needed an important day where the whole experience was their own, and they could simply act naturally with no other wedding-day interruptions. What they got was actually that. The couple employed Iceland experience picture taker Stephanie Zakas from Zakas Photography to travel close by them as they investigated Iceland’s progressively distant areas.

The three people arrived at a gorge sitting above probably the tallest cascade in Iceland without a moment to spare to state their promises within the sight of a functioning fountain of liquid magma… which last ejected 19 years sooner, in February of 2000.

Fun Wedding Ideas

The key aim of every wedding is for you and your spouse to get together, right? But beyond that, it could even be the biggest party you’ll ever have! So when we think of the term “ party, ” we think FUN. Not only for the guests but for you as well!. Here are some interesting ideas for a wedding that you can make use of-

  • Make it Carnival themed
  • Pop champagne before and after the ceremony
  • Go to a lighthouse for the best pictures
  • Have an Oriental-themed wedding ceremony
  • Create a Candy Land
  • Give your ring-bearer a cape
  • Enter the venue in a chopper
  • Have your waiters wear roller skates
  • Give it a colour or movie theme
  • Go on a hot air balloon
  • Get a carriage to leave on after the wedding

What Not to Do

We understand that you want to get the best out of your Instagram wedding, but when celebrating online, there are some things which might go wrong. Here are two steps that we advise all couples to take when deciding what not to do in an online wedding.

Excessive Sharing

We know you want a fun, debauchery filled weekend  but be mindful that not everybody needs to see endless collages of girls performing body shots and singing karaoke (or be included in those kinds of images, for that matter!) Exchanged iPhoto galleries and Airdrop were maybe conceived for the bachelorette party; a fun way to share the highlights of the weekend with a pre-approved group of  friends

Check (and hashtagging) before tagging. When your bachelorette party has its own hashtag, make sure that all members of the bachelorette squad are able to be prominently included in such images. Personally I intend to keep all photographs of my potential bachelor ‘s behaviour firmly away from the sight of the media (and of my parents!).

Stop flirting on public shows. Best not to report the weekend section where the “dancers” will come. The same goes for “butlers in the buff”—no matter how fine the bums of the butler are, those pictures should be held for a talk with the party. In reality, from this point in the weekend may just ban both phones together. Nobody needs to see it because believe me, the next day you really won’t want to recall it either.

Beware of the similar video flood. We know all the bridesmaids get coordinating bikinis with the bride’s name on it and then line up around the pool to let the bad bartender take multiple copies of the same group pic, but we don’t need to share this shot with each and every bridesmaid. Maybe pick one person to share it and tag after which you can call it a day?

Revealing The Plans

You who wants to see what? A Regular Wedding Countdown. I don’t need to be told every day that there are just “276 days until I do!” No matter how happy I am about your future nuptials! “Obviously there’s an app for this, and if you need this kind of countdown, grab it ASAP and you can do it personally.

#SheddingForMarriage is a personal experience. I think it’s great that there are bridal and groom-to-be communities that come together on social media to share their #Fitness for the wedding day. Something I don’t think is great is the over-sharing of information with the rest of us regarding this wild rush weight loss quest. The hashtag and the images that accompany it make it seem like an extreme activity. I agree that on their wedding day, brides want to look their best, but don’t they still want to remember their followers in those Instas wedding days?

Say yes to the dress; say no to sharing each choice with us. It is better saved for a group stream of all the bridesmaids and besties. We would be just as enthusiastic as you are and continue to express our views or the perspectives that really matter. Would you really want feedback from the rest of us on the Swarovski crystal-encrusted light pink and purple veil? (It’s a no from me.)


Saying ‘I do’ is a big thing for any couple. Yet there are many adventurous pairs who want to do something even more daring than usual to fill their online profiles and wedding albums. From an elopement to the base camp to dancing in a hot air balloon- no matter what you do, make sure that it turns out as memorable as the couple from Boss Wedding. So go ahead and plan your special day!

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